Saturday, May 09, 2009

Delaware Grays Ceremony

"I am a Delawarean and a true southern Man..."
The begining of a letter written by 17 year-old James Dale and addressed to General "Stonewall" Jackson requesting an officer's position with General's Jackson Command. He died fighting for the south.

As many of you know I enjoy history and I enjoy Civil War Re-enactments, so it should be of no great surprise that today I spent two hour watching the annual Delaware Grays ceremonies. It was in Georgetown on the grounds of the Nutter D. Marvel Carriage Museum. Today they added eight more names to the Confederate monument. There were several hundred Delawareans who joined the Confederate Army. The sons of three Delaware governors joined. It is sometime thought that the side of the war you were on was determined by where you lived but in Delaware it was determined by your true feeling for a cause.

It was hot today. This event is usually in May and May is that unpredictable month, sometimes cool - sometime hot. As you know today was hot. The end result for me is a sunburn and spending about two hours after the event drinking about five gallons of liquids to re-hydrate. I was glad I was not a re-enactor in uniform.

Re-enactor General Robert E. Lee along side his sporty mount, Travellers has been replaced by more horsepower and a sportier look. to the right is Re-enactor General James Kemper

The car even has a name.

Re-enactor General Lee speaking. I did not find a program so someone is going to have to help me out and give me the real names of the re-enactors.

As I have mentioned before Delmar's Samuel Batson Hearn fought on the side of the confederacy.

It was hot and this re-enactor left his jacket resting until it came time for the ceremonies.

re-enactor chit chat

Re-enactors General Stonewall Jackson, General Robert E. Lee, and Commander of the Delaware Grays; Robert Eldreth.

Confederates by the fence

a re-enactor dressed as a southern sympathizer. I think he may play Governor Ross at the Ross Mansion event.

A rifle salute by the Delaware Grays

The Richmond howitzers fired off a cannon salute. The Richmond Howitzers will be at the Ross Mansion May 22 to 24th.

A Group pose by the re-enactors but the Richmond Howitzers are not part of it.

This upcoming week, May 10-16 was declared by Delaware to be "Delaware Confederate History Week", so fly your Confederate flag.

Delmar Police Department Press Release


Incident: Armed Robbery

Location: Stop and Shop, South Bi-State Blvd, Delmar, MD

Date: 05-08-09

Suspect: Black Male (unknown age), black sweat shirt with yellow stripes around elbows, with yellow writing on front (possibly “STEELERS”), white t-shirt underneath, long red shorts, black socks, black shoes, displayed a handgun.

On Friday, May 08, 2009 at approx. 8:15 PM officers responded to the Stop and Shop in ref. to an Armed Robbery that just occurred. Investigation revealed that the above described suspect entered store displayed a handgun and demanded money. The suspect took the clerk at gunpoint behind the counter where the suspect was able to retrieve approx. $10,000.00 in U.S. Currency. The suspect fled on foot in a north east direction.

The Delmar Police are seeking information from an older white male who was driving a green pick-up truck who may be able to provide further information.

Anyone else with information is urged to call the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131.



Incident: Assault 1st Degree / Stabbing

Location: E. Elizabeth St. and S. 6th St., Delmar, MD

Date: 05-06-09

Suspect/Arrested: Edward Onesimus Taylor, B/M, 30, Princess Anne, MD

On May 6, 2009 at approx. 8:20 PM officers of the Delmar Police Department responded to the 200 block of S. Pennsylvania Ave., Delmar, MD in ref. to a stabbing. Upon arrival officers met with the victim who had multiple stab wounds to his left leg, upper thigh area. The victim advised that on 05-06-09 at approx. 8:10 PM the victim got into a verbal altercation with the suspect at the intersection of S. 6th St. and E. Elizabeth St., Delmar, MD. The victim advised that the suspect then started to stab the victim numerous times in the leg area with a large knife. The suspect then fled the area in a vehicle, while the victim proceeded to the area of Pennsylvania Ave., at which time the Police were contacted. Further investigation by the Delmar Police revealed the identity of the suspect as Edward O. Taylor of Princess Anne, MD. The victim was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where the victim was treated and subsequently released.

A warrant was issued for the Edward Taylor who was apprehended by the Princess Anne Police Department on 05-07-09. Taylor is currently being held on NO BOND at the Wicomico County Detention Center.

