Saturday, November 07, 2009

Delmar Police Abandoned Vehicles Auction

I stopped by the Delmar Police Abandoned Vehicle auction today. Looked like a good crowd about hundred and fifty of which about eighty had bidder numbers. I looked for the food first and got my scrapple sandwich. The food was provided by the Delmar Wesleyan Church. My wife put my name on a no-bid list so I won't drag anymore junk home but there was good stuff there today.

They had an assortment of stuff I guess they took out of the cars such as; flat screen TV, crossbow, digital camera, car amplifiers and speakers etc. There was about 40 bikes. There was much oohing and aahing from the crowd at the bargins.

the bikes went for between $2 to $65 with most of them going for under $15.

They had a good auctioneer with a team of about six people with him.

This 1999 Ford Escort had a little damage to it but with a good buff job those scratches will come right out. It sold for $100.

This 2000 Ford Crown Vic (old Delmar police car) went for $700

The car auction started with this 1993 Dodge Caravan - auctioned off for $300. by 11:30 it was all over with.

Some other prices I copied down were;

85 Cadi Fleetwood $300
87 Ford P/U $450
87 Jeep Cherokee $300
90 Hond Accord $600
90 Isuzu P/U $300
91 Chev Cap Wagon $100
91 Ford T Bird $100
91 Ford Tempo $175
91 Hond Civic $200
92 Ford T Bird $250
92 Hond Accord $100
92 Hond Accord $200
92 Merc Topaz $200
92 Toyo Paseo $325
93 Chev Astro Van $100
93 Chev Conv Van $200
93 Dodg Caravan $300
93 Ford Explorer $300
93 Merc Tracer S/W $300
93 Olds Cutlass $200
95 Cadi Deville $350
95 Olds Cutlass $575
95 Geo Prism $100
96 Dodg Van $300
96 Ford Taurus $325
96 Niss Altima $100
97 Ford Expedition $700
97 Ford Escort $300
97 Ford Taurus $225
97 Olds Cutlass $100
98 Dodg Stratus $450
98 Ford Ranger $900
98 Ford Taurus S/W $450
98 Hyund Accent $400
99 Ford Escort $100
99 dodge caravan $200
00 Chev Cavalier $600
00 Ford Crown Vic $700
01 Dodg Van $200
01 Hyund Accent $100
04 Hyund Sonata $300
Unknown wooden Trailer $400
Tow Dolly trailer $400

Friday, November 06, 2009

Wildcats Won

My wife called to say Delmar won 12 to 6 over Laurel!!! She said they were sitting in Bacon Switch waiting to form a parade with the fire trucks for our winning team.

Punkin Chunkin - 2009

My wife and I stopped by Punkin Chunkin for a couple of hours today. It was boring and cold. We had wanted to see the trebuchets in action instead they fired off about five air cannons in the two hours we were there.

It's in a corn field and there had not been enough people to trample the corn stalks down yet - rough walking

Everyone was cold but still flew those flags

trebuchets - they had maybe 50 of them

Boys in skirts - Rehoboth or Scotland?

Kaeser Compressor signs everywhere - all different

It was cold

Arlington Slow Pitch - bike power

Up in Smoke Cigars - Looked for that cigar connoisseur Uncle Paul to see if he was around but no luck. I understand with the real estate down turn he has switched to King Edwards Cigars.

Vendors in a corn field - the smell was great from the BBQ etc

Air cannons - They would fire one off and take 20 minutes to find the pumpkin down range. We waited a half hour for Hooters to read the instruction book on how to make their cannon work and finally said to hell with it and walked out. Maybe they got to the trebuchets before night fall.

Delmar Skate Night


FRIDAY - NOV. 6 ----- 7-10 PM

Old SkateLand Building - (now Mitchell's Martial Arts)

1305 S. Division St. - Salisbury



Snack bar will be open!

You do not have to be from Delmar to skate.


Junior Class Tent raffle

Delmar Cheerleading Clinic Tomorrow

Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM at Delmar High school the Delmar High School Varsity Cheerleading squad will give instruction to all girls between kindergarten to fifth grade. There will be a cost of $25. Bring a bag lunch and drink; wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Financial assistance available call 410-742-5107 or email

Laurel Middle School Sign

Let's hope the high school can play football better than Middle school can spell

Delmar Maryland Election Campaign 2009

A new wave of campaign flyers have been floating around on the Maryland side of town.

