Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce, Crooks?

The Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival was cancelled last weekend due to Hurricane Hanna. However the 120 plus artist who had paid $150 or more to have a booth on the boardwalk were not refunded their money. At least $18,000 was put up by the artist in booth fees and the Chamber of Commerce, who put on the event, is refusing to give any of the money back. Crying fixed up front cost and a policy of not returning fees on any event to anyone the Chamber of Commerce is turning their backs on those artist and pocketing the money. Sounds like a good deal for the Chamber, also makes them sound like crooks. So along with Grotto there now are two more places for me to not go to, Fenwick and Bethany Beach. Much the same as Grottos, the two will no great lost to me.

WBOC Radio Station opened today in 1940

From the Bi-state Weekly August 9, 1940

Organization of the Eastern Shore's new radio station is well under way. Radio Station WBOC, owned and operated by the Peninsula Broadcasting Company in Salisbury, Maryland expects to make it's debut on the airlanes about September 15th, WBOC will operate on a frequency of 1500 kilocycles and will be on the air, weekdays from seven in the morning until midnight; Sundays from nine in the morning until midnight. The station will be affiliated with the World Broadcasting System transcription service and will be a member station of the Maryland Coverage network, with possible further network affiliation to be worked out at a later date.

The construction of WBOC's 360 foot radiating tower will be completed this week and will be quite a landmark for the Eastern Shore. New equipment is being installed throughout and the building, just North of Salisbury, is being constructed expressly for radio broadcasting.

According to the management, a complete personnel list will be published within a few weeks.

WBOC radio station opened on September 13th 1940.

1944 Ads

1980 Ad - Bogart's

1980 Ad - Bob Bauman

Friday, September 12, 2008

1959 Integration

Moberly Monitor, Moberly Missouri Sept 9, 1959


Grade-a-Year Plan Goes Into Effect in Southern Counties

DOVER-DEL (AP) - Delaware's grade-a-year school integration program started peacefully today.

Without incident, three little Negro girls entered elementary school in Milford, scene of violence and disorder when efforts were made to integrate at the high school level five years ago.

Some 30 Negro children in the southern countries of Kent and Sussex were registered to start the fall term in nine of the state's 94 school districts. Early reports indicated there was no fuss at any of the schools.

One state trooper was on hand directing traffic at each school. Children, both white and Negro, arrived in the company of their mothers or friends. They walked into the school and started classes.

Officials at the Milford Elementary school, next door to the high school where violence raged in 1954, said everything was normal.


About every ten years I will have a taste for souse. Now the nice thing about souse is it reminds me how grateful I am to have other things to eat. My wife’s grandparents use to enjoy it and I was always amazed that they seem to like it. Today I had some for lunch, souse on saltine crackers, couldn’t decide what type of wine would go good with it so I settled on a Dr. Pepper. It had not improved any in taste from my memory of it ten years ago. Maybe it’s the vinegar or the gelatin in it that is the turn off. Other than that it has similar ingredients to scrapple. Could be it is because about the only souse you can readily get now days is Souse loaf produced by Gwaltney.

Souse or headcheese is, of course, made from a pig or calf head cooked down until the meat falls off, than the meat is separated from the head, mashed up fine and vinegar, red and green peppers and sage is added. The whole mess is refrigerated until it forms a gelatin mass. I am sure if you have an old pig’s head lying around and were wondering what you could do with it, you could probably have souse by morning.

For those who may like a better recipe see photo below;

Bon Appetit

Also in Trinidad there seems to be something they call souse which is made from pig feet and served for breakfast. Click here for that recipe.

Wild Flowers

Not the best photo but the sight is great. These look like some type of Rudbeckia growing in a field between Stage Road and RT13.