Assault-First degree
Assault-Second Degree
Reckless Endangering
Poss. of Dangerous Weapon with the Intent to Injure

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Delmar High School Chorus - It Had Better Be Tonight

I went to see the Delmar High School Chorus tonight in their production of "It Had Better Be Tonight". In spite of poor advertising for the performance (I don't even think the school put it on the marquee) the place was packed. They did about 16 numbers all were excellent, thanks no doubt to Iris Stuart conducting. With about 70 people in the choruses I will not attempt to name them all, but they did really well.

There are two people that stood out above the rest tonight.

First, I would pick Nancy Maner, because she can sing. Nancy is a Senior so I guess we won't see her in any productions next year.

Second, someone who I could not get a good picture of because she didn't have a solo, and I hope I have her name right; Sierra Schirtzinger. She is an amazing dancer and still a sophmore so we should see more of her in the next two years.

The Senior High Chorus did "Glorious Is thy Name" and "American Anthem."

Part of The Senior High Chorus

8th Period Chorus did "Alleluia, Alleluia". The Eighth Period Chorus is a young Chorus and the members should be around for another three or so more years.

The A Capella Chorus which always stand out.

A Capella Chorus

A Cappella chorus

"It had better be tonight" done by the Senior High Chorus. Lacey Biester and Spencer Fothergill did a great dance number.

"It had better be tonight"

The Crystal Harmony Chorus (all women) did "It's raining men" and "You don't Own Me" and did them very well.

another good number was "You Don't Own me" performed by the Women of the Senior chorus

The Song "Popular" had theses two "women" in it. (Jermy Smith and Spencer Fottergill) It also had a great solo by Nancy Maner.

"Popular" with part of the Crystal Harmony

more of the Crystal harmony in "Popular"

Delmar had five people selected for All state Chorus. Someone please ID them for me I couldn't jot their names down fast enough. and they were not mentioned in the program

the number "Somebody praying" with Demarics Trader and Subrina Shockly

"Dance with me" performed by the Senior High chorus

"Dance with me" If you are not in the spotlight it was hard for my camera to pick them up.

The big number "Witch doctor" in which the eight grade chorus joined the senior Chorus.

Witch Doctor number

Witch Doctor number

Witch doctor

The show was about two hours long. As usual it was free.

The Rain

In spite of the fact everything is wet outside I tried to do some work in the garden, only to have it start raining again. When this rain first started (maybe two weeks ago) I thought it would be a good thing for the garden, and it was, my lettuce, onions, etc are doing well, but my grass is getting high and it may never dry out enough to cut again.

Gary Daugherty

Edmond (GARY) Daugherty, Delmar High School class of 2001, stopped by to visit us today. Gary is currently at the United States Naval Academy. He will graduate May 22nd as a commissioned officer (Ensign) with a Bachelor of Science degree in oceanography. He hopes to attend flight school in Pensacola, Florida after graduation. He said he would be the first Delmar High school person to graduate from the Naval Academy in 43 years.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Evolution Craft Brewing Company Tasting Room

I stopped by the Evolution Craft Brewing Company tasting room this afternoon. Evolution Craft Brewing Company is in Delmar on BiState Boulevard on the Delaware side of town. Evolution Craft Brewing Company is owned by the same people that own Boonies, the Red Roost and Sobo's. They decided to go with the letters EVO to stand for their company. We may have to overcome the slight confusion with the Rachel Ray's EVOO.

This is the hours for the tasting room. Remember this is an operating brewery with a tasting room attached to it, not a bar.

Pouring a tasting glass of beer. The beers they had today were the Primal Pale Ale, Exile ESB, Lucky 7 Porter and Espresso Porter. The beers are best described in EVO's own words here.
Since this beer is brewed by Restaurant people it is designed to go with food. I was told the Pale Ale is for Crabs, the Exile ESB is for steaks and the Lucky 7 porter is for barbecue and smoked ribs. Keeping this in mind as you taste it you can imagine it going with those foods easily. The beers had alcohol content of 4.9 to 5.8%.

The Price list. Now I usually buy a six pack of beer for $3 or even better, buy one and get 5 free, so this is expensive stuff for me. Some call me cheap, I call it living within my income level. The tasting glasses hold about 6 ounces so with four tasting you get about two bottles of beer for your five dollars.

After the tasting I got a growler (big bottle, like those 40 ounce Colt 45 bottles except these hold 64 ounces) of the Pale Ale. They fill it right from the tap. If you want more you bring your bottle in and they refill it for $7. Like the old 18th century workman sending his child to the tavern for a bucket of beer.

I was concerned about the town water being used to make beer. The town has various chemicals they add to the water for safety reasons and it will effect the beer making process. They said they filter the town's water so the minerals and chlorine are removed.

So the beer is good, stop by, bring money, enjoy. They said they would have tee shirts etc for sale shortly.

