Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wayne's Place

One of the candidates for the open three year term on the Delmar School Board has a blog. It is called Wayne's Place in Delmar by Wayne Moore. Check it out.

Delmar Police Department Press Release


Incident: Search Warrant

Location: 36394 Brittingham Rd. Delmar, DE

Date: 04-21-09

Arrested: Reginald Jones Jr., 36 of Delmar, DE – Frances Breasure, 32 of Delmar, DE

As a result of a traffic stop conducted by the Wicomico County Sheriffs Office on April 21, 2009, officers of the Delmar Police Department gained probable cause to executed a Search and Seizure Warrant at 36394 Brittingham Rd., Delmar, DE. A search of the premises revealed an illeagal firearm, large quantity of suspected crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, and money. Also seized was a large amount of U.S. currency. It was determined that two other individuals may be involved, investigation is continuing.

Trafficking in Cocaine over 100 grams, Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony, Maintaining a Dwelling for Keeping Controlled Dangerous Substances, Possession with intent to Deliver a Narcotic Schedule II, Possession of a Firearm by Person Prohibited

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Mayor and Council - 1961

From the Bi-State weekly April 1961

Shown Samuel Ellis, Frank Bonsall, Jr, Armwell Wingate, John Smith, Carlton James

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The April Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

Well I went to the April Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting tonight and they were unable to hold it due to the lack of a quorum. Four members are required and only three shown up. Those three that were there were; Michael Houlihan, Carl Anderton, Jr, and James Henderson. Those missing were; Ed Ferro, William Boyan, Joe Dixon, and Joy Slabaugh. The people that were on the agenda tonight will be placed on next month's Planning and Zoning meeting.

Global Community Conversations on Cancer Control

I received an email asking me if I would put this on my blog. I have no opinion as to the value of it but will post it.

My name is Sarah Moyal and I have been reading your blog. I work for the Campaign to Control Cancer in Canada. We are writing a report that is going to be read and distributed to elected officials from around the world at the Global Leadership Forum on Cancer Control in Ottawa in September. The report is going to be based on conversations that we have asked people from around the world to host in their hometowns about cancer and what people with cancer need from their countries. We provide the questions to be asked at the conversation so all that needs to be done is inviting people and picking a location and then after the conversation we ask that the host report back to us. The people do not have to be experts in the field, we want as many voices as possible. I was wondering if you would be interested in something like this. You can take a look at our site:

Global Community Conversations on Cancer Control

Thanks so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Sarah Moyal
Outreach Manager for C2CC

Now I have no desire to host such an event such as this but perhaps someone out there might want to to it. Her email address is

The Morning Walk

So on today's morning walk I encounter two construction projects going on. One is the Delmar Streetscape and the other is the rework on the basketball court/skateboard area.

You have to be impressed with the caring attitude of construction workers. They seemed concerned that I might be missing a Doctor appointment or meeting as they kept asking me "Don't you have something else to do?" Of course I have had town councilpeople ask me the same thing.

The streetscape has started on the sidewalk in front of the LeCates Building. They may not know they are taking their life in their hands, breaking up concrete in front of this building, as the vibration could cause it to collapse.

I arrived at the right time at Gordy Park as George and Lynch brought in the heavy equipment. They are reworking the basketball court and changing the old tennis court into a skateboard area.

This must be the ultimate muscle car to drive. It's a Wirtgen Cold milling Machine. It goes fast, like 15 mph or so.

I fully expected it to sink into the rain soaked ground but it made it to the tennis court

William Hardin, Community Development Coordinator, for the town of Delmar was there.

Impressive work

The Lower Delmarva Genealogy Society April Meeting

My wife and I attended the Lower Delmarva Genealogy Society meeting at the Wicomico County Free Library last night. The talk and slide presentation of Deborah Hull-Walski was very interesting. Altho we had read several articles on "The Boy In The Coffin" she gave us much more insight on the extensive work that was done to determine who the boy in the coffin was. This work is still going on. Currently Willam T White is still in the third basement at the Smithsonian.

