Saturday, May 02, 2009

Delmarva Inn

Well as I understand it the Delmarva Inn turned off the electric to the rooms yesterday in order to get everyone to move. They are allowed back in to get their belongings, but currently the place is clear of tenants. It is unclear if the electric turnoff was due to the electric company cutting it off for an unpaid bill or by the owner's choice.

Back at a previous council meeting I understand the Wicomico Dept of Health had told the council they couldn't evict those people without finding homes for them first. So much for that crap.

Art Work at the Wicomico County Library

I was by the Wicomico County Library today and saw they had art by students hanging on the wall. Two stood out as exceptional and I have displayed them below.

Andy Flexner, Oil, Parkside High School

Meen C., Watercolor, Parkside High School

I am sure the art students at Delmar High school do as well, but I never see their work anywhere.

Congratulations Emily Ludwig

Today Emily Marie Ludwig graduates from East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Emily is the daughter of Mollie Dickerson and John Ludwig. Congratulations Emily!!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

School Dates

Well I thought the Delmar High school website was going to be better than the old one, but so far it is not. A couple dates I was unable to find on the website; for your information.

Saturday, May 2 is Prom Night at Delmar. The Grand March is at 6:30

The Board of Education Meeting for May is scheduled for May 19th at 7 PM

Senior Graduation is Friday June 5th at 7 PM

Today in Elvis Presley History

On May 1st 1956 - The Elvis Presley album "Heartbreak Hotel" and his single "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You," were released

On May 1st, 1967 - Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu were married in Las Vegas. They were together until 1973.

On May 1st 2001 - Lisa Marie Presley sold her waterfront mansion in Clearwater, FL, to Kirstie Alley.

All of this From Elvis Presley History

And the random quote of the day

If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead.
- Johnny Carson

It's May

Tra la! It's May!
The lusty month of May!
That darling month when ev'ryone throws
Self-control away.
It's time to do
A wretched thing or two,
And try to make each precious day
One you'll always rue!
It's May! It's May!
The month of "yes you may,"
The time for ev'ry frivolous whim,
Proper or "im."
It's wild! It's gay!
A blot in ev'ry way.
The birds and bees with all of their vast
Amorous past
Gaze at the human race aghast,
The lusty month of May.

From the musical Camelot

Ah yes it is May again, the month where students daydream of school coming to a close, of band concerts, award dinners, little league games, remembering the dead, and several festivals every weekend. A time of the earth warming again, gardens growing, and animals mating. A time when old men think they have made it thru another winter and give thanks to a higher being for still being alive. A time of less clothing and more skin. Yes, it is May. May Day, the first of May is an ancient Druidic holiday and from maidens dancing around a "phallic symbol" maypole to the selection of the May Queen, the rites of fertility have begun! Yes, it is the lusty month of May, Lift up that glass of beer and celebrate.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Conservation Day Camp

Registration Now Open for Free Conservation Day Camp on May 16

Children ages 8 to 14 are invited to learn more about our natural resources and the outdoor activities our state has to offer when the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife hosts its annual Camp Awareness from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 16 at the Redden State Forest Headquarters Tract near Georgetown.

Planned activity stations will include: boating safety; wetlands, waterfowl, wildlife and habitat; target archery; air rifles; building a bird nesting box; and the Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs program. The DNREC Environmental Crimes Unit/Emergency Response Unit and the Delaware chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Quality Deer Management Association also will be on hand. Each activity will begin hourly, running throughout the day, with rotation beginning at 9 a.m. All activities will conclude at 4 p.m.

“This is a conservation-minded camp in which we hope to educate kids on the proper use of our natural resources and to instill in them a sense of appreciation that will grow over their lifetimes,” said Sr. Corp. Doug Messeck, camp coordinator.

Adult supervision is required and no unattended participants will be permitted. Parents and/or guardians must remain with participants throughout the day and are encouraged to participate in the activities.

The camp is offered free of charge. Preregistration is recommended, but not required. Vendors will be on site for lunch.

