Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tim Bradley Shooting Exhibit

This morning I went to see the Tim Bradley shooting exhibit at the Salisbury Gun Club. It was a good show. He shot everything from clays to golf balls to cabbages using Benelli shotguns. I thought the two most interesting shots were first, when he used a pump shotgun and used the ejected shells as targets and the final shot of shooting inflammable liquid and creating a fireball.

There will be another show this afternoon (about 2 PM, big crowd come early) should you decide to go. It is Free. Remember to bring ear protection but if you don't have it they will give you ear plugs.

It is Fulwar Skipwith's Birthday Today

Fulwar Skipwith, Jr (Hard to believe there were two with this name) was born on February 21, 1765. Skipwith was president of the Republic of West Florida in 1810. He was also an American diplomat and politician, who served as a U.S. Consul in Martinique, and later as the U.S. Consul-General in France. He was instrumental in negotiating the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. He took part in the 1810 West Florida rebellion against Spain, and served as the president of the short-lived Republic of West Florida. On October 27, 1810, West Florida was annexed to the United States by proclamation of U.S. President James Madison, who claimed it as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

His speech to the Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of West Florida is well known.

Above The Bonnie Blue Flag of the Republic of West Florida.

The blog Strange maps has a good article on the Republic of West Florida.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Delmar StreetScape Project - Friday

I went for a morning walk and I think my face froze. On a cold day the only work I saw being done, uptown, are the surveyors marking where a fence will go. I am also surprised, with the ground being torn up around the caboose, there is not a person or two with metal detectors just checking around. I think the old railroad station was located about where the caboose is now.

Here are the artistic renditions of the streetscape for downtown Delmar Delaware.

Click to enlarge

Ronnie Spector to Appear at The Avalon

I see where Ronnie Spector (Veronica Yvette Bennett) will appear at the Avalon theater in Easton Maryland this Saturday. Tickets are $35. Ronnie Spector was one of the Ronettes, a group from the 1960's, that was made up of Veronica 'Ronnie' Bennet, her sister Estelle and Cousin Nedra Talley.

Can You Say the word Beehive. The Ronettes

and of course who can forget those lyrics from their hit "Be My Baby."
(Be my be my baby) Be my little baby
(I want it only say) Say you'll be my darling
(Be my be my baby) Be my baby now
(I want it only say) Ooh, ohh, ohh, oh

She has of course made other music so it may be an interesting evening.

L & G Roller Rink - 1954 - Salisbury

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Planning and Zoning Commission

The Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission held it's monthly meeting tonight. It started at 7 PM and was over with a few minutes after 8 PM. James Henderson was missing from the meeting, all other members were present.

Margaret Garraway appeared to ask for and received a favorable recommendation to the Maryland Board of Zoning Appeal for an 8' by 14' addition to 104 Popular Street Delmar Maryland.

Frank Nechay of Nechay Ventures LLC requested a time extension on his approval of buildings at Lighthouse Square. Due to the economic downswing he does not see building on that property for a while and he required an extension of time for it.

Now here is the part where it is amazing to watch Honest Carl Anderton Jr at work. His mind immediately clamped down on the fact the streets had been turned over to the town and if the extension was granted the warranty from the developer for the road would have expired before any construction was done. This would have made the town liable for any repairs to the road when and if any construction is ever done at Lighthouse Square. After much discussion Frank Nechay said he would repair any damage done by him however two other owners are involved and he can't speak for them. It ended with the road repair part being sent to the town attorney for something more fitting to be written up.

The extension was extended to November 6, 2010 with a vote of six ayes and one absence.

Phil Deacon from Stone Mountain Carpet Mill Outlet came before the commission for sign approval. He originally was asking for freestanding signs close to the highway but the commission convinced him he would do better putting the signs on the side of his building.

Joy Slabaugh lead the discussion on sign squarefootage.

After much talk, approval was given for three signs to be put on the front and side of the Stone Mountain Carpet building.

