Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lipstick On A Pig

Well Rick Pollitt is back at it again. Once again attacking the Revenue cap the voters of Wicomico County put in place in 2000. He is throwing up the same crap they tried to put out nine years ago with questions like;

Do you want class sizes in school of 40 kids to a teacher or 20?
Do you want the best teachers coming to our county because they know they will be treated well in good school facilities or do you want them going to Sussex and Worcester, each of whom pay higher salaries and benefits?
Do you want the most talented and committed deputy sheriffs patrolling our roads and neighborhoods, keeping us safe or do you want the bottom of the barrel that can’t get hired anywhere else?
Do you want rural volunteer fire companies that can reach your burning home in a matter of minutes or do you want to take a chance on a centralized station in the county seat sending help in your time of emergency?
Do you want a park system that provides outdoor recreational activities for your children, giving them an alternative to push-button video games and television or do you want to keep them indoors, adding to the general decline of physical fitness in our country?
Do you want quality roads that are paved on a regular schedule to keep them safe and drivable or do you want crumbling asphalt that throws your car out of alignment when you drive?

Same old shit we heard before. It is like entering a time warp

Let's do the Time Warp again
Let's do the Time Warp again

It's just a jump to the left

And then a step to the right

With your hands on your hips

You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane
Let's do the Time Warp again
Let's do the Time Warp again

Well a little flashback there to the Rocky Horror Picture Show

For those who may have moved to the area after the year 2000, a little history on the Revenue cap.

In June of 2000 the Wicomico county council in an outward display of being a government hog, driven by the school system, voted 5 to 2 to increase property taxes to $2.71 per hundred, a 46 cent increase from the previous year and place a one percent transfer tax of real estate sales. It was too much for taxpayers to take. VOICE ( Voters Opposing Increased County/City Expenditures) was organized with Don Coffin as Chairman to oppose the tax increase. This created the most voter participation I had seen in a long while. Between VOICE on one side and a number of front organizations for taxpayer supported employees such as Coalition For Wicomico’s Future and United Students for better schools on the other side supporting maximium taxes.

Since the driving force for the budget increase was the school system they predicted all kinds of dired happenings to the school system if VOICE had their way and repealed the one percent transfer tax and put a 2% revenue cap in place. Old political hacks like W. Paul Martin and Betty Gardner came out against VOICE.

VOICE got a referendum on the November 2000 ballet - actually two questions one repealing the one percent real estate transfer and second to put a 2 percent revenue cap on Wicomico County.

In an 11th hour attempt of a bribe to the voters by the Wicomico county Council they said if the voters voted down the 2% revenue cap and the repeal of the 1% transfer tax the council would drop the tax rate 11 cents from $2.71 to $2.60 and even hinted at 21 cents drop.

67% of the voters went to the poll and voted in a 2 % revenue cap for Wicomico County (18,741 to 10,061) and repealed the 1% property transfer tax (15,685 to 12,848). In 2002 the Charter revision was passed in Wicomico County. The Revenue cap was put in place because of the hog like behavior of the school board and county council. A few more votes were included against them due to the heavy handed manner of the teachers and school system in trying to shove an approving vote for the tax increase down our throat.

Today there are five countries in Maryland ( Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Talbot, and Wicomico) that have amended their charters to limit property tax rates or revenue.

And now the pigs are starting to root again. We are hearing once again how public safety is going to suffer, our schools are going to go downhill, blah, blah, blah. It is all bullshit put out by people who nine years ago said the same thing. They were wrong than - they are wrong now. As someone who main source of income is Social security I know how to live on a budget and Wicomico County needs to learn how to live on one. I am sure there is a lot of areas to cut starting with the County executive and his staff at the top. They were not there before a couple of years ago. Shea was not dumped when Pollitt came and a number of other useless mid management positions have been added – try cutting them and don’t even start me on the Wicomico School Board. If you don’t control spending and you let tax payer supported people have their way, then no amount of money will ever be enough, it will just go to show a revenue cap is nothing other than putting lipstick on a pig. At the end of the day you still have just a pig.

