Saturday, October 03, 2009

Press Release Delmar Police Department


Incident: Attempted Armed Robbery / Assault 1st

Location: 512 N. Bi-State Blvd., Delmar, DE

Date: October 2, 2009

Suspect/Arrested: James Webb, B/M, 19 Y.O.A., Salisbury, MD

On October 2, 2009 at 8:40 AM officers of the Delmar Police Department responded to Eastern Shore Systems LLC in reference to a Robbery involving a stabbing. The investigation revealed that a black male displaying a large knife had entered the business and demanded money from the victim. A struggle subsequently ensued between the victim and the suspect. As a result the victim received numerous lacerations. The victim advised the suspect fled the location on foot. Delmar EMS responded and transported the victim to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Subsequent investigation by the Delmar Police Department resulted in the apprehension and arrest of James Webb. James Webb is currently being held at the Wicomico County Detention Center.
Charges: James Webb
Robbery 1st Degree
Assault 1st Degree
Possession of Deadly Weapon during the Commission of a Felony
Wearing a Disguise during a Felony
Tamper with Physical Evidence (3 Counts)
Assault 2nd Degree

The Corn Festival at Wright's Market

Double Mills Grist mill - this is the reason for the Corn Festival.

I stopped by Wright's Market at the corner of RT50 and Old Railroad Road for a few minutes at the Corn festival - really a good turn out there. Lots of kids games, craft vendors, Silly Willy, etcetera, etcetera. Great day for it.

Andy Nunez was there selling his books

Ed and Lois Evans were there, remember when they use to put on their fall harvest event out at Pepper Box?

Stage Coach rides



Sportsmans Liquidation and Dollar Store & More

I stopped by the new Sportsmans Liquidation at Delmar Plaza next to Food Lion. It is a sports good store mostly soft goods and if you like Camouflage designed items this is the place for you. They had said at the Planning and Zoning meeting they would not be selling guns but I see they have black powder rifles. They had a good business going when I was there - lots of people buying.

I finally got to the Dollar Store on BiState Blvd. Everything is not a dollar but most things are priced low. For a small store they have a lot of variety type items packed into it. The draw back is it in Maryland so you pay sales tax. Lots of party goods. Check it out.


Thomas Wagner, Jr's Office of Auditor of Accounts (AOA) recently completed an audit of the State of Delaware Board of Parole (BOP). Wagner continues the practice of using titles instead of names in his audit report, which is a wimp approach, as individuals are responsible for their actions; not titles. It does however saves his job. Compare that wimp approach to Pigtown John Watch Blog which is giving out license plate numbers, descriptions and names in order to clean up their community. Just goes to show as a Delaware state employee you are protected in a Delaware audit from anyone knowing your name when you screw up.

The Delaware Board of Parole is made of a full time chairman and four part-time members plus a state employee staff (a number I was not able to find out). They have the authority to grant parole to eligible adult prison offenders whose crimes were committed prior to June 30, 1990.

His audit found;
1)Employees took the State vehicle home after business hours.
2)Employees who used personal vehicles for work purposes were paid above
the State maximum rate for personal vehicle usage.
3)Employees charge $11,440 on the SuperCard including $6,189 for
education, and $744 for a holiday party. Receipts could not be located for
$2,941 in spending.
4)Lack of financial transactions and personnel attendance oversight.
5)One employee paid for classes in advance on the SuperCard and exceeded
the reimbursement policy by $5,189.
6)Management Analyst II’s computer contained personal work, schoolwork,
and an image that some may consider offensive.
7)Agency circumvented State accounting transaction approval policies by
creating transactions under $2,500 to encumber funds for tuition.

In general it would appear it is a very loose organization and has no doubt always been so. The paid board is mainly ex-law enforcement types that no doubt have retired from other state jobs and now are doing some double dipping. James F. Jestice is the representative from Sussex County and he lives in Laurel.

For a look at some of their check issued by the State of Delaware for the Parole board go here.