Clifton J. Gordy has a birthday

Today, November 6, Clifton J. Gordy was born in Delmar, Maryland in 1946. He attended Salisbury High School in Salisbury, Maryland; Maryland State College (now called UMES); University of Maryland School of Law and was admitted to the Maryland Bar in 1973. He serves many years as a Judge, retiring On November 7, 2006 as Chief Judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Terrorism in Rural Delmar

In this issue of the Laurel Star, in the 'letter to the editor' section, is a letter with the heading "Terrorism in Rural Delmar." Naturally it caught my eye. It was from Dale Carey "a resident of 31 years on Pepperbox road". it seems that area on Pepperbox Road has a peeping Tom or perhaps worst someone terrorising the people that live there. Not only peeping in windows at night, but calling out from the woods to woman hanging their clothes on their clothes line in their back yard. He says they have had the Delaware state police, Delmar police and the Laurel police out there trying to capture the person or persons. As he says "we are at our wits end" over this and I can certainly agree with him. All I can suggest is shoot first and call the police later. I understand outside of Delmar in the woods is a couple different homeless people camps, so perhaps it goes beyond Pepperbox Road.

Delmar High School Thanksgiving Meal Raffle

The Delmar Culinary Club is having a raffle for a Thanksgiving Meal that will feed ten. Tickets are $3 a piece or two for five dollars. The drawing will be November 23rd.

Now I didn't buy any tickets because the drawing isn't until the 23rd and by than we will have bought whatever the wife is going to cook for Thanksgiving. I guess if I won I could be generous and and give the food to a homeless person or shelter, but I am just not that kind of person. Should you want tickets I am sure you can get them from the school office.

Delmar Police Abandoned Vehicles Auction Saturday

Peeking thru the fence at the impoundment lot I see the police have two trailers. One appears to be a car carrier type and the other is a large wooden trailer.

1975 Homecoming Queen Candidates

In 1975 Delmar high school Coach Rick White was preparing to play Laurel for the Homecoming game. Homecoming at that time was a two day event with a Homecoming parade on Thursday November 13th that went from the American Legion to All Saint Episcopal Church where a bonfire was held. On Friday was the game and at half time the 1975 Homecoming queen was selected. That years candidates were; Lisa Bonniwell, Mary Jane Elliott, Theresa Figgs and Cathy Foskey.

From the State Register Newspaper

The Morning Walk

Well no photo of the overflowing dumpster at Nero Apartments today. Last Tuesday I sent an email to the town manager about it and by noon it was dumped and cleaned up.

The big tent at the Fire Department. The Fire Department is having their Sportsman giveaway on November 7th (Saturday) from 11AM to 7 PM. WOW what a day; the Delmar police car auction at 10AM, the Delmar fire department Sportsman Giveaway later, and still have time to go to Punkin Chunkin and return to Delmar for a beer at the Sportsnuts Bar and bask in recollections of the day.

Malone and Phillips are doing sidewalk work on Grove Street by State Street park

This house is at 103 East Jewell Street and is for sale at $79,000 which in today's market seem cheap. Again maybe a poker parlour or casino could go there, with the Delmar Town council it wouldn't matter that it is in a residential area, they would just rewrite the zoning.

Some Commercial Real Estate For Sale

While looking for information on another commercial property for sale in Delmar I came across these two properties out by the State Line Plaza. The Delmarva Health Center building and property is for sale at $850,000 and the Old Bonanza is still for sale at $2,300,000. Both could be potential poker parlours or casinos and if you go that way the town council will give you their blessing.

Three Big Events Tomorrow

Like anyone needed to be reminded Punkin Chunkin starts tomorrow. More important than that (and you thought nothing could be bigger) the Delmar football team plays Laurel tomorrow night in Laurel. Bigger than homecoming, a crowd of 4,000 is expected for the game - on one of the coldest forecasted nights in the past five days. GO WILDCATS!!!

And for the non-football people there is Delmar Open Skate Night, From 7-10 PM at Old SkateLand Building 1305 S. Division St. - Salisbury - $5.00 Per Person At The Door

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Subaru in the Saturn Building?

Rumor is floating that Subaru might be the next car dealer in the vacant Saturn Building. Back in July of 2008 the town had an inquiry into a Subaru dealership. No ideal if it was this group that at that time was looking at a location by the Holiday Inn.