What's For Thanksgiving?

Jake's Hamburgers in Dover this month is having a Turkey Burger with stuffin, mayo, and Cranberry sauce, eat in or take out, all in a paper bag.

Whitesville 1856

Picked up from "This Day in Delaware History":

Nov 21, 1856 Joseph G. White began the village of Whitesville on the Maryland line near Delmar with the opening of his store.

Today's facts were compiled by historian Roger Martin and brought to you by the Delaware Public Archives.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Delaware City Refinery Closing

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control responds to news of refinery closing

DOVER - At the direction of Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Collin P. O’Mara has assembled a team of environmental scientists and engineers to oversee the safe and orderly shutdown and stabilization of the Delaware City Refinery in response to an announcement this morning that owner Valero Energy Corporation is permanently shutting down the facility.

“We have mobilized a team of experts in our air, waste and water programs and are also coordinating with environmental health staff with the Department of Health and Social Services and our counterparts at the Environmental Protection Agency to assure that public health and the environment are protected during this transitional period,” said Secretary O’Mara. “We have been working with the refinery on issues associated with a planned maintenance shutdown of the entire refinery for weeks and are prepared for it. The orderly shutdown of the equipment has already begun with the shutdown in October of one of the refinery’s major processing units. The remaining units have been operating at reduced rates and will be taken offline in a manner protective of health, safety and the environment. DNREC staff has been in constant contact with the refinery personnel and have been monitoring the shutdown activities and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of this period.”

“The near complete shutdown of the refinery earlier this year was accomplished without incident. The decision not to restart the equipment presents us with a list of questions and environmental concerns in the long term. We plan to assess the impacts thoroughly and coordinate with refinery personnel. Our goal is to ensure that all short and long term risks to our air, water and land are considered and addressed appropriately,” said O’Mara. “Beyond our environmental concerns our thoughts are with the employees and their families as they face this challenging time.”

In addition to closely coordinating with refinery personnel during the shutdown period, DNREC and Department of Health and Social Services staff will be on standby with monitoring and response equipment should any environmental incidents occur. Longer-term issues associated with permitting, on-going cleanup, removing petroleum products and operational status of the equipment will, in part, depend on the future use of the facility which is obviously unknown at this time. The DNREC team will be assessing these issues in a coordinated, comprehensive fashion.

Big Girls Don't Cry

Today in 1962 the song ""Big Girls Don't Cry" was released by The Four Seasons.

When they started they were just the Four Seasons but later became Frankie Valli and the Four seasons. They had a unique sound sung mostly in falsetto.

The song was designed to sound similar to The Four Seasons first hit, "Sherry," which topped the charts for 5 weeks a month before "Big Girls Don't Cry" hit the top spot. Motown soon applied the same approach to its acts: if someone had a hit - especially an unexpected one - follow it up with something very similar.

and those exciting lyrics were;

Big girls don't cry
Big girls don't cry

Big girls don't cry-yi-yi (they don't cry)
Big girls come on cry (who said, they don't cry)
My girl said goodbye-yi-yi (my, oh, my)
My girl didn't cry (I wonder why)

(Silly boy) Told my girl we had to break up
(Silly boy) Thought that she would call my bluff
(Silly boy) Then she said to my surprise
Big girls don't cry

Big girls don't cry-yi-yi (they don't cry)
Big girls come on cry (who said, they don't cry)

Baby, I was cruel (I was cruel)
Baby, I'm a fool (I'm such a fool)

(Silly girl) Shame on you, your mama said
(Silly girl) Shame on you, you cried in bed
(Silly girl) Shame on you, you told a lie
Big girls do cry

Big girls don't cry-yi-yi (they don't cry)
Big girls come on cry (that's just an alibi)

Big girls don't cry
Big girls don't cry
Big girls don't cry
Big girls don't cry

Strange lyrics when you see them in print but the song works. Big girls is a well worked song that numerous artists have recorded, books have been written using the title, advertising was based on it and everyone who trys to sing falsetto has sung it.