The Collyer Brothers

Born today in 1885 was Langley Collyer, brother of Homer Collyer. The Collyer Brothers are famous for the amount of junk they accumulated in their home at 2078 5th Avenue at 128th Street in Harlem, New York and their reclusive behavior. Langley died in 1947 in one of his bobby traps he had set to discourage people from breaking in to the house. Homer, who was blind and in a wheelchair died because no one was alive to take care of him. They were prime examples of compulsive hoarding associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as disposophobia or 'Collyer brothers syndrome,' a fear of throwing anything away. Some of the things most commonly saved include newspapers, magazines, lists, pens, pencils, empty boxes, pamphlets, old greeting cards, junk mail, old appliances, outdated books and even assorted labels, string, rubber bands, plastic containers, bottles, and bottle caps. Does it sound familiar? The Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, Inc has a good article on them. The stuff they accumulated in the house is unbelievable from a Model T car to newspapers. As I look around our house I think we are but one step away from being the new version of the Collyer Brothers, if I just had a Model T in the living room.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pigtown John Watch

Sex sells so it is no wonder the blog Pigtown John Watch is popular. Popular but didn't make the Mobbies. It is a Baltimore Blog that reports on the prostitutes and their johns in the Pigtown area of Baltimore (southwest Baltimore). Pigtown supposedly got it's name from the pigs being dragged thru the street on their way to the slaughter house. Pigtown today, well, is still known for pigs. Posting by DAC72 and Sebastian. Is this a future Delmar may have in for it?

The Sussex County Cousins Program

I spent a few hours at the Laurel library today for the Sussex County Cousins program. About thirty people attended, loaded with their family trees, to compare them to other family trees in hope of finding those links that would expand their knowledge of their family.

Wendy Roberts, Director of The Laurel library gave a little introduction


Norma Jean Fowler, from the Laurel library and President of the Laurel Historical Society, spoke


Lloyd Whitehead, of the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, reminding people about the upcoming LDGS program of John Lyons who will speak on the land records and boundaries of Old Somerset county to be held at Nabb Center, October 28th

Carolyn Miller, From the Sussex County Genealogy Society, spoke.

Finally we were able to stop listening and do some research

Later in the afternoon Doug Breen gave a brief talk on his and Chuck Swift field research on tombstones and graveyards around Laurel. They have recently published the a book called "Odd Fellows Cemetery Laurel Delaware", in which they list the names and data on the residents of that cemetery.

Some researchers
An enjoyable event and FREE, next to 'all you can eat' it is a word I like to hear.

The Road View When Living in Sussex County

Auction Food

Mason Dixon Auction Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - right now as I write this.


From the Bi-State Weekly October 1 1954

The big conversation subject throughout the Eastern Shore is the problem of integrating white and colored students in the public schools.

The uprising of parents in the special Milford school district was the beginning of what appears to be a spreading uprising. This week, the news has been speculating how far, when, etc., the situation will be ended. The end doesn’t appear in sight.

While the rest of the Sussex County area watches to see the solution, the Delmar School Board is quietly studying it’s own problems.

As many already know, the State Board Of Education asked each school board to submit a plan on how it proposes to integrate the white and colored students. In order to know the situation from both sides, the Delmar school board called a meeting of the Owens Corner Board and the Delmar Board (both colored) to meet with them to discuss the situation. The meeting was held Wednesday evening.

While no representative attended from the Delmar Colored School, two from Owens Corner did attend. The outcome of the meeting was that the colored favored separate schools although they would like to have improvements.

A spokesman for the local school board, said after the meeting that would be the jist of the boards report to Dover on the integration problem.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Evolution Craft Brewing Company Comment

Over at the Baltimore Beer Guy, a Baltimore Blog, they did a favorable write-up on Evolution Craft Brewing Company, located in Delmar Delaware.

Faith M. Brewington, Jody C. Patilla, Fred C. Burnette III - 1974

From the State Register October 3, 1974 Click to enlarge
Faith Madeline Brewington is the Daughter of Mr and Mrs Ford Brewington, Jr

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Mobbies

The Baltimore Sun is having a contest for best blogs in Maryland called The Mobbies (Maryland Outstanding blogs) No I am not in it, but Monoblogue out of Wicomico County is in the running. I went ahead and voted for him and reviewed some of the other blogs. Some are good, some you wonder how they got nominated for the Mobbies. I have not looked at all of them but one I found interesting was Baltimore Slumlord Watch. It seems to be a blog showing run down, boarded-up buildings - looks like something I could copy for Delmar.