Jim Morris, President of the Society started the meeting

C. R. V. (Rob) Hall,Vice President of the Society, introduced Deborah Hull-Walski

Deborah Hull-Walski was part of a team that examined the iron coffin found at a construction site in Washington D. C. in April of 2005. The coffin was originally in a cemetery that probably belonged to Columbian College, the precursor to George Washington University, in what is now Columbia Heights. The cemetery was moved but the boy in his coffin was left behind. Over the years houses were built on the land where the cemetery was. As part of a public service project the Smithsonian assembled a team to work on this coffin and two other. The team did extensive work not only during the examination of the body, clothing and coffin but for an extended period of time afterward (and is still going on). CAT Scans, coffin research, clothing examination, fabric research, were but some of the topics pursued initially. They were able to determine an approximate time the boy died. From this the real work begun with determining who of that sex and age in that time period had died that was connected with Columbian College. They found three young boys that would fit that description. They than worked up three family trees that brought us to the present. This was needed in order to find a female relative to take DNA sample from. After a couple false attempts on DNA matching from the other two possibilities, they found a match in Linda Dwyer who lived in Pennsylvania. They took a mouth swab from her in a Denny's restaurant in Pennsylvania and it matched the DNA taken from the William T. White's left shinbone. What came thru in her presentation was the passion that this team developed for William T. White. They took it personally that this young man had died and no one knew who he was. It became a personal mission for them to reunite this boy with his family all these years later.

A "resolution" ,as was the custom up until the mid 1950's, was drawn up by his college friends, expressing their anguish at the loss and printed in the Daily National Intelligencer.

Putting a face on the boy. The museum also had computerized facial reconstructions done by experts from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Alexandria.

M. K. Miles, gave a presentation on the family tree of William T. White. Several members of the White family attended the presentation given by Mr. Miles.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thumb Your Nose At Delmar

I drove back from Salisbury tonight and saw the drive way at Diamond Dream still had not been paved - in spite of squawking from the two town councils. The LeCates Building remains in the same shape it has been in for the last ten years - again a promise that someone is going to buy it and fix it up has never happened. I went to Food Lion to pick up milk and saw the street light is still out at Bonanza and State Street - something the town was going to have the bank who owns it fix and it still hasn't happen. I also noticed Delmarva Inn is still going full blast with out a business license from the town. I think the only people that pay attention to the Town of Delmar code enforcement powers is those who are honest citizens who had intended to fix their problems anyway. Absentee landlords and owners continue to thumb their nose at the town and the Town lets them get away with it.

Strawberries Raised in the Gutter

I seem to be interested this years in growing more things in containers. The blog Sally's garden (again an irish blog) mentions her friend Mary grows strawberries in a gutter arrangement. Interesting, take a look.

Leona Helmsley’s Last Will

Leona Helmsley, hotel owner and real estate investor, died at age 87 in 2007. Her fortune was estimated at the time at more than $4 billion. Now Leona Helmsley was known as the Queen of Mean because of her attitude toward servants, employees and about everyone. She also did time in prison for tax evasion. In an Associated press article it is implied that in her will she left all her money to animal charities.

In looking at her will she was very concerned about her grave and the grave of her husband and son and she left $3 million to handle it. She set aside $12 million to a trust for the care of her beloved 8-year-old white Maltese, Trouble.
She left trusts of $10 million to benefit her brother and trusts $5 million each to benefit her grandsons David and Walter Panzirer. She also left $5 million to each of them outright, and $100,000 to her chauffeur, Nicholas Celea. She left nothing to two other grandchildren. Most of the will is made up of tax covering information and she named as the executors of her estate Mr. Rosenthal, her brother; David and Walter Panzirer, her grandsons; Sandor Frankel, her lawyer; and John Codey, a friend. The bulk of the money however was left to the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

She had given directions to the trust that her money be given to animal charities in 2004. Now I am a believer that you go by the wishes of the deceased person who had the money regardless of what you may feel, but people just can not control their self when big money is involved (look at any government). So everyone went to court after she died. They got a New York Judge (known for their honesty) to reduce the amount given to Troubles, the dog, from 12 million dollars to 2 million dollars. The judge also awarded the disowned grandkids, Craig and Meegan Panzirer, $6 million each - in spite of what was put in the will. Frankly some of these actions sounds likes the outcome of Delmar's own Mr Grover LeCates' Will and his cat, Billy. The trustees of the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust decided they had the sole right to decide how they would spend the money and got a New York Judge to back them. Since there is no fame and fortune in giving the money to animals they decided they could get more ass kissing if they ignored Leona's directions (beside she is dead) and give the money to human charities (they are giving one million from an estimated five to eight Billion dollars to the animals)the rest to be spread among dozens of charities for sex abuse victims, Jewish day school students, the homeless and medical research.

