Saturday, November 08, 2008

McDonalds Grand Opening

Altho it has been opened a couple of weeks today at 1:30 P.M. the rain stopped long enough for the Delmar McDonalds to have their Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting. The place was packed. Both Delmar mayors, the bankers, McDonald owner and staff, Chamber Of Commerce people, Town manager, etc but most important of all; Ronald McDonald was there for the cutting.

The center group at the ribbon cutting. Other businesses around the nation are closing up but Delmar has had a number of companies start to open new business.

and finally the ribbon is cut, officially bringing fine dining to Delmar.

Now if we can get Ronald McDonald to change those colors to blue and orange.

Largest Woman in Delaware Dead - 1907

From the Salisbury Advertiser September 1907

Unquestionably the largest woman in Delaware died at her country home near Clayton and was laid at rest on her last couch Sunday afternoon.

She was Mrs. Walter Short, wife of a prominent farmer, and she, although only 35 years old, weighted 725 pounds.

Over one thousand persons witnessed the interment, most of them attracted through curiosity, for it was the largest and heaviest corpse ever interred here. The deceased had been afflicted with tumors which grew to gigantic proportions, and the body weighed 725 pounds. She was short in statue, but her dimensions in girth may by the fact that her arm between elbow and shoulder measured 46 inches in circumference be estimated.

Season Changes

Well the leaves have definitely changed color and the wind and rain has knocked quite a few to the ground. I don't know when my wife is going to get out there and rake them up.

The last rose of the season.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Salisbury Kennel Club Dog Show - 2008

I stopped by the Wicomico Youth & CivicCenter in Salisbury today to watch some of the Salisbury Kennel Club Dog Show and the Mispillion Kennel Club Dog Show. It runs from Friday thru Sunday.

There is no doubt this show brings big money to Salisbury. It looks like a number of the participants camp out in their RVs in the parking lot but still there is money coming into town.

I don't pretend to know anything about dog shows. Certainly the dogs they have are nothing like the dogs I had growing up. They have a lot of dogs from those small yippee dogs you can use as footballs to the big monster dogs you can use in dog fighting rings.

It is a female dominated event so watching the dog owners/handlers is as interesting as watching the dogs. Lets face it show dog owners are special.

I found it interesting to watch the gait the handler has when she runs the dogs around the ring. Plus the technique of sharing a dog treat with the dog and using it as bait to make the dog stand in a certain way for them.

Some handlers hand stack their dogs (manually moving their feet around) to show the dog off in the best virtues.

My camera must be about shot as it couldn't do much on photos in the civic center but hope you enjoy a the few I took.

Definitely go to the show it is enjoyable.

1906 Ad - Mrs Grace Caulk Brodey

Delmar News from 1906

From the Salisbury Advertiser (A family Newspaper, Devoted to Local and General Intelligence, Agriculture and advertising) October 6, 1906

The macadamized road between Georgetown and Laurel is only used by a small per cent of the farmers, as only a few of them have their horses shod. They drive on each side of the part of the road that is stoned.

George Green was badly injured Saturday morning through being thrown against a tree by a runaway team he was driving. He was carried to his home and medical aid was summoned. He remained unconscious for some time, however. the injuries were internal, and at this writing he is recovering rapidly.

Norman Venables was arraigned before Justice W. A. C. Williams on Monday, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct on the streets Saturday night. He was found guilty and fined one dollar and costs, amounting to five dollars and fifty-five cents.

Miss Edna Melson entertained Thursday evening in honor of Miss Bessie Harper of Hurlock, Md. Refreshments were served at 10 p.m. Those present were Misses Susie Hastings, Blanche Marvel, Ruth Webster, Daisy Culver, Bessie Harper, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Freeney, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Elliott, Mrs W. T. Sirman, Messrs. C. Norman Jefferson, F. Raymond Shingle, S. H. Whayland, S. M. Yingling, Charles U. Culver.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

2008 Election Thank You's

Mike Vincent

Biff Lee

Barb Hudson

1962 Ad - Faye's Cash Market

1962 Ad - Curtis Steen Thank You

You may have the seat but not the name

From the Tuesday November 6, 1990 edition of The Daily Times


The shifting sands of town politics finally settled here Monday night when a new Mayor, two councilmen and an alderman took the oath of office.