For more information, please contact Carol Gondeck at 302-739-9913, or Sr. Cpl. Doug Messeck at 302-855-1921, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement.

Trap Pond May Activities

Many activities are planned for the month of May at Trap Pond. Take a look, the pontoon boat tours are always good.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delmar Middle School Choruses April 29

I went to see the Delmar Middle School Choruses perform tonight at the High School. The Program was called "WHY WE SING", as usual it was an enjoyable performance. Again, tonight, there was some microphone problems.

The audience for Middle School performances are always different from High School performances. Since Middle School is still acquiring their skills at performing there tend to be less people in the audience and those people seem to be less couples and more of single mothers holding a baby in one arm and a pre-k child with the other. By High School everyone has matured so the children are older and there are more couples and grandparents. The common denominator among the audiences is the glow of the LCD screens of cameras shooting away.

I will not attempt to give the names of all the students involved in Middle School choruses. There are over 70 of them.

Mrs. Iris Stuart conducted the Middle School Choruses.

The Sixth grade gave an excellent performance for a group of four foot tall people. I preferred the song "Peter Piper" but the chorus seem to enjoy "The Pirate's Life" as some wore Eye Patches. The song was conducted by Tiffany and Hope Campbell did well in her solo.

The 7th and 8th Grade Chorus. Click to enlarge.

The Girls of the 7th and 8th Grade Chorus. They did an enjoyable song called "This is Me" with Lauren Frey and Samantha Layfield doing solos.

The 7th Grade Chorus. They did two Catholic church songs in Latin.

The 8th grade Chorus. "You Raise Me Up" was their key song and they did it well.

The Combined Chorus. They did two numbers the first; "Why We Sing" was good but the second number was "Witch doctor" in which members of the High School chorus joined them and it was rousing, stomping version they did of it. I always like the fact that the High School Delmar Chorus and Band will frequently join the Middle School Chorus and Band for a final number. I am sure it makes the Middle School students feel as tho they are being welcomed into the group.

What always makes these shows enjoyable to me is not so much the performance as watching the enjoyment and enthusiasm the students show as they perform.

Let me point out there is Beef and Dumpling dinner given by The Chorus Boosters on May 3 at the VFW from 1-4 p.m., $10 tickets. See any Chorus member or Chorus booster for tickets.

I do fear for the arts program at Delmar as each time there are budgets cuts it seem the arts programs are the ones that are decreased. Let us hope the school board remembers the importances of the art program come budget time.

Smitty's Fireside Lounge - 1978 - Salisbury

Boob Scarf and ChristWire

Christwire had a post on theBoob Scarf coming from China. Christwire can always counted on to give an interesting view. I often think Outraged Richard authors it.

Below is their post on the Boob Scarf

As if the Chinese weren’t the most veil people already, they have invented a new scarf called the “Boob Scarf.”

What sick and twisted people they are. No wonder our good friend Amber post the great story
I Am Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People.

I guess the scarf is suppose to be humorous and I guess it is if you’re a sin ridden, freedom hating Chinaman!

Women’s breasts are for one thing only and that is to feed a newborn. Not to be shown off in a sexual or humorous way!

These commie, sex crazed, child abusing wackos need to be nuked. To bad our Christian leader George Bush still isn’t in office. He would wipe these low lives out with a holy nuke from GOD!

BOO China! BOO!

Note: The Amber Post of "I am Extremely terrified of Chinese People" had over 700 comments attached to it.

Wayne Moore Campaign Sign

On my morning walk I came across a Wayne Moore Campaign Sign. Mr. Moore is running for the school board.

Mrs. Figgs To Retire - 1961

In April of 1961 the Bi-State Weekly ran an article announcing Mrs. Ruth E. Figgs would be retiring from the Wicomico County School System. She served as a teacher from 1917 to 1961. She graduated from Delmar, Maryland High school in 1916 and went to normal training class at Wicomico High School. She started teaching at the one room school house in Melson in 1917 and taught there for 13 years. She then taught at the old Delmar elementary school which was at the corner of Bi-State and Chestnut. She was married to Albert Figgs in Melson.

