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1937 Ad - Sunshine Laundry

1937 Ad - The Chatterbox

The Chatterbox was later turned into the Coliseum , a well known Delmar entertainment center.

Paul Wieland - 1979

From the Daily Times November 14, 1979

A 54-year old Delmar businessman, charged with kidnapping and assaulting a Snow Hill man last spring, pleaded guilty to kidnapping in Sussex County Superior Court Tuesday.

Paul Wieland under a plea bargain arrangement with the Sussex County Deputy Attorney General's Office, pleaded guilty to kidnapping in exchange for dropping by the state Department of Justice of attempted murder conspiracy and weapons charge.

Wieland's accomplice, Frank C. March of Fruitland, pleaded guilty to first degree assault with other charges being dropped against him under a plea bargain arrangement with the state Department of Justice.

Wieland faces a possible life term while March could serve three to 30 years in jail, according to Deputy Attorney General James Liguori. No date for sentencing was announced.

They were charged last May with the abduction of Glenn Ross, 25, of Snow Hill. Police said Ross told them he had planned to sell the pair morphine at a secluded wooded area off Route 54, east of Delmar.

The Snow Hill man according to court records, allegedly owed Wieland and March about $26,000 and they wanted the money. So instead of completing the drug deal, they beat Ross, tied him up and stuffed him in the trunk of a car and drove away, according to police.

Ross was able to get untied on Shavox Road, near Salisbury, and call police.

Wieland was later charged with hiring an undercover FBI agent to kill three people expected to testify against him. They were Ross, March and an unidentified woman, who drove him to Ross where the illegal drug meeting was to take place, according to court documents.

The Delmar businessman was accused of contracting the FBI agent as a hit man to murder the three people.

Meanwhile Wieland and March still face charges of kidnapping possession of a controlled dangerous substance and several firearms violations in Maryland

Friday, November 14, 2008

1953 Delmar Girls Hockey Team

Click to enlarge
Left to Right, Jo Ann LeCates, Rose Baker, Charolotte Hardy, Sandra Kenell, Mildred Bennett, Pat Donovan, Ruth Ann Layfield, Ina Ray Calloway, Shirley Harrington, Georgiana Mutchler, Dorthy Culver, Shirley Ellis, Betty Ellen Ward, and Grace Elliott.

Lovey Ann Truitt and Pat Brewington were absent the day the photo was taken.

Woodlawn Upgrade and Annexation - 1979

From the Daily Times November 13, 1979


The Delmar, MD Town Commission has approved a pre-application to the Department of housing and urban development for $1,260,000 to improve Woodlawn, east of Delmar.

If the grant is obtained funds will mainly be allocated to grading and blacktopping of streets. Other improvements will include storm drainage, sanitary sewage, curbing, guttering, sidewalks and housing rehabilitation.

According to Mayor James Moore, the project may be dissolved if Woodlawn residents do not agree to annexation to Delmar, Md. however a public hearing on annexation will be held at the end of the month.

1952 Ad - Ann's beauty shop

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Truth in Advertising

As we are know the economy was never great on Delmarva and in the past couple of years have gone to hell totally. It use to be you would look at the Daily Times Sunday employment ads and there would be five or six pages. Now they have about a page and half. I came across this help wanted ad in the Guide.

Morning help needed. Dusty, dirty, boring job, picking up dead chickens, near East New Market. Must have transportation. 410-943-1000

Now picking up dead chicken is honest work so that part is not laughable, what is funny is the way the job is described. I wonder if his phone was ringing off the hook? With this labor market it may be.

1951 Aunt Jemima Comes To Town

In 1951 The Lions Club of Delmar went out and found the "original" Aunt Jemima for their "Indoor Fair" at the Veasey Building in Delmar. She cooked pancakes and sausages for all who attended the fair. E. Russell Truitt was chairman of the event.

Laurel Needs Help

I received an email from Elbert asking us to participate in the Laurel High school Video contest. To be honest I am leery of these Vote for something websites. I don't know what the gimmick is but I am sure it is something and why do you have to be 18 to vote for a high school video? Nevertheless I am posting their press release information about it below:

The Laurel High School
Theater and Band Programs
Need your help!

