Friday, October 16, 2009

Postal thefts, Suspicion of taking mail, Tampering with mail

I was talking to my neighbor today and she said someone took her mail from her mailbox, opened the mail and scattered it around. She didn't know if any mail was actually stolen, but is of course now concerned with Identity theft, missing money etc. She reported it to the Post Office and they said there had been about 30 or so of these problems reported around town. How come we never hear about this stuff? I would think this would be investigated by the US Postal Inspection Service yet none of them has knocked on my door to ask if I saw anything. Keep an eye out people if you see someone tampering with your neighbor's mailbox call the police and write down their description.

DNREC Press Release

Volunteers collect a “bumper crop” of acorns to restore wildlife habitat More than 2,300 pounds of acorns collected since 2005

At DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Annual Acorn Collection Day, 91 volunteers joined with agency biologists to collect more than 790 pounds of acorns that will be scattered in reforestation areas or transplanted on public and private lands to establish new wildlife habitat. In addition, more than 400 pounds were collected by landowners on their properties and donated to the Division’s reforestation program – the Landowner Incentive Program.

“This was a bumper crop of acorns, and we had a great turnout of volunteers to assist with the collection,” said Lynne Staub, Division of Fish and Wildlife coordinator for the event. “Between collection day volunteers and landowner donations, this year’s collection was a great success with a final count of 1,191 pounds of acorns. The oak trees produced from these acorns will expand wooded areas and provide valuable habitat – food and shelter – for many native wildlife species.”

This year marked the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s 5th annual event with more than 2,300 pounds of acorns collected since the event was introduced in 2005.

This year’s collection day was made possible by volunteer support of people from throughout the state and by assistance from DNREC’s Division of Parks and Recreation – Lums Pond and Trap Pond State Parks – and DelDOT – Smyrna Rest Area – for the collection sites.

Volunteers collected acorns from areas at each site where seedlings would not generally be able to grow, including mowed areas along trail edges, open spaces and roadsides. The acorns will be scattered in reforestation areas to grow on their own, or with the help of program partners, grown into oak seedlings that will be transplanted on both public and private lands throughout the state.

This year, more than 400 pounds of acorns were donated by landowners, including Betty Ann Cooper, who collected 150 pounds on her property in Frederica and donated the acorns to the Division of Fish and Wildlife for the program.

“I don’t like to waste things,” said Cooper. “This is a good way to use acorns so they aren’t wasted or run over by our mower. I do it because we need it – it’s for Delaware!”

For more information on the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Landowner Incentive Program, visit or contact Lynne Staub, (302) 735-3600 or

Virginia Mae Dress Shop - 1946

No COLA for Seniors

We have been hearing yesterday and today there will be no increase (COLA) for social security recipients due to negative inflation. COLA is an annual cost-of-living adjustment which is equal to the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) from the third quarter of one year to the third quarter of the next. Okay, I accepted the fact there may not be a COLA adjustment in my social security check this year, after all there are a number of people who actually still work that did not get a pay raise or lost their jobs. I don’t even care about a $250 one time payment – I would probably waste it on food and drugs anyway. I felt I was just doing my part in cleaning up the mess left by the administrations of the last 50 years. I will not harp on the fact this president is still printing money with nothing to back it which lowers the buying power of the money I put into savings over the last 50 years. I will not go into the bailouts that our lone representative Mike Castle was in favor of that made the rich richer and gave annual bonuses to people that far exceed my life time earnings. But to say there will be no increase due to negative inflation insults what little intelligence I have. Where in the hell do these people shop? This past week I noticed another round of increases in the price of items I buy at Walmart. Gas may be down from last year but that is just one item. My town taxes are up, my county/school taxes are up. Renewal of driver license and tags is up. As usual I have to say you can’t trust government numbers, it is like believing unemployment is under 10%.

Over at Jay Hancock Blog on the Baltimore Sun, he says no to the $250 ‘bonus’, as he refers to it He also says “This is the wealthiest generation of senior citizens in history.” The man needs to come to Delmar and visit me.

