Friday, May 22, 2009

Skateboard Park and Basketball Court

I see they have started putting up fence around the basketball court.

They have also started on the skateboard area. I think it is odd the basketball court only has a four foot tall fence around it and the skateboard area has a ten foot tall fence. You would think it would be opposite, considering you have a ball bouncing around in one and someone skating in the other. Regardless, anything you put in a public park will be tore all to hell in no time. If they can't steal it they will beat on it with a baseball bat until it is broken and un-useable by anyone else.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Delmar Planning and Zoning - May

The Delmar Planning and Zoning meeting was held tonight, altho there were a number of items on the agenda, the meeting was over with by 8:05 PM. Two members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Joe Dixon and Joy Slabaugh, were missing.

Mark Thomasson (Professional Construction Services PCS Homes, Executive Vice President of Development) came before the commission requesting approval of a new design for townhouses in Woodcreek. PSC Homes who are building Woodcreek are looking at going for a lower price (in the $130,000 range) home. They are too be built in the area around the current existing model homes. There is room for 110 of them.

In general the commission was not in favor of the townhouses in part because higher price homes have been built in WoodCreek and building the lower price homes would have an impact on the values of the current homes.

Artist version of the Townhouses. The commission requested Mark Thomasson to have a meeting with the Home Owner Association (HOA) and come back on June 18th (the next P & Z Meeting) to give the commission the opinion of the HOA on the lower price homes.

Larry J. Link, architect, representing Marty's paints wants to put a building on the corner of Walnut and RT13. This property is currently out of town. He was directed to the Town Manager for information on how to request annexation.

Donald Garraway came asking for permission to put an addition on a home owned by Anna Humphrey at 9 Spruce St. The plans did not call for a doorway between the addition and the existing house but did have a separate front entrance. The commission said it had to have a doorway from the existing house into the addition or it would be considered a duplex. John Morris is looking at buying it and using it for a daycare.

Bobby Strobecker of Bay Area Disposal is looking at buying the property at 9172 Ocean Highway. The property is in the town limits. He wants to run a trash disposal company out of it. His company currently operates in Calvert county and St Mary's County Maryland. He expects to hire 30 people and spruce up the property if he purchases it.

Delmar Library Book and Bake Sale Tomorrow

Delmar MD Ordinance 709 Police Labor Code

I saw in the legal notices of the newspaper Delmar Maryland had it's first reading of Ordinance 709 - an ordinance to adopt a Police Department Labor Code. Being nosy I stopped by town hall to glance at it. It is the usual boring agreement/contract type document. It addresses police employee rights, recognition of employee organizations, the method and manner of negotiations etc. There are a couple of points mentioned in it I found interesting; "employees" does not refer to the police Chief or any officer with a rank of Captain or higher. Employees have the right to join or not to join an employee organization. They can negotiate collectively regarding the terms and conditions of their employment. The town has the exclusive right to determine the amount of funds to the police department. The town has the right to set standards of service and operations, set the number of employees per shift or to subcontract the work or use volunteers. The organization to represent the police only require a simple majority of the employees to vote for it and it will represent all employees. Altho this a Maryland ordinance it will affect the Delaware side of town. I wonder what the effect of having a contract and Gov. Markell cutting the pay 8% would have on this?

Delmar Planning and Zoning Meeting Tonight

There is a Delmar Planning and Zoning meeting scheduled tonight at 7 PM in Town Hall. Last month's meeting was cancelled due to lack of interest. This month among the things scheduled to be addressed are; Micro-Brewery- Plan Revision, Mark Thomasson- New House style for WoodCreek, L. J. Link- Marty’s Paints- Develop and Build on SE Corner of Walnut St. and Rt. 13, Anna Humphrey & Margaret Garraway- addition on house at 9 Spruce St. Delmar, MD, and Bobby Strohecker- Bay Area Disposal- clarification of zoning 9172 Ocean Highway

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DNREC Press Release

Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier to Re-Open Friday

DNREC’s Division of Parks and Recreation will re-open the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier on Friday, May 22. The pier has been closed since March 23, while repair work on the pier’s dilapidated pilings was completed.

“Like thousands of anglers and visitors, we are pleased that the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier will be open again in time for the Memorial Day holiday,” said Collin O’Mara, DNREC Secretary. “In addition, because we received such a favorable bid for this repair work, we will be able to open even more of the pier to the public earlier than expected this summer.”

Because the bid for the original repair work was lower than anticipated, the Division has authorized the contractor to continue to repair dozens of additional pilings. When that work is completed, another 168 feet of the pier will be opened to the public. Work to repair the additional pilings is expected to be completed within the next two months.