1962 Ad - Lewis Riley

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teenage Drivers

Recently there has been talk of raising the driver license age to seventeen. Now I think this is entirely wrong. The age should be 14, yes fourteen. Several states allow learner permits at this age, among them are; Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota. South Dakota is the only state to allow full driving privileges at 14. Now why am I in favor of 14, because the United States has too many laws that keep people, under 25 years of age, children. The labor laws are set up so it is next to impossible to have a decent job at 14 or 16. We treat our teenagers like children and the jails are full of people who are 25 and 30 who act like children. As long as you treat people like they have no responsibility they will remain irresponsible children. Allow them to drive at 14, allow them to work where ever they want at 14, hold them responsible for their actions at 14.

I also think they should be allowed to drop out of school at 14. There is entirely to much emphasis on higher learning and we are now of a nation of fat ass educated people that don't know how to work. Not everyone has a desire for college or even a desire to stay in school. Leave school for those who want it.

They are praising New Jersey for their 17 year old age limit on driver's licenses. Lets face it New Jersey has the worst drivers going. I think they should not be allow to drive on Delmarva, stop them at the line and turn them away.

I'm Howard and I approve this message.

Delmar Delaware Residents Attention!!

Tomorrow is the last day to file to run for one of the two council positions (4 year terms) or to file to run for mayor (two year term)for Delmar Delaware. Now is the time for you to step up to the plate and do your civic duty of holding office. Stop complaining and try it for yourself. The council position is about six hours of your time a month and the mayor position is about 12 hours of your time a month, plus you get paid for it. Go for the Glory people - file now.

Canada Election 2008

For those who may not know, Canada is also having an election this year also. Yes, our big frozen envious neighbor to the north is having another of their boring elections, which may explain why few people in the United States are aware of it.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the leader of a minority government. His Conservative party did not obtain enough seats in parliament to have a majority. This lead to a number of deadlocks on issues and Prime Minister Harper felt it made for an unworkable government. In September of this year he met with the country's Governor General Michaelle Jean and formally request the dissolution of parliament. Since Queen Elizabeth II is Canada’s titular chief of state and Governor General Michaelle Jean is her official representative. He has the power to dissolve Parliament and did so.

Canada will hold general elections on October 14th for the 308 members of the House of Commons. Unlike the United States with their pathetic choice between two major parties, Canada has a number of parties, of which the Conservative Party, Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, Bloc Quebecois Party, and Green Parties are the major ones. This will be Canada’s third election in four years.

1972 Ad - A 1972 Election Mistake - Thurman Adams

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last Call For Alcohol and The Wicomico County Free Library

Some of my readers are aware of the call; "Last Call For Alcohol" and I am sure the only way they encountered that call was while trying to do religious conversions or interventions at a bar at closing time. Besides the bartender giving out the call to tell you they are about to close some establishments, with a band, even have various numbers they do that are related to "last call for alcohol." Back in the 1970's there was a duet by the name of Misty and Jack who had a popular bar closing song called Motel Time that was along these lines;
2 a.m. once again, it's motel time
Last call for alcohol, it's motel time
Let's have just one more beer
Don't wanna go home, but we can't stay here
2 a.m. once again, it's motel time
etc etc

But I digress, what I wanted to blog about was the Wicomico County Free Library. In the past if you were in the library at closing time, someone would announce over the loudspeaker "It closing time in five minutes." If you didn't leave in five minutes a security guard came by and tapped you on the shoulder and said "It time for you to go". Well things have changed, now they give the same speech but they play music until closing time over the loud speaker. It works. The music makes you lose concentration on what you are working on and you give up and leave.

I decided to investigate this situation today so I went to see Katie, Musical director and children section person. She controls the closing songs. She showed me her current selection of closing time music that included; 5 O'Clock World, On the Road again, So Long Farewell, to Peace Train. She says she puts a different number on each night and the children, who are in the children section, dance to the music. Remember the old days when you were not allowed to talk or chew gum in the library? Well it's closing time who cares. She also has her reserve Closing music in case everyone grows tire of the current sections. I think it is a nice change from the old way and like I said it works better on me. Maybe next time I will do a little dance too.