The Go-Go Guys - 1975

A summary about the Go-Go Guys from the State Register Oct 16 1975

Over the weekend three male go-go dancers were arrested by Maryland State Police. The dancers were performing at the Blue Max Night Club south of Delmar on October 10th. Mrs. Roxanna Justice, 22, of Seaford reported she was robbed of between $300 and $350 when she went with Mr. James M. Stanzak of Cheverly, Md. to his car to talk for two hours shortly after midnight. Stanzak was arrested near Forestville, Md and charged with grand larceny. Francis G. Harkins of Forestville and Dennis E. Seaman of Suitland, Md were charged with being accessories.

About a month later the trial came up and James Stanzak was found innocent as Judge Robert W. Dallas said he could not find to a "moral certainty" that Stanzak was guilty of stealing the money. Stanzak said they had exchanged addresses, telephone numbers and photographs and he was not sure how the money got into his pocket, but it would be insane for him to steal the money after giving out his name, address and photograph. Judge Dallas said "I've known cases where women who have been scorned can be very vicious."

Delmar Police Press Release

Press Release

Robbery: Wilmington Trust Bank, Delmar, DE

About 2 P.M. today a suspect entered the Wilmington Trust Bank in Delmar, Delaware
And passed a note to the teller demanding money. The suspect fled the area on foot in a Westerly direction with an undetermined amount of money and is described as follows:

White Male, Mid to Late 20’s, Hgt: 5’04” to 5’08” Thin Build 140 to 160 lbs
Pale Complexion

Gray Toboggan

Dark Colored Scarf

Blue Hooded Zippered Sweat Jacket

Olive Green Tee Shirt

Baggy Blue Jeans

Black Tennis Shoes With White Stripe around Edge

Dye Pack was activate a Reddish Pink Color

If anyone has any information or recovers any Dye Stained Money, Contact the Delmar Police At 410-896-3131

The Delmar Maryland Election Race - 2009

On November 17th the registered voters of Delmar Maryland will go the polls to vote for one of two Mayoral candidates; Doug Niblett or Tom McGuire. I submitted to each candidate ten questions and they graciously replied. Their answers are below.

Regarding comments you may wish to post, let me say I will not allow any comment that references any of the candidates' family and and libelous comments posted anonymous or otherwise will not be allowed.

1) Some Background about you
Doug Niblett Reply:
I graduated from Delmar High School and spent four years in the U. S. Air Force. I married Sue Short and we have two sons, two nice daughter-in-laws and five grandchildren. I am a member of the Delmar Lions Club, Delmar VFW, Delmar American Legion and St. Stephens Church.

Tom McGuire Reply: I am 39, will be 40 at end of November. I am semi-retired from being an Insurance Recovery Specialist. I have a wife and two children. I am interested in model trains and I specialize in Lionel ‘O’ scale trains. As an Insurance Recovery Specialist I have deal with over 1,600 people, covering a wide ethic and age range, in stressful situations. From this I have gained experience in dealing with people and have learned how to respectful to them.

2A) For Mayor Niblett, After a number of years serving the Town of Delmar Maryland as Mayor, what do you view as your best accomplishments?
Doug Niblett Reply:
Helping both sides of town work together for the betterment of the citizens of Delmar.

2B) For Tom McGuire, Becoming a member of a city council or school board may seem like a good idea when you are sitting at the breakfast table complaining about roads or class sizes, but the job can turn out to be more than people bargained for. Do you feel you can handle the job and why do you want to be Mayor?
Tom McGuire Reply:
I have the time to donate and I want to give back to the community. Delmar needs a full time Mayor. I have the time to go door-to-door to talk to people and get their opinion. I would consider E-Mail notification as one form of communication with the people of Delmar.

3) What do you see as Delmar Maryland biggest issues over the next two years ( the length of a Mayor’s Term)?
Doug Niblett Reply:
Dealing with the economy. The budget cuts that the state and county make that effects Delmar.

