Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harbor House Seafood Market In Seaford Delaware

I am one of those people who save all my cash register receipts so I have a good idea how much I spend. A few months back, while doing my taxes, I realised I had paid the State of Maryland over $600 in Sales tax for last year. Altho I live in Delaware most of our shopping is done in Salisbury, thusly the sales tax. For large dollar items I did go to Seaford to buy those items but it is just too convenient to just go to Walmart or Lowes in Salisbury instead of driving to the Walmart or Lowes in Seaford. After tallying up the $600 sales tax I have changed my buying habits this year so I go to Seaford more often.

One of the advantages of going to Seaford is I can stop by Harbor House Seafood Market (I guess I won't be stopping by the Canton Inn anymore). Now I know most of you know about the Harbor House as it is always busy when I go to it. Unlike other Seafood Markets you can always depend on them having a good selection of fresh seafood. One of the items I like to buy, when it is available, is a bag of Crab Claws (Blue Crab). A bag cost $4.00 and holds about 80 to 90 Crab claws (already cooked) and you get enough meat from the bag for about four crab cakes (depends on how you make crab cakes). We like to use the meat in crab omelets for breakfast. If you are just eating the crab meat with a little butter, pickin just the claws make a lot less mess.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

John J. Vattilano, Accused Church Theft

Okay I get tired of posting about the less inventive thefts in Delaware. Let's face it is unimaginative to write a forged check or use your employer's credit card. Like a breath of fresh air along comes John J. Vattilano. Mr. Vattilano is accused of stealing from a church but not in the usual white collar fashion. He simply posed as a carnival volunteer and walked into the ticket booth at St. John the Beloved Annual Carnival and slipped away with over $1,300 after convincing another volunteer that he was there to take the money to the church. His downfall was he tried it a couple of days later at St. Anthony's Annual Italian Festival and was caught. By all means read the comments posted to the above referenced News Journal article. If you believe them our man John has been at this a long time. There is an earlier article on him also in the News Journal

I thought this comment was interesting;

He literally did steal from kids. You know all that money the catholic church raises goes to pay off little timmy after he sues them for Father McFeely plays with their no no parts.

Delaware Law Enforcement for Special Olympics

Delaware Law Enforcement for Special Olympics started their annual torch relay run this morning in Delmar. Each year the Delmar Police participates in this run. Police officers from across the state carry the Special Olympics ‘Flame of Hope’ to create awareness and generate excitement about the upcoming Special Olympics Summer Games. Delmar Police had seven runners in this year torch run to run a mile a piece to Laurel where the Laurel Police will be handed the torch. There were no Delmar Delaware elected officials there to see them off but Maryland Commissioner Carl Anderton joined the Delmar cheering team to see the start of the run.

So at 6:15 this morning everyone was rubbing eye sand out of their eyes and doing stretching exercises getting ready for the run. Delmar PFC Esham is getting ready.

The lighting of the 'Flame of Hope’ torch. Notice Lt. Remo has the "clipboard". A friend of ours, Tim Dorman, would always go for the "Clipboard" position whenever he volunteered for an event. Tim says the clipboard position is the best one to have in a volunteer events. Lt Remo had his son run with the police.

Delmar Police Chief Harold Saylor accepts the torch.

A Group shot of the first runners
The Delmar Police Department runners were; Chief Harold E. Saylor, Robert J. Remo III, Sgt Wade Alexander, Pfc. Tom Esham, Pfc. Keith Heacook, Pfc. Justin Smithhart, Pfc, Nate Benson, Pfc, Travis Dallam, Pfc, Kevin McCahill.

and the Support Drivers: Lt. Robert J. Remo Jr, PCO Ed. Ferro, Pfc Richard Lueders

and they are off and running with Chief Saylor carrying the torch

Heading for Wilmington, the relay runners will stop in Odessa today and start again tomorrow. I understand members of the Good Sam RV Club supply their RV to ride along with the runners, carrying water and supplies.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Auction Site Locator

My neighbor was telling me about this web site for auctions, it is called Auction Zip. You can put in your zip code and a range in miles as to how far you want to travel. It seems to list most of the weekly, estate, home, and storage units auctions plus a few flea markets. It seems handy if you are into auctions.

Delmar Public Works at Work

As those of us in Delmar are aware when it rains it tends to flood Pennsylvania Avenue out by the ball field. Well early this morning Public Works was busy with a backhoe cleaning out the ditch by the railroad. Also the railroad had piled some old ties in the ditch and they had to move them. Above you will see Bob Windsor looking with satisfaction at the water draining off the road. Below is at the other end of the backup water and you can see from the damp mark it was out in the road and now with the ditch work has drained off the road.

Good Job Delmar public Works!

