Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Woodland Ferry Festival

The Woodland Ferry was only hauling people (mostly old people with small dogs) and a couple ATV's today. It was a very smooth ride. When it works the new ferry is great.

The duck ride - cute as corn - anyone who has been to one Woodland Ferry Association Festival knows what it will be like and this one was no different. This weekend there may be about 15 festivals or more in a hundred mile range

James Diehl Book Signing to promote his new book, “Remembering Sussex County: From Zwaanendael to King Chicken.”

Vendors - crafts, stuff and food, bounce house, some musical entertainment. As many old people with walking canes dragging small dogs around what they need is a decorative sporty cane booth and a doggie wear booth.

in spite of cloudy conditions quite a few people turned out for it

The Oddfellows make a good Crab Cake Sandwich

other Food vendors from hot dogs to hamburgers to crab cakes'

Raising Prices

It comes as no big news to anyone who shops that prices continue to increase. One area that I encounter periodically thru the year is lawn fertilizer. For a number of years I used Scotts fertilizer because it gave me good results. But as all farmers know fertilizer is one on those items that the price keep going up. Five years ago I paid between $8 to $12 a bag (5,000 sq ft) for Scotts Turf Builder and would put down a bag four time a year. Well as the price increased I cut back on buying fertilizer, today Scotts Turf Builder costs between $16 to $20 a bag and I only spread it twice a year.

Certainly the price of oil is a factor in the price of fertilizer but just as much of a factor is our government printing money with nothing to back it. What you could buy for ten dollars five years ago now cost fifteen and the biggest factor is the printing of bad money. Remembers Gresham's law from school days? "bad money drives good money out of circulation". So everyone collects and hold on to silver dollars and the worthless paper money we have we pass off as quickly as we get it. The good money/bad money ideal was the only thing that justified spending for real estate and commodities. So as you listen to government workers having their pay cut remember they like everyone else are also being paid in money that has less buying power resulting in a double cut. Obama doesn't know shit about economics, his honeymoon period is over with as far as I am concerned.

Friday, September 11, 2009

You Lie

The big talk seems to be about South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson shouting "You lie" after Obama said extending health care to all Americans would not mean insuring illegal immigrants. Our very own Vice President Joe Biden said the incident made him "embarrassed for the chamber and a Congress I love." Well right there I would be in favor of Joe Wilson. Nevertheless I think Joe Wilson should have waited until question and Lie - I mean question and answer time before he yelled "You Lie". To yell during the speech was simply rude - even a blogger would not have yelled it. It reminds me of the recent Delmar Maryland meeting in which some people in the audience kept interjecting their comments even tho they did not have the floor and another person did have the floor.

Now Vice President Joe Biden has been invited to the Delmar Sesquicentennial. He sent a nice letter which was read at the last Joint Council meeting in which he did not say he would or wouldn't be here for it. Maybe this will be my chance to yell "You Lie" if he shows up. Hopefully he will not be here as he has ruined "Return Days" with all the security put out for him.

Two Chicks Fall Barn Sale

Miss/Little Miss Delmar Fire Prevention and Miss/Little Miss Sesquicentennial

Forms can be picked up at Town Hall or print these
Must be in by September 13th to Jolene Cross Morris, 8759 Waller Road, Delmar DE 19940

Delmar Fire Department Sportsman Giveaway

Delmar Sesquicentennial Souvenirs

Buy em at Town Hall

Relay For Life Dinner on Sunday

Delmar Citizen Of The Year - 2009

Mrs Sophie Wells - 1943

From the Bi-State Weekly September 24, 1943

Woman 100 Years Old Recalls Seeing President Lincoln

One of the dwindling few Americans who saw Abraham Lincoln during his political campaigns, and remembers quite well, despite her age, how the great Emancipator looked, was surrounded by representatives of five generations at an open house Wednesday, in celebration of her 100th birthday.