It always surprise me how children were taught by some one fresh out of high school in that time period and yet the students did learn the basics. Maybe they actually taught something in school back then. It backs up my belief that degrees in higher education are mere stumbling blocks put up by the state and other government agencies. Just in case twelve years of the education system has not sapped all the originality out of you, the government goes for another four to six years tacked on to it to make sure you are as dumb as they are.

I did a brief post on the Melson School and Harry's Store which you can find here.

Audit Report on Wicomico County Public Schools

Since I know little about the workings and terminology used in a school system I was looking at some of audits reports on schools out on the Internet. The Audit of Wicomico County Public Schools in December 2008 by the Office Of Legislative Audits is found Here

Wicomico County Public Schools (WCPS)is the fifteenth largest school system in Maryland based on student enrollment. For an audit they had a good review. Two areas I am always interested in is the Bus Service Contracts (found on page 33) and the information on food service information starting on page 39. What is interesting is Wicomico County serves a much higher number of breakfasts than other comparable size counties.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sussex County Press Release

Sussex County to offer early retirement for some employees, aims to reduce costs

Georgetown, Del., April 28, 2009: Sussex County is giving some of its employees a chance to enjoy their ‘golden years’ a littler sooner than expected. County Council, at its Tuesday, April 28, 2009, meeting, approved a plan to offer early retirement to a limited number of County employees. Under the plan, some of the County’s approximately 500 workers would have the choice to retire now, with incentives to do so, and create measureable savings for the County.

Eligible employees who have reached 62 and who are vested or are within two years of being vested could volunteer to retire, and receive credit – as much as five years – toward their pension calculation. Additionally, certain employees in the Assessment and Building Code divisions, where activity has decreased with the downturn in the housing market, would be offered the chance to retire early, before the age of 62, if they have the required number of years of service.

Department heads would not be eligible for the early retirement option. Eligible employees have until June 15 to take the offer. County leaders expect the plan will save an estimated $200,000 in the upcoming 2010 fiscal year, and as much as $1 million per year for each year after that. County leaders said the early retirement option – the first ever offered since the County Council form of government took
form in the early 1970s – is an important tool to help trim payroll costs that have risen concurrently with the increase in building construction and population of past years.

“A significant cost for any employer, public or private, is payroll. Given the current economy, government and businesses are all looking for ways to reduce their costs,” County Administrator David B. Baker said. “We believe this plan allows the County to reduce some of its costs quite substantially while allowing these employees the chance to enjoy retirement a little sooner, and without hurting their financial plans.”

“By capping this offer to a limited number of employees, we believe County services will not be affected,” Mr. Baker said.

Personnel Director Dennis Cordrey said most positions vacated by employees would either be filled internally, left empty or their duties re-assigned to other employees.

Sussex County Press Release

Sussex County financial picture improving, deficit cut in half thanks to budget reductions

Georgetown, Del., April 28, 2009: Spring is giving Sussex County more than unseasonably warm weather: it’s giving County government some hope for the 2009 financial picture, something that was absent in a bleak, mid-year forecast a few months ago.

County Council, at its Tuesday, April 28, 2009, meeting, received a third-quarter financial report that shows the County’s once-projected $7.7 million year-end deficit has shrunk by more than 50 percent, thanks to cost-saving steps enacted this past January. And that number could drop even further as June 30 nears.
Finance Director Susan M. Webb reported to County Council that the deficit for fiscal 2009 now appears closer to $3.7 million.

Most tax revenue for the year already has been collected, but three months of expenses remain on the fiscal year. Without a radical improvement in the economy and upswing in other revenues, such as the market-driven realty transfer tax, 2009 will end in deficit. This year’s budget called for an approximately $2.5 million shortfall, with reserves filling the gap.

“The long and the short of it is the hole is not getting any deeper. If fact, it’s a much smaller hole than what we were anticipating back in January,” Ms. Webb said. “You have to give everybody credit. We’re where we are today because of the leadership of the County Council,Sussex County financial picture improving, deficit cut in half and the hard work of every department head and the County employees to tighten our belts and save as much as possible, wherever possible.”

