Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Look For What A Smell

Over at What a Smell there is a new spiffy look. Uncle Paul has some format changes and added some high tech touches.

Studded Tires

This bit of snow and ice reminds me of when we use to use studded tires in the winter. Back in the 1960's and before it snowed more on Delmarva, than we stopped receiving consistent snows (OK an occasional one that buried us)until perhaps this winter. Studded tires in Maryland (except for the far Western countries are illegal now. Studded tires are legal in Delaware and Virginia from October 15 to April 15th. I would guess that if snow tires are legal in your state and you drive in Maryland it is ok. There were a number of reasons for banning studded snow tires all together or limit them to a few months. They did some damage to the highway when there was no snow or ice for them to bit into, occasionally a stud would fly loose and hit another car, they made noise while driving, and on wet or dry roads (no snow or ice) it took longer to stop. If you drove a car in the snow with them on your vehicle they were great, so I guess the states decided; better for someone to occasionally end up in an accident dead or paralysed from the waist down than to have to repair roadways. I think the main reason you don't see them that often now days is due to the limited amount of snow we received most people just stopped buying snow tires of any type.

For those too young to remember studded tires they looked similar to regular tires except they had deeper tread and tiny holes for studs. The tire dealer would install the studs for you. The more studs, the more expensive the tire. The studs consisted of a small jacket made of steel, aluminum, or plastic, and a tungsten carbide pin that protruded 1 to 2 millimeters from the surface of the tread. As I recall you had to buy a set of four you couldn't drive with just two studded ones and two regular tires.

Passing Thought

God made pigs. Man took pigs, made bacon, scrapple, hot dogs, sausages, pork chops, pork rinds, and barbeque. If only pigs peed beer, they’d be the perfect animals

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today's Quote

"God bless y'all real good." or the long version "God bless y'all real good with continued success and happiness."
The amazing Louis Lazarus Goldstein (1913 – 1998) the Longest serving Maryland Comptroller, as I recall he even came into Delmar Delaware at election time seeking votes.

Bill Hitch Jr and his self help program

The Laurel Star must be one of the first newspapers to report anything about the William Hitch Jr problem. William Hitch Jr was the Director of Finance for the Laurel School Board and has been in that position for a number of years. He recently resigned from that position, admitting he made unauthorized payments to himself over the last three years. Now the first I heard of it was the post Frank Calio made on the subject. I called around to a couple of people I know to get some information on the matter, because as readers of this blog know this is my favorite topic. To my surprise no one was talking. If anything people acted hurt and disappointed that it had happened as they say he is a nice guy. The Laurel Star article said very little about the matter and I don't know anything so we just have to wait and see how much money was involved and how it happened. If I can find out anything I will post it as being a retired accountant I am particularly unforgiving when these things happen. The Accounting profession has deteriorated so bad in the last 30 years that it is running about neck to neck in reputation with lawyers. Where is Tom Wagner?

Delmarva Sportsmen Blog

I was reading the Delmarva Sportsman blog by Biazzio. It is an enjoyable blog, well written, pretty much aimed at hunting, fishing, and ducking. He posts frequently enought for you to be rewarded when you look at his blog, nothing worst than to waste your time looking at someone's blog and finding out they haven't posted in two weeks. He gives out cooking recipes and he seems to actually eat what he kills (part of the if it dies - it fries philosophy). He talks about the high cost, due to government licenses, of fishing and hunting. His profile says he lives in Delmar and he talks about hunting etc in spots you have been too or at least heard of. Take a look at it, if you enjoy those activities I think you will enjoy his blog.

1937 Christmas Menu at Snow Hill CCC Camp

In the 1930's the Civilian Conservation Corp had a number of camps set up on the Delmarva. My father and his brother were both in one of the camps, altho not at the same time, located in Snow Hill. Below is a photo of the Christmas Day Menu for the 1318th Company of camp S 62 located outside of Snow Hill Maryland.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson

Long before the title Cougar was developed we had Mrs. Robinson.

Benjamin: Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me.
Mrs. Robinson: [laughs]
Benjamin: Aren't you?
Mrs. Robinson: Benjamin, I am *not* trying to seduce you.
Benjamin: I know that, but *please*, Mrs. Robinson, this is difficult...
Mrs. Robinson: Would you like me to seduce you?

Today in 1967 The movie The Graduate, a film directed by Mike Nichols, was released, with Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Katharine Ross, plus a sound track by Simon & Garfunkel and an uncredited role by Richard Dreyfuss.

The movie was based on the 1963 novel "The Graduate" by Charles Webb. Charles Webb life is as strange as the movie. He wrote the book at age 24, shortly after graduating from Williams College. Charles Webb's Elaine was Eve Rudd (who has changed her name to Fred). They lived for many years in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. She was notorious for greeting people at the door stark naked. Their lives has had many ups and downs. Webb sold the movie rights for a one time payment of $20,000. He wrote the book at age 24 at the poolside bar of the Pasenda Huntington hotel and supposedly it was based on his affair with an older, wealthy, married Pasadena socialite. He, himself, however now says he never had the affair.

For an interview with Charles Webb go here.

Today, Canal, a French media company owns the rights to "The Graduate."