The point is she left the money where she wanted it to go. The fact that the trustees and other people are contesting it pretty much goes to show that she was right to try to leave it where she did. Her mistake was not specifying in her will where it was to (but even that didn't work even there as the judge decided otherwise) and instead relying on her directions to the trustees. The Justice system lacks in so many respects.

The Cornerstone was planted today in 1764

From This Day in Delaware History

April 22nd 1764 Charles Mason, Jr. and Jeremiah Dixon measured Delaware's western boundary and placed a marker in the southwest corner of the state at Columbia west of Delmar.

This Day in Delaware History is compiled by historian Roger Martin and brought to you by the Delaware Public Archives.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The last Woman to die on the French Guillotine

Today in 1949, Germaine Godefroy was the last woman killed by guillotine in France. She was convicted for killing her husband with an axe.

The guillotining of Marie Louise Giraud, who had been convicted of having performed 26 illegal abortions, who was executed on the 30th of July 1943 in Paris, is better known. A movie "Une Affaire de Femmes" was based on her story. It recently ran on the Sundance channel. She is sometime referred to as the last woman "Publicly" executed with the guillotine.

The last Guillotining in France, taking place in 1977, was of Algerian murderer Hamida Djandoubi on September 10, 1977 Djandoubi was executed for the murder, rape and torture of Elisabeth Bousquet. Djandoubi was the last person to suffer capital punishment within the original European Union countries.

I, of course, am in favor of capital punishment and think it is a great wrong to allow some people to continue to live.

School Service Consolidation

Well once again consolidating school district services has resurfaced as the State of Delaware looks at ways to save money. Just when I thought school board financial transparency was the most important thing, Secretary of Education, Dr. Lillian Lowery, is proposing to consolidate the administrative services of the State’s 19 school districts and and 18 charter schools. She hopes to do this by the 2010 school year. I think this is a Governor Markell ideal and Lowery is the puppet used to implement it.

Obviously it would impact the Delmar School District as even if the consolidation was only partly implemented since Delmar is the smallest school district it would be a prime school district to consolidate services. You notice the wording is consolidation of services not consolidation of school districts. State education officials are proposing four regional service centers that would consolidate district and charter school administrative services. Two in New Castle County, one in Kent County and one in Sussex county. The Sussex Regional Education Services Center would serve the Delmar, Laurel, Seaford, Woodbridge, Cape Henlopen, Indian River, and Sussex Technical school districts and Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences.

I do not suggest I know a great deal about the school system bureaucracy. I rely a great deal on the blog Kilroy’s Delaware (see sidebar) for information. He recently (April 18th) did a post on this subject.

As he points out in his post, back in 2002 House resolution #54 attempted to do this same thing.

More important I think was Leadership for Education Achievement in Delaware (LEAD) document which said;
Administration and Central Support - BCG identified $25-34 million in potential savings out of the $86 million spent annually on administration, instructional support, and student support at the district office level. In addition to the savings, implementing the opportunities in this section should have secondary benefits and increase the likelihood of successfully capturing the efficiencies in transportation, purchasing, and other areas discussed above. In a state with 19 school districts that act largely independently, it is clear that there are duplicated efforts and forgone scale opportunities.”

So it will be interesting to hear what the people running for the two school board positions have to say about this subject.

A summary of Dr. Lowery biography is below;
Dr. Lowery was appointed as the Delaware Secretary of Education by newly elected Gov. Jack Markell in January 2009. Prior to that, Dr. Lowery was the superintendent of the Christina School District, a New Castle County school system that she oversaw from March 2006 until her state cabinet appointment earlier this year. She served for almost two years as the assistant superintendent in the Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax, Va., a school system she had previously served in various other administrator positions. Prior to 1995, she taught middle school and high school English in the Alexandria and Fairfax, Va., as well as in Gastonia, N.C.
Dr. Lowery has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education from North Carolina Central University in Durham, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, as well as Administrative Certification and a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Polytechnic and State University in Blacksburg. She currently serves as a member of the DSU Board of Trustees, as a board member for the Delaware Nature Society, the Hope Commission in Wilmington and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Newark. She has been recognized with numerous honors such as the 2007 Distinguished Educator Award of the Eastern Star of Bethlehem, Chapter #8, the 2006 Outstanding Service Award and Proclamation from the City of Fairfax School Board, the 2002 Mayor’s Service Award for the City of Fairfax, as well as other awards.