Tom McGuire Reply: Surviving is the word here, surviving without having to tap into the reserve fund.

4) Faced with an empty Saturn Building and several developments either bankrupt or close to it, how do you see growth or just stability occurring? Along the same line how do you see these properties being maintained in appearance?
Doug Niblett Reply:
I see stability occurring slowly and growth even slower. So far Saturn has been keeping their property up and Heron Pond has workers back on their site doing work again.

Tom McGuire Reply: Foreclosures are up, revenue is down. I think looking at the rental license rate would be one way to increase revenue. I also think a stronger code enforcement policy that would be applied uniformly would benefit the town.

5) I think the most often asked questions of our elected officials concern Road Paving, Crime, Mosquito abatement, animal control, and trash pickup do you have any thoughts on them?
Doug Niblett Reply:
Since the majority of our road funds have been cut by the State, I would think that only emergency work will be done this year. Crime – our very dedicated Delmar Police force has a great track record for response and in solving any case that may arise.

Tom McGuire Reply: In regards to street paving I would look at the sewer lines first, repair those lines that need to be repaired than pave the street. Paving a street than digging it up to replace a sewer line is a waste of money. I think the current Mayor is out of touch. Our police force is understaffed for the police to citizen ratio of other towns.

6) The new police station is being held up due to lack of funds, but yet a new Town hall was purchased outright do you have thoughts on this?
Doug Niblett Reply:
The bid for just doing the drawing for the new police station came in way over what had been budgeted, so that is why that was put on hold till more funds became available. The money for the purchase of the building for the new town hall was budgeted for and came through at that price.

Tom McGuire Reply: I see two options; first, would be to re-bid the proposed Delmar Police Station. The bids received were entirely too high. It had been suggested to turn the ‘old’ Town Hall into a police station but the cost renovation would be too high and in three years you would just have to build a new police station elsewhere. I would propose looking at buying the Saturn Building and turning it into a police station and leasing part of it to the fire department as a substation. I think the town should put a requirement on the bid process to use local employers and only use outside people if the bids received are just unreasonable. I do not think adequate thought was given to buying the Bank of Delmarva building. It was the council that thought it was good and they jammed it through.

7) The Delmar Delaware side of town has formed a partnership with Tidewater Utilities to build a new Wastewater treatment plant to service the east side of town. Due to the economy Tidewater wants to tap into the existing wastewater treatment plant instead of build one of their own. This will impact the available capacity of the waste water treatment plant for Delmar Maryland. What is your opinion of this?
Doug Niblett Reply;
Delmar, Md has their approved projects already started and those allocations locked in, so capacity that we have left is all that would be available at this time. I think that as the economy improves Tidewater will be ready with the new plant.

Tom McGuire Reply: Tidewater needs to stick to their original agreement.

8) Delmar has always been proud of it youth. The town is justly proud of the new basketball and skate board park, now with Wicomico County looking at re-districting how would you as Mayor take part in the discussion with the Wicomico County school Board?
Doug Niblett Reply:
Having been around when Wicomico County School Board did their last redistricting, I’m hoping they consider our input more than they did last time. The last time the school board redistricted, the Elementary school was packed to capacity with citizens voicing their concerns. The elected officials have sent a letter voicing their concerns.

Tom McGuire Reply: I would be opposed to any child being removed from the Delmar school district. I do agree with Mayor Niblett comment that if Wicomico County can build additional schools in Salisbury then Wicomico County can build an addition to the Delmar Elementary school. I also do not know if the Board of Education has considered the possible 1,500 people a casino might employ and bring into this area.

9) What is your opinion of a Casino in Delmar Delaware?
Doug Niblett Reply:
I think we may be premature in saying a casino in Delmar. The state of Delaware has not even said they would allow another casino in the state. The only thing, Delmar, De., is considering is a change to the zoning code that would allow a casino in the town limits. If the Delmar, De. Council decides to make that change and includes a community impact ordinance as part of that change, Then?