County officials attributed the improved financial forecast to a host of cost-saving measures, both large and small, that County Council implemented in January. Those included not filling vacant positions, parking County vehicles, freezing most overtime, re-evaluating grants, devoting staff time to collecting delinquent taxes, giving employees the chance to opt out of health insurance coverage and offering voluntary, unpaid leave.

Additionally, energy and utility conservation, trimming purchases of offices supplies and equipment, and reducing the use of outside vendors for services such as plan reviews, cleaning and landscaping have helped narrow the budget gap.
County Administrator David B. Baker thanked County employees for their many ideas and efforts to save taxpayer dollars in these tough economic times. “The County government and its staff have and continue to respond to the changes in our economy,” Mr. Baker said.

County Council President Vance C. Phillips said some of the belt-tightening may have been difficult at first, but the net gains have produced a leaner, more efficient operation, and that means a savings to the County’s taxpayers.

“This is certainly good news, but we have a long row to hoe. Our financial ills are far from solved,” Council President Phillips said. “We have to continue work on closing this shortfall. And looking ahead, we must do everything within our power to see to it that in the upcoming 2010 budget year Sussex County is not spending beyond its means.”

Some Comments From the School Board Candidates

Since there has been no newspaper write-up on the candidates running for the two Delmar school board positions, I telephoned each candidate that is running for the three year term and asked them a number of questions. I was unable to reach Mr. Phillip Thompson so there are no answers from him in the post below.

I have no child in the Delmar School system and as such there are questions that someone with a child in school would have asked that I did not. Most of my questions are pertaining to Delaware House and Senate bills currently being looked at. Not only was their response of interest to me but also how current the school board candidates are in matters that may be in the works for the school board term they are running for.

The candidates for the three year term are; Mr. Gregory A. Cathell, Mr.Jeffrey T. Fleetwood, Sr., Mr. Wayne F. Moore, and Mr. Phillip W. Thompson.

I will contact the two candidates (Smith and Coco) who are running for the five year term position later this week.

The election is May 12th.

Mr. Greg Cathell is the youngest candidate running for the school board. He is also the most recent one to graduate from High School. He graduated from Delmar High School in 2001 and from UMES in 2006. He ran for the school board last year. He is self employed and lives on Coachman Lane. He has the flexibility, by being self employed, to attend school meetings night or day.

Mr. Jeffrey T. Fleetwood, Sr. of Robinhood Road, in Delmar is running for the three year term left vacant by the resignation of Andy Fleetwood. He is one of four candidates running for this office. Mr. Fleetwood is semi-retired and currently works as a substitute teacher at Delmar, however he said if elected the school board has rules in place that will prevent him from serving on the board and working for the school. He fully understands these rules and accepts them without question. Mr. Fleetwood is a graduate of Laurel high School. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Math. He spent a career in the US Army and he retired as a Commissioned Officer. During his career in the Army he had the opportunity to work/volunteer at many schools and work with youth across this county. After retirement he worked as a Human Resources professional in the area. He has been working as a substitute teacher and has a desire to continue to help our youth as a Math teacher once he obtains all the needed certification requirements. He has long been active in various sports activities in Delmar ranging from Pop Warner, Little League, School activities and Saturday basketball at the school. He has served in many positions where he had to listen effectively to others before a decision could be made.

Mr. Wayne Moore was selected by the school board to complete the term of Andy Fleetwood until May 30th. He is one of four candidates for this three year term. He lives on Lincoln Ave in Delmar. He has a blog called Wayne’s Place In Delmar. Mr. Moore graduated Delmar high School. He graduated from Salisbury University. He taught school at Bel Air High School. He spent 32 years as a civilian employee with the Army in financial management.

Mr. Cathell remembers when he went to school the school principal door was always open. He says Jay Green would tutor him. He feels the Delmar School, back then, looked out for one another and gave everyone support. He would like to see hiring more qualified Delmar citizens to teach at the school. He feels it has been the same group on the school board and there is need for change.