The Miss Delaware Blog

I was not aware Miss Delaware, currently Heather Lehman, had a blog but when she did a post on her visit to Delmar I found it. She keeps very very busy as Miss Delaware. It is an interesting blog as she tells about her adventures in Delaware attending festivals, dinners, etc. The blog goes back to of 2008 when Miss Delaware 2008, Galen Giaccone, talks about her schedules and events.

Civilian Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918 Delmar Sussex Co., DE

On May 18, 1917, the Selective Service Act was passed authorizing the President to increase temporarily the military establishment of the United States. Simply called Draft Registration, during World War I there were three registrations. The first, on June 5, 1917, was for all men between the ages of 21 and 31. The second, on June 5, 1918, registered those who attained age 21 after June 5, 1917. (A supplemental registration was held on August 24, 1918, for those becoming 21 years old after June 5, 1918. This was included in the second registration.) The third registration was held on September 12, 1918, for men age 18 through 45. Approximately 24 million men registered for the draft in the United States during this period. The resulting registration cards can be a good source of genealogical information. The information included on each registration differs somewhat, but generally includes full name, date and place of birth, race, citizenship, occupation, personal description, and signature.

Some notable people of the period completed draft cards and the federal archives show them here. Al Capone filled out one and listed his occupancy as a paper cutter. The registration cards scanned well and you can see examples of what they looked like.

Be aware that these are records of people who registered for the draft. Everyone who registered did not actually serve in the military during World War One.

The Delaware UDGenReg website has under their transcribed records section; the registration of men in Sussex County for World War I. I have gone thru and pulled from those records the men who gave their birth location as Delmar. Only about half of the men who register gave a birth location. This is just a short version, if you have access to you can find an image of the card with additional information other than what I have shown here. The Delaware material was submitted by Raymond H. Banks. The accuracy I can not attest to.

And the disclaimer from USGENWEB;
USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free
information on the Internet, data may be freely used by
non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all
copied material. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in
any format for profit or for other commercial presentation.

The information given is name, date of birth and race.