Tom McGuire Reply: As an elected official I will go with the will of the people. I personally am undecided on the casino question. It will create jobs and gave the town a big boost, but. I do feel Jamie Rostocki, the developer, needs to name the financial people behind this enterprise and in general more information is needed on this project. The number of 1,500 jobs has been spoken of. Casino jobs require a zero criminal background for those positions. I do not know where a casino would find that many people in this area with that kind of a background.

10) Are there any additional comments you might want to make?
Doug Niblett Reply:
I have always been surprised with the citizens of Delmar. They stand by their kids, friends, churches and schools, bur in the last Maryland Town election we had 55 citizens vote out of approx 1,800 residents. Please, come out and vote on November 17th 7 AM to 7 PM at the Town hall Thank You Doug Niblett

Tom McGuire Reply: If you are happy with the status quo in town than vote for Doug Niblett. I challenged the Mayor to a debate he declined. I can’t change the world but I can help the town. I don’t understand why the town did not sponsor a flu clinic. They could have covered half the cost of the inoculation I am pro recycling and I do not see filling up a land fill with recyclable items. There are many vacancy houses in town I would like to encourage teachers to live in town by providing low interest loans or incentives. The town is afraid to try anything new. I would encourage turn-out at public meetings by having town employees put notices on people’s doors notifying them of the meeting. Even small things like the hard chairs in the meeting room at town hall need to be looked at and softer chairs provided.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Planning and Zoning Meeting

The October Planning and Zoning meeting was held tonight. Joy Slabaugh was missing again, all other members were present. Only two people were in the 'public' who did not have business with the commission and they were, myself and Tom Mcguire. There was two items of business tonight. The first was the attempted selling of a common area at Bridgewood Estates. Mr. Ronald Tarlaian (I think he is a member of the home owners association at Bridgewoods) wants to sell a strip of land that is part of the commons or open space area. With the sale of that land it woulds leave 14.3% of the land in Bridgewood devoted to open space or common area. At the time Bridgewood was approved there was a requirement that at least 15% of the land be open space or common areas. The commission discussed it and decided to reject the ideal of approving the sale of the land as they still require at least 15% of land to be open space.

The second item was the approval of a business license for a Poker Parlor. Once again with Delaware Gov. Mark Markell opening the can of worms of gambling in Delaware, Delmar is hit with something they had not thought about or allowed or disallowed in their Planning and Zoning Ordinances. I and many members of the Planning and Zoning Commission had not heard of Charity Poker.

It would appear Delaware allows poker parlours that are venues for non-profit organizations to hold poker games. Usually third parties manage the the parlour and give to the non-profit organization the profits after deducting their management fees. It would appear a Delaware non-profit can support an evening of poker once every 14 days. The people who wants to open the poker parlour in Delmar says they have 20 to 40 non-profit organizations lined up so there can be a poker evening five days a week. They are only allowed to play for six hours. The company, Full House Poker Parlors, will hire the dealers, provide the place, and do the backgrounds checks required. They have a potential lease at State Line Plaza, in the old Laundromat.

C. W. Clayton spoke of the venture. His sister Norma Stewart is the owner of the company. Silcato of State Line Plaza had told him there was nothing forbidding a poker parlour in the town Ordinances. Mr. Clayton said if the town did not want them they would look elsewhere. They would like to open January 9th 2010.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to pass it on to the Joint Council for a decision. The vote was three no, two yes, 1 abstain, 1 absent.

I agreed with the P&Z Commission that they did not have any reason to not approve it as there was nothing in the ordinances not to give a license. Since this is the same as the casino I went on record I was against it.

Woodland Ferry Down Again

I am glad I squeezed in a couple of trips on the Woodland Ferry, "Tina Fallon", before it broke again. This time they say it is down due to a failure with one of the thrusters and the thruster requires a crane to remove it and the crane can't come due to the high winds and rains, so maybe Monday they will look at it. Of course it has to inspected by the Coast Guard before it can go back into operation.