Mayor John McDonnell and Councilmen Reginald Lizotte and Daniel Church, all newcomers to town politics, were sworn in and took seats behind the council table. McDonnell’s first act as mayor was giving an oath to former Councilman Don Godfrey, who resigned two weeks before his term would have expired to become the Delaware town’s alderman.

McDonnell, 39, defeated incumbent Mayor Samuel Bynum Sr, in an election last month. He slipped into Bynum chair and Bynum left immediately, carrying his pen, papers and nameplate.

“You may have the seat but not the name,” the ex-mayor said good naturedly after the two men shook hands.

McDonnell told the 45 residents present he would serve the town behind the council table and in his home. He gave out his phone number and said people should call him day or night with problems and questions.

“This is the first public office I’ve ever run for, and I wasn’t really sure I knew what I was getting into. After almost getting through this first council meeting, I’m still not sure what I’m getting into,” McDonald said.

“Whatever I do, I try to do the best I can whether it be washing my car, working at Western Publishing Co. in Cambridge, or being the mayor of this town.

Lizotte, 34, an electrician; Church, 35, a maintenance supervisor for a wood company; and McDonnell were all backed by a group called Concerned Citizens of Delmar. Both Lizotte and Church thanked members of the group saying they wouldn’t be on the town council without the help of the Concerned Citizens.

“I appreciate your nomination, everyone here who was involved,” Church said “I will do my absolute best to live up to the standards someone else has set for me.”

Long-time Town Manager Karen E. Horsman resigned after last month’s election to pursue other job opportunities. It will take several months to hire someone with expertise to handle the bi-state town’s affairs. McDonnell said. Meanwhile former Councilmen Carl Pollitt, who did not seek re-election in October, will serve as acting town manager.

“I only want to be here as long as I have to be. I’ll stay as long as I’m needed, but I don’t want this job. It’s just a little bit beyond me.” Pollitt said, “The laws are different and what is applicable in Maryland is not in Delaware and vice versa. It’s very, very complicated. I can assure you that I did not fully appreciate the job Karen did until she left.”

Election Notes From The Past

Since this election was early in November I find myself with a couple of articles from past elections I had wanted to note. I will finish them up today and hopefully put the election stuff away for another two years.

On Monday, November 5, 1990 Vice-President Dan Quayle and his wife Marilyn, plus secret service agents, were in Salisbury Maryland for 90 minutes as part of a last minute six-city campaign tour. He landed at the airport in a DC-9 jet with the United States of America seal on it. He went from the airport to the Acme Supermarket in the Twilley Shopping Center where he shook hands with shoppers. He then went to the Wicomico Middle School where 300 students cheered him. From there to a rally for Wayne Gilchrest at the Sheraton Salisbury Inn.

About 100 protesters lined the streets around the Sheraton with signs that read "Did Seniors Pay For This Trip", "Republicans Insensitive to Senior Citizens", and "Gilchrest Wants To Cut Medicare".

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

1978 Ad - Goodmans Snow Hill

With the announced closing of Phillips Men Store, perhaps the last old style men's store (where the sale people know what they are doing), I happened across this ad for Goodmans in Snow Hill. Back in the days when men were expected to dress in a suit, or sport's coat at least, Goodmans was one of my favorite stores. Always good knowledgeable service. The owner would throw in a "free" shirt if you bought a suit, and the suits were not that expensive. I think it went out of business in the 1990's a victim of changing fashions and a population with no expectations of anything except mediocre service.

The Delmar Christmas Parade - Sign Up Now

Delmar's Christmas Parade
Sat. Dec. 6th
Start time is 2pm

Rain Date will be Sunday, Dec. 7th, same time.

The parade will run from Pennsylvania Avenue to 8th Street.