What's For Thankgiving?

1930 Menu from the US Naval Air Station in Lakehurst NJ
click photo to enlarge

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Survivor: Samoa

Okay as people who know me are aware I am a Survivor TV fan. It is one of the few reality shows I enjoy. This season the character Russel Hantz has amazed me finding two hidden immunity idols with no clues and a third one found tonight with a clue. The man is luckier than a double-dicked dog in a breeding kennel. He also is a scumbag and I can't imagine being an employee of his in that supposedly oil company he owns. Last week Laura at tribal council I thought looked like an evil voodoo queen with her immunity idol around her neck. This week they voted her off. The show season has been extended to December 20th.

Delmar P & Z Meeting in November 2009

The Planning and Zoning commission held it's November meeting tonight. Among the missing members were; Ed Ferro, William Boyan and Joy Slabaugh.

Parker and Associates and Dr. Kota L. Chandrasekhara came to discuss a ten unit commercial development on Rt13 and Thornton Blvd. He would like to break ground in three to four weeks before freezing.

They will present the plan again at the November Joint Council.

Alan Perry from Ponds Edge came asking for approval for a revised landscape plan and approval of a sign at the entrance. He was approved for both.

Michael Harpool had his handicap ramp approved for 11 Spruce Street Delmar MD.

The meeting was over with by 7:45

The Delmar Library Pickle Festival

All Day or until the pickled items are gone.

The Delmar Library celebrates National Pickle day

Two of my favorite words describe this 'Free' and 'Food'.

Fighting Fire With Fire

Dr. Batty's Asthma Cigarettes

Sussex County Mobility Consorturium Need Volunteers

Delmar Library Theft

I was reading in the Laurel Star today about a robbery at the Delmar Library. The Delmar library has a display of a Railroad saving bank it uses to hold donations slated for a "Teddy Bear Picnic"' usually held in February. Last Tuesday (Nov 17th) someone stole the money, about $250, from the display. The Teddy Bear Picnic has been cancelled. If you know of information or have questions contact Corretta Lowe, Delmar library, at

Two Chicks Old Barn has a Christmas Sale

Two Chicks Country Christmas Customer Appreciation Day

8 AM TO 6 PM

Christmas in the olde barn…antiques…primitives…furniture…country decor…seasonal items…unique treasures…fantastic finds…the smell of Christmas trees…the taste of mulled cider…the sights of the season! Our barn sale is just in time for you to decorate your home during the Thanksgiving holiday or find a unique gift for someone special.

Favors Liquor Store Does a Favor for Society

A Wilmington Liquor store Clerk shot and killed 20-year-old Kendel Miller of the 500 block of W. 39th St. in Wilmington while he attempted to rob the liquor store. This is an unfortunate incident for all parties involved, particularly for Kendel Miller, but I applaud the liquor store clerk for not letting his store be robbed. I am sure if Kendel Miller rap sheet was made public we would see he has along history with the law. I am sure he was a star poster child for the lenient court systems.

The store clerk's name was not given but the liquor store and the clerk both may be visited from other gang members looking to get back at them. Plus the handguns and shotgun were confiscated. They may be returned, but it will take two years or so before the owners sees them again.

"Delaware State Police Senior Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh said the department doesn't take a stand on whether it's a good idea for merchants to arm themselves.

"But we do advise that it's always better to comply with someone's demands than to put themselves into harm's way," he said."

Roll over hell - stand up and defend yourself.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Waterfowl Weekend

The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge will have their Waterfowl weekend next week between Nov 26 to 29th. The opened service road which was a highlight of the trip there will be closed this time due to flooding.