"I know that without having money it becomes a preoccupation, obviously, and people think of it that way. I don’t know why people have to keep thinking about money. I know you don’t have enough,” he says diplomatically, “but people who, once they have enough and they keep thinking about it, what’s that all about? It’s a boring subject.” Charles Webb

Monday, December 21, 2009

December Joint Council Meeting

The December Delmar Delaware and Delmar Maryland Joint Council meeting was held tonight. On the Delaware side of town Councilman Robert Thompson was missing. On the Maryland side both Carrie Williams and Marlena Hodgins have resigned. Must be some reason the Maryland Council isn't happy. There was about 7 or 8 "Public" at the meeting. My usual disclaimer is; I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story - go to the meeting.

food collected for the Tom McGuire/Maryland Food Bank collection

more food.

Newly re-elected Mayor Niblett put forth two names for the resigned commissioners positions; Karen Wells, an 18 year resident of Delmar and a previous blogger. Karen has interest in youth Sports and the fire department. James Henderson the second person put forth is a member of the Planning and Zoning commission and resident of WoodCreek. Naturally they were approved.

Karen Wells and James Henderson being sworn in by Mayor Niblett.

The Stop sign at 4th and Chestnut was discussed and finally approved with Karen Wells abstaining.

Additional lighting was approved for Elizabeth street after 16 crime incidents were reported.

Animal Control Officer Robert Kenney is retiring due to health problems. He has been the town animal control person for 17 plus years.

Director of Public Works Jerome Reid's mother passed away, our prayers go out to him and his family.

Town manager Sara Bynum-King discussed plans for offices at the old Bank Of Delmarva building. The bank's final day is the 31st and they will remove the ATM in January.

Since Sara Bynum-King had not shared floor plans or asked for input from the ten members of the councils this put Maryland Commissioner Carl Anderton into a snit. He felt the council people should all have input into where the offices are placed, if for no other reasons than they would have to explain the floor plan to the public.

Delaware Councilman Payne had issues about the flyer Tom McGuire handed out for the food drive.

Speaking of Food Drives the Middle/High school recently had a very successful food drive. A letter from Terri Addlesberger (Mary Lee Pase's daughter) is below that shows the success of it. Click on photo to enlarge.

Below a photo of a photo showing the students at school on the canned food drive

and as a final note; Jamie Rostocki's wife gave birth to a boy. Congratulations Jamie

December Delmar Utility Commission

The Delmar Utility Commission had their December meeting tonight. Robert Thompson and Marlena Hodgins were missing. I understand Thompson is in Florida and Hodgins has resigned.

Nothing of any great importance's was discussed. The Tidewater Draft agreement Revisions (which I am against) is still being discussed. Our engineers gave us information on the town sewer collection system. A great piece of information that I may share with you in the future. I complimented the Public Works department for the work they did on clearing the recent snow from the streets, given our limited budget and equipment.

It is slippery out there

It is icy out there and going to get worst as this mess continues to freeze.


Reminder Delmar Joint Council Meeting For December

Tonight at 7 PM in town hall the December Delmar Joint Council meeting will be held.

Among the items on the agenda;
an Oath of Office
Richard Evans- Request to hunt on 200+ acres annexed into Town
Resolution 2009-12-21 Employee Pension (MD, DE)
TESI Agreement Revisions
Proposed Zoning Code Change
Stop Sign- 4th Street and Chestnut Street- Survey Results
Lighting on E. Elizabeth Street

The Winter Solstice Is Upon Us

Survivor Samoa winner 2009

Well last night we saw one pissed off Russell “the Puppet Master” Hantz. Clearly someone who expected to win Survivor Samoa winner 2009 and didn't. Just goes to show, don't count your chickens before they hatch and at some point in the game shut up. It would appear there was a backlash against Russell for his arrogance's and gloating about how stupid his fellow Survivors were. I saw nothing Natalie White did to win the game, other than tag along and receive the positive outcome of the backlash against Russell. Natalie White, the 26-year-old unemployed pharmaceutical sales rep beat out both Russell (supposedly a millionaire) and Doctor Mick Trimming (lets face it even at $300,000 plus in debt no one thinks a Doctor needs the money). Ultimately due to Russell's mouth and backstabbing and the editing of the TV show I think in monetarily value Russell will come out with far more than a million dollars from promotions and TV appearances.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

ABC ad

Memory Blackout

For the life of me I can not recall which store had the talking reindeer at the old mall in Salisbury at Christmas time. Was it Hutzler's or Hecht company? I think it was Hutzler's as I recall they had live models, at one time, instead of mannequins and they would freak everyone out.

Going to Work

No not me, but the wife had to go to work today. As to be expected the doors were frozen shut and it took a half hour of her working on them and the windshield before she was ready to leave.

The Delaware Christmas Tree

Since 1923, the United States has held a tradition of lighting a National Christmas Tree in Washington, DC. and on December 3rd it was lit for another year. Surrounding the National Christmas Tree is what is known as the "Pathway of Peace" and consists of 56 decorated trees representing all 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia. Sponsoring organizations from each state provide the decorations and each decoration is encased in a plastic globe to shield it from the weather. Every year one-of-a-kind ornaments are made to hang on the 56 trees. For the Delaware tree the Art Therapy Express Program has been chosen for 5 years to represent the state of Delaware in creating the decorative ornaments for the Delaware State Tree in Washington, D.C. The Delaware ornaments were made by 40 children with cerebral palsy working as a team with non-disability volunteers. What would we do without art programs in Delaware?

My daughter sent me these photo of the Delaware tree.