Delmar Police Abandoned Vehicles Auction Saturday

Auction of Abandoned Vehicles, Bikes, Misc Items

Sat., Nov. 7th 2009 10A.M.

Delmar PD 400 S. Penn Ave, Delmar, MD

Vehicle Inspection 9 A.M. Day of Sale Only

Terms of Sale: Cash or Certified Check day of Sale.

Vehicles must be moved day of sale 410-896-3131

81 Chevy Silverado 1GCHC33W0BZ145467
85 Cadi Fleetwood 1G6CB6980F4355905
87 Ford P/U 1FTDF15Y5HNA42196
87 Jeep Cherokee 1JCMT7837HT186256
90 Dodg Caravan 2B4K45KXLR573548
90 Hond Accord 1HGCB7151LA061111
90 Isuzu P/U JAACL11L6L7218918
91 Chev Cap Wagon 1G1BL83E0MW254700
91 Ford T Bird 1FAPP60T7MH103081
91 Ford Tempo 2FAPP36X9M199060
91 Hond Civic 1HGED3542ML041128
92 Ford T Bird 1FAPP6042NH155082
92 Hond Accord 1HGCB7655NA123900
92 Hond Accord 1HGCB7273NA019817
92 Merc Topaz 1MEPM36XXNK653714
92 Toyo Paseo JT2EL45F7N0053067
93 Chev Astro Van 1GNDM15Z7PB148333
93 Chev Conv Van 2GBEG25KXP4117495
93 Dodg Caravan 2B4GH253xpr303452
93 Ford Explorer 1FMDU34X7PUB75083
93 Merc Tracer S/W 3MAPM15J2PR676776
93 Olds Cutlass 1G3AG55N2P6304889
95 Cadi Deville 1G6KD52B8SU207761
95 Olds Cutlass 1G3AJ55M9S6351452
95 Geo Prism 1Y1SK5266SZ082005
96 Dodg Van 2B4FP2533TR628677
96 Ford Explorer 1FMDU34X3TUB28742
96 Ford Taurus 1FALP51U3TA252840
96 Niss Altima 1N4BU31D7TC157579
97 Ford Expedition 1FMEU1762VLA51351
97 Ford Escort 1FALP13P4VW284914
97 Ford Taurus 1FALP52U1VA128647
97 Olds Cutlass 1G3WH52M8VF337598
98 Dodg Stratus 1B3EJ46X4WN220561
98 Ford Ranger 1FTYR10C0WTA18109
98 Ford Taurus S/W 1FALP57U7TA199289
98 Hyund Accent KMHVD14N6WU395773
99 Ford Escort 3FAKP1132XR161856
00 Chev Cavalier 1G1JC5245Y7335131
00 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W6YX136413
01 Dodg Van 2B7HB11X11K552881
01 Hyund Accent KMHCG45C21U248890
04 Hyund Sonata KMHWF25S74A977923
Unknown wooden Trailer
Food Provided by Delmar Wesleyan Church

Eastern Shore Auctions 443-235-5717 or 410-548-3137 Willie Benton Jr, Auctioneer

The Interim Warden

I see in the Daily Times George Kaloroumakis (and I thought Devenyns was hard to pronounce) has been made interim Warden at the Wicomico County Detention Center. Devenyns has moved on to be Warden of the Talbot County Department of Corrections. I am glad the county picked Kaloroumakis instead of any of the present upper management at the jail. Maybe, but I doubt it, he can change the mindset there and actually get some of the managers to do some work instead of sitting in their offices bullshitting and kissing one another's ass. I understand Kaloroumakis was not a correctional officer but has always been an administrator. It would have been better if he had at least a little time as a correctional officer. I also understand he is highly religious (as indicated in the Daily Times article) and the word I had of him at ECI is he wasn't the worst and wasn't the best. He is known for playing religious music in his office.

Bargain Bill's Sold

I understand Bargain Bill's, the flea market, gas station, convenience store 39201 sq ft on 21 acres has been sold. No information at the moment as to whom and for how much. The last I had heard it was for sale at $8,900,000. For those who go there it comes as no surprise as the place has been closing up for the last few days and he has had it up for sale for a while now.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

V has returned to TV

I watched "V" tonight and it looks like it will be as good as the 1983 mini-series. Yes the giant fascist lizards from outer space disguised as humans (or Delmar Councilpeople) are back. Didn't think I would leave NCIS but I think the new show NCIS Los Angeles has made both NCIS shows less interesting. Plus the chance to see one of the reptiles eat a hamster can't be passed up.