During the pier’s closure, 101 pilings in need of immediate repair were refurbished. These piling were deemed “unacceptable” because they no longer had any load-carrying capacity.

“It was unfortunate that we had to close the pier, but it was necessary to ensure the public’s safety,” said Charles Salkin, director of DNREC’s Division of Parks and Recreation. “Now, not only is the pier re-opening, but we’re able to keep working to make it even better.”

The funding for the repairs comes from a combination of about $200,000 in state monies secured in 2008, and $500,000 in federal U.S. Fish and Wildlife funds.

The all-wooden pier, originally constructed during WW II by the Department of the Army as a mining wharf, has undergone limited rehabilitation over the years. The useful life of the pier with the newly refurbished supports is estimated to be between four and eight years. It is assumed that after that time, continued deterioration of areas not addressed by these repairs will require more rebuilding or replacement. The approximate cost to replace the existing wooden structure with a new concrete pier is $10 to $15 million.

Catholic Church Dedicated 1949 - 60 year birthday

From the Bi-State Weekly May 20 1949




The Holy Redeemer Catholic Church will be dedicated Sunday, May 22, 1949 beginning at 11:00 A.M.

The Most Reverend Edmon J. FitzMaurice, bishop of the Diocese of Wilmington will officiate at the solemn High mass at the dedication

Plans have been made for the dedication ceremonies by the Reverend Eugene T. Stout of Salisbury, who heads St. Francis de Sales Catholic parish on the Eastern Shore. Delmar is a part of the parish.

Father Stout in the dedication service will be the Reverends William Couming, John Farrington, Paul Fallers, assistant pastors to Father Stout. Fathers Couming, Farrington, and Fallers celebrate Masses here on Sunday.

Other diocesan dignitaries are expected to be present for the dedication.

Blessing of the ground on which the church is built and the church itself will begin at 11 A.M. followed by the high Mass.

The new church is nearing completion on the site located on the corner of Chestnut and U. S. Highway 13. Many remember the lot as the site of the old Maryland School, where many local residents began their educational background.

It is built along the Italian Romanesque architectural lines of red brick. It is said to have a seating capacity capable of seating approximately 200 church-goers.

Since 1939, Catholics of the Delmar vicinity have celebrated Mass in the old store building located at the corner of Grove St. and U. S. Route 13.

Polio - 1955

From the May 20, 1955 Bi-State weekly


Nancy Lee Jenkins, 7 year old daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. George Jenkins is in Doris Memorial Hospital in Wilmington. She is the second Delmar child within a month to contract the malady.

Robert Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor sat in the seat in front of Nancy in school. Robert was taken just before the first and second graders received their first shot of the new Salk polio Vaccine. Nancy was taken 19 days after receiving her first shot.

The father of Nancy, after a talk with specialist at Doris Memorial, is sure that the Salk Vaccine was not to blame for his daughters illness. In fact the Doctors believe that the vaccine can be credited with modifying Nancy's condition.

She became ill Tuesday May 10, and was admitted to Doris Memorial last Saturday for treatment.

Delmar School District Referendum

There is a special election on June 2nd to vote for or against a transfer of $450,000 from the Debt Service account to the Current Operating Expense account. As usual, with the Delmar School District, they are passing the buck back to the state by saying the Delaware State Budget office recommends the Delmar School District lower its debt service account. There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday May 27th at 7 pm in the Delmar School Board meting room. I am sure there will be as many "Public" turning out for this meeting as attended the School Board meeting held last night.

The Morning Walk

This morning I walked over to a section of town known as Brooklyn. Brooklyn is on the Maryland side of town. Some sections of town on the Maryland side of town are just decayed, rundown and unsafe. Even Javier Bardem (that bad ass from "No Country For Old Men") would have to drag his air cylinder around with him for safety.

With the exception of the low income housing, Brooklyn is a safe area to walk in.

Brooklyn was a development started around 1910. It generally extends from 6th Street to 10th Street in Delmar and I think all the houses were built on State street, thusly the reason why the houses on that section of State street all look alike.

A scenic view of Brooklyn across the tombstones. Since it is across the street from a cemetery the Maryland people should have no complaints about their Delaware neighbors.

Over on East East Street Malone and Phillips are doing a little curb work. If you notice at 6th street and East Street, East Street is offset from the straight run East Street has from Bi-State Blvd. This is due to the layout of Brooklyn development. It is a difficult development to find information about. I have been working on it for two years and have virtually nothing on it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Book Cellar

We had to meet someone over by the Bay bridge today so we decided Pr1me Outlets would be a good place to meet. Now outlets are hell for me, particularly that outlet as everything is overpriced. I am not a shopper and I hate being dragged from store to store looking at the same stuff. Happily they have a good book store there called the Book cellar so I wasted some time there.