Mrs. Sophie Wells, the oldest resident of this section, remembers seeing Lincoln and recalls some of the stormy events of Civil War times, but the memory of such political events fail to stir any desire on her part to make use of the ballot granted her in her later years. – She has never voted.

Mrs. Wells was born near Gumboro, a daughter of the late Perry and Sophie Lewis. She has spent her entire life in Sussex County. When she was 14 years old, she married Stockley Wells of Gumboro, who died 14 years ago.

Despite her age, Mrs. Wells helps with the housework, and is proud of the fact that she can thread a needle without the aid of glasses, and still does the patching and darning for the family. She lives with her daughter, Mrs. Louise Horseman, and her two sons, Lonny and William Wells. Incredible as it seems, her hair is gray only across the front, the rest being only slightly gray with the natural dark making her seem much younger than her 100 years. She is active and is very interested in airplanes getting a thrill each time planes fly low over her home. She has been on a train just once , and that was trip to Ocean City a number of years ago.

Mrs. Wells recalls that at the time of her wedding the groom’s father grew sugar-cane and had 117 gallons of molasses. He gave his son and daughter-in-law, 17 gallons as a wedding gift.

Of the ten children born to this union, only three are living today. They are; Mrs. Louise Horseman, Lonny and William Wells. There are six grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and one great-great grand child.

Mr. Thomas Lewis of Philadelphia, a brother, celebrated his 98th birthday on September 18, 1943.

Members of St. George ‘s church of which Mrs. Wells is a member called at her home on Sunday and presented her with a purse of thirty-six dollars. A purse of thirty-six dollars was given to her at the open house held from 10 A. M. to 10 P.M. on Wednesday. The money in change of different denominations, just as it was collected, was dumped into Mrs. Wells lap by L. W. Palmer, Ralph Messick and Louis Smith, who took the contribution to her. Mrs. Wells was also presented with two birthday cakes, one of huge size, on which was placed 100 candles – a candle for each birthday.

Delmar Chorus Boosters Fundraiser

Saturday between 11 AM and 2 PM at Hardee's of Delmar, Delmar Middle and High School Chorus will receive a portion of all sales receipts during this time. Support the Chorus

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Run Run Run

There is an election in Delmar Maryland on September 22nd, to elect a Mayor and two Commissioners. Anyone thinking about running for an office will have to file at town hall by Monday September 14th. I would think the next step after that is to register to vote for the election by Tuesday September 15th. It is surprising how many people who run for office in Delmar that; A) have never register to vote in town - it requires a separate registration from county or state, B) have never been to a council meeting.

I would encourage people to become politically involved. Just privately disagreeing with the way things are going is insufficient. Besides Delmar is a small town it is time to step up to the plate and take your turn at holding office. You have a moral duty to do what you can within the scope of your capabilities and opportunities to effect positive change.

Once registered to run for office try to get your neighbors to register to vote by Tuesday. You certainly will want a block of voters behind you and your neighborhood is a good starting point. One of the key item to being elected is name recognition, the candidate with the greatest name recognition will probably win as most voters will pay little attention to your campaign until election day and than base their decision on if they have heard of you. So dedicate yourself to getting your name out there. Attend public meetings and announce you are running, tell them in church, tell them in the Sports Nut Bar. Put a few posters or campaign signs up. Do door knocking - a hint the town will supply you with a list of registered voters - use it - don't bother knocking on the doors of the unregistered residences - they can't vote and they will merely waste your time talking to you. Use the strategy of the last elected school board members and get people to apply for an absentee ballot. It has the advantage of your opponent not knowing how well you are doing until the day the absentee ballots are counted.

Memorial Bricks

I was reading in the 'Laurel Star' an article about DelDot giving out free memorial bricks. At the memorial garden in the Smyrna reststop are memorial bricks for people who have died on Delaware highways and roads. DelDOT will provide free a memorial brick for anyone who has died on a Delaware roadway. One brick per deceased. Call 800-652-5600 or go here for more the order form. Additional information is here


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Special Maryland Mayor and Commissioners meeting

The Mayor and Commissioners of Delmar Maryland held a special meeting tonight. Commissioner Carrie Williams was absent. The items discussed were;

The swearing in of three Maryland Election Supervisors for the Town of Delmar Maryland election on September 22nd.