Applications for participation in the parade are available by calling the Chamber's voicemail at 302-846-3336 (leave name, address and phone #) or can be picked up at Delmar Town Hall during regular business hours.

Deadline for applications is Fri. Nov. 28th.

This year's theme is the color RED. All participants are encouraged to use the color red throughout their entry.

Trophies and plaques will be awarded as follows:

Best School Band - 1st, 2nd place

Best Float - 1st, 2nd place

Best Fire Dept. - 1st , 2nd place

Best Appearing Vehicle(s) - 1st, 2nd place

Most Unique Entry - 1 awarded

Judges Award - 1 awarded

Parade sponsored by the Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce

Two Chicks Barn Sale - Nov 22nd

I notice Two Chicks Barn Sale has a blog so they can write about their sales and show photos of "stuff". The two chicks are Patti Scott and Sharon Cooper. They sell antiques, primitives, furniture, collectibles, housewares, holiday and seasonal accents. Apparently they are only open about three times a year and on Saturday, November 22nd from 8 am to 8 pm they are having their Two Chicks Country Christmas Customer Appreciation Day. Obviously with those limited days being opened I haven't been able to go there but I will try and put it on my calendar. They are located at 36225 Columbia Road, Delmar, DE (that west of Delmar)

The 2008 Election

Well another disappointing election. I guess we can only hope for the best. With the "unbiased" reporting of Bob Schieffer on CBS last night I don't know why anyone west of the Mississippi bothered to vote. And Delaware elected Biden as Senator which is the same as electing a pig in a poke.

I was looking over the results in Delaware and there were a number of items I found interesting. The Election department is saying 68% of registered voters voted. Since 412,328 voted for president I guess that would mean Delaware has about 606 thousand voters. There must have been 14,260 people who just voted for president and didn't vote for anyone else as the second most total votes was for US Senator at 398,068. In typical Delaware fashion out of 88 offices up for election, 32 only had one candidate who ran unopposed. 17 of those 56 contested offices had third party candidates and none of the third party candidates did any better than 7.9%, all lost. Six candidates ran for their office under two different parties, the Working Families party seem to have been the party of choice for them. Running in two different parties for the same office should not be allowed. I was looking at State Representative District 27 in which it would appear Earl Jaques won at 4,708 votes against Vincent Lofink's 4,543 votes, however Lofink was also running under the Working Families party where he got 117 votes. Together the total votes for him was 4,660 still not enough to win but it does bring up an interesting question as to rather you can combine different parties votes?

To show the difference between Northern Delaware and Southern Delaware, John McCain won in Sussex County. It was almost a 50/50 split between O'Donnell and Biden, and John Brady won Insurance Commissioner.

I am glad it is over with however.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting - 2008

I went to vote this overcast morning and even at a supposedly off time of 10:30 A.M. it seemed busy (for Delmar) and a little screwed up. I won't say who I voted for. I will say I didn't vote for anyone who voted for the 700 Billion dollar bailout nor any incumbent who had served in the same office more than two terms.

On the Delaware side of town the two voting places, the school and the firehall, had their last minute campaign signs out and the democrats had cheerleaders to go with the signs.

My daughter's cat, Bunkins, normally sleeps 22/7 but with the rain has decided to try for 24 hours straight. The weather as a sign of presidential things to come does not bode well for who ever is elected today.

What To Do with Those Campaign Elections Signs

Dear Candidate:
I was loyal to you this entire campaign season. I stumped for you through rain and shine, night and day, on busy street corners and in quiet yards. Now what do you plan to do for me?

Your campaign sign

Above From the Daily Camera.

So the day has finally arrived and you did your patriotic duty by voting and now you return home to look at those campaign Election signs in your yard and wonder what to do with them. Most places only allow them to stay up a week to ten days after the election. The removal is the responsibility of the candidate, but if you put one in your yard you might as remove it.