The Laurel High School Theater 2 class has been selected as a finalist in the “eInteractive Classroom Makeover Contest” sponsored by Interwrite and eInstruction.

Laurel High School’s video is entitled “Help!” and was chosen as one of five finalists in the 9-12th grade category out of 91 High School entries coming from 40 states and 4 countries. There were 291 entries in all grade level categories. We are also the only Delaware High School entered into the contest, and the only Delaware school in the finals.


You can help by logging onto and registering yourself to vote for the best video in 3 categories: k-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Public voting lasts from 12noon on October 31st – 12 noon on November 14th. Public opinion counts as 30% of the overall score, and 70% a panel of judges who score on your effectiveness in demonstrating: How technology can improve classroom instruction, The collaboration between students and teacher, and Overall creativity in producing the video.

The winner will receive a package worth $25,000 of the latest in classroom learning technology, designed to help deliver instruction faster, and prepare our students for entry into the global workforce.

Please log onto and place your vote for the students from the Delmarva Peninsula. Contest rules stipulate that you must be 18 or older to vote in the contest, so encourage everyone you know of age to register and vote on all email addresses they have.

Voting Instructions

• Go to
• Click the button mid page that says “Click Here to Vote for the Finalists”
• SCROLL DOWN to see the 5 finalists in each category
• Click the video’s title to open the video’s page.
• To the right of the video is a button that says “Vote For This” Only click while the video you want to vote for is on the screen, otherwise you vote for another video
• NOTE: you must be registered to vote – and contest rules said that you must be 18 to vote. You can register more than one email address.
• You can also still add comments below the video – In case you want to.

Thank you for taking the time to support us!

1908 Salisbury Advertiser

I was looking at the some of the editions of the Salisbury advertiser for 1908 and a couple short bits of information I thought I might share.

The School Teachers in 1908 for Wicomico County - Delmar District were;
F.B. Shingle, Principal
Alice E. Dykes, assistant
Rena Lankford, assistant
Ruth Powell, assistant
Helen smith, assistant

At Williams School was Dortha Walker (I assume it was a one room schoolhouse)

At New Spring Hill was Pauline Goslee (another one room shoolhouse)

An article about Sussex County Schools


For the first time in the history of Sussex County, Del. the Bible was placed on the desk of every school boy and girl who attended the opening sessions this week.

Not withstanding prior efforts of the Junior Mechanics throughout the county, no action was taken until the matter was taken up by School Superintendent John D. Brooks, who at a recent session of the Sussex County Bible Society, brought before that body the value of having a copy of the Scriptures on every child's desk. In response the desired number of copies were purchased and this week were distributed among the many schools.

G. M. Maddox

In 1908 they took a survey of cars in Salisbury, Md
The following people owned motor cars;

W. B. Miller...Rambler.......20HP.........$1250
W. B. Miller...Stanley Str...60 HP........$900
W. M. Day......Rambler.......20 HP........$1350
R. MacK Price..Rambler.......20HP.........$1350
Graham Gunby...Rambler.......20HP.........$1350
W. B. Tilghman.Rambler.......20HP.........$1350
J. C. White....Rambler.......20HP.........$1350
Ray K. Truitt..Rambler.......20HP.........$1350
Fred Smith.....Rambler.......30HP.........$2250
M. A. Humphreys.Thomas ......40HP.........$2750
W. P. Jackson...Thomas.......40HP.........$2750
W. P. Jackson...Daracq.......60HP.........$8500
W. H. Jackson...Daracq.......60HP.........$9000
J. Williams Pope.Harvard.....40HP.........$2850
Irving Powell....Elmore......30HP.........$2800
J. H. Tomlinson..Cadillac....10HP.........$900
J. H. Tomlinson..Buick.......20HP.........$1250
E. S. Adkins.....Cadillac....10HP.........$900
Jas E. Lowe......Cadillac....10HP.........$900
Dr. G. W. Todd...Hollsman....15HP.........$600
A. W. Woodcock...Oldsmobile..6HP..........$200
G. M. Fisher.....Oldsmobile...6HP.........$200
Chas Bethke......Cadillac.....15HP........$1000
L. W. Gunby......Buick........24HP........$1350
L. W. Gunby Co...Knox Truck...24HP........$3250
R. N. Jackson....Packard......40HP........$5000
E. E. Jackson....Packard......40HP........$5000
Hugh W. Jackson..Packard......40 HP.......$5000

There was not a survey of cars in Delmar but there was a mention of one;

Irving Culver received his Ford roadster touring car last week. It will carry three people and has the speed of 40 miles an hour, "Dey say she is a beaut".