Bailey, Leon Albert 9 Nov 1894 W
Beach, Carrol M. 8 Jul 1890 W
Beach, Harry T. 22 Jul 1888 W
Beach, Kendal B. 16 Feb 1893 W
Beach, Marion Samuel 16 Oct 1896 W
Benson, George F. 2 Aug 1894 W
Blades, Marion R. 27 Jan 1892 W
Brayshaw, James Ellis 19 Feb 1897 W
Brittingham, E. Herman 10 Oct 1891 W
Brittingham, Herbert J. 16 Jul 1886 W
Brittingham, Ottis R. 4 Aug 1893 W
Brumbley, Harrie John 6 Oct 1896 W
Burris, Crawford Allen Feb 1896 B
Burton, Lee Roy 8 Apr 1894 W
Burton, Richard Harold 4 Jul 1896 B
Burton, Verl Thomas 25 Nov 1890 W
Calloway, Early Roscoe 27 Sep 1889 W
Calloway, Walter William 31 Aug 1899 W
Carey, Ural Philip 16 Apr 1897 W
Carmine, William F. 13 Jul 1890 W
Clark, John Franklin 21 May 1894 W
Cole, John Clement 5 Jul 1898 W
Collins, Clarence Linwood 18 Oct 1886 W
Collins, Hurston R. 13 Aug 1893 W
Cook, Walter L. 12 Sep 1894 B
Cooper, L. Pratt 14 Oct 1890 W
Cooper, Mark W. 31 May 1892 W
Cordrey, Eddie H. 24 Feb 1897 W
Cordrey, Eddie H. 24 Feb 1897 W
Cordrey, John Kenney 9 Sep 1893 W
Coston, Roland 16 Dec 1889 B
Culver, Paul Clifford 4 May 1897 W
Davis, William Virgil 15 Aug 1889 W
Dickerson, Arthur Curtis 23 Jan 1899 W
Downs, Robert Elligood 9 JUn 1889 W
Ellegood, George Robert 15 Jan 1897 W
Ellegood, Joshua H. 24 Sep 1894 W
Elliott, Clarence H. 20 Feb 1895 W
Elliott, Earl B. 6 Feb 1888 W
Elliott, Glen Frazier 17 Jun 1892 W
Elliott, Harry E. 24 Jan 1896 W
Ellis, Gardner T. 11 Dec 1890 W
Ellis, Harry H. 14 Aug 1888 W
Ellis, Howard James 18 Aug 1896 W
Ellis, Ira C. 3 Aug 1890 W
Ellis, Paul Kinzer 6 Feb 1895 W
Ellis, Samuel J. 6 Feb 1889 W
Fleetwood, Deolia Franklin 3 May 1897 W
German, Ira T. 8 Oct 1889 W
German, Marion Halbert 27 Sep 1892 W
Gordy, Dallas E. 8 Mar 1891 W
Gordy, James 30 Jan 1887 W
Gordy, Olin Benjamin 22 Oct 1896 W
Hall, Roland 25 Jun 1891 W
Hastings, C. Edgar 19 Apr 1895 W
Hastings, Chauncey L. 15 Jan 1893 W
Hastings, Elton W. 17 May 1897 W
Hastings, Glens? T. 16 Dec 1893 W
Hastings, Victor Levin 1 May 1888 W
Hastings, W. Walter 1 May 1888 W
Hearn, Dallas W. 18 Jul 1897 W
Hearn, Isaiah J. 29 Sep 1894 W
Hearn, Vernon E. 25 Jul 1892 B
Henry, John F. 25 Nov 1894 W
James, Carlton W. 14 Nov 1890 W
Jones, Harry R. 30 Apr 189 data not complete
Jones, William H. 14 Jun 1895 W
Jones, Wilmer L. 30 Apr 1887 W
Kenney, George W. 4 Jul 1897 W
Knox, Harry Herbert 22 Mar 1896 W
Lecates, Harper C. 3 Jun 1893 W
Lecates, Joseph R. 25 Jun 1894 W
Lecates, Larry Asbury 24 May 1897 W
Long, George Snead 27 Dec 1892 W
Lowe, Herman D. 4 Feb 1890 W
Lowe, Robert Lee 30 Aug 1896 W
Lowe, Walter M. 31 Jul 1890 W
Maddox, Fred 7 May 1890 W
Mason, Harold 16 May 1892 W
McNelis, Emory F. 2 Jan 1891 W
Messick, Lynwood William 2 Feb 1894 W
Mills, George S. 27 Dec 1888 W
Mills, Walter J. 29 Aug 1891 W
Moore, Charles R. 21 Aug 1888 W
Moore, Irving 15 Oct 1897 B
Morris, Richard T. 7 Jun 1897 W
Niblett, Horace O. 21 May 1893 W
O'Neal, William Harry 3 Aug 1892 W
Owens, Claud P. 25 Nov 1893 W
Parsons, Fred O. 28 Jan 1887 W
Pennewell, Harry Wright 3 Sep 1893 W
Pollitt, Hayward A. 1 May 1890 W
Price, George W. 15 Jan 1896 B
Price, Walter Chris 3 Dec 1891 B
Renninger, John M. 9 Jan 1894 W
Sheridan, John H. 11 Feb 1890 W
Sheridan, Samuel James 18 Sep 1896 W
Sheridan, William F. 20 Aug 1894 W
Sirman, Irland Francis 3 Jun 1893 W
Smith, George Walter 30 Dec 1890 W
Smith, J. Harland 4 Dec 1889
Stoakley, Norman 11 Feb 1897 W
Sturgis, John James 3 Oct 1894 W
Sullivan, Oscar T. 23 Jun 1896 W
Sutliffe, Norman B. 12 Jan 1887 W
Taylor, G.M. Herman (Ternon) 26 Jan 1893 B
Tomlinson, John T. 29 Nov 1891 W
Walker, Ray 2 Nov 1894 B
West, Nathan Gordy 9 Jan 1888 W
White, William Bassett (Bassell) 24 Dec 1896 W
Wilkinson, George F. 22 Aug 1897 W
Williams, Hooper J. 16 Sep 1890 B
Wilson, Elmer Robert 5 Dec 1889 W
Wilson, Linwood 8 Jul 1881 W
Wingate, Isaac Howard 27 Apr 1897 W
Workman, Clarence C. 19 Jan 1890 W

Small Town Living

I stopped by Bi-State Pharmacy this morning to have a prescription refilled. While there Edward Asare asked me about the status of my other prescription (didn't look at a computer, knew it by memory), asked how my oldest daughter was doing - referred to her by her name, and we talked about the trouble he was having getting his landlord to repair the cracked front window. It is those little things that make living in a small town better than living somewhere where you are not known.