From the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refugee press release;

Celebrate Waterfowl Weekend at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

Join the staff at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on November 26th – 29th and
welcome back some of our seasonal residents as we celebrate the marvel of migration
during the annual Waterfowl Weekend event. The coming of fall heralds the return of
thousands of Snow Geese from their northern tundra breeding grounds to the milder
climate of Assateague Island on their southward winter trek. Traditionally, the best time to view this spectacle of migration is during our Waterfowl Weekend event.
A variety of guided bird walks, activities and special presentations are also planned
including a presentation by nationally renowned photographer and author of Between
Ocean and Bay, Jim Clark, on Friday, November 28th. Join us again on Saturday,
November 29th to learn some of Jim’s best tips and techniques for capturing those
award-winning photographs. Join us Saturday and Sunday for special presentations by
author and photographer Irene Hinke-Sacliotto as she discusses the stories behind
some of her favorite images and the ecological treasures that can be found at the

Due to flooding and road damage caused by the November Nor’easter, the regularly
planned Special Drive down the Refuge’s Service Road has been cancelled for this
year’s event. Refuge Manager Lou Hinds states that, “our responsibility of providing for a safe visitor experience and caring for refuge property has made this closure
necessary, but we still invite the public to come out and enjoy awe-inspiring site of
thousands of migratory waterfowl on the move and learn more about the important role
National Wildlife Refuges play in conserving habitat for these amazing birds.”
Schedules, program descriptions, and a listing of events for Waterfowl Weekend can be
found on the Refuge website at or by calling (757) 336-
6122. Be sure to bring your binoculars and a sense of wonder to enjoy the magic of
migration during Waterfowl Weekend at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge!

Planning and Zoning Meeting Tonight

Tonight at 7 PM in Town hall will be the Planning and Zoning meeting for November. Topics on the agenda at present are; Parker & Associates - c/o Dr. Chandrasekhara (comp. development plan 10 unit strip mall); Alan Perry- redo- Landscaping of Ponds Edge; and Michael Harpool- 11 Spruce Street- installation of handicap ramp

The Taste Of Sam's

Sam's Club is having their Holiday Taste of Sam's over the next couple of days starting tomorrow. I think in the flyer they have put out there is a free day pass to get in if you are not already a member. The Sam's Demo department will be out in full force passing out taste treats starting at 11 AM. As old people know you can have a light lunch at Sam's free just by visiting the differents Demo people at Christmas season.

What's For Thanksgiving?

Norman Rockwell's "Freedom From Want"

Fading Ad Blog

An interesting blog is Fading Ad Blog By Frank H. Jump. The blog is photos of ads painted on building or just retro ads in general or as he describes it; vintage mural ads & other signage- a cross-curricular collaboration.

1962 George "Cop" Hearn

From the Bi-State Weekly Nov 2, 1962

George "Cop" Hearn succumbs at 87

George Ernest "Cop" Hearn, 87, died Monday in Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, following a long illness.

Mr. Hearn, always known as "cop" here, was a retired policeman and former constable of Sussex County. He was a charter member of the Delmar Fire Department.

Born in Sussex county, his parents were the late John H. and Sarah E. Hearn. His wife, Mrs Amelia C. Hearn died several years ago.

He is survived by two sons, George J. of Delmar, and Edward of Detroit, Mich; four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and a sister Mrs. Harvey Reed, of Philadelphia.

Funeral services were conducted yesterday (Thursday) from the Marvel funeral Home by the Rev. John w. Townsend, a retired Methodist minister. Interment was in Mount Olive Cemetery.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Delmar Elementary Honor Society

National Elementary Honor Society Induction
Delmar Elementary will hold its FIRST National Elementary Honor Society Induction at 9:00 AM on Thursday, November 19. Dr. John Fredericksen, Superintendent of Wicomico County Public Schools, will be the keynote speaker.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Results of the Delmar Maryland Election - 2009

Doug Niblett, incumbent Mayor, received 104 votes. Photo by Wayne Barrall

Tom Mcguire, candidate for mayor, received 70 votes. Photo by Wayne Barrall

Carl Anderton (143 votes), and Carrie Williams (133 votes), the two incumbent commissioners, ran unopposed and were re-elected to office.