American Legion Carnival - 1957

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


New Castle Man Arrested for Illegal Dumping

Images captured by surveillance cameras aided DNREC Environmental Protection Officers (EPOs) in making an arrest for illegal dumping in Wilmington.

On April 19, the DNREC-operated cameras caught images of two people getting out of a vehicle on Hay Road and throwing 10 bags of solid waste on the ground. Images included the vehicle’s license tag.

EPOs arrested vehicle owner Harold G. Johnson, age 48, of Lunenberg Drive in New Castle and charged him with improper disposal of solid waste. On April 30, Johnson pleaded guilty to the charge in Justice of the Peace Court 11 in New Castle. He was fined $500 with $250 suspended and ordered to return to the scene to pick up the trash.

The DNREC Environmental Crimes Unit monitors locations across the state for illegal dumping activities.

“Illegal dumping not only spoils our landscape, it can also impact the quality of our water, soil and air. We encourage Delawareans to dispose of all of their trash properly and aid in DNREC’s mission to protect our environment and natural resources,” said ECU Chief William McDaniel. “We also encourage citizens to report environmental crimes such as illegal dumping,” McDaniel added.

To report environmental crimes, please call DNREC’s 24-hour environmental complaint line at 800-662-8802. Verizon Wireless customers in Delaware can also call #DNR (367).

Delmar School Board Election

In order to vote in the May 12th Delmar school board election and the June 2 Referendum (Funds transfer) these are the requirements;

1. A citizen of the United States
2. A resident and citizen of the State of Delaware.
3. 18 years old or older.
4. Reside within the geographical boundaries of the school district.

This is the location for the June 2 ABSENTEE BALLOT you have until Friday May 29th to complete it.

And for the Absentee May 12 Election ballot it is here. you have until Friday May 8th to mail it.

The election will be at the school house, follow the signs to the voting machines.

I do not know how many possible voters could vote in the Delmar School District election and Referendum. School Board voters do not have to be registered with the state Election Board. They just have to show proof they meet the above four requirements. If you were to say the number is at least the number of registers voters in Representative District 7-40 and 6-40 then it would be about 4,129 possible voters, but it should be higher than that to allow for non-registered people. My guess is less than 500 voters will actually turn out.

Michael Fay - 1994

On a day that I wrote about "Madeline" I also have to write about real life and I offer these comments about Michael Fay. As some may remember today, back in 1994, Michael Fay was caned by the Singapore Prison system for destruction of property. After pleading guilty to a vandalism charges, the 18-year-old student was sentenced to four months in jail, a $2,200 fine and six strokes of the cane. He got his 15 minutes of fame because his mommy raised hell that a foreign county was going to beat a defenseless 19 year old American (he turned 19 shortly after the sentence was given). She said her divorce affected him and he was diagnosed as suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Boo Hoo. Eventually President Bill Clinton requested lenience from the Singapore Government and the caning was reduced from six to four strokes.

It is strange that an 18 year old, who admitted breaking the law, had the President of the United States intervene for him, yet there was no great cry about eighteen year old soldiers sent to foreign countries to fight some politically motivated war, which in 1994 was Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, the Iraqi No-Fly Zones, and military protection for Kurds.

At the site Corpun is a good article done by the Asiaweek, Hong Kong, 25 May 1994

A description of the four strokes Michael Fay received was described as;

Michael Fay was informed that his caning sentence was to be carried out that afternoon. He was one of ten prisoners flogged that day. In the caning room he was stripped naked. He bent over and his arms and legs were fastened to an H-shaped trestle by straps. A protective covering was placed over his kidneys. A prison official, a medical officer and the caner were the only ones present. The caner wound up and, using his full body weight, struck with the 13mm-thick rattan rod, which had been soaked overnight to prevent it from splitting. Each stroke on Fay's exposed buttocks came about half a minute apart. It was over in minutes. After the fourth and final stroke, say Singapore officials, Fay shook hands with his caner and insisted on walking back to his cell unaided. He wanted to act like a man.

Now as any reader of this blog know, I advocate harsh punishment for convicted criminals up to and including the death penalty. Certainly any convicted juvenile (under 18) should be caned at least four times, so it sinks in the world isn't playing around. I think it is a shame Delaware stopped whipping criminals fifty years ago and I feel the whipping post should be reinstated. In the same article on Michale Fay was a comment by Walter Woon, associate professor of law at the National University of Singapore, which said:

Woon opposes caning to punish non-violent offenses. But he is not an admirer of the American system. Last year, Woon and his family were robbed at gunpoint at a bus stop near Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. The experience shook him. America's legal system, he argues, "has gone completely berserk. They're so mesmerized by the rights of the individual that they forget that other people have rights too. There's all this focus on the perpetrator and his rights, and they forget the fellow is a criminal." Fay is no more than that, Woon says. "His mother and father have no sense of shame. Do they not feel any shame for not having brought him up properly to respect other people's property? Instead they consider themselves victims."