Gumboro Mud Bog

As a reminder - as if you needed reminding - the Gumboro Mud bog is scheduled for this Saturday starting at 2:30 PM (Gates open 11 AM). Admission price is $7.00 for adults and children under 10 are free.

Some History Events At the Laurel Library

On Friday October 2nd starting at 10:30 AM will be a Sussex County Cousins Meeting. As we know on Delmarva every other native born person you meet is at least a 32nd cousin once removed so bring your family tree information and see if you share common ancestors with other Sussex County genealogists. In the morning everyone will share notes and finds and in the afternoon you can do individual research in the library or explore local cemeteries. Of course it is FREE. The library says bring a brown bag lunch and stay all day. Does that mean you can eat in the library?

On Tuesday October 6th at 7 PM the Laurel Library will have Michael Morgan give a talk on Patty Cannon. Murder, thievery, Mystery and History all in one talk - can you ask for more? and it is FREE. Not recommended for those under 14.

The Double Mills Corn Festival on Saturday

Double Mills will be holding its first annual Corn Festival at Wright's Market in Mardela on Saturday, Oct. 3. The event promises to be fun for the whole family! There will be several activities for children including a corn maze, bounce house, and many games. There will also be crowning a "Corn Princess" and "Corn Prince." There will be vendors, exhibitors, and demonstrators of all kinds, as well as plenty of good Eastern Shore food! Don't miss this first-of-its-kind event! Admission is FREE

Sussex County Historic Byway Press Release

Western Sussex historic byway public hearings scheduled

Georgetown, Del., Sept. 29, 2009: Western Sussex County residents will have an opportunity in the next few weeks to offer their suggestions on a proposed scenic route that will showcase the area’s history and promote rural tourism.

The Western Sussex Scenic and Historic Byway Advisory Committee will hold three public hearings in October and November to take comments on a proposed route linking cultural sites in the western part of the county. The route designation would extend more than 22 miles in the area of the U.S. 13 corridor, snaking its way on existing back roads from Seaford to Bethel and Laurel.

The hearings will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 21, inside Seaford City Hall, 414 High St., in Seaford; 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 28, inside Laurel Town Hall, 201 Mechanic St., in Laurel; and at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 2, inside Bethel Town Hall, Main Street, in Bethel.

Sussex County is sponsoring the effort, a necessary step for an application to be made to the Delaware Department of Transportation, which must approve the byway designation. That application is expected to be submitted by early 2010. If approved, federal funds would be sough to help draft a corridor management plan, a document that would identify ways to link and draw attention to historical landmarks along the route.

For more information, contact County Historic Preservation Planner Dan Parsons at (302) 856-6138 or visit

Sussex County Press Release

Historic Sussex County house restoration effort wins $5,000 national grant

Georgetown, Del., Sept. 29, 2009: The effort to preserve an 18th century piece of Sussex County’s history has earned a $5,000 boost from a national historical trust.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation this month awarded $5,000 to the Seaford Historical Society, which, in partnership with the Sussex County Land Trust and the Sussex County government, plans to restore the Cannon-Maston House north of Seaford. The 18th century brick farmhouse was built during the earliest colonization of the Chesapeake Bay region and now stands as one of the oldest structures in Sussex County.

County Preservation Planner Dan Parsons said the grant will help pay for a historic structure report, which would examine the house and its construction and then be used to determine the best way to restore it. That study will be performed beginning in October by the University of Delaware’s Center for Historic and Architectural Design, with assistance from the County.

“This is a great start, but it’s the first step in a long process,” Mr. Parsons said. “It’s important that with something of this magnitude and importance that the process is taken slowly to ensure it’s done correctly.”

In announcing the grant, National Trust Northeast Regional Office Director Wendy Nicholas said, “With these start-up dollars, Sussex County, Del., joins the hundreds of other communities across the country actively ensuring that America's architectural and cultural heritage is preserved.”