FRIDAY - NOV. 6 ----- 7-10 PM

Old SkateLand Building - (now Mitchell's Martial Arts)

1305 S. Division St. - Salisbury



Snack bar will be open!

You do not have to be from Delmar to skate.


The Results are In

From the Town of Delmar website;

CASINO COMMUNITY OUTREACH SURVEY RESULTS: We sent out surveys to Delmar, Delaware tax payers asking them for their input regarding a proposed zoning code amendment. The amendment would consist of adding an additional 'permitted use' to the Highway Regional zoning classification. The change would grant the word "Casino" as permitted use by way of 'Special Exception'. A Special Exception would mean that a Casino would not automatically be granted permission to be developed; the interested parties would have to go through a formal public hearing process and demonstrate their ability to meet whatever special terms and conditions as required by the Delaware Council and accepted by the Board of Adjustments before approval was granted. The results are as follows: 370 Sent, 193 Returned: 107 In Favor, 66 Opposed, 20 Undecided.

A Book review - Corelli's Mandolin

I recently read the book “Corelli’s Mandolin” by Louis de Bernieres. The book had a movie made from it (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) in 2001 starring Nicholas Cage, which I saw a number of years back. I picked up the book (a little over 400 pages) at a Delmar Library Booksale so there had been a number years between my watching the movie and reading the book. Since the movie was the reason for buying the book I have to discuss the movie and the book in this review of the book.

First, I was not that impressed with the movie. It was interesting but Nicholas Cage is not a super actor. Every since I saw “Raising Arizona” (made in 1987) I have been hooked on Nicholas Cage but the truth is - he is not a great actor. He has one delivery and he sticks with that and sometime it is right for the movie he is in and sometimes it isn’t. I thought his movie “Con Air” was a great movie but it had Steve Buscerni in it who I really enjoy - “Garland Greene: What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to piss off; ending up in some retirement village hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time? Wouldn't you consider that to be insane?” Plus it was mainly an action movie with only a little acting in it.

But back to “Corelli’s Mandolin”; up front I will tell you I am a sucker for love stories during war time so this book had an appeal to me. A good novel should emerge you into the story and by the time you are done reading and have re-emerged into the real world you should have experienced a wide range of emotions – this book does that. The story line for the book (and Movie) follows the lives of approximately five individuals, three from the Greek Island of Cephallonia; Dr. Iannis and his daughter Pelagia, her boyfriend Mandras and two Italian soldiers, Carlos, a homosexual, and Captain Corelli, during the World War II Italian and German occupation of the island of Cephallonia. A wider range of characters are introduced beside those five. The book borders on poetic brilliants in parts and in other parts is pure trite. At times you want to compare the book to “Dr Zhivago.” Interesting the Dr. Zhivago movie only covered two thirds of the book. In the case of the Movie For “Corelli’s Mandolin”; they gave it a more Hollywood ending. In the book the girl gets the guy but it takes 50 years as opposed to the 4 or 5 years in the movie.

Simply put Dr. Iannis (a self taught doctor) and his daughter Pelagia live on Cephallonia. Pelagia falls in love with Mandras, a simple uneducated Greek Fisherman. The Italians invade Greece. Mandras goes of to fight in the war and becomes a communist. Captain Corelli with the Italian army comes to occupy Cephallonia. Pelagia falls in love with Corelli. The Italian surrender but the Germans don’t. The German shoot the Italians. Corelli lives and goes back to Italy. Well I guess I shouldn’t give the entire story away.

Let me say in the good parts of the book you are just totally wrapped up with it and as I said parts of the book are brilliant, but it is like the book was written by two different authors as the continuity of book is up and down ( I thought publishers had people that checked for this type of thing). Some parts are boring (the first few pages particularly so). The characters are stereo-types, the Germans are bad, the Italians are fun loving, the Greeks are simple but honest people, except the Greek Communist who are Satan reincarnated.

Being a simple Eastern Shoreman I am impressed with a book with a high syllable per word average and this book has that. After a while it does get boring having to stop and look up words in the dictionary or as far as that goes looking up what a pine marten is (a member of the weasel family). But as I was reading the book it made me sad when Psipsina, the pine marten, was clubbed to death by the Germans. It is that kind of book.