I have to totally agree with him. When I worked at the Wicomico County Detention Center even as an accountant I would encounter Mothers crying over their convicted sons and daughters telling me their children were not criminals. BooHoo it certainly fell on deaf ears when they talked to me. If they were to stay out of it and let their children accept their punishment and become adults there would be less crime. When the warden would talk about the hard time he had finding Correctional Officers I suggested he did as the Ocean City businesses did and hire foreign workers. A few Singapore Correctional officers would straighten the place up real soon.

In regards to the recent problems of Warden Devenyns let me say I found him to be arrogant and a childish ass at times but I never saw any indication from him regarding sexual improprieties to women. Not to say things didn't change from the four years ago when I worked there, but improper sexual conduct is not one of the things I would have accused him of.

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines….

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines….
lived twelve little girls in two straight lines
They left the house. at half past nine…
The smallest one was Madeline’

As a parent there are lines from children books and TV shows that remain in your brain forever. One that drifted thru my mind while drinking my morning coffee this morning was "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines….". When my daughters were young we use to sit around on Saturday morning and watch Madeline on TV. I think they owned a couple of the Madeline books but the TV show was the main source of Madeline for them. As you may recall it has a certain rhyming word scheme that you couldn't get out of your head, not quite as bad as Dr. Seuss but it was close. The show and the book always started with "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines…."

The Madeline books were written by Ludwig Bemelmans (April 27, 1898-October 1, 1962), an Austro-American essayist, humorist, novelist, artist, and author. He was born in Austria and when his parents divorced his mother took him to live with her family in Regensburg, Germany. He was apprenticed to an uncle in 1912, who owned a number of hotels in the Tyrol. He worked for a few years in the hotels until, according to him, he shot another waiter. He was given a choice of reform school or emigration to America. He chose the latter and in 1914 arrived in New York with letters of introduction to managers of several large hotels and two pistols to fight off hostile Indians.

He worked his way up to a position as a waiter at the Ritz-Carlton, he left to enlist in the United States Army in 1917, became naturalized in 1918, and returned to the hotel and restaurant business. He started writing in 1934 and did the Madeline book, a rhymed picture book, in 1939 based on his wife Madeline and the antics of his daughter, Barbara. He was an accomplished artist and the inspired amateurishness of the illustrations and the sophisticated doggerel verses have been an influence on later juvenile literature.

He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery (Section 43, Grave 2618).

‘And that’s all there is - there isn’t any more’

Jean Hudson - 1933

From the Milford chronicle May 5, 1933



An eight-year-old girl, who sat on a thick dictionary so she could comfortably reach the table top, has passed the Federal examinations and licensed a wireless operator.

The girl, Jean Hudson, of Laurel, Del. was given a rating of 80 per cent by Examiner George E. Sterling at federal Radio headquarters at Fort McHenry. She is believed to be the youngest licensed operator in the United States.

Sterling started the tests by sending 10 words a minute, but Jean was for ahead of him, although that is all required of an amateur.

Then he stepped up his sending to 15 words a minute and then to 20, the requirement for a commercial license, but the little girl was with him all the way.

Next came the technical tests, in which the youthful applicant was required to explain the fundamental workings of the short wave radio, describing the makeup of a sending and receiving set and spell the names of all components parts.

She needed but 75 as a passing grade but when it was all over, a check showed her to have 80.

Jean gets her radio ability naturally. her father, Edgar L. Hudson, is a licensed amateur operator, and her 14-year-old brother, Roland, received his license a year ago.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Delmar Delaware Council Meeting For May

The Delmar Town Council Meeting for the Delaware side of town was held tonight. All members were present and the meeting was over with by 8:05. As usual only about three people were in the "Public" audience. My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council (altho I do attend more meetings than some of them) and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting.

Ordinance 154 was read for second time and approved (subject to the Delaware State Planning office approving it), moving a little over an acre of Phil Diakos' land into the town limits.

Ordinance 155, the Well Head Protection ordinance, was read for a second time and approved.

The Town manager said Delmarva Inn was closed. It was closed not by the town but by the electric company shutting them down for non-payment. All utilities have been turned off.

