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Wylie's Circle bar - Fruitland - 1978

The Baseball Fields

I rode by the baseball fields today and with all that water standing I wonder what kind of condition the fields will be in for opening day.

The Battle of Gaines Mill - 1978

In July of 1978 there was a re-enactment outside of Delmar of the "Battle of Gaines Mills." Over 500 re-enactors took part in the battle. This staged battle took part in large part because the Delmar Kiwanus sponsored the event. Here are a few photos I took that day of it.

Unlike a Civil war encampment this had a whole lot more action in it. A lot of cannon and gun fire. The reenactors uniforms had a lot more mud instead of blood on them, as it rained prior and during the battle.

One of the problems with the rain was a number of black powder charges that had been set to simulate explosions of artillery shells failed to work. I was most impressed with the amount of black powder shot off. It added greatly to the feel and smell of the battle.

A troop marching off to their positions in the wet and muddy fields

Look at how wet the road was in the photo above. In October of 1976, the second Maryland regiment staged the "Battle of Cold Harbor" near Salisbury with over 500 reenactors. It rained. In October of 1977, near Mardela Springs, they staged the reenactment of "The Battle of Gaines Mills". Again rain and more rain. In 1978 they tried it again in Delmar, again rain. I think this was the last re-enactment they had in our area.

Re-enactors around their rain soaked tents

Spectators walking and looking

Tent encampment