Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frogtown - 1928

From the Wicomico News October 18, 1928

Delmars News- While excavating for the sewerage on the Delaware side of town, Monday afternoon, Wailes and Holden, two negro boys quarreled over an argument. Wailes went to his home in Frogtown secured a pistol and came back to his work and shot the Holden fellow in the leg. He was taken to the Peninsula General Hospital where it is feared his leg will have to be amputated. The Wailes fellow is still at large, having made his escape as soon as the shooting occurred.

Bethel's Maritime Fall Festival - 2008

I went over to Bethel today for the Bethel's Maritime Fall Festival. It was a big change in the weather from last year. Last year it was a perfect day, this year there was dark skies and wind.

Bizzy Fingers homemade jams, jellies and pickled goodies. Always like to buy something from this woman. She was saying she has cut back from making 6,000 jars a year to 2,000 jars. Their email is should you want to see where she is selling next.

Yes, it is an election year and there is a cold Barb Hudson at her booth.

and across the way from Barb is Biff Lee (in shorts on a cold day). One good thing about Barb Hudson running is I have seen more of Biff Lee this year than in the last ten years. He insists he was here last year but I just didn't see him.

Carlos Mirs doing his juggling act with a bowling ball

Working Iron, the best job going on a cold day like today.

Bill Miller and his model steam engines

This vendor was selling Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst so I had to have one.

The Jones Boys one of the best bands on the Eastern Shore

A cold crowd listening to the Jones Boys

Friday, October 17, 2008

1933 Baseball in Salisbury - Eastern Shore All-Stars

Jack Johnson - 1932

From the Every Evening News (Wilmington, Delaware) October 17, 1932

Jack Johnson, former heavyweight champion of the world, is going to Germany to pick up some easy marks.

The giant Negro, now 54 years old, plans to sail a week from today to appear in boxing and wrestling exhibitions. He is unable to appear in most States in this country because of the National Boxing association's age limit.

The Deep Throat Phenomenon

While researching another subject that happened in 1972 I came across this ad/notice for the Delmar Drive-In Movie theatre. (click on it for a larger more readable picture) Now we know in it’s later years the Delmar Drive-in became a X-rated movie drive-in but this post is less about the drive-in and more about the Deep Throat phenomenon of the 1970’s. The movie made the late Linda Lovelace an instant recognized household name and to a lesser extent her co-star Harry Reems achieved recognition. Bob Woodward would later appropriation the title as the code name for his secret Watergate source. It was just one of a number of quirks of the 1960's and 1970's.

Now rather you call them porno, X-rated, or stag movies, these type of movies have been made since movies were invented. They had for the most part remained in the realm of male dominated venues. Deep Throat however was entirely different in it’s customer base. In 1972 I was living in Millsboro and I went to see the movie at the Midway theater (between Rehoboth and Lewes). Three things stand out in thinking back about going to that show. First the Midway was not a normal X rated film theater, second the theater was filled and third the audience was made up of about 70% couples. For a brief period of time after Deep Throat there were several X rated movies made that the general adult public went to see and then they fell back into the realm of the raincoat brigade in porno theaters.

The movie itself was shot in six days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for about $25,000. It has grossed between $20 Million to $600 Million depending on which source you believe, that includes box office receipts, videocassette and DVD sales and rentals. It became the first mass audience X-rated film and a symbol of changing times in the United States. The movie was raided in city after city, it was prosecuted for obscenity, it was seized and banned, and the publicity only made it more popular. Thirty-six years later you can still say the words Deep Throat and almost every one knows what you are talking about.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Schooner Elias Rose

From the Salisbury Advertiser Oct 16 1897

The schooner Elias Rose, Captain Lewis, from Philadelphia to New london, which went ashore on the Point of Cape Henlopen Monday night, is resting easily on the shoal, but is full of water. The crew of five men were safely landed in the beechers buoy by the crew of the life saving station.

An example of a beecher buoy

Charles County Detention Center

I was over in Charles County today and had reason to stop by the Charles County Detention Center. No, they didn't keep me. What surprised me was how much the Charles County Detention Center resembles the outside of the Wicomico County Detention Center. It is like Maryland in the 1980's and 1990's had one jail design that all fit all the countries. Or maybe Charles County was just so impressed with the jail in Wicomico County they had to have one just like it.