A resolution for the adoption of the 2009 Delmar Maryland Comprehensive Plan Draft was passed. The Plan was mandated by Maryland and is due to be complete in October.

A public hearing was held for Ordinance 711 which gives the Mayor and Commission authority to borrow money to purchase the Bank of Delmarva property. Originally it was to borrow up to $500,000, amortised over 30 years but with a term of 10 years at 5% from the Bank of Delmarva. After discussing it the commissioners decided to take $375,000 from their reserve and pay for the building and in turn amend the Ordinance to borrow up to $125,000 at the discussed terms. Delmar, Delaware will be liable for 40% of the total spent in purchasing and renovating the building.

There were about five "public" in the audience and comments ranged from;
Pass a use only local labor resolution to renovate the building
Take the money from the cash reserve instead of borrowing
5% interest sounds to high
A building that old isn't worth that amount of money
Not aware Delmar Delaware had had a hearing on buying the building
Too the bank of Delmarva that building is a white elephant
No study has been done on the need for the building and this has been under works for a year
Question the need for a building this size
Hope the police department can use the current town hall once the town hall people move

Salaries in Casinos

One of the big promises a developer makes for a casino is jobs. Well it seems a large number of the jobs in Casinos are part time jobs. I attempted to find out what the pay is for Casino workers and found it to vary greatly with the source you look at. Dealers in casino are paid a low hourly rate (between $4 to $5 and hour) but they receive tips so it can jacks the pay up to about $15 to $20 an hour. In looking at the few websites that mentioned pay we have Parking Attendant $7.74 an hour and Surveillance operator $12.50 per hour. The problem is most of the ads had a requirement of; Gaming Industry Experience required or Gaming Industry Experience preferred.

The Baltimore Sun had an article on pay and they sounded about as confused as I am on the subject.

Two bits from the article;

The study by Ball State University examined West Virginia's so-called racinos - horse or dog racing facilities with casino games - during a 26-year period and found that counties with such gambling operations saw a one-time employment gain of 1.1 percent, while the average salary in the area fell by as much as 2.9 percent because of the prevalence of low-paying jobs

The study, appearing in the latest issue of The Journal of Economics, found that the average salary of racino employees is less than $14,000 a year.

Try paying your mortgage on that annual pay.

LeCates Building Improvements

Now don't laugh. Someone was downtown this morning putting up brown painted plywood over the windows on the LeCates Building. I don't know if this is to improve it or as a safety precaution that someone doesn't get hurt by broken glass, drunks, wild creatures or whatever else may be in the building.

Smartboards in Worcester County Schools

I was watching the TV news last night and this morning and they talked about Worcester County Maryland buying Smartboards, at $8,000 a piece, for their schools. Now Worcester County, the same as the rest of the countys and school boards, is complaining about the lack of money. I know this money came from an economic stimulus package and it was a take it or lose it type thing BUT someone has to start speaking up about crap like this. It reminds me of an unemployed person person who had a good paying job and now they are strapped with a big house, swimming pool, SUV's, and a time share somewhere and can't afford food for their table because of all the upkeep and a credit card companies ups their credit limit to put them a little further into debt.

Back when computers started to enter the class rooms computer company would give or sell at a greatly reduced cost their computers to the school system, as long as the school purchased a maintenance contract for each one. The Computer companies got a tax write off for the computers and stuck it to the school systems for the maintenance contracts. I wonder how much the maintenance contract or added warranty cost on a Smartboard.

$8,000 for a Smartboard versus about $500 for a blackboard and a box of chalk. Tell me the more education these people have the dumber they are. No the dumb asses are the taxpayers of Worcester County for putting up with shit like this.

