Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tailgating At the Homecoming game

My wife decided we would do some tailgating while waiting for the game

Casie joined us, we had a number of teachers with us for some reason.

Orange and blue were predominate colors today

We even had an orange cake with blue icing for dessert.

Murf from Delmar Diner and her brood of Amber and Kelly joined us. Murf told me what a tightwad I am due to my 5% tip policy. When you do a blog in a small town it is frequent thing to be hunted down for your comments.

The Delmar Homecoming Parade - 2009

On a reasonably nice fall day, Delmar High School had their 2009 Homecoming Parade. We had a few drops of rain but mostly it passed on over us. Photos of the parade are below, as usual click to enlarge.


Today is Homecoming in Delmar. All eyes are on the sky trying to decide if it is going to rain or not. As far as I know the parade, at 11 AM, is still is still on. The football game with Seaford is at 1:30PM, with the high school dance at 7:30 PM.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chinese Frog Legs

I was out to Food Lion a little while ago trying to decide on something for supper and came across a package of frog legs. Well it has been a while since we had frog legs (taste just like chicken) but than I noticed the package said 'Product of China.' Good night alive don't we even have frogs with legs to sell in America anymore?

The Nero Apartments for sale

I walked by the "Nero Apartments" today and saw a BIG sign that said they were for sale. Now I have posted before about these apartments.

They are behind my house so I have a personal interest in how they are kept up and run. Years ago when I first moved here the apartments were a hangout for whores, drug dealers, and other scum of the earth, not all who lived there were that way, just a few - as that is all it takes to make a place bad. As I have said in a previous post the building was part of Hastings store which was built in the 1920's. Gary Horseman and his father helped make it into apartments and you know how old Gary is so the place must be old. I understand Delmar Maryland Mayor Doug Niblett, who is running for re-election, has a financial interest in the building - even local elections must be expensive if he selling the building.

I understand the price is $299,000 and it produces about $3,000 a month in revenue. As the sign says contact Pam Price at 302-249-2546 for more information. Delmar is looking at casinos and poker parlors so maybe this building might fit their needs. If you are interested in buying be aware I plan on making sure the future property owner keeps the place in decent condition.

Food Establishments in Delmar Delaware Inspection Reports

It has been a while since I looked at the Delaware Department of Health Food Establishment Inspection reports for the Delmar Delaware Zip Code. The Department of Health list on the website the codes for Critical Violations - those practices that are more likely to increase the risk of a foodborne illness - that is, these involve the risk factors mentioned above: source, cooking, holding, contamination and personal hygiene. Frequently they are confusing to me as to just what they mean but here are the 2009 inspections in Delmar. Delmar Maryland escapes this as the Maryland or Wicomico Department of Health does not list inspection reports on line.

Delmar Jr-Sr High School Cafeteria, Routine Inspection, 03/09/2009 No Violations

Bistro 54, Routine Inspection, 05/18/2009, Violations; 2-201.11 and 7-201.11

Bistro 54, Followup Inspection, 05/28/2009, No Violations

Delmar Pizza, Routine Inspection, 05/18/2009, No Violations

Domino's Pizza, Routine Inspection, 06/02/2009, violations; 2-201.11

Domino's Pizza, Followup Inspection, 06/10/2009, No Violations

Delmar Jr-Sr High School Cafeteria, Routine Inspection, 09/16/2009, No Violations
Express Food Market, Routine Inspection, 09/16/2009, Violations; 3-501.16 and

Express Food Market, Followup Inspection, 09/25/2009, No Violations

Jerry Fletcher Catering, Routine Inspection, 10/15/2009, No Violations

Inspection Code for Delmar Food establishments;
2-201.11, Employee Health, Disease or Medical Condition Responsibility of the Person in Charge to Require Reporting By Food Employees and Applicants
3-501.16, Limitation of Growth of Organisms of Public Health Concern, Temperature and Time Control, Potentially Hazardous Food, Hot and Cold Holding
5-205.15, Plumbing System, Operation and Maintenance, System Maintained in Good Repair
7-102.11, Labeling and Identification, Working Containers, Common Name

Delmar Diner

I saw in the little freebie Penny Saver Sheet called the Delmar Bee that the Delmar Diner is running a special of 1/2 priced dinners. Monday thru Thursday after 3 PM buy one dinner get second dinner of equal or lesser value at half price. Offer expires Nov. 15. Delmar Diner is on the Highway on the Maryland side of town. I bet the waitress would expect her 5% tip to be based on the full price of the two meals instead of the half price one.

Delmar Police Press Release


Incident: Attempted Burglary

Location: 8773 Sweet Pea Court., (Ponds Edge) Delmar, MD

Date: October 22, 2009

Suspect/Arrested: Mariah Helena Byrd, B/F, 22 Y.O.A., Hebron, MD

On October 22, 2009 at 8:38 AM officers of the Delmar Police Department responded to an apartment located at 8773 Sweet Pea Ct., in ref. to an attempted burglary. Upon arrival the officers learned through their investigation that Mariah Byrd had attempted to gain entry into the apartment using burglary tools in an attempt to commit a theft within. The renter of the apartment was home and was able to detain Mariah Byrd until the police arrived. Mariah Byrd was taken into custody by Delmar officers and transported to the Wicomico County Detention Center and charged.