On the way back across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge I saw there is a small flotilla of sailing ships and sailboat anchored off the mouth of the Severna river. The Annapolis Boat show for Powerboats is this weekend. Last weekend it was the Annapolis Boat Show for Sailboats, so I guess they are just hanging around for both shows.

Delmar Library Book and Bake Sale

Friday evening and Saturday morning this week the Delmar Public Library will have a book and bake sale. You can always use one more book.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1954 Ad - Hamilton P. Fox

1934 Ad - Spinning Wheel

People Who Say No

From the Wicomico News Thursday March 8, 1928


The Maryland "Jim Crow" law is very much in force on trains operating in the state and not only penalizes passengers but the railroad company for infractions of that statute, Judge White informed an offender in Peoples Court Saturday.

Katie Johnson, Negress, of Snow Hill boarded the B. C. and A. train at Berlin in the morning and presented a ticket for Salisbury. She refused to obey instructions of Brakeman Frank Bowen to take a seat in the rear coach. Arrived at Union Station here, she was turned over to officer W. W. White. In court she was released on her own recognizance for grand jury action.

The "Jim Crow" law provides a penalty of $5 to $50 fine, or a maximum of 30 days in jail, or both for any colored passenger who does not ride the trains in a compartment assigned to them. The railroad may also be fined from $25 to $50 for failure to segregate white and colored passengers riding between intra-state points.

Where are they now?

Back in February of 2005 there was much discussion from President Bush to privatization of Social Security accounts. One of President George W. Bush second-term priorities would have been to transform Social Security fundamentally. One version was to have private accounts where people could put their money in stocks, bonds and banks instead of letting the government handle it for you. A number of people jumped on the bandstand yelling for support of this idea. Where are they today? Not a peep from them.

Hurricane Hazel and Peggy Lee

I did a post last year about Hurricane Hazel coming thru the area today in 1954. As a side note to it I came across this newspaper clipping;

From the Salisbury Times October 16, 1954

Songstress Peggy Lee and a troupe of entertainers were stranded here last night during Hurricane Hazel. They put up at the Wicomico Hotel.

In the group were the Pete Rugojo orchestra and Billy Eckstine, besides Miss Lee.

A spokesman said the theatrical unit billed "The Biggest Show of '54" was headed for Norfolk for a date tonight, when the storm halted ferry service there.

Just to play it safe, the two busloads of entertainers returned to Salisbury for the night.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Biff and Barb "Meet Your Candidates" Meeting

Barb Hudson and Biff Lee talking before the discussion
I went to the Chamber of Commerce meeting tonight in Laurel at town hall. The Town Hall building used to be the Laurel fire house and it was built about 1937. The Chamber had tonight the 'Meet your Candidates' discussion. The big plus was they had FREE FOOD, okay it was only snacks and punch but it was plus. There was about 50 people in the audience. Each Candidate had ten minutes to speak on their positions and than there was a twenty minute question period. Brian Shields from Mourning Constitution was there and Elbert from That Elbert With An E was there.

There is little difference between the positions of two candidates, most of the night they agreed on the same things. Biff Lee felt the number one item to face the upcoming general assembly will be a balance budget. He said at present Revenue is already down $90 million. Barb Hudson felt the number one problem facing Delaware was the economy. She feels cost cutting is in order and more effective use of the states resources. They both are not in favor of DSTP (Delaware State Testing Program)for the schools and neither are in favor of school consolidiation. On the question of property re-assessment Barb Hudson was in favor of it and Biff Lee said he didn't think the property owners could handle any increased taxes but perhaps somewhere out in the future it could be done. On the matter of sports betting Biff Lee is not in favor of it, Barb Hudson is in favor.

The Candidates waiting for the questions.

Update; see Brian;s post at Mourning Constitution on the meeting. He did a more detail study of it than Elbert and I.

Soybeans Fields

Well it's that time of year when the soybean fields change from green to yellow and in a couple of weeks they will be brown and money will start rolling in.

1937 Ad - Delmar theatre

Monday, October 13, 2008

Delmar Quarterly Police Commission

The Delmar Police Commission meeting was held tonight. All members of the commission were present. Among the items covered were;

The Delmar Police Department received a thank you letter from Delmar Crossing for the work the police did there with their drug problem.