The book succeed in you making an emotional investment in Corelli and Pelagia, and in the last hundred pages cheats you with the most implausible and deeply unsatisfying ending imaginable. Still I have to recommend the book. The Good Parts are so good they overcome the bad parts.

I understand the book may have been based in part on an Italian novel published in 1963 called The White Flag (BANDIERA BIANCA A CEFALONIA).

Fire In The Hole Photography

Over at Wayne Barrall's Fire in the Hole Photography website there are photos of the 7 PM fire last night at La Cabana. He has photos of the back of the building where the fire seem to have originated. I usually don't go on private land when I take my photos so I was not able to show you the back of the building in my earlier post. Plus his photos are when the fire was in progress so they are a lot more exciting.

The Morning Walk

My morning walk took me north of town to look at the fire damaged La Cabana building. It was cool enough to see my breath this morning so I guess cold weather is coming. My oil company topped off my heating oil tank Friday, it is going to be another expensive winter. Come spring I doubt I will have a coin left to pay Charon, the ferryman, to take me across the river Styx.

They are starting some kind of concrete work on First Street.

a fall shot of the Lecates building - scenic.

The Trash continues to pile up at the Nero's apartments. Like we don't get enough rats and raccoons in town now we have a food supply for them.

The Delmar Grain Mill is now leased by Perdue as a backup storage facility. I think they keep about six people working there.

Old Race Track Road has a number of grain trucks that use it. Using it they avoid going thru Delmar. Old Race Track Road goes from North of Delmar Delaware into Maryland. It was named for the stock car race track that use to be on the Maryland side of town out by Race Track road and Rt54

At this point Old Race Track Road has a curve that forces Grain trucks to slow down on it but they still spill loose grain out on to the road.

My walk took me out to the business/industrial complex in Trigliaville, north of Delmar.

As you heard on the TV News; La Cabana (the old Memories building) had a fire last night. You can't really see much from the road other than the roof is covered by a sheet of plastic.

This is an interesting sidewalk. It is one of the older sidewalks as it has a lot of stone in it. It was constructed before part of it was annexed into the town limits. It goes from Trigliaville back into town. About every five years the State of Delaware would come out and weedwack it and restore it so you could see it is a sidewalk. Time for them to return.

The Edge, one of the new churches in Delmar

Today is trash pickup day in Delmar Delaware so the remains of Halloween are being tossed out.

Elihu Emory Jackson born today in 1836

Elihu Emory Jackson, son of Hugh and Sarah Jackson, was born today (November 3) in 1836 on a farm outside of Delmar, Maryland in what was than Somerset County. With little formal education he started a mercantile business, at the age of 21, in the new town of Delmar. With his partner, Elijah Freeny, the business was the first store in Delmar. Shortly afterward he would run the first post office in Delmar from this store. When the railroad extended to Salisbury in 1864 he moved there to open a dry goods, general merchandise, grain and lumber business. He expanded his lumber planing operations to Baltimore and Washington becoming well known in those areas. Eventually he had large tracts of land thru out the south to supply him with lumber. In 1882 he was elected as a Member of the Maryland state house of delegates from Wicomico County. In 1884 he was elected a member of Maryland state senate from Wicomico County and in 1888 he was elected Governor of Maryland, He died in Baltimore, Md., December 27, 1907 and is buried at Parsons Cemetery, Salisbury, Md.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Delmar Maryland Election Campaign

All seems to quiet in the Delmar Maryland Election campaign. The election is Tuesday November 17th at Delmar Town Hall between 7 AM and 7 PM.

DNREC Press Release

DNREC presents funding workshops for community environmental projects;

Grants available for communities where environmental violations have occurred
Two public workshops on funding opportunities for environmental projects that benefit Delaware communities will be held by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Community Involvement Advisory Council (CIAC).
Approximately $379,350 in grant funds are available in 2010 from Delaware’s Community Environmental Project Fund for projects that restore or provide environmental benefits to communities were civil or administrative environmental violations have occurred.