So remember the next time you are in the library at closing time you may not hear "Last Call For Alcohol" but you will hear Closing Time Music. Maybe even "Motel Time" By Misty and Jack.

First Heating Oil Fillup

Shock,Financial Shock, CATO Gas and Oil was here bright and early this morning filling my heating oil tank. $3.88 a gallon. Should be an interesting winter.

Crime in 1949

From the Bi-State Weekly Friday, September 9, 1949


For a second time within a month the Highway Tavern was entered and money taken.

This past weekend the place was robbed of $23 in cash and approximately $185 worth of whiskey.

On August 13th, approximately $130 in money and $50 in whiskey was taken.

Delmar has had a series of robberies within the past year. Tingle's Drug store has been robbed twice within the past three months. Each time, loss was estimated at $150 in almost identical merchandise each time.

The theft from the tavern was discovered shortly after 5 a.m. Sunday by Carlton W. James, owner. He lives near the tavern with George Baker, an electrician.

Mr. Baker was taking an early morning stroll when he noticed the glass pane in the rear door of the tavern had been shattered. He summoned Mr. James.

They entered the building and found it had been looted. He listed as missing; $185 in best grade liquor from shelves; about $16 from a utility cabinet; about 180 pennies from the cash register; about 12 or 15 cigars, and $5 from a box beneath a counter.

Until an inventory is made, Mr. James said, he could not tell whether any great amount of bottled goods was missing from the stockroom.

Joel S. Walker, operator of the tavern for Mr. James, closed the tavern around midnight Saturday night.

A night light was still burning above the shattered door when the theft was discovered.

Rain Barrel

At the University of Delaware Extension office in Georgetown, in the Master Gardener's demonstration garden, is this rain barrel. It was gotten from DNREC at $25. It is a great value at $25 as I doubt if you could duplicate the hardware and labor for that price. DNREC says it has retail value of $114. Notice the top hose connector, it allow the overflow after the barrel is full to go to another barrel or your garden by way of a garden hose hooked to it. There is a hose bib at the bottom of the barrel from which water pressure will feed water to your garden.

DNREC has been selling these rain barrels this year to certain select watershed areas in Delaware. I have looked at similar rain barrels before and decided they were not for me. There is some savings in water but at $2.50 for a thousand gallons of water from the Delmar water system, water is cheap. The rainwater would be better quality for your garden as Delmar water has various chemicals added to it. The final decision for me not to consider them was the maintenance, which is minor, but I see the the screen on top deteriorating and the barrel becoming a mosquito breeding ground.

Neverless if you are interested you can contact DNREC to see they will sell you one or build your own;
How To make a Rain barrel
You could of course buy them from DNREC cheap and then sell them on eBay at double what you paid for them.

1972 Ad - Joe Biden

I apology for the quality of the picture. I couldn't find a small "Vote for Joe" ad. Even in 1972 he insisted on using too many words and squeezing too much into the space allocated to him.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bulbs in Pots

I went over today, to the Sussex County Master Gardener's workshop on "Bulbs in Containers." Now really what more is there then throwing some bulbs into a can, covering them in dirt and wait until spring when they bloom, sort of like farming except the seasons are different. Well Ingrid Hetfield, master gardener and a woman who knows her onions (as well as bulbs), today showed some fine points that refined my previous discussion on the subject.

First was the selection of the pot. The pot she is holding isn't the kind you want. It is made of thin plastic and slants in at the bottom. You want a 14 to 16 inch fiberglass pot that stays reasonable straight down the sides. The ones with slanted sides concentrates the water. You should use pot feet on your pot so the potting mix will be able to drain.