Quote For Today

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."
Margaret Thatcher

DHSS Press Release H1N1 School Vaccination Schedule


The Delaware Division of Public Health and the Delaware Department of Education announce the following schedule for the third week of the H1N1 School Vaccination Program.

Students in grades K-5 receive nasal spray vaccine. Students in grades 6-12 receive injectable vaccine.

Vaccination clinics scheduled for today at Sussex Academy of Arts and Science, H. O. Brittingham Elementary and Shields Elementary were cancelled because of the declared state of emergency. These school clinics will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Date School District
Nov. 16 Newark Charter - Christina
Nov. 16 Allen Frear Elementary - Caesar Rodney
Nov. 16 W. Riley Brown (at Welch) - Caesar Rodney
Nov. 16 Stokes Elementary - Caesar Rodney
Nov. 16 Evelyn Morris Elementary - Milford
Nov. 16 Selbyville Middle grades 6-8 - Indian River
Nov. 16 John Bassett Moore Intermediate grades 5-6 - Smyrna
Nov. 16 Central Middle grades 7-8 - Capital
Nov. 16 M.O.T. Charter School grades 6-8 - Charter
Nov. 16 H.B. Dupont Middle School grades 6-8 - Red Clay
Nov. 17 Carrcroft Elementary - Brandywine
Nov. 17 Mount Pleasant Elementary - Brandywine
Nov. 17 Pulaski Elementary - Christina
Nov. 17 East Side Charter - Colonial
Nov. 17 East Millsboro Elementary - Indian River
Nov. 17 Lord Baltimore Elementary - Indian River
Nov. 17 Highlands Elementary - Red Clay
Nov. 17 Lewis Dual Language - Red Clay
Nov. 17 Sussex Technical High School grades 9-12 - Sussex Tech
Nov. 17 Southern Delaware School of Arts grades 1-8 - Charter
Nov. 17 Laurel Intermediate grade 6 - Laurel
Nov. 17 Laurel Middle grades 7-8 - Laurel
Nov. 17 Laurel Senior High grades 9-12 - Laurel
Nov. 17 Newark Charter School grades 6-8 - Charter
Nov. 17 Skyline Middle School grades 6-8 - Red Clay
Nov. 17 Gauger-Cobbs Middle grades 6-8 - Christina
Nov. 18 North Dover Elementary - Capital
Nov. 18 New Castle ILC - Colonial
Nov. 18 Family Foundations Charter Academy - Colonial
Nov. 18 Richardson Park Elementary - Red Clay
Nov. 18 Richardson Park Learning Center - Red Clay
Nov. 18 Providence Creek Academy Charter - Smyrna
Nov. 18 Clayton Elementary - Smyrna
Nov. 18 Smyrna Elementary - Smyrna
Nov. 18 Indian River High grades 9-12 - Indian River
Nov. 18 Woodbridge Senior High grades 9-12 - Woodbridge
Nov. 18 Delmar Middle School Delmar Senior High grades 6-8 - Delmar
Nov. 18 Fred Fifer III Middle School - Caesar Rodney
Nov. 18 George Read Middle grades 6-8 - Colonial
Nov. 18 Alfred G. Waters Middle grades 6-8 - Appoquinimink
Nov. 19 Brandywood Elementary - Brandywine
Nov. 19 Lancashire Elementary - Brandywine
Nov. 19 Kuumba Academy - Christina
Nov. 19 Shortlidge Academy - Red Clay
Nov. 19 Warner Elementary - Red Clay
Nov. 19 Seaford Central - Seaford
Nov. 19 Smyrna High School grades 9-12 - Smyrna
Nov. 19 Mariner Middle School - Cape Henlopen
Nov. 19 Caesar Rodney High - Caesar Rodney
Nov. 19 Cape Henlopen High - Cape Henlopen
Nov. 19 Milford Middle School grades 6-8 - Milford
Nov. 19 Shue-Medill Middle grades 6-8 - Christina
Nov. 20 MacLary Elementary - Christina
Nov. 20 Wilson Elementary - Christina
Nov. 20 Phillip C. Showell Elementary - Indian River
Nov. 20 Southern Delaware School for the Arts - Indian River
Nov. 20 Delaware College Prep - Red Clay
Nov. 20 North Star Elementary - Red Clay
Nov. 20 Sussex Central Senior High grades 9-12 - Indian River
Nov. 20 Dover High School grades 9-12 - Capital
Nov. 20 Beacon Middle School - Cape Henlopen
Nov. 20 Springer Middle grades 6-8 - Brandywine
Nov. 20 St. George's Technical - Vo Tech