Most people will discretely throw them in the trash can. I think last election in the Georgetown Returns Day parade they had a pickup truck you could throw your sign in for recycling. Other thoughts are;

1) Save them as a collectible.
2) Save them to use again next election because in Delaware the same people run each time.
3) Spray paint over them and use them as; Yard Sale signs, For Sale signs, Street Address signs, Happy Birthday Signs, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Go Wildcats, etc.
4) Use the metal or wood supports for tomato trellis.
5) Use the metal supports for arts and crafts projects - Christmas wreath.
6) Make Bicycle Fenders
7) The polybag ones can be used as a trash bag.
8) Use the plastic ones to sled on

Monday, November 03, 2008

Jack and Barb On The Trail

Elbert tipped me off that Jack Markell and Barb Hudson would be in town today. I stopped by and spoke to them briefly. Now politicians do a lot of things they wouldn't normally do in real life, like coming up to total strangers and starting a conversation. Apparently one of the disadvantages female office seekers have, is you have your photograph taken with a lot of strange men who have their arm around you.

Looking at this election I have come to the conclusion that most Americans make up their mind for a candidate based 50% on media coverage (that translates into the amount of money a candidate has), 35% on candidate personality and 15% on issues. I did a post on the current Canadian election (which took place on October 14th) and how boring their elections are (did anyone here even know there was a election on October 14th in Canada, I don't remember hearing anything about it). The one comment I got referred to our American election;

Funny you should say our elections are boring, you are somewhat right. But for Canadian you Gossip, trashy campaigns deviates the electors from taking decisions based on the real issues. And well, elect a George Bush not once but twice...

Now I don't know who I will vote for to be the Delaware governor, actually it is coming down to who I will decide to be Lt. Governor. I will say Jack Markell has been at this for a long time and has worked hard for the position. I don't know if it is enough to sway me from Bill Lee but I have another 24 hours to think about it. The blessing for all, voters and candidates both, is in about 32 hours it will be over with and we won't be getting anymore phone calls, junk mail, and TV advertisements. No doubt the economy will suffer from this withdrawal of ad money but I will be happy it is coming to a close.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Taxes, Donations, Money, Socialism, and Incumbents

What is the function of government is a difficult question, if you are of Libertarian leaning than limited government and the minimum basic government functions is the answer. That answer may not always suit many of us who grew up with big government, entitlement programs and a more socialist out look on life in the United States. How ever I have to question many of the ways our government spends our money. Certainly if you are taxed than you have no choice but to pay the tax, but what happens when the tax money is in turn given out by incumbent office holders to non government functions. By this I mean festivals, kids programs, libraries, PTA’s, etc. Altho they may function for the betterment of the area is government taxation truly a fair way for them to obtain their money?

In Delmar government this has been an on going question. How much of the tax money should you take and give away to non-government organizations? Some will say none as that is not the function of government. Others will say well lets limit it to the fire company and the library. Others will say as long as it is for the betterment of the community, tax everyone, and give it to the organizations the incumbent office holder desire to seek favor with.

I recently mentioned the Sussex county Council giveaway program called the Community Grant Program. Ron MacArthur in an article for the Cape Gazette discussed it some. The trail for the Community Grant program takes you back to your own wallet as it is tax money the incumbents of the Sussex County council hand out to organizations they feel will benefit Sussex County. You have no choice but to hand this money over to them so they can use it to gain favor with groups and reassure they are re-elected to office.

I, for one, rarely make a Sussex County Council meeting. It is just something about driving 45 minutes over and back to listen to what is routinely a boring (but informative) meeting. My hat is off to Mr. Dan Kramer of Greenwood who does go to these meetings and speaks up when he feels the council screws up. In many of the minutes he has spoken out against some of these give-a-ways.

Altho I do not agree with the concept of using taxes to give to organizations (if I wanted to make a donation I would have done so) I can agree with the comment made by Joan Deaver, a candidate for District 3, Sussex County council.

Community groups are the heart and soul of Sussex and the council sporadically grants them money from their annual discretionary funds (now $61,000 per year). We need balance and fairness in who gets grants and I believe that the public should decide on what benefits the community as a whole. These grants should be part of the budget and approved by all.