Today is Lisa Dennis Birthday

What more can I say, another year has been chalked up for my niece. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

The Delmar Streetscape - Thursday

Today's new event for the Town of Delmar streetscape improvements project is Delmar has Flaggers!

One of two flaggers

The other Flagger. Now you may think the main requirement to be a flagger is a large bladder, the ability to turn the sign so it says slow or stop, and not get run over, however to be a flagger you have to go to flagger school and be American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATTSA) Flagger Certified. I think I saw somewhere the training fee for the course was about $50 per person.

The shrubs have been torn out and they are removing slabs of concrete today.

George W. Landing - 1861

I was reading some assorted correspondences in one of the books of War of the Rebellion - Records of the Union And Confederate Armies and came across this letter. As is know when the War broke out a large number of Maryland elected officials were arrested in fear they might have Maryland join the Confederacy. George W. Landing was one of them. A letter was written by John Crisfield to Wm. Steward requesting his release from prison. This letter is interesting as it one of the few cases in which George Land did not mind being called a dumb ass, anything to get out of jail. He was released shortly after this letter was written.

Princess Anne, MD November 23, 1861

Hon. William H. Steward, Secretary of State, Washington

SIR; I have the honor to forward to you a memorial and letters of sundry influential citizens of Worcester County in this State asking for the release of George W. Landing, lately a member of the legislature from that county and now a prisoner in Fort Warren. The memorialists are well known to me, and I take pleasure in saying that they are loyal and influential citizens and to them we are indebted in a great degree for success in the late election by which that county was rescued from the dominion of revolutionary sentiment and ranged under the banner of the Union.

I am also well acquainted with Mr, Landing. He has some means and is liberal to those around him and hence is popular in his neighborhood. He is uneducated, very ignorant and entirely incapable of conceiving or executing any scheme at all dangerous to the public peace if he were so inclined. But he has no strong passions or dangerous resentments and has no particular bias for or against the Government. He was elected two years ago as a Democrat and in the Legislature he followed his party associations. He voted with the majority but from my knowledge of him I am safe in saying he was not aware of the tendencies of his votes. He is not a dangerous man and the Government has dignified him overmuch by his arrest and confinement. I am not informed but I feel sure that he would not hesitate to give any reasonable pledge of his future good conduct the Government would exact.

I recommend his discharge; it is the wish of his friends of the Government where he resides and his official term has now expired. He can do no harm and his liberation will tend to strengthen the loyal good feeling now growing in that vicinity.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, yours &c.,

J. W. Crisfield

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Way it started

From The Salisbury Times February 15, 1954

At least 12 American B26 medium bombers and 250 U. S. Airmen are based at two coastal airfields in Indochina, Gen. O. P. Weyland, U. S. Far East Air forces commander, said today.

Weyland, who returned Thursday from an inspection tour of the war-torn land. emphasized that the Americans are "non-combatants and act solely as technical advisors and expert mechanics" for planes "applied as a part of the regular military assistance program to the French Forces."

Morning Streetscape Work In Delmar, Delaware

I stopped by the downtown area this morning to look at what was going on. As you know that is a favorite past time of old retired men - too watch other people work and pass judgement on them.

Digging up those bushes by the railroad tracks, all kinds of rooting trucks and machines were down town. They are checking the storm drains for obstacles before they start the big work

Bob Windsor, Public Works Foreman, was on top of it, checking out what was going on.

Bob Windsor and the Foreman from Hopkins Construction

They are blowing high pressure water thru the storm main that flows from the liquor store under the railroad tracks to the "Avenue."

This is a TV Monitor picture of the storm drains. Hopkins Construction was televising the drains looking for problems.

I had other things to do today so I had to leave them, I know my absence and helpful suggestions were missed.

Getting A Little Older

I was looking at well known people's birthdays today and there is a surprising number, that I have heard of, having their birthday today. Helen Gurley Brown, Author, editor, turns 87; George Kennedy, Actor, turns 84; Yoko Ono, Artist and singer (well that the way they described her), turns 76; Cybill Shepherd, Actress, turns 59; Molly Ringwald, Actress, turns 41. Wow if they are that old it must mean I am getting older.