Scheduling information is subject to change. For additional information about both H1N1 and seasonal vaccines, please see our website at

Delaware Health and Social Services is committed to improving the quality of the lives of Delaware's citizens by promoting health and well-being, fostering self-sufficiency, and protecting vulnerable populations.

Tax Exempt Organizations In Delaware

I was looking at some of the tax exempt organizations in Delaware at Tax Exempt World. Now I don't know how up to date this site is but they say Delaware has 6,395 tax exempt organizations. I guess these will be the ones most likely to use the Delmar Charity Poker parlour. Looking at Tax World in New Castle County there are 4,458; Kent County 860; and Sussex County 1077.

For gaming purposes the Delaware Gaming Control Board controls the applications. They show which non profits are running games in Delaware at this location. Select Charitable Gambling Event at the bottom of the page. It's interesting that a number of fire departments use charity gaming and the two members of the Delmar fire Department, who are also Delmar Delaware council people, voted for charity gaming in Delmar.

Those 26 tax exempts (this does not say they are Delaware Non Exempt Organizations) in the Delmar Delaware zip code of 19940 are;

AGLOW INTERNATIONAL, RT 1 BOX 516, DELMAR, DE Religious Organization
AMERICAN LEGION POST 0015, 104 N 2ND ST, DELMAR, DE, Post or Organization of War Veterans
ANCIENT FREE & ACCEPTED MASONS OF MARYLAND, 36923 HORSEY CHURCH RD, DELMAR, DE Fraternal Beneficiary Society, Order or Association
DELMAR DELAWARE HAITIAN, RT 2 BOX 371, DELMAR, DE Religious Organization
DELMAR, DE Social Welfare Organization
DELMARVA MODEL RAILROAD CLUB, PO BOX 19, DELMAR, DE Pleasure, Recreational, or Social Club
DELMAR, DE Post or Organization of War Veterans
FIREMANS HISTORICAL FOUNDATION OF DELMARVA INC, 601 DELAWARE AVE, DELMAR, DE Educational Organization, ( Amateur Sports Clubs, Leagues, N.E.C.)
( Human Service Organizations - Multipurpose)
INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS, 1002 FULLER PL APT 10, DELMAR, DE, Fraternal Beneficiary Society, Order or Association
MIRWORTH ENTERPRISE INC, PO BOX 531, DELMAR, DE Charitable Organization, ( Theater)
PTA DELAWARE CONGRESS, 200 N 8TH ST, DELMAR, DE Educational Organization

George "Buddy" Richardson To Speak at LDGS

Tomorrow night at the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society (LDGS) library we will have George "Buddy" Richardson speak. Mr. Richardson runs the Grandfathers Clock Web Site and it is devoted to studies of the history and genealogy of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. He will speak on the use of a computer in research and the duties of a webmaster.

The talk is free, join us at 7 PM for an interesting night. The library is located at 116-1 North Division Street (across from the court house), Salisbury Maryland.

Today is Election Day in Delmar Maryland - Finally

Today is the day. Urging Delmartonians to vote on Election Day should be a motherhood-and-apple-pie blogger topic and by now I am sure you have made up your mind as to which candidates you want to vote for. Now is the time to just show up and perform the physical act of voting. Anytime today between 7 AM to 7 PM at Town Hall. The very act of turning out to vote shows that you believe this election is critically important and all elections are critically important.