Built by Thomas Cannon in 1727, and expanded in 1733, the house and property it stands upon are located in what was, at the time, believed to be part of the Maryland colony. At the time of its construction, it was located in an area that was the eastern-most expanse of the Chesapeake colonization. In 1851, the property was sold to Halsey H. Maston, hence the name Cannon-Maston House. Most recently, it was owned by the Litchford family, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

Sussex County government and the Land Trust teamed up to purchase the house and property last year. The Seaford Historical Society maintains it, and eventually plans to use it as an interpretive center for learning.

The Morning Walk

My foot has gotten better and I have resumed my morning walks. A couple of things I noticed yesterday were;

The bank is still moving out

Gordy Park has one raggedy-ass flag flying that should be replaced. Click to enlarge

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sesquicentennial Photos

The Town of Delmar is looking for phototographs of the Sesquicentennial. If you took digital photos of the events and would like to share them with the town please burn a copy to a CD or DVD and drop that copy off to Town Hall. This is of course a donation on your part - no fees will be paid by the town.

The Delmar Joint Council September Meeting

The September Delmar Delaware and Delmar Maryland Joint Council meeting was held last night. The Town Manager was on vacation. Delaware councilmen Woody Payne was late to the meeting and Maryland Deputy Mayor Luther Hitchens was missing. My usual disclaimer is; I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting.

The councils were basking in the results of a successful Sesquicentenntial week so there was no deep discussion of anything last night. Among the items discussed were;

The adoption of the Delmar Maryland Comprehensive Plan.

The Salisbury Wicomico Metropolitan Planning Organization(MPO) Traffic study - one possibility is a stop sign being added to Chestnut street another possibility is the 35 mph sign on Bi-state Blvd being moved back south about a block.

The Maryland State Treasurer is requiring Delmar to establish a Debt management Policy

Public Works is reporting a number of water leaks around town

Mayor Outten gave the results of the Public Hearing for the proposed casino (Say NOcasiNO) 41 people signed in the log, 18 expressed an opinion, 6 in favor of the casino, 10 opposed to the casino, 2 undecided. In a show of hands 58 people signified, 27 in favor of the casino, 25 opposed to the casino 6 undecided. When the five written comments (against the casino) they decided 27 were in favor of the casino and 30 opposed. Since the Delaware council didn't get the vote in favor of the casino they were hoping for they have re-scheduled another public hearing at the fire hall for Wednesday October 21st at 7 PM. This way if they can muster enough people to appear in favor of it they can approve the casino at the October meeting.

The Delmar Utility Commission Meeting for September

The Delmar Utility Commission meeting was held last night. It was a quick meeting - about nine minutes. All members were present. The Town manager was on vacation. She left a report that said the BNR/Enr project was going well. There were two estimates given on replacing the media in the filters at the water plant. The different between them is so great they have been turned over to the engineering firm for evaluation. One company has estimated $43,000 for each of the three filters. The other company has estimated $34,000 for all three filters.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Thomas McGuire Campaign

Over in Delmar Maryland they have an election coming up and those running for mayor are P. Douglas Niblett and Thomas McGuire. There are also two commissioner spots up for grabs and those running are; Carrie Williams, Carl Anderton, Jr and Nicole Schafer. I must say McGuire has gotten a lot of free publicity early on in this campaign, both a write up in the Daily Times and a spot on WBOC. Niblett is, of course, the current and long serving Mayor so he has gotten a lot of indirect publicity as one of the two mayors in the Sesquicentennial events. We will see if this will be an interesting campaign or just another Delmar campaign. I had written about the German election strategy of low voter turnout and it worked for the incumbent German Chancellor Angela Merkel as she won. The Delmar Maryland Election is November 17th.

Delmar Town Meetings Tonight

As a reminder tonight at Delmar town hall there are the following meetings;

6:00 PM Public Works
6:30 PM Utility Meeting
7:00 PM Joint Council Meeting

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Delmar Float - 1975

In September of 1975 Lewes Delaware had a Bicentennial Sussex County Heritage Parade. The parade was made up of 75 units and ten marching bands. The Delmar Bicentennial committee had a float in the parade that took first place in the horse drawn float category. The float was actually drawn by two oxen. Entitled 'agricultural scenes' they somehow managed to work in a replica of the Delmar High Ball signal into the float scene.