Mr. Fleetwood said he believes strongly in the values of our school. The Mission statement is well stated and he strongly believes and supports this mission statement. He also stated that he supports the ideas, principals, and processes that the school has, and would like offer his thoughts with the input from all parents/students/teachers/administrators on ways to improve them. There are a number of things that add value to our school and he feels strongly that with cooperation and team work our school can and will achieve new levels of excellence. He has had a daughter go through the program and a son that is currently in the school. He wants to continue to give back to the community and to our school.

With his background, Mr. Moore feels he has something to offer this school board position as he feel there will significant financial challenges ahead in the 2010 school year.


1) What is your opinion of School choice?
Mr. Cathell has no problem with school choice, but he wants Delmar to be the school they choose.

Mr. Fleetwood supports it but does feel the state should look at it in order to maintain parity among all schools.

Mr. Moore likes the idea of school choice and feels it provides an incentive for the school to outperform other schools in the area

2) Should Delmar Non-teaching positions (Janitors, cafeteria positions, secretary etc) be contracted out to private companies?
Mr. Cathell is not in favor of contracting out non-teacher positions. He does feel the school district should be more fiscally responsible. The school should have a relationship with the school employees so the $17,000 in lawyer fees spent this year is not repeated.

Mr. Fleetwood does not support this. He fears there could be a loss in headcount and is concerned with the overall productivity of the end result. Our school is community based and that starts with the employees of the school.

Mr. Moore said; This is an area to be explored. If there is a more cost effective way to achieve the desired results, then we should definitely look into it.

3) Should there be a fee charged for Delmar Driver Education?
Mr. Cathell is not in favor of charging for Driver’s education. He is of the understanding the money comes from the State budget and as such should be part of a “free” education in Delaware.

Mr. Fleetwood feels he needs to know more information on the subject. He feels there is a need to look at all budgets and not just target the easy ones. In principal he does not support parents having to pay for this.

Mr. Moore has not looked into it but feels it should be kept in its present form if at all possible. He really likes the idea of having a driver training program in the school. If there is an overall funding shortfall, then we may have to look into users sharing part of the cost.

4) The Governor has proposed to cut wages and benefits by 8% to 10%. This would affect school employees. What is his opinion on this?
Mr. Cathell would accept the wage cuts as he says Delmar can not control the State actions.

Mr. Fleetwood feels this is an unknown factor as to what affect would be created at Delmar Middle and High school. This is a very sensitive subject and is anytime you discuss a working persons salary. He knows the employees are professionals and would continue in their present position as sound professionals. He has been through this before on a personal level and understands the sacrifices but he believes our staff at the school has a common goal and that is to be the best school district anywhere.

Mr. Moore Said; It is the Governor’s choice and Delmar will have to do the best it can after the choice is made. He has been to one of Governor Markell’s meetings concerning this matter. The governor decided to mandate the pay cut rather than releasing 1500 employees on the state payrolls.

5) Consolidation – Currently there is a proposal to consolidate school services for all of the 19 school district and 17 charter schools into four centers. Two in New Castle County and one each in Kent and Sussex County. What is your thoughts on this?
Mr. Cathell feels this could be a huge mistake. He prefers the Delmar school district to remain local and maintain its identity. He feels the school system is not running a business but instead is running a community.

Mr. Fleetwood does not know all the specifics involved in this proposal. He agrees it has some merit but he would be against any attempt for the school to lose its’ identity by becoming like the centralized Wicomico County schools

Mr. Moore said; There is some possibility of savings such as consolidating book purchases. Larger orders will result in smaller unit prices. Economy of scale in purchasing has the potential for significant savings. He doesn’t think the state will rush into this.

6) House Bill 118 – Transparency - Would require school districts to post its checking account activity (other than payroll checks) on its website. It also requires pay and benefits to be posted by job title at the beginning of each fiscal year. What is your opinion?
Mr. Cathell is in favor of it.

Mr. Fleetwood would be in favor of it.