I applaud those who have stood up, put their names to their opinions and filed to run for election. They have all suffer some rather savage personal attacks for doing so.

After today it's time to move ahead and time to end the divisiveness. We are neighbors, friends and colleagues. We may share different beliefs, but we live in and love the same town.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Laurel Gets A Sushi Bar

Over at Elbert's he says Laurel now has a Sushi bar over by the Food Lion.
No doubt they will be using those catfish caught in Broad Creek.

Get out there and vote Delmar Maryland

Well wait until tomorrow. The voting booth at town hall will open at 7 AM tomorrow and will go to 7 PM tomorrow night. There are two candidates and maybe a write-in for mayor and two candidates and maybe a write-in for the two commissioner slots. The weather forecast is for good weather tomorrow so you can’t use that as an excuse.

I think this year the deciding factor will be the voters in Woodcreek. A high percentage are homeowners who tend to vote as opposed to the renters in Heron Pond. Frankly if Woodcreek formed a block of 50 voters who voted for one candidate or write-in person they would put that person in office.

Remember Delmar Maryland has low voter turnout. For each person voting there will be 9 sitting home on their ass complaining about things but not voting. You have the power of ten voters when you cast your vote.

Let your voice be heard and in the words of that great American Al Capone "Vote Early and Vote Often."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sussex County News Release

Sussex County asks for storm damage reports

Officials assessing extent of destruction caused by flooding, winds and rain from powerful coastal storm

Sussex County emergency managers are asking property owners and residents affected by last week’s powerful coastal storm to report any damage to homes, businesses, cars or other property so officials can gain a clear picture of the extent of destruction wrought by the worst nor’easter to hit the region in at least a decade.

Beginning at 8:30 a.m. Monday, Nov. 16, members of the public who experienced any storm-related damage to their properties should call the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center at (302) 856-7366.

Property owners and residents should be prepared to speak in detail about the type of damage suffered, what caused it, the location, and whether they have insurance. Damage must be as a result of the storm between Wednesday, Nov. 11, and Sunday, Nov. 15.

“Now that the storm has passed and people are making their way outside or back to their properties, we need to get an assessment of the amount of damage out there,” EOC Director Joseph L. Thomas said. “There is definitely flooding damage, particularly along the Inland Bays and the Atlantic coast, and as the days wear on, I’m sure we’re going to see the reports pour in as people begin the hard task of cleaning up.”

The Sussex County EOC also reminds residents and property owners with photographs of flooding or other storm damage to share those pictures with officials. Visit to upload storm images.

American Education Week at Delmar

Delmar Elementary School will celebrate American Education Week this up coming week November 16-21. Visiting Hours are 8:30 - 2:30 everyday. American Education Week is a product of the National Education Association (NEA), the teachers union.

American Education Week does bring back memories of my daughters coming home begging us to visit the school that week as they would get "extra credit" for every living soul they could get to attend and God knows my daughters could use any extra credit given. So we went and sit in those little chairs in the classrooms with our knees tucked up under our chins and relived K thru 6th grade and remembered how horribly boring it was and how unfair grade school is.

All GOOD parents will attend at least one class of their child's grade this week or the teachers will note on your child's PERMANENT RECORD that you may not be a GOOD parent.

A Book Review of "Mallard Lakes" A book by C B Dutton

Since I have retired I find I have time to do a number of things, reading books is one of them and about the cheapest form of entertainment open to me. I read at least a book a week and those I find to be exceptionally good or exceptionally bad I like to write a review of. ‘Mallard Lakes’ is neither exceptionally good nor exceptionally bad but it does have a number of subjects I can comment on. I have looked for this book for sometime, hoping to find it in a library or thrift store etc, but was unable to do so and had to buy it thru

My main interest in the book was the author, C B Dutton, who was originally from Delmar Maryland and let’s face it finding Delmar people in the arts is a rare thing. The bio in the back of the book is this;