The Class of 1949 - Delmar Delaware

From the Bi-State Weekly June 10 1949
The Class of 1949
Kathleen Adams
Nancy Beach
Robert Vaughn Dennis
Marion Foxwell
Jack hancock
Harry Hastings
Elsi Mae Hearn
Addie Mason
Ann Nichols
Henry Outten
Louise Phippin
Joan Rider
Emma Lou Reed
Charlene Smith
Paul Sutliffe
William Walter
Ann White
Evelyn Volk

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tell Me It Isn't So

I have heard the Canton Inn In Seaford was closed because it has been the site of prostitution and lewd sexual conduct over a period of several years. Well kiss a duck's red ass what is next? The Canton Inn Gentleman''s Club is an institution (started in 1994) well known in Western Sussex county. This is part of the two face image that our Governor, One Eyed Jack Markell, projects in Delaware. In one case he wants legalized gambling, but yet the associated prostitution that goes hand in hand with gambling he shuts down. This is from a state government that has been screwing the voters for years. Was the Canton Inn selected because, unlike the Racinos that have been approved in Delaware, it did not pay off the right legislator?

Looking for Just One Good Person

Lost Members of the Class of 1974

Del-Mar Airport Dedication - 1962

Monday, June 08, 2009

Delmar MD Mayor and Commissioners Meeting - June

The Delmar Town Council Meeting for the Maryland side of town was held tonight. All members were present and the meeting was over with by 8:00 PM. As usual there was only one other person beside myself in the "Public" audience who was not on the agenda. My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting.

The new owners of the Delmarva Inn came to the council meeting to introduce themselves.

They are Kenny Soni (I think he owns the Economy Inn and his business is called Performance Unlimited), George Patel ( Owner of Super 8), Upinder Singh (dentist) and the fourth person I could not catch his name.

above Kenny Soni speaking. They are looking at putting $300,000 into upgrades for the motel. They want to connect the motel with a franchise such as; Quality Inn, Motel 6, or America Inns and Suites etc. He said they promise if there is a question on the motel they will have an answer back within four hours. Frankly I am glad they bought it.

The Mayor and commissioners listening. At times Kenny Soni accent was heavy so you can see the intense concentration of their faces.

Other stuff tonight; they passed Ordinance 709 the Police Labor Code.

Commissioner Carrie Williams said they will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the skateboard park. She also said they are looking for Parks and Recs members, so if you want to take part in town contact her.

Mark Thomasson (Professional Construction Services PCS Homes, Executive Vice President of Development) will have a meeting with the Woodcreek residents on June 15 at 6 PM to discuss the new style homes he plan to put in.

Delmar Middle School Graduation

Okay I don't think they technically call it "Graduation" as my program called it "8th Grade Celebration", same thing however. I stopped off and watched a little over an hour of it. The auditorium was overflowing - standing room only. It was a nice event. I was way in the back so photos were next to impossible.

A large number of awards were handed out. I was most impressed that about ten Eighth grade students were in academic challenge and were taking college level courses.

I would give credit and mention some of them but the program did not have a list of people in the class and rather then misspell their names I will pass on it.

Mr. Dan Devine gave a nice address to the Class of 2013. He compared them to the movie "Transformers" and he said how when they first entered sixth grade they were short and had a look that was like a deer caught in headlights, but when they became 8th graders they had transformed themselves into the rulers of Middle School.

Delaware Delinquent Taxes Lists

The State of Delaware lists on line the top 100 delinquent taxpayers, both individual and business. The Business list is interesting as I had expected it to be almost all developers and building contractors but they seem to run the whole gantlet from Ron Jon Catchers Crew Inc to Delmar Homes (Bridgeville). They also have an Individual Delinquent Taxpayer List

Upcoming Events

June 8 10 AM Delmar Middle School Graduation

June 8 7 PM Delmar MD Mayor and Commission Meeting

June 9 3 PM Sussex county Council Meeting Georgetown

June 11 6 PM Sussex county Planning And Zoning Meeting Georgetown

June 14 Flag Day

June 16 3 PM Sussex county Council Meeting Georgetown

June 16 Delmar School Board Special meeting

June 17 3 PM Sussex county Planning And Zoning Meeting Georgetown

June 18 7 PM Delmar Planning and Zoning Meeting

June 20 – 21 Dover Air Force Base Open House

June 20 the Hidden garden of Lewes garden tour from 10am to 5 pm tickets $20.

June 20 – 21 Fee Free Weekend at National Parks, one of three weekends this summer when you do not have to pay an entrance fee to a National Park. In this area Assateague Island National Seashore Park is free entrance. Go to National Parks to find more.

June 21 Father’s Day

June 22 6:30 PM Delmar Utility Meeting
June 22 7 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting

June 23 3 PM Sussex county Council Meeting Georgetown

June 25 6 PM Sussex county Planning And Zoning Meeting Georgetown

June 30 3 PM Sussex county Council Meeting Georgetown

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Delmar Diner Review

Over at "What A Smell", Uncle Paul gave the Delmar Diner a favorable review. I wonder if he had our favorite waitress, Murf. I trust he did not tip more than 5%. I don't want him spoiling them and have them expecting more than that from me.

And over at "Up A Creek in Slower Delaware", Fluffy, ate at Tapatia's in Seaford, and enjoyed it.

Howard stayed home waiting for his social security check to arrive - maybe next week.