Mr. Moore likes the idea of transparency. However, most purchases would probably leave a reviewer with a question. The posting of a checking account would not identify the specifics of what was purchased or the specific program utilizing the supplies. He can foresee numerous questions that could have the potential for creating administrative workload. Somehow transparency needs to be balanced against creating significant workload.

7) Senate Bill 23 would amend Chapter 13 title 14 Delaware Code and change the employment contract term for administrators to end in May and to allow them to reduce the salary or terminate the position based on the amount of funding received from the state. What is your opinion on this?
Mr. Cathell is in favor of it.

Mr. Fleetwood has no comment as he feels there are too many unknowns involved in it.

Mr. Moore has not looked into this matter. It may have merit.

8) Senate Bill #67 an act that would allow school districts to give bonuses to teachers who demonstrate objectively measured efforts to improve the academic performance of their students and it would allow a block award to individual schools whose students have the most objective improvement on statewide assessment tests. This block award would be distributed to all school employees. What is your opinion on this?
Mr. Cathell is in favor of awarding teachers, however he questions how you would assess an outstanding teacher. He feels the awards should be divided among all not just one individual.

Mr. Fleetwood feels any award that would go to employees should be determined by the local school board and not the state.

Mr. Moore likes the idea of incentives to recognize performance to the extent such things are affordable.

9) House Bill #117 a bill to save the state money by having school board elections on the same date as the general election. What is your opinion?
Mr Cathell says anything that would encourage saving money he is favor of.

Mr. Fleetwood has no opinion on this bill. He stated it would make sense for people to vote on one day for all elections

Mr. Moore thinks the idea of the election occurring at the time of the general election is a good idea.

The Morning Walk

In today's morning walk

The pansies in front of Short's Funeral Home looks great, as usual

The streetscape in downtown Delmar is now working on extending the curb into Pennsylvania Ave to protect the parking area.

The town impound yard is becoming full, I assume there is an auction coming up.

These little beauties could be yours real cheap. Notice the blue trailer in the background

This trailer has been here forever. If it was parked at a business or resident's place the town would be all over their ass to get it moved. It is a "do as I say not as I do" situation in Delmar.

This is Pennsylvania Ave on the Maryland side. Notice there is a faint white line down the center that is off center. Councilman Carl Anderton, last night, asked the Town manager when the line would be painted as it was causing confusion among Maryland drivers.

This is the Delaware side of Pennsylvania Ave. Notice we do not have a white line down the center. This is because left and right is taught in Delaware schools and Delaware drivers know what side to drive on without a line to tell them. On the Maryland side the left - right concept is just that a concept that they have not learned to apply yet.

The Delaware State Police

I am a little late on this one but the Delaware State Archives daily post of "This Day in Delaware History" reminded me that on April 23, 1923, the Delaware General Assembly enacted two laws that created the Delaware State Police. This date marks the official organization of the Delaware State police. A belated 86th birthday to the Delaware State Police.

Delmar Joint Council Meeting April

The April Delmar Delaware and Delmar Maryland Joint Council meeting was held last night. For a change all elected officials were present. There about three newspaper reporters there, myself and Peggy Luber (one of the Woodcreek women). It is always a pathetic public turnout to these meetings. If more public were to attend and watch our elected official in action they would see the effect of a low voter turnout. My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting.

Aron the new police canine and Ptlm John Dallam.

The more interesting news is Delmar has a new police canine named Aron. Patrolman John Dallam will be his handler. Aron is still young and both the dog and the patrolman are getting use to one another.

The dog has been trained well as he went immediately to the Maryland side of the council. The dog knows already that there is more crime activity in the town of Delmar Maryland and he should meet the council people on that side of town.

Aron and Ptlm John Dallam
Aron was sworn in as a police dog.

So after the dog swearing-in the council went back to the more boring activities of business. It was announced Carl Anderton Jr, Maryland Council person, was now the President of the Eastern Shore Chapter of the Maryland Municipal League.

Municipal Clerk week was declared.

The Maryland side of town declared the Silver Star Banner day to be May 1st. The Delaware side did not.