Monday, April 20, 2009

LDGS Meeting - The Boy in the Coffin

The Lower Delmarva Genealogy Society (LDGS) will hold it's monthly meeting on April 22nd, Wednesday. This month it will be held in Meeting Room 4 at the Wicomico County Free Library in Salisbury at 7 PM. The public is invited.

Dr. Deborah Hull-Walski, collection manager of the Smithsonian Natural History Anthropology Department will do a presentation on The Boy In The Coffin. It will detail the discovery in Washington DC of an unmarked 19th century iron coffin containing a teenage boy. After researching records and DNA it was determined that the boy was William Taylor White, a 15-year old of Accomack County on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Following Dr. Hull-Walski presentation, M. K. Miles will do a short presentation on the boys's family tree.

Upcoming Events

April 21, 3 PM Sussex County Council Meeting

April 22 Administrative Professional day

April 22 Planning and Zoning 3 PM meeting

April 23 7 PM Delmar Planning and Zoning Meeting

April 25. Delmar Alumni Association 7th Annual Banquet at Delmar VFW. 5:30 p.m. Social Hour 7:00 p.m. Dinner $20.00 per person.

April 25 Noon to 7 Pm Shad Music and Heritiage Festival Vienna MD

April 27 6:30 Delmar Utility Meeting

April 27 6:00 PM Delmar Public Works Meeting

April 27 7 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting

April 27. Delmar Middle School Band Concert. Delmar Middle School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

April 28 Sussex County Council Meeting

April 29. Middle School Chorus Concert. Delmar Middle School Auditorium.
7:00 p.m.

April 30 sussex county planning and Zoning Meeting

May 3. The Chorus Boosters will hold a Beef and Dumpling Dinner on May 3 at the VFW from 1-4 p.m. $10 tickets. Boosters will be selling tickets through chorus members and at the bake sale table before the two concerts.

May 7. Delmar High School Chorus Concert. Delmar High School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

May 11. Delmar High School Band Concert. Delmar High School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

May 12. Delmar School Board Election

May 16. Laurel Strawberry Festival St. Phillips Church

May 16th and 17th The Great US 50 Yard Sale. From the Atlantic to the Pacific there will a yard sale on RT 50 One spot will be At Wrights Markey in Mardela Springs contact 302-846-0643

1961 Delaware School Lunch Week

From the April 21, 1961 Bi-State Weekly
April 24 to 28 was Delaware School Lunch Week. Pictured is Mrs Doris Truitt, cafeteria manager

Blogger and their Spamming Search

Last Saturday, about an hour after I had posted the Little League Parade pictures, I went back in to this blog and discovered a notice had been attached to my main entry page (dashboard). The notice from Google/Blogger (the software people I use for the Dustpan Blog) said something a long these lines, Your blog has been identified as a potential spam blog. We find spam by using an automated classifier. Automatic spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and occasionally a blog like yours is flagged incorrectly. We sincerely apologize for this error. By using this kind of system, however, we can dedicate more storage, bandwidth, and engineering resources to bloggers like you instead of to spammers. To correct this, please request a review by filling out a review form. Your blog will be deleted in 20 days if it isn't reviewed, and your readers will see a warning page during this time. After we receive your request, we'll review your blog and unlock it within two business days. Once we have reviewed and determined your blog is not spam, the blog will be unlocked and the message in your Blogger dashboard will no longer be displayed. It also locked me out from posting additional posts on my blog. Of Course I requested a review. Yesterday the notice was removed so I guess their review was complete and it is OK for me to go back to posting.

Naturally it leaves me wondering why my blog was selected. I do post a number of old ads and a number of pictures so maybe they are the reason. Who knows? Anyway as far as I know I am back in business.