Maryland Town Hall Meeting Tonight

There is a town hall meeting tonight at 7 PM for the borrowing of money for the purchase of the Bank of Delmarva building, land and generator. The price for the purchase is $375,000. The town will take out a $500,000 loan to pay for the building and future improvements. I believe the loan is to be from the Bank of Delmarva. Part of the terms is the Bank of Delmarva can continue to have a drive thru service there at no additional cost to them. Supposedly the price of $375,000 was a reduced price to allow for their Drive Thru operation. I have not heard for how long this will be allowed. Interestingly this will remove the building and land from the tax base, but will the Bank of Delmarva be allowed to stay there tax free or will they be charged some form of tax? Also will they pay for utilities?

I think the purpose of the buying the building is first, to have a new town hall. Second, to ensure there is not another empty building down town, Third, to provide additional parking for the downtown just in case Chris Mills actually does build a restaurant in the Lecates Building. The meeting tonight however is not about buying the building as that was approved at last month's meeting. Tonight they merely decide if they want to take out a loan.

Anyway it is a done deal as they expect to sign the papers to buy it on Thursday. Regardless what you may say at the meeting tonight it is not going to change their mind.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Election Strategy of Low Turnout

Over at Der Spiegel Online they have an article about German Chancellor Angela Merkel campaign strategy of running an uninteresting campaign in order to keep voter turnout low. Now you would think you would want a big turnout of voters in any election but one campaign strategy is to run a campaign that is so dull and uninteresting that voter turnout will be low - sort of like those dull Canadian elections. The election theory is; there are your supporters and your opponent supporters and a large group of undecided voters. You want to keep the undecided voters from turning out by making the election seem dull, and you hope your supporters, who will turnout to vote for you, outnumber your opponent supporters. As is pointed out in the article you can also make the campaign so obnoxious and mean that people will be turned off by it and not come out to vote. Either way the keypoint is always to have a solid block of voters who will vote for you.

Two Chicks Fall Barn Sale

Friday September 18th and Saturday September 19th from 9 AM to 5 PM the Two Chicks will have their Fall Barn sale. Aways an interesting collection of "stuff." Stop by and check it out. The Two Chicks have their own blog so take a look at it, Photos and interesting stories. The barn is out on Columbia Road (Delmar - Sharptown Road) so head west on Rt54 for about 8 miles and you will see the big sign out advertising it.

Monday, September 07, 2009

A few Thoughts on Government Actions

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

There are three items that I think reflects on the general decline of ethics in our local government and our community and I would like to comment on them.

First is the Wicomico County Civic Center. The Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center is a memorial to the men and women who served in the armed forces of the United States and especially those who gave their lives for our freedoms. The land for the civic center was a gift from the late S. Franklyn Woodcock and his wife, Elizabeth, intended to honor Woodcock's mother, Carrie Smith. It has a gift restriction on it that alcohol will not be served nor sold there. Wicomico County is flirting with ignoring that stipulation by having some of their hired whores give a legal opinion that they do not have to abide by the stipulation or that they can buy property elsewhere and transfer the restriction to that property leaving the civic center open to selling alcohol. I think they are projecting that this would add $300,000 to the revenue flow. I do not know if this is clear profit or gross sales but it is immaterial. The County accepted the land from the Woodcock family and should show they have some integrity and stand by the agreement. I know the eyes of government officials shine like a whore’s eyes on payday at any source of added revenue that won’t make them cut back on employees or reduce their empire, and integrity is not in a whore’s vocabulary but do the right thing Wicomico County and leave the property as it is – without alcohol sales.

Second, concerning Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt, Pollitt has come out a number of times against the Revenue cap. Now Rick Pollitt, as an individual, is entitled to his opinion, but Rick Pollitt, the elected official of Wicomico County, only has one opinion and that is the way the voters of Wicomico County voted. He should never, nor any other Wicomico County Employee or elected official, speak out against a voted mandated position, without saying before hand this is my personal opinion and not that of my office. The Revenue cap was put in place because the Wicomico County Employees were hogs, feeding off the taxpayer. The Revenue cap should remain in place forever. As a retired Wicomico County Employee let me say it in simple words that perhaps he can understand “SHUT THE FUCK UP RICK POLLITT.”