They also received a thank you letter from the Salisbury Police Department for the assistance Delmar provided when the fight at the Monkey Barrel happened.

Chief Saylor is looking at purchasing Tasers for the department.

Chief Saylor said the town police force was required by the Federal Government to have Lime Green Fluorescent Green Reflectors windbreakers/ rainjacket by November 24th. They will cost $169 each. I view this as another Federal requirement to drive up taxes and expenses.

Maryland Commissioner Williams suggested the police force look at a training aid for the police to learn some level of Spanish.

Update: The Statistics provided in the Police Commission meeting are as follows;
From July thru September
In Delaware 9 Delaware "E" Tickets, 12 Delaware warnings, 3 parking citations
In Maryland 46 Maryland warnings, 8 Maryland Parking citations, and 48 Maryland Traffic citations

Delmar Drug Activity; 5 search warrants, 11 CDS arrest, 8 seized vehicles

D.E.A. Drug Activity 3 search warrants

Upcoming Events

Listed below are some events this week that appeal to me. Back in the dark ages when I was growing up festivals were rare, nowadays you have five on a weekend.

Monday, the Quarterly Delmar police Commission will be held at 6:30 at town hall - yes it is open on Columbus day.

Tuesday, "Ask the Candidates" at the Laurel Town Hall 6:30 PM, Biff Lee and Barb Hudson.

Saturday, Oct 18th; Bethel's Maritime Fall Festival on the Bethel Museum Grounds, starts at 8 AM, bands Big Hat & No Cattle in the morning, Jones Boys in the afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday; Olde Princess Anne Days/ 1812 Heritage Festival

Saturday; Chili and Chowder Cookoff in Chincoteague, VA

Saturday and Sunday; Delmarva Home and Remodeling expo at the Civic Center in Salisbury.

Sunday, the 31st Annual Delmarva Coonhunter's Mule, Show starts at 9 AM

Sunday, Benefit Beef and dumpling Dinner at Delmar VFW for the Kyle Dixon Memorial Scholarship Fund. 1 to 5 p.m.

1897 Ad - Delmar Rally

1972 Ad - The Acorn

Delmar Middle and High School Fountain

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1990 Ad - George Collins

Robert E. Lee died today in 1870

General Robert E. Lee, commander of Confederate armies during the Civil War, died at the age of 63 today. "The brief telegram of General Lee's relapse this morning had not prepared this community for the sad and sudden intelligence of his death, which was received with evidences of the most profound sorrow," informed The New York Herald on October 13, 1870. NOTE: On the day he died, people were unsure as to where Lee would be interred as the family burial ground at Arlington had been desecrated. They decided to bury him in a vault beneath the chapel at Washington College in Virginia. The college later changed its name to Washington and Lee University.

Bits of Delmar News 1934

From the Milford Chronicle Friday October 5, 1934

Miss Janie Lawrence has entered Beacom Business College in Wilmington.

Harry Keenan who has been confined to his home by illness for two weeks has resumed his work with the railroad company.

Irving Gillis and Marion Lee Hitchens have joined the CCC Camp at Lewes.

A smash-up of motor vehicles at the intersection of the Whitesville road and the State Highway, last Monday resulted in the injury of one person and the damaging of two trucks and two pleasure cars.

A Buick car, driven by Mr. Weaver, of Frankford, was struck by Breyer's Ice cream truck, resulting in considerable damage to both vehicles. About this time, Ralph L. Henderson, of Pocomoke City, who was driving a new Graham car from the factory to the Pocomoke agency, approached the scene of the accident and to avoid striking the other cars, stopped suddenly. A truck belonging to Townsend's Nurseries of Salisbury, was following the Graham car closely and plowed into the rear of the pleasure car and knocked it around a concrete abutment and into a deep ditch.

The only person injured was Miss Catherine Hill, eleven years of age, who was cut by flying glass when the car in which she was riding was ditched. Weaver and the driver of the Townsend car were taken before Magistrate Records of Laurel, who fined Weaver for ignoring the stop sign and the other man for reckless driving.

A 1934 Graham car