Elbert and his family

I was thumbing thru the Laurel Star today and right there on page 26 this photograph leaped out at me. OMG - it was a photo of that notable Laurel Blogger, Elbert, and his daughter, and his grandson, and his mother and his grand mother- OMG. Run out and buy a copy today - if Elbert has not purchased ALL the copies in the area. He is blessed with being one of five of his family generations still alive. Congratulations Elbert.

The Frank Calio Blog

Frank Calio, a well known person in Sussex County, has started a blog. It is simply called Frank Calio's blog. From what I have seen of it, it is good. He wrote a column in the Star for a while and most of the time I didn't agree with him and I still don't agree with him on a number of things, but at least he is not afraid to voice his opinion. Good Luck on the blog Frank.

A Yard Sale This weekend


Shadow Lane Shadow Hills Development Delmar, Maryland









October Planning and Zoning Meeting

Tonight there is the October meeting of the Planning and Zoning Committee. It is at 7 PM in Town Hall. Looking at the agenda they only have two items on it so we all might be home to look at 'Survivor.' The two items are Ronald Tarlaian- Bridgewood Estates- Selling of Common Area, and Norma Stewart- Full House Poker Parlor, Inc.- Approval of Business License. So, is interest in making Delmar a Gambling Mecca starting?

Of a historical note this October meeting will be the 35th year that Delmar has had a joint (Maryland and Delaware) Planning and Zoning Commission. Prior to 1974 both sides had separate P & Z commissions. In October of 1974 the mayor of Delmar Delaware (Earl Hudson) and the President of Delmar Maryland agreed to have a joint Planning and Zoning commission. Those named to the first commission were; Robert Martin, George Sevier, Bill Brittingham, Roger Vandegrift, Wayne Baker, Oscar Porter, and James Hitch. They were assigned five years terms with Robert Martin being the only one with a full five year term. The other were given staggered terms with new appointments made for five-year periods.

For better or worst there you have it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DNREC Press Release

DNREC Secretary approves plan for largest improvement in air quality in Delaware history by reducing emissions from Indian River power plant

DOVER – Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Collin O’Mara has issued a Secretary’s Order approving construction permits for air pollution control equipment at NRG’s Indian River Power Plant near Millsboro that will transform the facility from among the 50 dirtiest coal plants in the nation to the one of the cleanest while also providing substantial public health and environmental benefits to Delawareans. The project aligns with Delaware’s environmental, public health, and energy goals of reducing air emissions and providing clean, reliable power from existing sources as the state transitions towards renewable energy from offshore wind, solar and geothermal technologies.

The approved plan requires that the power plant’s oldest units, Unit 1 and Unit 2, be shut down by May 1, 2011 and May 1, 2010, respectively, and calls for construction of back-end pollution control equipment on Unit 3 and Unit 4 by Dec. 31, 2011 as allowed under the permits. Pollution control equipment to be constructed includes an ammonia storage system, lime silos and baghouses, byproduct storage silo with a baghouse, selective catalytic reduction systems, and circulating dry scrubber systems with baghouse.

These investments were selected by NRG to meet emission reductions necessary to comply with the Department’s multi-pollutant regulation (No. 1146) governing control of air pollution from generating units. Additionally and in concert with this permitting action, NRG has agreed to install and operate two air monitoring stations to measure ambient levels of fine particles upwind and downwind of the facility.

The shutdown of Units 1 and 2 will result in prevention of 4,586 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 23,925 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) from being emitted into the air annually. Construction of the pollution control equipment on Units 3 and 4 will further decrease annual emissions of NOx by more than 75 percent (from 12,452 tons to 3,064 tons), SO2 by nearly 85 percent (from 41,720 tons to 6,128 tons), mercury by nearly 90 percent to no more than 25 pounds per year, acid gas emissions by more than 80 percent, particulate matter by more than 50 percent (from 4,730 tons to 2,298 tons); and ammonia by more than 30 percent (from 372 to 250 tons).