Lets look at a few of the grants passed out over a three months period by the Councilmen. You can decide how many you would have approved if you were a councilmen. Is this what we are paying taxes for?

$5,000.00 to the Millsboro Public Library
$10,000.00 to the Gumboro Community Center for improvements to the ball field and surrounding area and for the Community Center’s fund for the children.
$2,000.00 to the Boys and Girls Club of Georgetown for operating expenses.
$1,000.00 to the Seaford Police Department for their Annual Community Night Out Against Crime
$1,000.00 to Eastern Shore AFRAM
$500.00 to Everlasting Hope Ministries for a community anti-drug rally.
$1,000.00 to the Bridgeville Apple – Scrapple Festival for festival expenses.
$250.00 to the Town of Bridgeville for their golf tournament fundraiser.
$500.00 to the Town of Greenwood for the Big Saturday Festival.
$200.00 to Boy Scout Troop 95 for Casey Lewis’ Eagle Project.
$5,000.00 to West Side New Beginnings Coalition for garbage pick-up and street lighting costs.
$5,000.00 to Dagsboro Boys and Girls Club for scholarships and educational supplies.
$200.00 to the H. O. Brittingham Parent Teachers Organization for the PARTNERS Program.
$1,000.00 to Bay Shore Community Church/Blessings Unlimited to expand its food program.
$10,000.00 to the Seaford Historical Society for construction costs.
$150.00 to the Eastern Shore American Youth Football League for uniforms and travel costs.
$8,000.00 to the Historic Georgetown Association for operating expenses.
$300.00 to Delaware District III for the 2008 Senior League Softball World Series souvenir program book.
$1,000.00 to the Georgetown Little League for ball field improvements
$3,000.00 to the Milton CatSnippers for their spay/neuter program.
$5,000.00 to the Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club for a sign and installation of the sign.
$500.00 to Del-Mar-Va Forest No. 201 for a Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser.
$5,000.00 to Dry Dock, Inc. for operating expenses.
$5,000.00 to Lewes Canalfront Park for completion of their final phase of the Lewes Canalfront Park.
$250.00 to the United Way of Delaware for a golf tournament fundraiser.
$1,000.00 to the City of Rehoboth Beach for the Delaware State Marching Band’s performance at the Bandstand.
$100.00 to the Gator’s Men’s Modified Softball Team for tournament expenses.
$1,200.00 to the Bethel Historical Society for Fall Festival expense.
$1,000.00 to WomenNetworking in Southern Delaware, Inc. for the Girl Power Program.
$3,500.00 to the Fort Miles Historical Association for operating expenses
$7,000.00 to the Delaware Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association for the purchase and placement of a cooler in Sussex County to be used as a drop-off point for hunters to donate extra deer to organizations that help feed the less fortunate.
$300.00 to the Georgetown – Millsboro Rotary Club for a Golf Fundraiser.
$5,000.00 to the Town of Greenwood for the Historical Society for miscellaneous improvements within the Town.
$150.00 to Morning Star Publications for the Newspapers in Education Program.
$6,000.00 to the Woodbridge Little League for land acquisition and operating expenses.
$10,000.00 to Mission of Hope for operating expenses.
$2,000.00 to the City of Seaford for the Fire Museum.
$6,000.00 to the Laurel Police Department for a K-9 Program.
$250.00 to Fellowship Health Resources for festival expenses.
$500.00 to the Selbyville – Indian River Lions Club for parade expenses and fundraising events.
$1,000.00 to the Delaware National Guard for their Youth Camp
$250.00 to Sussex County Return Day for website advertising.
$200.00 to the Diamond State Swoop Softball Team for tournament expenses.
$500.00 to the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford for the Riverwalk “Freedom” Festival.
$500.00 to the Milton Development Corporation for a Canoe & Kayak Race Fundraiser.
$1,000.00 to the Broadkill Beach Preservation Association for the replacement of beach signs.
