Saturday, March 21, 2009

1936 Dog Carrier

Image picked up from June 1936 Popular Mechanic via Ectoplasmosis. As usual click to enlarge

It seems like a good idea. I can remember taking our dog for rides and it would end up breaking wind the whole trip, this way you could stop and put the dog in the carrier, maybe small children also.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Delmar Streetscape Project Friday

Today seems to be a day of pouring concrete and continuing building the curb

Leonard's Mill - 1937

From the Milford Chronicle March 19, 1937
Delmar News

Clarence Beauchamp, owner and operator of Leonard's Mill, on the Delmar-Salisbury highway, was brought before Magistrate Pilgrim a few weeks ago, charged with a violation of the fish and game law. The magistrate imposed a fine and Mr. Beauchamp appealed the case, claiming he had a right to catch fish in his own pond, and therefore refused to pay a fine. The case was listed for trial in the Wicomico County Court this week and the defendant was summoned to appear which he did. After Mr. Beauchamp had waited two days for the case to be called an officer of the court informed him that he was at liberty to go, as there was to be no further action. This case aroused much interest and the manner of its ending was a surprise to many who had hoped to hear the legal points involved argued in open court.

Taylor and Skinner were born Today

Two people were born today that my college professors in Business and Psychology love to talk about. The first is Frederick Winslow Taylor, the father of scientific management, was born on March 20, 1865. Taylor was always looking for ways to increase productivity in workers. Certainly his work on time-motion studies is still carried on today. Taylor believed that the secret of productivity was finding the right challenge for each person, then paying him well for increased output.

A quote from Frederick Taylor that all government workers use as their creed is;
Hardly a competent workman can be found who does not devote a considerable amount of time to studying just how slowly he can work and still convince his employer that he is going at a good pace.

The second is B. F. Skinner. Burrhus Frederic Skinner was born March 20, 1904 and died August 18, 1990. He was a behavioral psychologist who aimed at social reform and is famous for his works on rats and the labor force. He was strong on reinforcement in learning.

Two quotes from B. F. Skinner are;

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.


A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.

Delaware State Employees to Take 10% Pay Cut

Gov. Jack Markell is looking at cutting State Employees pay by 8% and increasing the amount paid for some benefits so the combined effect will be a ten percent reduction in pay. Now those who read my blog know I am not a friend of government workers. I have seen the number of them grow to the point where the government now is the largest employer in the State of Delaware, pitiful reflection on us isn't it? I think teachers are vastly overpaid. Gov. Markell says, based on opinions he has received, the employees prefer the pay cut to laying off 1,500 state employees.

Now, in my mind, what he is doing is pissing off all the State Employees instead of only 1,500. Once you do a pay cut the employees never get that money back in future pay raises. The vast majority make over $30,000 a year but there is still a large number that make under that amount and I see an 8 to 10% pay cut as truly hurting those people. I think it would have been better to simply layoff 1,500 State employees. It is like looking at a sick animal and saying it is better to kill it than let it suffer. I do feel however this is just a ploy and when it gets down to the final budget very little will be cut and the tax payer will just get hit with increased taxes and reduced services, as usual.

On the other side you have AIG and other companies that receive taxpayer bailout money giving some employees millions in bonuses.

Locally, the last I heard on the preliminary Town of Delmar budget for next year, they are looking at 3 to 6% cost of living raises, plus their merit raises giving them from 6 to 10% increase in pay. Plus hiring a few more town employees. We will see what our Mayor and Town Council ends up approving as the budget has not solidified.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Charles Manson Photo.

We all remember photos of what Charles Manson looked like back in the 1970's. Well a new photograph of imprisoned mass murderer Charles Manson has been released showing the balding, gray-bearded killer at the age of 74.

We are growing older.

Paul Gorrin's Essay

In December an essay by Paul Gorrin, a primary care internist from Southern Delaware, appeared in The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. It is entitled The Delmar International Speedway. It is a short article so you might want to read it.

Sussex County Bills On-Line

Sussex County has started puting a printout of the bills that have been approved to pay on-line at this site. It looks like it could still use some tweaking but it is a step in the right direction. All tax payers should know where their money is going. I can only wish the Town of Delmar would do something like this.

Heron Ponds

I guess the news yesterday and today is that the Heron Ponds development east of RT13 in Delmar Maryland is in foreclosure and is to be auctioned off on April 1st at 11 A.M.