The two town had the first reading of the next year's budget. The Maryland side of town has a budget of $2,943,343 ( a tax rate increase is included). The Delaware side of town has a budget of $1,878,814 ( a tax increase is included) and the Utility commission has a budget of $6,040,688 (a rate increase is included). The budgets are open for review at town hall should you want to look at them.

Town manager, Sara Bynum-King, said she had received a request from the Delmar Educators Association (DEA) for the DEA and the Town Councils to co-host a forum at Town hall on May 5 for the candidates running for the School Board. Council person Mary Lee Pase seemed outraged over the suggestion and said they could hold the meeting at the school and the Town council did not need to moderate it. (Note: Mary Lee Pase's son, Charles Smith, is running for re-election to the school board). Council person Glen Payne also expressed his opinion, as usual. The joint council decided they did not need to host a forum for the school board election.

At the beginning of the year the councils decided to try a trial period of having separate meetings for each side of town and than have a joint meeting. After an extended wishy washy discussion they decided to have just the joint meeting once a month beginning in July.

The LeCates building was discussed. Chris Mills, the potential buyer for the property, came before the councils and gave a summary of what has gone on. He started the process to buy this property in 2002 and has encountered a number of problems. The building location does not match the deed and extends about two feet over onto an unowned property. It was discovered this strip of property behind the downtown buildings is unowned by anyone and as such is State property. The other downtown property owners do not want it changed. Chris Mills requires a clear deed to buy the property. The Town lawyer gave two suggestions to clear up this hold up. First acquire the alleyway behind the building by eminent domain. Second, acquire the LeCates by Eminent domain. Mayor Outten suggested turning the whole matter over to the state to handle as it is their property. Chris Mills asked the Delaware council to join him in a petition to the court to give him the property with a 10 foot easement for the other property owners. Councilman Glen Payne expressed himself that the council should go with Chris Mills and join the petition. The Delaware Council decided to do so.

Now from my viewpoint Chris Mills is not a factor in the LeCates Building. The building is in a run down condition and it has an actual owner, John G and Beverly H. Lecates of 29625 Foxwood Drive, Delmar Maryland. Why the town is not on their ass to fix up the property is beyond reason They should be charging the LeCates enough fines to take over ownership of that building. A previous Mayor, Jimmy Smith, use to have an expression; "Once you have got them by the balls you can lead them any where". Apparently the LeCates has the Delaware Town Council by the balls as they are doing nothing to him. Instead we are feed this smoke screen factor of Chris Mills.

The street light that is out at the old Bonanza and State street was mentioned. A letter has been sent and the town is waiting for a reply.

I asked about the Delmarva Inn, the Town manager said it was only about 50% occupied. It does not have a business license and they are waiting on the town attorney to give them direction.

The end result on the three items I have discussed most; The LeCates building, The Delmarva Inn, and the Street light at Bonanza continues to have no foreseeable short term action being taken and remains in Delmar Town Government limbo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Delmar Utility Commission Meeting - April

The Delmar Utility Commission meeting was held tonight with all members present. Altho it is a public meeting as usual there was no public present.

The commission discussed the condition of the sewer pipes in the downtown area where the street scape is being done. The pipes were televised to see what the condition of the pipes were and some small cracks were found. The contractors did not feel the condition of the pipes were bad enough to dig the pipes up and replace them, but instead the pipes could have a Slip Lining installed in them. The slip lining could be done anytime after the streetscape work as it would not require digging up the street. The cost would be about $28,800. Councilman Robert Thompson opted to try the slip lining now before the street was repaved in the event there was a problem slip lining could not fix the town would not have to have to dig up a newly repaved street.

Up Coming events

April 27 6:30 Delmar Utility Meeting

April 27 6:00 PM Delmar Public Works Meeting

April 27 7 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting

April 27. Delmar Middle School Band Concert. Delmar Middle School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

April 28 Sussex County Council Meeting, 3 pm Georgetown

April 29. Middle School Chorus Concert. Delmar Middle School Auditorium.
7:00 p.m.