$7,000.00 to the Nanticoke Senior Center, Inc. for operating expenses.
$50.00 to the Delaware Chapter of the National MS Society for Mary Daisey Shockley’s participation in the Bike to the Bay event.
$5,000.00 to the Appel-Tucker Reynolds VFW Post #2931 for the
construction of a new Post combining Georgetown and Ellendale.
$500.00 to Kent – Sussex Industries for their calendar project.
$300.00 to the Sussex Central Soccer Boosters for uniforms, equipment, etc.
$250.00 to Delaware Hospice for their golf outing fundraiser.
$300.00 to the Ellendale U.M. Church to open a Soup Kitchen for the community.
$300.00 to the Georgetown Historical Society to sponsor their Civil War Living History Weekend.
$2,000.00 to the Town of Greenwood for Christmas lights.
$10,000.00 to the Nanticoke Rotary Club for their Transitional Housing Program.
$3,500.00 to the Laurel Historical Society for renovations to the Cook House.
$5,000.00 to the Laurel Fire Department for furniture for their meeting room.
$750 to the Laurel Alumni Scholarship Foundation, Inc. for their fundraising campaign.
$2,500.00 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oak Orchard/Riverdale for scholarships and program expenses.
$500.00 to Delmar Middle and Senior High School for their uniform assistance program.
$5,000.00 to the Milton Seniors Club for programs and projects.
$10,000.00 to the Milton Historical Society for programs and projects.
$250.00 to the Sussex County Foster Grandparent Association for their annual holiday party for children in foster care.
$200.00 to the Sussex Central High School Football Program for purchase of t-shirts.
$500.00 to the New Coverdale Outreach Mission for operating expenses.
$500.00 to Milford Pop Warner for equipment and bus transportation for
the Lil Bucs’ 2008 season.
$1,250.00 to Special Olympics Delaware for construction of courts for the The Landsharks Bocce Team.
$500.00 to the Georgetown Historical Society to sponsor the Living History Weekend at the Marvel Carriage Museum.
$500.00 to the MHDC Foundation for a fundraiser for affordable housing programs.
$1,000.00 to Delaware Technical & Community College for environmental training scholarships.
$150.00 to Faith U.M. Women for Tamia Marie Bonville’s participation in The
Homeless Walk-A-Thon to benefit Casa San Francisco and the Crisis House.
$5,000.00 to the Laurel Public Library for a security system.
$5,000.00 to the Town of Blades for park equipment.
$500.00 to God’s Food Wagon for food for the needy.
$500.00 to the Sussex Central High School Volleyball Boosters for program
$500.00 to the Cape Henlopen High School for a digital camera and accessories.
$500.00 to the Northeast Rally Club to benefit the Millsboro Volunteer Fire Company.
$1,500.00 to Woodbridge Pop Warner for program expenses.
$4,000.00 to the Cape Henlopen Senior Center for computer system upgrades.
$1,000.00 to Boy Scout Troop 198 for educational programs.
$5,000.00 to Milton Lions Club for the Handicapped Equipment Program.
$4,000.00 to the Milton Fire Department for the Milton Community Christmas Parade.
$500.00 to First State Community Action Agency for Make a Difference Day in Lucas Development.
$5,000.00 to Broadkill Beach Preservation Association for operating expenses.
$2,000.00 to the Sussex Family YMCA’s Annual Strong Kids Campaign.
$1,250.00 to Southern Delaware Tourism for the Delmarva Birding Weekend event.
$1,000.00 to Lower Sussex Little League for press box improvements.
$7,500.00 to CHEER/Sussex County Mobility Consortium for senior transportation services.
$500.00 to Delaware Technical & Community College for the Sussex County Today & Tomorrow Conference.

Joe J. Long, Sr

I shocked to hear that Joe J. Long, Sr had passed away. Mr Long was a Maryland Congressional representative, lived in Delmar for a while, baseball player, and worked on the railroad. He use to email me about various Delmar topics, some of which I am still researching for future posts. His family has a website with some information on it. He was a very interesting man and I will miss his input to my blog.