Next put some drainage rubble in the bottom and about 4 inches of potting mix with a wetting agent in it. Place three (Should always use odd numbers bulbs) tulip bulbs in the bottom. The bulbs used could be from Lowes or Walmart as they are second quality and tend to be a smaller size plant, which for a container is what you want. Bulbs from the catalogs aren't needed as they are first quality and tend to the large size, which is big for a container. Plant the three tulip bulbs closer to the center than the outside of the container. Dump 2 or 3 more inches of potting mix in. Plant three large daffodil bulbs in a ring that is outside the tulip ring you just planted. Dump more potting mix and plant five small daffodils bulbs a little closer to the wall so as not to interfer with the tulips and larger daffodils growing. Dump more potting soil in, plant seven to nine small bulbs of snowdrops or grape hyacinth or crocus again moving closer to the outside as to not interfer with the previously planted bulbs. Top off the conatiner with potting mix and plant Pansies on top. Out of all of this something is bound to come up.

Before I would have just thrown some daffodils bulbs in a pot and hoped for the best but here I have been shown you can plant a large quantity of flowers in the same pot. She feels you should select similar bulbs that will bloom at the same time. I am not sure as I agree with that but i will try it.

The next two workshops; on September 16 at 7 pm - "Making Stepping Stones" and on the 30th - "Composting" at 2 pm. Call Karen Adams at 302-856-2585 ext 540 to register. They are free and you don't have to be a resident of Delaware to attend.

Mine is bigger than yours

I was over to Del Tech today and apparently it is an election place. Bob Reed seem to overcompensate in the the size of his election sign.

1948 Salisbury River Quality Article

From the Journal (Wilmington) September 4th, Saturday, 1948

Salisbury, MD - This city's growing pains are affecting the fish.

In fact, they're killing the piscatorial denizens of Salisbury harbor on two dirty prongs of the Wicomico River.

Throngs of persons are daily watching hundreds of catfish, perch and other species swim sluggishly near the top. Others float on their sides - dead or dying.

Spectators have all kinds of opinions. "Must be feeding" they say, or "had to come up for air."

But Dr. Seth H. Hurdle, Wicomico County health officer, blames it on the filthy river which is an open sewer for virtually all of the city's waste.

1962 Ad - Delaware Republicans

The Republicans are; W. F. Williams, David P. Buckson, Robert A. Short, Louise Conner and Ralph D. Kellam. William V. Roth Jr was the Chairman of the Republican State committee

Monday, September 08, 2008

Little Jimmy's Burnt in 1976

The night club "Little Jimmy's" in Delmar, Delaware caught fire on September 1, 1976 and was destroyed. 70 Fireman fought the blaze for 4 hours. The fire was blamed on workmen who had been installing copper plumbing earlier in the day. The building had been closed for several months and was owned by Atlantic National Bank but was being purchased by Donald Scott of Salisbury, who intended to open it once he had obtained a liquor license and finished renovations. The loss was estimated at $150,000.

1962 Ad - Phillips Barber Shop - Delmar

1962 Ad - Maryland - Mary Nock

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ocean City and their Age Bias lawsuit

I read in the Daily Times Saturday about Ocean City settling an age discrimination lawsuit for $40,000 to two police officers. They paid the lawyers, however, $448,325 in legal fees for this lawsuit. Miles and Stockbridge, the Baltimore law firm, was paid $448,325 to represent the city, and another $8,000 was paid out in miscellaneous expenses and $55,000 in staff costs. Now I know you have to fight lawsuits or everyone in town will sue you as they think you are a patsy. However there has to be a reasonable thought process on the amount of money you are going to pay. Which no doubt is the same line of thought in the settlements for "The Station" lawsuits I wrote about earlier. The winners in this case were of course the lawyers and dumb ass taxpayers footed the bill.

The "Station" Nightclub Fire and Tort Lawyers

In February of 2003 there was a fire at the “Station”, a nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island. It was the fourth-worst nightclub fire in U.S. history. One hundred people died. More than 200 were injured. Since that time over 50 defendants have been named by over 250 plaintiffs. It was and is a tort lawyer feeding frenzy. In the past week two of those defendants have settled which has bought this case to light again. The two defendants were;

Jeffrey and Michael Derderian, the owners of The Station nightclub in West Warwick, reached an $813,000 settlement with survivors and relatives of those killed (Michael did four years in jail for this and Jeffrey Derderian received a 10-year suspended sentence).