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Delmar Chorus Beef and Dumpling Dinner

Delmar Chorus Boosters are holding a Beef and Dumpling Dinner at the VFW on Sunday, November 16. I have no information as to where to purchase tickets nor their price perhaps someone would like to add that information as a comment.

1951 Ad - Freihofer's Sonny Boy Bread

1951 - Louise Lowe

Rear Admiral Richard Byrd

Today, in 1936, Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, explorer, aviator and former Navy officer gave an illustrated lecture in the Georgetown High School auditorium before more than 800 people. His lecture was on the Antarctic and he showed over 9,000 feet of motion picture to illustrate his talk. Admiral Byrd was a friend of Georgetown, Delaware physician, Dr. Joseph Waples, and had been invited to speak by the Georgetown Rotary Club at their inter-city service club meeting.

Lost Dog

Found in the 800 block of East State street, Delmar, a brown Mini pincher with a pink collar, no tags. Please contact the Delmar police department.

The Round-House Demolition

In November 1954 the old Delmar Railroad Round-House, built about 1914, suffered extensive damage from the earlier Hurricane Hazel and it was decided to tear the building down.

Bits of Delmar News - 1977

Some items in the weekly paper for November 10th

The Delmar Town Council voted to spend a $9,000 grant from Sussex county on paving Sixth street as well as streets in West Delmar.

The New Police Department Building by Gordy park is about to be completed. It was financed 100% thru the Environmental Protection Agency Public Works Act of 1976. The purpose of which was to stimulate the economy.

Town Manager Robert Martin recommended that an area in West Delmar be zoned residential. The area was thought to be outside the town limits but a recent survey showed it is within the limits.

The council learned that the Delmar Fire Department addition will be a much higher cost than previously anticipated. Mayor William Brittingham said the town could only be responsible for the $100,000 the town had received from an EPA grant and the additional costs would have to be paid by the fire department.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Know Your Place

As a product of growing up on Delmarva in the 1950's I became quite familiar with the expression of "Know Your Place." Usually people from out of the area seem to think it just applies as an outlook of white people toward black people (The problem with the boy is he doesn't know his place). Well it just didn't apply to black people, there was a hierarchy in the white people's society and "know your place" was applied to them also (What are doing in here boy don't you know your place?). Well time passes and for the most part I have gotten over all those insecurities but on occasion when I am around "Old Money" (mainly parts of New England and over around Annapolis) I hear in my mind that voice from the past reminding me of my place.

I was over to the western Shore of Maryland today, down around Galesville, Shady Side, Idlewilde, Owings Beach and Deale. It is a nice area. Living in Delmar I tend to forget how many sailboats are on the Chesapeake Bay. When you go into areas like Owings Beach etc you think there must be a boat for every person living in Maryland.

One place I was at was Herrington Harbour North, Marina and Yacht Yard. Now this is a nice place with nice boats. When you look at the boats in their slips it is just a forest of sailboat masts.

For every boat in the water there must be one in storage.

You smell money in the air, mostly it is ne'er-do-well's money which isn't money at all but credit. I am sure a quarter of the boats have been repossessed as those people didn't have money to begin with. But there is a slight lingering in the air of "Old Money" and smelling it brought back that little voice that said "What are doing in here boy don't you know your place?". Now when I was sixteen I would have left the place in a bundle of insecurities. But now it merely makes me mad. Some of these damn people make more in an annual bonus than I have made in a lifetime of working and now they are going to our government and asking for a bailout and the government is taking MY money and YOUR money and giving it to them. With no restrictions or kicking their asses out for doing such a miserable job of running a company or investing bank money. It is time for us to kick their asses out including those useless ass government elected officials of ours. If you have any money that hasn't been sucked up by the government stop buying American cars. Put GM, Chrysler and Ford out of business. Let them learn where their place is as they have long since forgotten where it was. In general bring this economy to a halt and than riot and kick the damn elected officials out of office along with these overpaid CEO's.

