Monday, January 26, 2009

DownTown Revitialization

From DelDot

The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announces that Stripe-A-Lot, Inc., is the low bidder for the Town of Delmar streetscape improvements. For this project, the Delaware-based firm submitted a bid of $317,527.12, the lowest of seven bids received.

This project was applied by the Town of Delmar as part of their downtown revitalization effort and to improve pedestrian mobility in the area. The required match will be raised by the town. The location of the project will be North Pennsylvania Avenue. The streetscape enhancements will include new curbing, sidewalks and crosswalks, street signs, decorative lighting, fencing, and landscaping. The construction will begin in mid February and will be completed in approximately 96 calendar days.


Outraged Richard said...

Good for them!

The focus should be on the downtown and not on more of the crappy strip mall sprawl out on the highway that will eventually meld grotesquely with Salisbury.

Where are the plans for all this?

At the least there should be a description and sample photos of the improvements. That's a big order.

There should also be an overall downtown plan with phases towards a socially and economic vibrant downtown.

Is there such a plan?

Anonymous said...

There are some GREAT photos of all of this plan.
It has been laid out in full detail.
It was shown at a number of meetings. You didn't see it?

Outraged Richard said...

My apologies, I weigh 582 pounds and cannot get out the door.

I was hoping there would be a website, but I am reassured that the information is available in hard copy for the citizens to look at.