For the past 24 years C.B. Dutton has resided in Virginia Beach, VA but was born in Delmar, Maryland on August 15, 1948 to the parents of Charles Hollis Hudson and Olivia Hudson, who are now deceased. The Hudson family was a middle class family and her father worked very hard to provide for them. He taught auto mechanics part-time at a local high school and was an employee of C & P Telephone Company for over 25 years. She is the sister to nine other siblings, two of which are deceased. C.B. Dutton has been married to Gregory Dutton for over 30 years and has three daughters, Patrice McLeod, Monica McHenry and Tammy Brown, and is the grandmother of five grandsons and one granddaughter and the great grandmother of twins and is expecting two more great grandchildren in February and June of 2008. C.B. Dutton has a passion for writing and finds it stimulating, rewarding and unyielding. Now, one does not have to wonder what she is thinking, her words are in print and her words speak for themselves.

So before we review the book who is C B Dutton? We know she was a Hudson and that narrows it down to about a fifth of the people in the area, I am glad her last name wasn’t Hastings, Hearn or Ellis. Her first name may be Geraldine as one book seller had put that down in stead of C B. Dutton. The District School Office in Delmar has a collection of old yearbooks and I did a quick glance thru a couple of years and did not see a Hudson that sounded like her so perhaps you true natives of Delmar can resolve that mystery for me.

The short version of the book and it’s story; Callie Hudson, book writer and fiancĂ© of Gregg lived in New York city and bought a waterfront property on Mallard Lakes. Mysterious things happen to her when she moves to the new house. Mystery People stalk her. People are murdered. She finds the mystery people’s hidden camp and sends police in after them. The story takes new twists and at the ending is very open and Callie Hudson’s Life can have a completely new direction.

In reading this book I have the feeling it was written for the elementary school kid market. The story line is good but frequently implausible. Because the story line has possibilities, with a number of twists and the book is short it does allow you to continue to read it. Generally on a rating from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, I would give it a rating of one. The book is 146 pages long but the lines are double spaced so it is only about a 75 page book using normal spacing, that makes for pretty quick reading. In searching for the book I had read the bio of the author online so I knew her maiden name was Hudson and she was married to Gregory T Dutton, so when she uses character names such as Callie Hudson fiancé of Gregg it made me wonder how much more in the book is of her life. Hopefully the plot of the book was not taken from her life just character names and descriptions. The book could be good, maybe a three on my rating, but is too short to fully develop the story line and the author lacks great writing skills.

The book was published in 2008 by Author House. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is 978-1-4343-4946-0.

Now a little about publishing. Publishing a book can take many forms from the family historian writing a family history and printing a copy on their home computer, then off to Kinos to have it copied and bound and ‘sold’ to family members. Since a book has to commercially viable for a commercial publisher to take it on (unless it is some college professor who writes a book and can force his students to buy it at inflated prices at the college bookstore) and if expectations for a book to sell less than multi-thousand copies they will not take it on. Enter the world of Print on Demand (POD), vanity presses, and self publishing. These publishers will print your book for a fee.
Author House
is a self-publishing company and basically anyone can publish their work if they are willing to pay to do so. Author House publishing cost start at $599 and goes to $1,999. This price includes cover design, printing, hand holding and your own ISBN number for your book. Author House has had a number of complaints about it, namely concerning the passing on of royalties. See Writer's Beware Blog. So C B Dutton look for that royalty check as I paid full price for your book.

Now self publishing isn’t a bad thing, it frequently means you are writing for a limited market or you are so extreme no commercial publisher will take you on. In looking at book titles at a self publishing firm you will see an extremely wide range of titles and you can see that a number will never sell more than a few copies. Self Publishing will give you a chance to have your work exposed to a large audience which might gain you access to a commercial publisher in the future. You have to start somewhere. I guess from a vanity point with a self publisher, you can say; “I am a published author”, which like degrees from college diploma mills, will add greatly to your status as a political candidate, college professor, blogger or just member of a coffee circle.