Charges: Mariah Byrd
Attempted 1st Degree Burglary
Malicious Destruction of Property

National Boston Creme Pie Day

Today is National Boston Creme Pie Day. A civics class from Norton High School sponsored the bill which recognized Boston cream pie (created in the 19th century) as the official state dessert of Massachusetts in 1996.
Mmmm pie... yummy, my my

Pie, pie, me oh my,
Nothing tastes better, wet, salty and dry,
all at once – oh, well it’s pie.
Apple and pumpkin and mince and black bottom,
I’ll come to your place every day if you’ve got ‘em.
Pie, me oh my, I love piiiiieeeeeee

from the movie Michael

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stetson's Uncle Tom Cabin - Dover - 1900

I found this ad for the traveling production of Stetson's Uncle Tom's Cabin to be interesting. They advertise "Pack of Genuine Blood Hounds", "Buck and Wing dancers", "African Mandolin Players", "Jubilee Singers", "Street Parade", "Donkeys", etc all for twenty five cents.

Stetson's Uncle Tom's Cabin was one of a number of "Tom Shows" that were given all over the US from the 1870 on up until the 1950's. The Tom Show was considered the greatest hokum play given in this period and it was loved by all who saw it. Anything went in a Tom Show. It played in tents, showboats, warehouses and even theatres. It gave rise to the famous old-time newspaper review: "Uncle Tom's Cabin played here last night. The dogs were good."

click photo to enlarge it.

Let There Be Light - Almost

I went for my morning walk this morning about 5 AM and I see the lights in the downtown section are on. The one in front of First State Thrift store isn't working but the rest of them are.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Delmar Library is having a book sale this Friday evening and Saturday morning. You can always use another book.

The Economy and Harvest Ministries

Now we all know the economy is in the tank and one of the signs that I go by is the number of people lined up at Harvest Ministries in Delmar before it opens. Now Harvest Ministries has a thrift store but these people standing in line do not look like thrift store shoppers. Harvest Ministries of Delmarva has a food pantry and assistance program and I think these people are there for that. I noticed the daily line forming there about three years ago and over the years it has continued. Some days it is just a few people, other days the line wrap out on to the sidewalk. It is indeed sad. Harvest Ministries is located at 305 N. Bi-State Blvd., Delmar DE 19940. The Phone number is 302-846-3001.

Culver and Hines Market - 1947

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



From the State Register October 7, 1994

A 19-year-old man will join five Delmar Juveniles arrested in last week’s assault of Delmar, Del. Vice mayor Daniel E. Church of East State Street.

When traffic and criminal charges are finalized, Delmar Police will release the name of the Delmar man who allegedly drove the vehicle that swerved toward Church in front of his home across from State Street Park.

Cpl. Mike Bond said his officers had just run a group of juveniles ranging in age from 12 to 16, out of the parking lot of a used car business after 10 p.m. on Sept. 27, when they were allegedly mishandling equipment in the park by Church who was outside his residence.

“There were three juveniles slamming seesaws and beating the equipment around, and Church wanted to see what was going on. When he approached them, they fired cap guns and ran off, threatening to come back,” Bond said.

About 15 minutes later, two cars closed off North Sixth Street at State and East Grove streets. A passenger fired a cap gun as one pulled off.

When Church noticed a suspect coming from the back of Church’s pick-up, he chased the youth past a bush where two suspects emerged with wooden dowels and began beating Church.

When Church started to chase the pair, two more struck him from behind and a group of youths surrounded him, beating him with identical sticks.

The group then scattered and one youth jumped into a car southbound on North Sixth that swerved toward Church as he headed for the side of the street, Bond said Church had to push himself off the fender of the car as it passed.

The car then stopped beside Church’s truck, and a passenger got out of the car and attempted to get something out of the truck. Thinking it may be a gun that had been left there earlier by one of the youths. Church headed toward the youth, who fled. The car subsequently pulled away. Bond said he immediately knew by description that the juveniles involved in Church’s assault were the same ones who were removed from the car business 45 minutes earlier.

“If it weren’t for seeing them previously, we wouldn’t have been able to locate them as quickly as we did,” he said.

Church was treated at Peninsula Regional Medical Center for a 4-inch cut on the back of his head and bruises and released.

Three juveniles were arrested that evening and charged with first-degree assault and conspiracy. Two are in Stevenson Home for Juveniles in Milford after pleading not guilty to the charges Wednesday in Family court.

Former Delmar, Del., councilman Reginald R. Lizotte, who also lives across from the park, asked the town council at its Oct. 3 meeting to form a neighborhood crime watch, and take some sort of measures to tighten security at the park such as removal of all shrubs, where some of the juveniles hid before the attack.

Bond said he doesn’t believe that removing the shrubbery will solve anything. “the town has worked hard to landscape the park, and it is really beginning to look nice. If you remove the bushes they’ll just find somewhere else to hide,” he said.

The corporal said he doesn’t believe the assault is evidence of a gang trend. “This is only the second serious assault in Delmar over the past six month,” he said. The first occurrence was a stabbing that resulted from an altercation at a local tave

The McGuire Campaign Flyer

Click To Enlarge

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wings Of Freedom Tour

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by to see the three WWII planes at the Salisbury airport. They have a Boeing B-17 Flying fortress, a Consolidated B-24 Liberator and a P-51 Mustang. owned by the Collings foundation. I have toured the inside of a couple of WWII vintage planes but I don't think I had been actually in a bomber before. It certainly was interesting. For a fat person it was also very tight. From the outside the B-24 looks larger than the B-17 but it actually seem to have less room to maneuver inside.

It is worth the $12 you have to pay to see them. To ride in one must be even more interesting, but at $450 a person to ride it's not going to be me taking the ride. They stamp your hand so you can get back in 'free' for the time they are here - which is thru Thursday. The stamp does wash off with your first shower however.

B-24 Bomb bay tight squeeze