April 30 Sussex County Planning and Zoning Meeting, Georgetown 6 PM

May 2, 76th Old Dover Days, Parade 9 AM other activities on Legislative Mall

May 2nd, Art In The Park, 11 to 4, Kiwanis Park, Stein Highway Seaford

May 3. The Chorus Boosters will hold a Beef and Dumpling Dinner on May 3 at the VFW from 1-4 p.m. $10 tickets. Boosters will be selling tickets through chorus members and at the bake sale table before the two concerts.

May 4, 7 PM Delmar Delaware Council Meeting
May 5, 3 PM Sussex County Council Meeting Georgetown
May 7. Delmar High School Chorus Concert. Delmar High School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

May 11. Delmar High School Band Concert. Delmar High School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

May 11, 7 PM Delmar, Maryland Council Meeting

May 12. Delmar School Board Election

May 12, 3 PM Sussex County Council Meeting Georgetown

May 14 6 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Meeting Georgetown

May 16. Laurel Strawberry Festival St. Phillips Church

May 16th and 17th The Great US 50 Yard Sale. From the Atlantic to the Pacific there will a yard sale on RT 50 One spot will be At Wrights Markey in Mardela Springs contact 302-846-0643

May 19th Sussex County Sheriff sale, Georgetown

May 20 3 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Georgetown

May 25, 6:30 PM Delmar Utility Meeting

May 25, 7 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting

May 28 6 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Georgetown

Rita Littleton - May Queen - 1961

From the Bi-State Weekly April 1961

Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Those users of Google will notice today their little cartoon icon is in Morse Code. Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born today in 1791. Known for many things, he was the inventor of the Morse Code used initially in telegraph. It became the downfall of many would-be ham radio operators, who at one time, had to pass a proficiency test in Morse code.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stealing From The Blind

Now there are lower things then stealing from a blind person but recently we have heard of this being done with more frequency. Back in March, Bruce Stabley of the New Castle area befriended a 90-year-old legally blind man and took $475,000 from him over a two year period beginning in the year 2000.

Today I read about Barbara A. Stevenson-Jones and her daughter, Pamela A. Stevenson, embezzling $281,000 from the blind. They were charged with four counts of theft and carrying stolen goods across state lines. The two owned a company called The Wellness & Management Company, (3406 Dunwood Crossing Dr., Bowie, MD) which was to receive monies from the DC area Randolph-Sheppard Vending Facilities Program and pay it out to the various vendors. Barbara Stevenson-Jones also operates a holistic treatment operation from that address.

The Vending Facility Program authorized by the Randolph-Sheppard Act in 1936 provides persons who are blind with remunerative employment and self-support through the operation of vending facilities on federal and other property. It is not a small program. In FY 2007 for the entire program, a total of 2,545 blind vendors operated 3,031 vending facilities located on federal and other property. The program generated $713.2 million, and the average vendor earnings amounted to $46,753. I do not have the figures for just the DC area program, but with all the federal properties it must be considerable. From November 2003 to July 2004, their management company was being paid by the city to operate the District's Randolph-Sheppard Vending Facilities Program. So in less than a year they were able to make off with $281,000. Does any form of government embezzlement from DC surprise any of us?

I have confidence that both parties will receive the minimum amount of jail time, if any, and they will promise to pay it back, which they never will.

New Delmar Middle and High School website

One of my readers directed my attention to a new Middle and High School Delmar website. It is under construction but, unlike the old one, it actually has useful information; such as; the minutes thru March, some agendas etc, - take a look - compared to the old one it looks good.

The Tax TEA Party Attendees Were Full of Crap

I read in the most recent Dover, Delaware election that five incumbents were re-elected to their council seat. It was also a very light vote as only 5.9% of registered voters turned out to vote. This is why I say the Tax TEA party attendees are full of crap. All the mouth running and all the holding up signs and what happens they return the same people to office. Why do they think anything is going to change?

The only way change can happen is;
1) Vote
2) Run for office (you don't really think the people in office are smarter than you do you?)
3) Have like minded people run for office with you. Once you have a voting block you put thru what ever changes you want)
4) At the very least attend Council meeting and voice your opinion (they really do listen - they may not do anything but they do listen)