Moose Lodge New Addition - 1961

Delmar Lodge No. 582 Loyal Order of the Moose new addition
From the Bi-State Weekly May 19, 1961

The building is today Delmar Town Hall.

Grace Elliott Engaged - 1961

From the May 19, 1961 Bi-State Weekly

Delmar News 1934

From the Wicomico News May 3, 1934 - Delmar News

The Delmar Ice Company has been leased to the W. F. Messick Ice Company of Salisbury and will be taken over by that company May 1. The plant here which employs eight people will be closed.

The Delmar Home Demonstration Club met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Thomas Hearn.

Larry Truitt who has been associated with the American stores Company for a number of years has recently purchased the store operated by H. G. Poore on North second street.

Cozy Cabin Club - 1937 - Delmar

In May of 1937 there was a big rodeo playing in Salisbury.

Up Coming Events

May 19th Sussex County Sheriff sale, Georgetown

May 19, 7 PM Delmar School Board Of Education meeting

May 20, 3 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Georgetown

May 22, 23 book and bake sale Delmar library

May 22 to 24 Seaford Heritage Weekend

May 25 Memorial Day

May 26, 6:30 PM Delmar Utility Meeting

May 26, 7 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting

May 27th, informational meeting on special election of referendum question at 7 pm District Office

May 28, 6 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Georgetown

June 2nd Delmar school District referendum election

June 5, 7 Pm Delmar High School Senior Graduation

June 6th Sat. 10am - 6pm at State Street Park - Delmar, DE, Food, crafts, attractions, games, raffles, live entertainment and more! Sponsored by the Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce, Vendor spaces start at $35.00 for 12x12 space. Vendor applications are ready for mailing! Call the Chamber voicemail at 302-846-3336 and leave your information for packet or email

June 20 – 21 Dover Air Force Base Open House

Monday, May 18, 2009

Marble Tournament - 1956

From the May 18th 1956 edition of the Bi-State Weekly


John Hudson of Route 1, Delmar was the winner of the marble tournament last Saturday, sponsored by the Delmar Recreation Council

Runner up in the tournament was Everett Ellis of Route 1 Delmar and third place went to Jimmy Walker who lives on Pine Street in Delmar.

The winner and runner up will represent Delmar at the Wicomico County Championship Marble Tournament to be held in Salisbury Saturday, May 19th, at 10 A.M.

The local tournament was run off the direction of Robert T. Lockerman and C. C. Burley. They were assisted by Clarke Cugler.

The council is appreciative of the number of boys and girls who entered and the interest shown in the tournament.

Day in The Park - It's Coming

Sat. June 6th 10am - 6pm at State Street Park - Delmar, DE

Food, crafts, attractions, games, raffles, live entertainment and more!

Something for everyone!

Sponsored by the Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce

Vendor spaces start at $35.00 for 12x12 space.

Vendor applications are ready for mailing!

Call the Chamber voicemail at 302-846-3336 and leave

your information for packet or email

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Kiwanis Delmar Phone Book

I found the Kiwanis Delmar phone book on my porch yesterday. It is one of the most used phone books in our household, if for no other reason than the print is big enough to read. I understand they put this phone book out every two years. I usually try to make a small contribution to them in their envelope they stick in the phone book.

I have always been a believer that if you are an elected official your phone number should be in a public phone book so your "public" can reach you. I took a couple of minutes to look up our town elected officials in the Kiwanis phone book. Surprising I did not find Mike Houlihan nor Marlena Hodgins listed and unless you know the names of their husband you won't find Mary Lee Pase and Carrie Williams either. You also have to know that Doug Niblett is listed as Paul D.

School Board wise Joanne Gum may be listed under her husband's name but not hers, not sure about Shawn Brittingham as it may just be an initial, and the newly elected members Jason Coco and Greg Cathell were not listed.

Probably all these people made campaign promises of listening to what the people say and want but push come to shove and you see how many list their selves in the phone book for you to call them.

That said let me give them an out and say that it may just be the way the Kiwanis do their phone book. Some years ago I understand they just looked up all the 846 and 896 prefixes in the phone book the "Telephone Company" put out and now we have a great many more prefixes around Delmar. An elected official may just have an odd prefix and not be listed in the Kiwanis' phone book but still be listed in one of the myriad of phone books out there.