The third item I would like to comment on is the Letter to The Editor from Marlena Hodgins who is a member of the Delmar, Md., Town Commissioners. It would have been nicer if a Delmar Delaware Councilman had came out against it but I guess that is not going to happen. To sum it up; she is against a casino coming to Delmar. Now those who read this blog knows that I am against the casino also.

When I selected Delmar to be my home town I did so because it was not like the towns at the beach. Had I wanted an unlimited numbers of bars and liquors stores I would have moved there. Delmar was a quiet town that was starting to decay but still had an acceptable level of decency about it. Over the years in small steps I have watched another bar be established, additional lottery outlets, additional liquor stores - all legal businesses. Then one day I read about someone injured by a drunk driver that had been drinking in town, another day I walk by the park and see drunks sitting in it drinking out of paper bags and pissing in public. The day after that you notice more drug dealers and street walkers - yes Delmar has it's share of them. Maybe your daughter or son tells you there is no different between drugs and your daily afternoon alcoholic drink you have and you begin to ask how did all of this happen and how did it get to a point where drugs are being accepted as a given? None of it happened overnight. In small steps a number of what are considered vices begin to be allowed in town. No one did anything about them because they were legal and they were all small things. I view the proposed casino in the same light as the steps that have been occurring in this town.

Now to write about a possible business that will bring JOBS in to this area may make me look like being a heretic, particularly on Labor Day, but I don’t want a casino in Delmar. It is not an image I see for this town. Delmar has been very youth orientated and too have a casino less than a half mile from our high school does not seem to be in our community’s best interest.

Those who support the casino seem to give one major reason – MONEY. Money in the form of kickbacks to support local organizations or money in the form of jobs. So why don’t those people and organizations simply become drug dealers, Delmar can always use a few more and I am told there is big money in it. I am in favor of jobs but honest jobs that do not rely on feeding off the vices of individuals. Jobs that make you proud to say you work for such and such a company.

Now, I feel the casino is but one more cornerstone in bringing additional decay to this town. The person who wants to build it couldn’t build what he originally promised the town so now he is trying for a different shot at making money. 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me', have the town officials never heard this. To often, it seems, good cannot survive on Delmarva, it is overmatched by evil. The evil that surrounds us. The evil of unresponsive government. Is the mayor, some members of the town council and the members of fire department evil people? Well I will let you be the judge of that. They have however decided whose bed they want to lie in.

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, a public hearing will be held for the purpose of discovering citizens' views on this issue. The meeting will be held at the Delmar Fire Hall at 7 p.m. Please come out and express your opinion. After all; "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

So let me leave you with a famous story that illustrates this money point well: the playwright George Bernard Shaw was overheard at a party to have said that anyone could be bought for a price. When a woman at the party disagreed, he asked her if she’d sleep with him for a million pounds. She replied that for a million pounds she very well might. But when he asked if she’d do it for ten shillings, she replied indignantly, “Certainly not! What do you think I am?” “We’ve already established what you are,” Shaw is reputed to have said. “Now we’re only haggling over price.”

So what is your price Delmar?

Happy Birthday Mollie

Mollie, my sister-in-law, has had one more click on the odometer of life today. Happy Birthday Mollie!!!

Happy Labor Day

PFC John E. Adams, Jr - 1944

Picked up from This Day in Delaware History;

September 7, 1944 Pfc John E. Adams, Jr. of Laurel, a POW captured at Bataan and being transported to Japan on a freighter, died as the ship was torpedoed.

Today's facts were compiled by historian Roger Martin and brought to you by the Delaware Public Archives.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Economy Quote

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will serve four more years, or until the United States becomes a colony of China."

David Letterman