If you had attended the last Delmar Maryland Council Meeting you would have known it at that time as it was mentioned. Heron Ponds has had various financial difficulties since it was started back in maybe 2006(?) I am not sure of that date as there was a number of developments that kept changing hands and they had "Pond" somewhere in their name.

Heron Ponds does have a few houses built in it. The ad for the sale says the first parcel has 32.9 acres, the second parcel has 32.3 acres and the third parcel has 46.3 acres. All in the town limits.

In the winter edition of the town newsletter Heron Ponds Development was described as currently under construction in Delmar, Maryland along Rt. 54 and will
consist of 50 single story duplex style townhouse units and 261 single detached units.
. Now the problem the town will once again have is Will the buyer of this property continued with the approved plat for this development? or will they have an entire new idea about it? Of course in this economic times I can't imagine anyone buying it, but who knows. The town should void out all agreements on these developments once they change hands and force them to start the approval process from the beginning.

1954 - New Zealanders in Delmar

From the Bi-State weekly March 19, 1954


George Truitt presided at the March meeting of the P.T.A. last night in the auditorium of the Delmar school.

Following a short business meeting, Mr. Truitt presented Bruce Henrickson who had an unusual privelege of introducing the guest speaker, Richard Marshall who is associated with the DuPont company at the Seaford plant.

Mr. Henrickson and Mr. Marshall were college mates in Auckland, New Zealand and neither knew that the other was in the states until Henrickson came to Delmar and found out through a mutual friend of Marshall's nearness and great was the surprise when the Seaford visit was made.

Mr. Marshall has just completed a year at Harvard. He talked on the "Relationship of New Zealand with the British " New Zealand and the Australia and How Far Is Between" and concluded with an excellent discussion of the educational system and social security in his country.

Bruce Henrickson was music teacher at Delmar High School in 1953.

Swallows Return To Capistrano

Today is the traditional day for the swallows to return to Capistrano. Wasn't there at one time when the buzzards returned to Laurel? Something I will have to research.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American International Group (AIG) Bonus Money

I am sure everyone is outraged over the bonus money paid out at AIG. Frankly I view this as an expected outcome of a poorly thought out bailout bill congress passed in an unbelievable short time without due diligence. I would imagine some face saving compromise will be made in which it appears the AIG executives gave the money back but in truth were paid their bonuses by a different, less public, method.

Over at Contract Prof Blog they have some points on AIG bonus question. The main article of interest is at the New York Times. It has 256 comments by some people who are much more versed in contract law than myself. Interesting reading.

American Legion Gets a Skin

They have finally started putting metal on the American Legion addition

Little Red Hen Heading for the Library

Always a cute group as they march in mass to the library.

The Old Blue Building becomes Green

As all of us have observed the old blue building on the corner of Bi-State and Elizabeth has new siding and is now a green building. I remember it mainly as a piano shop but in the 1950's the Rev. Al Troester had the Faith Baptist Church in the building. Looking at a map of about 1910 you can see there was building on that land that appears to be a duplex. (D stands for dwelling, the 2 for two stories, you may also notice a number of the building had a small bldg behind the house with a 1 in it the one was one story and the building were probably outhouses or stables) As usual click to enlarge

This piece of land has been an island created by the County Road (today Bi-State blvd), 4th Street and Elizabeth street for a long time. You see it was this way in 1910. The straightening out of the "S" curve in 1950 made it a little more isolated.

To my knowledge today it is becoming an office building with an apartment on the second floor.

In March 2008 at the Planning and Zoning Meeting, there was a request to turn the building into a private investigation business with a rental on the second floor. Below is what was requested at the meeting.

Code Enforcement Officer Bounds informed the Commission Members that Mr. Rob
Robinson was here to speak about the blue building on Bi-State Boulevard. Mr. Robinson stated that he and his business partner, Jeff Webb are with Global Investigations, a private investigations firm. He is a law enforcement officer with Wicomico County and has 26 years of police work. Between himself and his wife and Mr. Webb, who works for the Maryland State Police, they bring a total of 75 years of experience. Mr. Webb’s wife is nurse and has been for over 25 years. They have a contract in on 200 Bi-State Blvd. They will provide services for attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, both state and federal law enforcement agencies and others that need private investigators. They will also offer polygraph examinations, medical care reviews and pre-employment screening. He said that currently the second floor is an occupied dwelling, an apartment. They would like to keep it that way. They would like to fix up the bottom floor with around 4-5 offices, a large conference room, reception area, and polygraph room. They would be working out of the house. He does not see a lot of traffic coming in and out of the building. There is a point on the property at the intersection that they want to clear and put black top on that parcel for extra parking. They also want to fix the exterior so it looks better and to keep it looking more residential than commercial. He is asking for permission to conduct business on the property and to grandfather the business in there.