Members of Great White, the 1980s rock band whose pyrotechnics triggered the Feb. 20, 2003, fire settled with a $1 million settlement which included the Great White's tour manager, Daniel Biechele, who set off the pyrotechnics (he served four years in jail for the fire).

These were two defendants that should have been sued but look at the others that were sued in this and settled;

Anheuser-Busch Inc. and a Rhode Island beer distributor, McLaughlin & Moran, were sued because they sold beer and promoted the nightclub In May, 2008 they agreed to pay $21 million to settle lawsuits brought by the survivors and relatives of the 100 people killed.

Johnston-based American Foam Corp. was suited because American Foam supplied the foam (non-fire resistant) around the band stand. They paid $6.3 million to settle lawsuits from survivors This also cover the estate of Aram DerManouelian, the company's former president who has since died, and Barry Warner, a company salesman. Check out part of the lawsuit in court here.

In February 2008, Providence television station WPRI made an out of court settlement of $30 Million. WPRI was filming a story on nightclub tragedies, and was there that night to film as part of their story

The state of Rhode Island and town of West Warwick agreed to throw $10 million apiece into the settlement pot.

The Home Depot and insulation company Polar Industries made a settlement offer of $5 million. Home Depot was sued for not “warning of the potential hazards” of the insulation they sold the club, despite the fact that the insulation Home Depot sold “is different from the foam ignited by the pyrotechnics”.

Sealed Air Corporation has agreed to pay $25 Million as settlement. Sealed Air made soundproofing foam installed in the club. Sealed Air makes polyethylene foam for packaging material. The lawyers allege that polyethylene foam in the soundproofing was part of the reason the Rhode Island Station nightclub fire spread so fast, though they have no evidence that Sealed Air manufactured the foam in the club, not to mention the fact that the packing foam was never intended to be used as building material.

JBL Speakers settled out of court for $815,000. JBL was accused of using flammable foam inside their speakers.

Clear Channel and Capstar Radio Operating Co. settled for $22 million. The master complaint, filed by about 250 plaintiffs, says that WHJY advertised sponsorship, hung a banner outside the station asking people to 'party with WHJY,' gave out tickets, and provided the station's Michael "Dr. Metal" Gonsalves as master of ceremonies. Gonsalves died in the fire.

ABC Bus Inc., and Superstar Services LLC, which provided bus transportation for the rock band Great White to "The Station" for its concert, as well as more than 25 kilograms of explosive fireworks material that the band carried on its road trip. Together they are offering $500,000 as a settlement.

And various fire inspectors, the construction company that built the nightclub, the architect that designed the 40 year old nightclub, and the list goes on. So for over $175 million has been settled in the lawsuit. Now how much of this do you think the burn victims and the relatives of the dead will get after the lawyer fees? Burn victims have very expensive medical costs. It is estimated the cost of treatment is between $20,000 to $30,000 per day. I have to wonder if they will even get enough, after the lawyers are done, to even cover their medical bills. The two key players in the fire was the two that just settled, the owners of the nightclub and the band “Great White.” They paid only about 1% of the to-date settlement costs, the other 99% was paid by companies that have deep pockets and the lawyers figured (correctly) that they could sue and the companies would settle. There has to be a point in which bringing lawsuits against everyone remotely in the area where a tragedy occurs has to stop. Lawsuits such as this just clog up the justice system.

1928 Delmar Democratic Club

From the State Register, October 12, 1928, Delmar News Section

At a recent meeting of the leading Democrats of the Delaware side of the town a Democratic Club was organized with their headquarters in the Baker Electric Store on Grove street. The following men were elected to the various offices. Harlan Philips, committeeman, S. N. Culver, vice chairman, M. E. Dickerson, vice chairman, Frank B. Sample, vice chairman, James R. McLernon, secretary, J. Baynard Morris, treasurer.

1986 Ad - Jim Bakker