The combined impact of these changes will be an overall reduction in NOx and SO2 emissions at the facility of nearly 90 percent by the project’s completion, advancing both air quality and water quality goals for the state. These reductions in emissions are estimated to generate approximately $2 billion in avoided health care costs. Further, the shutdown of Units 1 and 2 will also reduce water intake at the facility by approximately 60 percent and make a measurable improvement in the water quality, improve aquatic habitat, and help rebuild fish populations.

“These improvements will mark a substantial improvement in air quality,” said Governor Jack Markell. “The health of our environment is linked the health of our residents and the strength of our economy, and the half billion dollars of investment will create up to 500 construction jobs in Sussex County during this difficult economic period.”

“This project represents the largest single reduction in air emissions ever in Delaware and can serve as a model for generating cleaner energy across the nation,” said Secretary O’Mara. “By working diligently and specifically to reduce harmful air emissions through our multi-pollutant regulatory process we will continue to improve air quality, water quality, and public health outcomes in Delaware.”

The $500 million in improvements will generate up to 500 new construction jobs between 2009 and 2012, including iron workers, steel workers, laborers, electricians, pipefitters, operators, carpenters, mechanics, engineers, financial experts and support staff, while retaining the existing jobs at the facility.

Indian River Power LLC, a subsidiary of NRG Energy Inc., submitted an application for permits to construct the pollution control equipment at the Indian River Generating Station near Millsboro on April 16, 2009 to comply with a negotiated settlement with the Air Quality Management Section under former Secretary John Hughes, which was approved by Superior Court Sept. 24, 2007. The department held a public hearing on the application on Aug. 12, 2009 and the public comments were reviewed in a Hearing Officer’s Report dated Sept. 30, 2009. There were no comments made in objection to the permits at the hearing. The Secretary’s Order, Hearing Officer’s Report and Technical Response Memorandum providing Air Quality Management Section’s responses to the comments made at the Aug. 12 hearing are available for review on the department’s web site at:

Bi-State Pharmacy New Signs

I see Bi-State Pharmacy had their window replaced and new signs painted. It is an attention getter.

Of course they are still next to the Lecates building and a fence that is becoming a billboard

Mary Lee Pase - 1994

From the State Register October 14, 1994


Delmar Elementary School's nurse of close to 25 years now has a second post to fill - on the Delmar, Del., Council.

Mary Lee Pase of 108 Grove Street beat out opponent, incumbent vice Mayor Daniel M. Church, by a vote of 85, to 62 at the conclusion of the council election Tuesday.

Three seats were up for grabs in the race. Uncontested Mayor John F. McDonnell resumed his position with 96 votes. Three candidates, Church, Pase and incumbent councilman Chris M. Walter, completed for top votes for the remaining two seats. Walter came in second with 72 votes.

Clover Farms Store - 1947

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DNREC Press Release

Bouchard Affiliates Inc. seeks Coastal Zone status decision for lightering operations in Delaware Bay

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has received a request for a Coastal Zone Act status decision from Bouchard Affiliates, Inc. The company seeks a decision to determine if a Coastal Zone Act Permit is required to conduct lightering operations at Big Stone Anchorage in Delaware Bay.

This lightering activity would entail the offloading of oil from large, ocean-going tankers to Bouchard’s fleet of flat deck barges. The barges are moved upriver to be unloaded at oil refining or storage facilities throughout the Delaware River estuary.

Bouchard Affiliates asserts in an affidavit provided in the company’s application that it was lightering in Delaware Bay prior to 1971 and qualifies as a “nonconforming use in existence and in active use on June 28, 1971.” Therefore, the company is seeking to continue with a pre-existing use.

Bouchard Affiliates’ application is presently on public display at the DNREC Offices at 715 Grantham Lane south of New Castle and 89 Kings Highway in Dover. The application is also on display at the Hockessin, Wilmington and Delaware City Public Libraries.

The public is encouraged to review the application and send written comments to DNREC, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE, 19901, Attention: Kevin Coyle. All comments should be received by close of business on Oct. 28, 2009.