The sewage pumping station at Yorkshire Estates, had the electric turned off because of the financial problems that the development is having. The pumping station was in the process of being turned over to the town as part of their public works agreement with the development. The Town had the electric account moved over to their name and a possible sewage backup in that area was avoided.

Lou Alberti requested to sub-divide the Hastings property at the corner of Maryland Ave. and State Street into three lots. He had came before the Planning and Zoning commission previously was rejected for three lots. He showed the council how the land was big enough for the current house and two more lots on the property. He said all of his drawing fulfilled the town regulations. After some hemming and hawing the town council gave him a go ahead.

Wilcher Park

On my walk today I walked thru the Wilcher Park development. Wilcher park is east of Holloway Town and North of Delmar Elementary school. It is best known for the lighting displays the residents have at Christmas time. The development is located on the 200/300 block of Popular Street and Spruce Street outside of Delmar, Maryland. The original 1958 Plat called for 28 houses and I assume Wilcher is some combination of words that had some meaning to the developer J. William Gordy. Most of the homes are the “rancher” style from the 1960’s and in fact most were built in the 1960’s. As was the thing for developments of that era there are not sidewalks in the development, with the exception of those lots bordering Second Street which are in the town limits. The rest of the lots are out of the town limits with the exception of four lots that are split between being part in town and part out of town. The development was owned by J. William Gordy Fuel Co and was developed by J. William Gordy. The lot sizes are generally about a quarter acre (85 ft by 140 ft) . The development has Delmar town water and sewer and since Delmar would be the First responder it also has Delmar police protection.

A lot of the information on property in Maryland is on-line. To find an owner or property information in Wicomico County you can go to Maryland Real property search This link is set up for Wicomico County Wicomico search

And type in the street name without the word "street"; such as Spruce, it will bring up everyone owning property on Spruce street, where every there is a Spruce street in Wicomico County. You can than click the property owner’s name and it will show the property data. It will also show any subdivision name.

From that I found the subdivision reference to book JWTS 444/87
Go to
User: mdplats password mdplats1
Select Wicomico County
Click on: Wicomico County Land Survey Subdivison Condominium Plats

In Book Cabinet Number ___Page____
Enter 444 page 87

Select one of the two plats for Wilcher Plat by opening them

Upcoming Events

May 4, 7 PM Delmar Delaware Council Meeting

May 5, 3 PM Sussex County Council Meeting Georgetown

May 7. Delmar High School Chorus Concert. Delmar High School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

May 10 Mother’s Day

May 11. Delmar High School Band Concert. Delmar High School Auditorium. 7:00 p.m.

May 11, 7 PM Delmar, Maryland Council Meeting

May 12. Delmar School Board Election

May 12, 3 PM Sussex County Council Meeting Georgetown

May 14 6 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Meeting Georgetown

May 16. Laurel Strawberry Festival St. Phillips Church

May 16th “Free to the First State “ Day, Free entrance for Delaware residents to Delaware parks and museums

May 16th and 17th The Great US 50 Yard Sale. From the Atlantic to the Pacific there will a yard sale on RT 50 One spot will be At Wrights Markey in Mardela Springs contact 302-846-0643

May 16th 10 am to 4 Pm Free entrance to “The Treasures of the Sea” exhibit at Del Tech

May 19th Sussex County Sheriff sale, Georgetown

May 19 7 PM Delmar Board Of Education meeting

May 20 3 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Georgetown

May 22 to 24 Seaford Heritage Weekend

May 25 Memorial Day

May 26, 6:30 PM Delmar Utility Meeting

May 26, 7 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting

May 28 6 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Georgetown

June 5 7 Pm Delmar High School Senior Graduation

June 20 – 21 Dover Air Force Base Open House

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Food Establishment Inspection Reports

I have not looked at the Food Establishment Inspection Reports in a while and frankly was disappointed that the Divison of Public Health for Delaware is doing so few inspections. In 2009 there are were only two inspections in Delmar on the report.

1) Food Lion (S980739), Delmar, Routine Inspection on 03/09/2009, No Violations
2) Delmar Jr-Sr High School Cafeteria, Delmar, Routine Inspection on 03/09/2009, No violations

Should you look at the report, at the link above, you can click on any column heading in blue and it will sort the report by that column heading.

Clarence Ellis and His Still - 1930

An article in the May 1st 1930 edition of the Wicomico News said Clarence Ellis was arrested at his still in a woods near Delmar. Federal Dry Agent Irving Windsor said he had two thirty-five gallon stills with five barrels of mash and two and one-half gallons of whiskey. He was held under $500 bond and scheduled to appear in People's Court in Wicomico County.