The workshops are scheduled:
7 – 8:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 9 – DNREC Auditorium, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Del. 19901

7 – 8:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 16 – DNREC Offices, 391 Lukens Drive, New Castle, Del. 19720

At each workshop, information will be presented on three grant opportunities – the Community Environmental Project Fund (CEPF) Grant; the CEPF Collaborative Problem-Solving Small Grant ($25,000 maximum); and the CEPF Technical Assistance Small Grant ($25,000 maximum).

Projects that meet funding criteria include those that reduce pollution, enhance natural resources, or enhance natural resources that improve indigenous habitats or create recreational opportunities for the citizens of Delaware. A 25 percent match in funding, volunteer services or donated supplies is required of each grant recipient.

Only state or federally incorporated non-profit entities that represent the communities where violations have occurred are eligible and include: Delaware civic and community organizations; non-profit entities; educational institutions; county and municipal governments; state agencies; and quasi-state agencies.

Workshop pre-registration is requested but not required by contacting Vicki Ward, Office of the Secretary, 302-739-9000 or

Grant requirements and the application form can be found on DNREC’s website,

The CIAC will accept applications for CEPF funding until 4:30 p.m., January 15, 2010.
Established Feb. 2004 by House Bill 192, the CEPF consists of 25 percent of all civil or administrative penalties collected by DNREC after Feb. 3, 2004.

For more information on project eligibility or application assistance, contact DNREC Community Ombudsman James Brunswick, 302-739-9040 or

Delmar Students in the All Eastern Choir

Three Delmar students were selected for the All-Eastern Choir, to perform in Philadelphia in early February 2010. Students are Selected were Joshua (JW) Wilder-Bass I, Junior; Leah Wilson- Soprano I, Senior; and Rhiannon Smith-Alto II, Senior.
The three students will travel with Mrs. Stuart to Philadelphia on February 10-13, 2010, for rehearsals and performance as part of the Eastern Division Conference of the American Choral Directors Association.

Rhiannon has been in the Delmar Chorus, and the Delaware All-State Chorus for the last 4 years. She is a Colorguard member of the band.

Josh transferred from the Sussex Central school district his freshman year and is currently a junior. Josh is a member of the Band. Josh was selected for Delaware All-State Chorus last year.

Leah is a senior. She has been a member of the Delmar chorus for 4 years and Delaware All-State for 2 years. She has sung locally in several talent contests and attended music workshops at Salisbury University.

The Chorus Boosters will hold an all you can eat Beef and Dumpling dinner on Sunday, November 8, from 1-4 p.m. at the Delmar VFW. Eat-in or Carry-out.
Tickets are $10.00 per person. Tickets are available from Chorus members or at the door.

Upcoming performance dates:

On 12/5 Chorus will perform with Sweet Adelines at the school

On 12/6 Chorus will perform at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital's Relay for Life fundraiser at the school

On 12/10 High School Chorus Winter Concert 7 p.m.

On 12/17 Middle School Chorus Winter Concert 7 p.m.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Three Blogs/websites for Sunday

Well we have a Sunday that is overcast and with the occasional Wuthering Heights rain falling on the windowpane, it is a good day to recover from the sugar high of last night and just surf the web and/or read a book. I am reading "Corelli's Mandolin" by Louis De Bernieres. I saw the movie back some time ago and at this point in the book am trying to decide if the movie will be better than the book. De Bernieres does have a wide range of words and I am having to use my dictionary a lot. Three websites I was looking at today are;

People of Walmart a great selection of people you see in Walmart - not in our local Walmart - we are beautiful people in this area - just those strange people you see in other Walmarts.

DelMarVa Survival training good hints for emergency situations.

Help Save Maryland a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving Maryland’s counties, cities and towns from the negative effects of illegal aliens.

Time Change

How can we make it run backwards,
That taciturn white circle with
Its torpid black hands? We only
Touch the hands when standard
Time comes to shorten or daylight
Saving to lengthen our days. That
Clock is lazy; I'd like to throw
Eggs at it. But I don't want it
To go forward faster, as if it
Were drawn by death. Let it run
Gently backwards, pausing to
Greet happy times again: the
Day when the schoolboy wrote
His first poem; the day when
The first jonquil bloomed in
His little garden; the day when
His father tossed him into the
Lake without water-wings to
Prove to him he could swim.
"En arriere, ruckwaerts" & "in
Dietro;" those are your orders,
Lazy clock, until the spring
Breaks & it doesn't matter
What you do anymore.

James Laughlin, 83, Publisher of Revolutionary Writers