Faith Baptist Church

Camellia on Third Street

Lester Smith 1955 C of C President

Click to enlarge
From the March 18th, 1955 Bi-State Weekly

Iditarod 2009

Well the Iditarod should wrap up sometime today. Lance Mackey is out of the White Mountain checkpoint and has 70 miles to go to Nome to finish the race. Sebastian Schnuelle of Whitehorse, Yukon territory, Canada and John Baker of Kotzebue, Alaska have entered the White Mountain checkpoint. Ten out of the 67 mushers starting the Iditarod have dropped out.

Broyles Skateland - Salisbury - 1958

Dick Dykes sent me some photographs of the ruins of Broyles Skateland and a date as to when it burnt. With that date I was able to find the article in the Salisbury Times about the fire.

Broyles Skateland was built about 1954 on Old Delmar Road (RT13). It was owned by Peninsula Enterprises and leased to Robert L. Broyles for a skating rink and dance hall. Mr. Broyles had originally came from Pittsfield, Mass., where he also ran a skating rink there.

The fire started about 1 AM on August 13, 1958 in the concession area. Both Salisbury and Delmar Fire Departments responded. Due to the lack of water they had to run 3,000 feet of hose to the Middleneck Branch. The fire destroyed the building and damage was estimated as between $60,000 to $70,000.

Old Delmar Road is Route 13 and Middleneck Branch is between Pep Boys and WBOC.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1958 Ad - Cavanaugh - Edsel - Salisbury

Old Tires and West Snake Road

I think every rural area has "the road" that is used as a trash dump. Around Delmar it seems to be West Snake Road. West Snake Road goes between old Route 13 and new Route 13, maybe it is half mile long. It is rare when I travel it I do not see some kind of trash dumped along the road side.

Besides household trash and the occasional dead animal in my travels today there seems to be about 30 old tires dumped on it.

Now I have mixed feelings about dumping old tires and trash on country roads. Being a native born Eastern Shoreman I was raised in a time when this more acceptable than what it is today.

But as foreigners moved into the area they taught us a new level of sophistication that today not only do we have a Caffee latte with our scrapple sandwich but we we look down on the practice of throwing old tires on wooded and marsh roads

I guess there are only so many flower planters and drive way borders you can make until you have to get rid of them somewhere. I know when you buy a new tire they will charge you $6 to dispose of the old tire. I think the landfill will accept them at their going rate of $61.50 a ton.

So who is going to pay to clean up this mess. One guess and you know it is the same people who bail out banks and pay to raise other people's illegitimate kids in our society today.

Irish Gardening Blog

Gardening and getting outside has been foremost on my mind recently. Here is an interesting gardening blog in Ireland called Eight Square Metres . The blogger crams a lot of plants onto their balcony and apartment. It is interesting that the most recent post is on planting potatoes. "They say in Ireland to get yer potatoes in the ground by St. Patrick's Day". I for one would not have thought about planting potatoes on a balcony.

Narrow Boats

For the past few days I have had a cold and finally am getting rid of it. I haven't did any blogging but I have looked at some of my favorite blogs and websites, some of which pertains to Narrow Boats. Narrow boats are those 60 ft by 7 ft work boats that were used on the many canals in England in the 1800's. People now days restore them and use them as houseboats and pleasure boats. As is here, it is the start of springtime in England and they are all ready to get outside and work on their boats and start taking a few canal journeys. Some have blogs and the blogs are interesting to read as you get a look at the English countryside, are amused by their restoration blunders, and the many boat problems that are common to boaters all over the world. Here are a few narrow boat blogs I found interesting;

Narrowboat (NB) Alacrity
NB Balmaha
NB Zindagi
NB Lucky Duck
NB Pickles NO. 2
NB Aardvarks & Maffi Boat