Friday, October 02, 2009


From the Bi-State Weekly October 1 1954

The big conversation subject throughout the Eastern Shore is the problem of integrating white and colored students in the public schools.

The uprising of parents in the special Milford school district was the beginning of what appears to be a spreading uprising. This week, the news has been speculating how far, when, etc., the situation will be ended. The end doesn’t appear in sight.

While the rest of the Sussex County area watches to see the solution, the Delmar School Board is quietly studying it’s own problems.

As many already know, the State Board Of Education asked each school board to submit a plan on how it proposes to integrate the white and colored students. In order to know the situation from both sides, the Delmar school board called a meeting of the Owens Corner Board and the Delmar Board (both colored) to meet with them to discuss the situation. The meeting was held Wednesday evening.

While no representative attended from the Delmar Colored School, two from Owens Corner did attend. The outcome of the meeting was that the colored favored separate schools although they would like to have improvements.

A spokesman for the local school board, said after the meeting that would be the jist of the boards report to Dover on the integration problem.


afterthegoldrush said...

I was there in 1954(well,almost).
I have my personal recollections on my blog, if anyone is interested.

Howard said...

By all means look at this interesting personal view of integration in Milford Delaware in 1954. I think, in Delaware, Milford was the most fought over school integration of all the schools in Delaware. As I recall they closed the school for a week due to all the bitterness and threats. After the Gold Rush