4-H Clubs Welcome You

From the February 18th 1955 edition of the Bi-State Weekly

4-H Club sign erected by Joe Workman, Martin Johnson, David Elliott, Richard James, and Oliver Hastings

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Millie's Road House Bar and Grill

I was in Vienna, Maryland today checking on power lines pathways and trying to figure out the Mid Atlantic Power Pathway. While there I had lunch at Millie's Road House Bar and Grill. Seems like a nice place. They had various sandwiches from $4.75 to $9.00 and specials. I had the Shepherd's Pie, which is basic comfort food, and a beer, which is a basic comfort beverage. Both hit the spot.

I have their menu below (Click to enlarge);

Tim Bradley Exhibition Shooter

Tim Bradley, exhibition shooter for Beretta and Benelli, will be at the Salisbury Gun Club Saturday Feb 21st. Free event.

The Downtown Delmar Delaware Streetscape project has started.

Get ready to see these signs for the next few weeks.

DelDot people wandering the streets trying to decide where Delaware is and Maryland isn't

Del Dot Trucks setting up shop

APS truck setting up shop to be in Delmar awhile.

Wicomico County Habitat For Humanity

I see there are two articles in the Daily Times today about the Wicomico County Habitat For Humanity. First, Marty Lynk was named as developing director, she is not someone from the area.

Second, over $4,100 in cash and property was stolen from their building on Shiloh Street. Now if you know Shiloh Street it is pretty much an untraveled, poorly lit street at night made up of mostly small businesses. That should be a tip to the directors of the place (if any actually get off their ass and ride by the building at night) that safety precautions for theft have to be in place. Of the $4,100, $1,000 of that amount was cash. One of the basic accounting safeguards for cash is to do daily deposits. This keeps the cash to a minimum in the event of a robbery. Normally if you have an effective cash control operation the only cash that will be locked up at a business at night is the petty cash, which would be about $25 to $50. I certainly do not consider $1,000 petty cash. I have shopped at this resale building and it looks like it has a low amount of daily cash receipts. I assume the receipts from sales for the last few days (not just that day) were stored at the building and that made up the $1,000.

Again, it is a shame about volunteer organizations that they do not follow accounting safeguards for money or material that is given by the public to the organization with the expectation that the organization will do good with the donation instead of pissing it a way by not safeguarding it.

I think as the economy continues it's unemployment spiral you will see more theft from volunteer organizations, both stealing internally by members or actual breaking and entering, as it is know volunteer groups do not maintain safeguards.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheryl R. Wood

I saw in the News journal that Cheryl R. Wood, 37, of Claymont, Delaware was charged with theft of about $20,000 from her PTA. She was the treasurer of the Brandywine School District PTA. As I have said before stealing from local sport and school organizations is fairly common. Usually it goes unreported to police as the organization just wants to get the money back and not be embarrassed by their lack of oversight.

The PTA President practically begged her to steal by skipping corners on the accounting safeguards that existed. As is standard on most organizational bank accounts the checks required two signatures. The PTA President, Sue Wildman, gave Wood several blank checks already signed by herself, thusly defeating the purpose of two people knowing what checks are being written.

Goes to show all the crooks aren't on Wall Street, Main Street has a few. The bad thing is this will reflect back to all PTA treasurers and those volunteers who are doing an honest job will be smeared by this affair. And of course the children whose benefit the money was raised for will do without until the liability insurance comes thru.

Slap Bracelets

While hunting thru the attic for something this past weekend I came across a slap bracelet. One of my children must have had it in the mid 1990's. As I said nothing gets thrown away in this house. Slap Bracelets were popular in the mid 1990's along with Jellies and they still sell them. As I recall they were difficult to find when they first hit this area and altho not expensive (a dollar or two) we had to do a lot of searching to make sure our precious spoiled little ones would not be without the in item of the time. You slapped a straight band of metal on your wrist and it would curl upon itself forming a bracelet. They were typically made up of metal spring bands that were covered with some sort of cloth or plastic with designs on them.