Following the public review period, DNREC Secretary Collin P. O’Mara will make a decision on the application and public notice will be given.

For more information, please call Kevin Coyle, Coastal Zone Act administrator, 302-739-9071.

Tropical Glamour - An Escape From The Ordinary

Tropical Glamour Hair designs opened a few months back but I was impressed with their sign this morning (I finally noticed the palm leaves are combs) so I will mention them. Located at 1 West State Street along side of Delmar Liquors the shop is run by Maria Melenciano and Marilin Zapuche. Their Phone number is 302-846-3909.

Delmar Puts Out Their Christmas Decoration

Richard Cullen - 1947

Casino Habits

There is an interesting short article in the News Journal today about a woman who left her 12 year old in the car while she went into a casino for two hours to win money for them to go to the movies. Well at least the weather hasn't turned freezing yet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Delmar Delaware Special Meeting

The Delmar Delaware Mayor and council had a special meeting tonight at 7 PM. All council members were present. The only 'Public' was myself, Tom McGuire and Jamie Rostocki. The Town manager passed out the draft Tidewater Agreement, which will discussed at a future meeting. A discussion followed about how to gather public opinion in regards to the Casino was held. The outcome was; the Oct. 21 Fire Hall Meeting concerning the casino is cancelled, a survey will be mailed to all property owners in the Delmar Delaware town limits. The survey will ask if the property owner is in favor of a change to the zoning ordinance to allow casino in the town limits of Delmar. The survey should be mailed within a week. The meeting was overwith by 8:20 PM.

Delmar October Quarterly Police Commission

The three member police commission were all present for the Quarterly Police Commission Meeting. Chief Saylor gave the police report. For the period July thru September in Delaware there were 76 "E" tickets, 49 warnings, and 4 parking citations. In Maryland there were 154 warnings, 2 parking citations, 199 traffic citations, 1 equip repair order, and 3 criminal citations. Drug activities in Delmar were 2 vehicles seizures, 26 CDS arrests, and $1,000 US Currency seized. DEA Drug activity was 21 arrests and 3 vehicle seizures.

Other items; a transmission may be going up on one of the older police cars. They are looking at checking the two junked police cars to see if the transmission is good in one of them and swapping it out. There is a abandon vehicle, bikes, and other stuff auction coming up on November 7. The two junk police cars will be stripped and possibly auctioned off. There was a discussion about the stop sign for Chestnut street. Quotes for three camera kits were handed around. Previously there was a grant in which the other police cars received camera but the grant is gone. Mayor Niblett suggested the surveillance camera be moved to cover North Pennsylvania as drug activity had been reported in that area.

I asked about the street lights in the renovated area down town. The Town Manager said the lights should have been on some time ago however due to a problem with the DP&L inspector (the electric comes from Maryland instead of Delaware and falls under Maryland standards instead of delaware standards) and the electrician has to return to move a lead. Maybe by next week. I also asked who on the police force could drive their cars homes. The answer is the Police Chief, Sargent's, and the K-9 person. Also any officer who has court the next day.

The meeting was over by 6:45.

The Delmar Maryland Election Race

There are a few re-elect Doug Niblett signs sprouting on the Maryland side of town.

Columbus Day 2009

Today, another hero is being slurred by the politically correct people. You kill a few Indians, make a few more Indian slaves, maybe wipe out a tribe or two and people from the 21st century judge you, a 15th century person, by their standards and you know instead of judging you they should be kissing your ass as most of them would never be here if you had not found the Americas. Today Columbus Day is being celebrated in the United States maybe not by everyone, but in general, today is the day. It just happens that this year’s Columbus day falls on October 12th, same as the October 12th, 1492 (Julian calendar) that Columbus set foot in the new world. He was of course disappointed that it was not Asia, the reason for him sailing west, but when you have lemons makes lemonade. Of note, Columbus introduced Lemons to the Americas in 1493 when he brought lemons seeds to Hispaniola. He was the first practical person to discover the Americas, the Indians were still limited in their development and the Vikings, Chinese, and other people setting foot on the Americas didn’t do anything with their discovery. Columbus did discover the existence of the New World for Europeans who until then, believed the world was flat and ended somewhere in the Atlantic. Columbus produced.

