Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Couple Spiegel articles

Three articles of interest, at least to me, are in SPIEGEL ONLINE. The first is an article about the unexploded bombs etc that are under the airfield at Tegel Airport in Germany. At times you think half the earth must still have unexploded weapons buried in it's soil from all the wars we have had.

The second item is in the Polish city of Malborka a mass grave containing the remains of at least 1,800 people have been found. It is believed to date back to the end of WW2 but it is not known who the people were or who, if anyone, killed them. Malbork, at the end and during WW2, was a German city called Marienburg. The interesting part is no government officials are looking in to it nor does anyone have any memory or record of the mass grave.

The third is an economic stimulus plan in Germany to buy old cars from individuals so they will buy new ones. About $3,250 would be paid to individuals to junk their current car provided it's at least nine years old, and buy a new (or slightly used) car and it would be be backdated to January 14th. Sounds like a better ideal than giving the money to Bankers.

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