Saving one dog won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog

While web surfing I came across these two dog rescue groups. First is Delmar Puppy rescue located in Berlin Maryland. The second is Delaware Puppy rescue located in Hockessin, Delaware. I know nothing about these organizations other than their website says they rescue dogs, but if you are looking for a dog they are one more place to look.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wild Delmarva

As Carol Newberry pointed out to me, the people who do the blog Wild Delaware have a new blog called Wild Delmarva. Wild Delmarva is done by Kevin Fleming and his son Jay Fleming. As usual great Photos.

The Maple Leaf Flag

Today in 1965, at noon, the new Maple Leaf Canadian flag was raised on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It replaced the Canadian Red Ensign, bearing the Union Jack and the shield of the royal arms of Canada. The decision to replace the old flag was made in 1925. Canada does not do many things hastily.

The Georgetown DMV

As those of you who live in Delaware are aware, drivers under 21 have a special driver's license that is different from the "normal" license. Those licenses expire when the person turns 21. Since my daughter turned 21 on Thursday her license expired and she had to get a new one. While I waited in the car for her to get another license I noticed an interesting thing about the Georgetown DMV building. About one in four people who exited the building would stumble on stepping off the sidewalk. Now I have done this myself on previous visits. Besides milling over the transaction you had just done inside and having your mind elsewhere I think most people are expecting the sidewalk in front of the DMV entrance to be ramped for handicap people instead of the normal curb stepoff. Combined with the fact it faces the sun in the afternoon and that is also blinding you. No doubt this effect is something the architects who designed the building did not think about.

My complaint about the sidewalk is minor and being someone who moved here from Maryland I think the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles is great. One of the blessings in moving to Delaware 35 years ago was no longer having to deal with the Maryland Motor Vehicle administration. The place was made up of unhappy people who would reject any kind of paperwork you had. I rarely made it pass them in under two days and three trips to them. My other daughter moved to Maryland a few weeks ago. She went to an "Express" Maryland MVA office to get a new license and found there was a line that extended out the door. She than went to the "normal" MVA office and encountered a sign saying 45 minute wait. All I can say is; Welcome to Maryland Megan.

1957 Article On Delmar Rail Road Station

R. R. Landmark To Be Razed Soon

Third Station to Occupy This Site

The Pennsylvania Railroad Station located on Railroad Avenue and a landmark here since 1886 is scheduled to leave the scene in the near future, according to railroad officials here. Workmen are expected to begin the demolition job Monday, February 18th. It is estimated that two weeks will be needed to clear the spot.

The “operators” moved Monday to their new quarters in the south end of the freight station. The station, in addition to a waiting room, also housed, until recently, the passenger trainmen’s bunkroom. These units have been moved into other company buildings here.

The yard office now located on the west side of the tracks, was housed in the station until 1915.

This is the last of the three railroad stations that have occupied this same site. The first station was a small frame structure built about 1850 when the railroad was extended to the Delaware-Maryland line. The first station burned about 1870 and was replaced with another structure shortly thereafter. The second Station, built around 1870, still stands in back of the Delmar Feed Mills. This is the second site the No. 2 station has set on since it was retired as a passenger station. It was first moved down the street from the original site, near the freight station. Exactly when it was moved on down the feed mills was not available to us.

Many can remember when the present station was the beauty spot of the town with its large flower gardens and carefully pruned hedges and shrubs. They say a full time gardener was kept by the company, just to care for the two flower gardens, one on either end of the station. The late John Culver is believed to have been the last full time caretaker for those flower gardens.

Provisions have been made for a waiting room to accommodate passengers for the two scheduled trains through here in the operators room in the freight station.

Another landmark on the passing scene is scheduled to leave.
(Editors Note) We are grateful to Clyde Truitt, a retired “operator” for his efforts to obtain the facts on Delmar railroad history.

From the Bi-State Weekly Feb 15 1957