Today, much like street names that celebrated past heroes, Columbus Day is being renamed, by some people, to a more politically correct generic title such as; "Fall Weekend", "Indigenous Peoples' Day," and "Italian Heritage Day". Lord, save me from the Politically Correct People. Amen.

Today, we celebrate Columbus Day.

Hail Columbus

By the way, today, is also National Gumbo Day (Mmmm... Gumbo) and tomorrow is National Yorkshire Pudding Day in the U.S. of A. It is uncertain how Yorkshire pudding, actually a British dish, became a National American Food Holiday, but hurrah for Yorkshire pudding!

Mmmm... pudding.

Banks and Pusey - 1955

From Oct 21 1955 article from the Bi-State Weekly

Banks and Pusey, the shore’s largest contractors for the manufacture of work pants, is still growing.

The picture above shows the new addition to the plant that now extends from Chestnut Street through to Pine Street.

To get back to the beginning, the plant was started here 18 years ago (1937) by two brothers Earl and Willard Banks, with 20 people on the payroll.

Since that time, even though portions of ownership have changed hands, it is still in the same family. In 1943, Frank Pusey,, son-in-law of Earl, purchased the interest of Willard and then in 1946, Robert Banks, a brother of Earl and Willard became a partner in the firm. The partnership of Earl, Frank and Robert still owns the operation.

At the present time, it is one of the largest employers in the Delmar community with 110 people on the payroll. The $3750 weekly payroll is a big item in the economic picture of Delmar.

The new addition of 3375 sq. ft. of floor space was built for a two fold purpose. At the present time it will be used as a warehouse space and as a receiving department. The second purpose is to allow room for anticipated increase in production. At the present time the plant produces 700 dozen pairs of pants per week for stores all over the country. This includes the entire process from piece goods to finished products. In the foreseeable future, the partners see a demand for 1000 dozen per weeks which is the second reason to expand the present facilities.

In order to meet customers demands for their products, more equipment and additional employees are expected to be added gradually as production rises to the new capacity.

As employees are added and the $1.00 minimum wage becomes effective March 1, 1956, the plant expects to have a quarter-million dollar annual payroll.

To complete the family picture Mrs. Earl Banks is supervisor of the sewing operation and Mrs. Robert Banks is working in the office.

The steady growth of the operation is an encouraging factor in the future of Delmar.

Town Meetings Tonight

Tonight there are two town meetings. The first is at 6:30 PM at Town Hall and it is the quarterly Police Commission Meeting. If you have crime or police related issues than do attend. The second is the special meeting at 7 PM (tells you the police commission is only going to meet for a half hour) to discuss ways to receive public opinion on the casino question and to pass out the draft of the proposed Tidewater Utilities agreement. Good chance this will also only be a half hour meeting so we can all make it home to look at prime time TV tonight.

Phobe Brinkloe - 1861

A bit picked up from 'This Day in Delaware History'

Oct 12, 1861 African American Phoebe Jane Brinkloe became the last woman in Kent County to be whipped. Punished for larceny with 24 lashes, she was sold afterward to Thomas Jones for $17.21 for 10 yrs.

Today's facts were compiled by historian Roger Martin and brought to you by the Delaware Public Archives.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kilroy and Arne Duncan

One of the best Delaware blogs is Kilroys Delaware. It amazes me how involved he is in Delaware education. I get my pointers from him - now I don't aways agree with him but usually he is well informed and has an opinion. He seems to hold a special place in his black blogger's heart for Arne Duncan, Obama's new Education Secretary. Prior to becoming Education Secretary he was Chicago's Public Schools CEO, one of the more violence oriented school systems. Kilroy has started a new blog called Arne D's Dream World in which he points out the errors of Arne's ways.

Sussex Trust Delmar - 1975