Monday, November 10, 2008

1951 Delmar Hockey team

Click to enlarge - From the Bi State Weekly
Back Row L to R; Ann Phillips, Norma Phillips, Dot Culver, Letitia Lecates, Porky Mutchler, Nola Perry, Barbara Bailey and Miss Gensler, Coach
Front Row L to R; Charlotte Hardy, Lovey Ann Truitt, Doris Whaley, Ina Ray Calloway, Dot Harrington, Sylvia Collins, and Pat Donovan.

So How did Porky Mutchler get the name? Obviously she is the smallest one on the team.


My brother, Alan, adopted a dog this weekend named Bailey. Bailey came from GRREAT, an organization that takes in Golden Retrievers. His owner had him eleven years and gave him up to GRREAT. He had been with his fostercare person, Kathy Dai, for the last year. Bailey is suppose to be a registered purebred retriever but the owner couldn't find his papers (yea, and I am the King of Siam if I could just find the papers). Bailey can't be sold or given away he has to be returned to GRREAT if anything happens to Alan.

It was quite a deal Alan had to go thru to get the dog. It starts with a twenty dollar application fee, than an inspection of your house and an interview with each member of the family to see if you can meet their requirements. Than a visit with the foster caretaker and interview with the dog, if everything works and the dog approves of you, you get to pay an amount for the dog. In this case since Bailey was an older dog (12 years old) he paid $175.

Bailey is friendly and goes with the flow.

The dog doesn't seem to have any problem adjusting. Here he is sleeping and alternating between snoring and breaking wind.

Bailey with his bed and toys.

Delmar News - 1937

From the Milford Chronicle Friday November 12, 1937

Several members of Glen Rayne Post and their wives attended an Armistice Day program with the Nanticoke Post in the Methodist Protestant Church at Seaford on Sunday morning, November 7, with Dr. E. E. Coleman, pastor, and a former chaplain of the post, in the pulpit.

Glen Rayne Post, marched in a body on Thursday morning, November 11, to the Delaware High school where fitting Armistice Day ceremonies were held. Dr. Minker, head of the Ferris Industrial School, was the guest speaker.

The Delmar Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. Mark Gordy on Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Granville Hastings and Mrs. Harry White gave demonstrations on backgrounds in the kitchen. Election of officers for 1938 was held.

Mrs. Blanche Lynch, who has been employed at the Colony Home in Stockley, has accepted a position in Philadelphia.

Mrs. John Powell spent a few days of this week with relatives at Portsmouth, Va.

The Community Fair held in the Delmar (Delaware) High School on Monday evening, November 8, was a wonderful success. The exhibits were numerous and interesting and many were 100 to 125 years old. Many were from foreign countries. Not only our town and community, but other towns brought numerous exhibits showing their spirit of cooperation. Those who attended the affair were given an evening of such great pleasure and inspiration that it will not be soon forgotten.

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The On Going Bonanza Story

Well on the Delmar Bonanza restaurant billboard is something that says "Opening in December." I picked up this week's Laurel Star and in the Legal Section is a notice that on Tuesday, November 18th at 9:30 in Georgetown Eric Swanson, Sheriff, will auction it off.

1950 Ad - Mi-Lady Beauty Salon

Bits of Delmar News - 1932

From the Milford Chronicle Friday November 4, 1932

Marion B. Hastings, who formerly conducted a meat and grocery store on State Street, has rented a room in the Stephens building opposite the post office where he will conduct a similar store.

A band has recently been organized in the Delmar (Delaware) school under the direction of Mrs. Russell Shuttlesworth, the music instructor in the school. The band is composed of pupils from the various grades. The instruments have been received and the periods of work and practice have been assigned to all groups.