Delmar Grain - 1975

What Degree should the Police Publicize Their Activities?

I am sure the Delmar police have difficulty trying to balance the public perception of them when it comes to having their activities publicized - somewhere between being viewed as publicity hounds to being viewed as a secret Gestapo. Communication on what the 15 member police Department we have in Delmar are doing is too their benefit as well as ours. If the public trust and believe the police are doing something than you have a few thousand residents who will help them in crime. Without that trust people are less inclined to help and merely view the town police as people who ride around in air conditioned cars for their entire shift.

At one time you use to see them out of their cars checking doors on businesses at night to see if they were locked or just talking to people who had gathered in a group. I occasionally see them talking to people outside their homes in my area of town and a little more of that would help. Maybe just stop and mention to residents that there had been a breaking and entering in their block and to keep their eyes out for problems.

Back in June I found on there was a sexual assault about a block away from my home and when I stopped by the police department and asked about it I was told they couldn’t talk about it as it was an on going investigation. Well I have a wife and two daughters and I would like to know if this was some repeat offender working the area or just a random chance thing but I certainly didn’t get an answer from the Delmar police department.

There is rarely any Delmar Police Press release. I think back in May was the last one I saw. They do list some of their activities on Crime Reports . com. I had hoped Crime would be a help in understanding what they are doing in Delmar but the website it self is difficult and it is not always current. Doing a 14 day search of Delmar DE/MD crime reports it only goes to September 24th instead of the 27th but below is what I could find;.

ALARM 22 Sep 2009 38600 BLOCK SUSSEX HWY

ASSAULT 17 Sep 2009 S 2ND ST


DISORDER 20 Sep 2009 E GROVE ST - Fight
DISORDER 16 Sep 2009 100 BLOCK MARYLAND AV - Fight
DISORDER 20 Sep 2009 W STATE ST - Fight
DISORDER 19 Sep 2009 300 BLOCK N 8TH ST
DISORDER 23 Sep 2009 400 BLOCK S PENNSYLVANIA AVE - Harassment
DISORDER 18 Sep 2009 800 BLOCK E CHESTNUT ST - Disturbing The Peace


FAMILY OFFENSE 21 Sep 2009 400 BLOCK E EAST ST - Check Welfare
FAMILY OFFENSE 20 Sep 2009 200 BLOCK E EAST ST - Domestic
FAMILY OFFENSE 20 Sep 2009 100 BLOCK LINCOLN AVE - Check Welfare
FAMILY OFFENSE 22 Sep 2009 800 BLOCK E CHESTNUT ST - Domestic Verbal
FAMILY OFFENSE 21 Sep 2009 38600 BLOCK SUSSEX HWY - check welfare

PEDESTRIAN STOP 24 Sep 2009 38600 BLOCK SUSSEX HWY - Suspicious Person
PEDESTRIAN STOP 21 Sep 2009 9000 BLOCK EXECUTIVE CLUB DR - Suspicious Person

THEFT 19 Sep 2009 600 BLOCK E GROVE ST
THEFT 24 Sep 2009 38700 BLOCK SUSSEX HWY - Shoplifting
THEFT 23 Sep 2009 100 BLOCK W PINE ST
THEFT 21 Sep 2009 38600 BLOCK SUSSEX HWY - Counterfeit Money
THEFT 18 Sep 2009 SUSSEX HWY Counterfeit - Money

VEHICLE STOP 18 Sep 2009 200 BLOCK N 10TH ST - Suspicous Vehicle

TRAFFIC 23 Sep 2009 MARYLAND AVE Accident-Property Damage
TRAFFIC 23 Sep 2009 Ocean hi Way Accident-Property Damage
TRAFFIC 21 Sep 2009 Ocean hi way Accident-Property Damage

I think the expenses for the department is split between Delaware, at 40%, and Maryland, at 60%, and in this brief look at crime it comes out to be at about that split.

There is always a police report at the joint council meeting but it is just statistics and the Chief is not there so if you ask a question the Mayors will tell you they don’t know you will have to ask the Chief. The quarterly Police Commission meetings, which the Chief normally attends, rivals in attendances from the ‘public’ for the meeting with that of the public works meeting.

There has to be a better way of informing the public as to what the Delmar Police Department does.