Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why Doesn't the Town of Delmar advertise Job Positions?

Why doesn't the town of Delmar advertise job positions on their web site? I understand another office person has been hired for the town. A public works position is open. An animal control position is open. None of these have been advertised on the town website nor the police website. I don't remember seeing any advertisement on the walls of town hall either. Do people hear of these jobs and are selected by the "who you know" type of job employment advertising? Maybe that is why our town officials keep getting re-elected. Of course, for some reason, those that are hired usually don't live in town.


Two retired boats are sent down to Delaware’s
artificial reefs in run-up to ex-USS Radford sinking

DOVER— Two retired ocean-going vessels were sunk Saturday over Delaware’s artificial reefs as the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control continues to expand aquatic habitat while furthering the state’s recreational angling and diving opportunities.

The Atlantic Mist went down onto the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Reef, Delaware’s newest artificial reef—and the site that later this year will receive the ex-USS Arthur W. Radford, a Navy destroyer, as the largest vessel ever reefed on the East Coast. The Atlantic Mist, a 180-foot menhaden boat, joined a sister ship sunk earlier from the menhaden fishing fleet, the Gregory Poole, in the ocean depths 26 miles off the Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland coasts. The Del-Jersey-Land Reef is thus named because the site is equidistant from the three states after which it is named.

“Having come to their useful ends as fishing boats, both the Poole and the Atlantic Mist also are ex-warships given new life as artificial reefing material,” said Jeffrey Tinsman, reef program manager for DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife. “They and the Radford sinking ahead will expand on what we’ve started with reefing decommissioned ships on the Del-Jersey-Land Reef, and we anticipate more retired Navy vessels to come.”

The second sinking Saturday was the 78-foot shrimper Frieda Marie, onto the Redbird Reef, Delaware’s most prominent artificial reef, and whose name derives from the retired New York City “Red Bird” subway cars that constitute most of the reef, more than 1,000 cars in all. With the subway cars accounting for a total surface area of more than 2.5 million square feet, Redbird Reef supports a marine life community up to 400 times richer than the natural bottom.

Before becoming a menhaden ship, the Atlantic Mist entered service in the 1950s as the USS Ely, a submarine escort and coastal patrol craft based out of Sheboygan, Wisc. As the Ely, it was one of the first ships to transit the new St. Lawrence Seaway and also was the last Navy ship homeported at the Sheboygan Naval Reserve Center, which closed in 1995. The Frieda Marie achieved notoriety last summer when it ran aground off Chincoteague along the coast of Virginia. The two ships’ combined length is less than half that of the former- Radford (563 feet), to which Delaware will take title soon as first step toward a planned late spring or summer sinking.

Decommissioned and retired ships are prepared for sinking by having strategic slits cut into the hull, which are then patched over until the ship is towed to its destination. Once over the reef, the patches are removed and the sea cocks opened, flooding the ship’s compartments and enabling it to sink very quickly.

Both vessels were cleaned and prepped, then towed to the reef sites and sank by the Dominion Marine Group of Norfolk, Va., under contract with DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife Delaware Reef Program, and primarily funded through the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The vessels were cleaned by Dominion Marine Group to remove all greases and buoyant materials that might be harmful to the marine environment. The U.S. Coast Guard inspected and approved the boats prior to transport to the reef site.

Reef construction is especially important in the Mid-Atlantic region, where the ocean bottom is usually featureless sand or mud. A decommissioned vessel makes ideal reef material, because voids and cavities in its structure provide the perfect sanctuary for reef fish. Within a few weeks, blue mussels, sponges, barnacles and soft corals attach to the structure, and in about a year, the reef will be fully productive, resembling natural habitat.

Delaware has 14 permitted artificial reef sites in the Delaware Bay and coastal waters, with five of these sites located in federal (ocean) waters. Development of the sites began in 1995 as part of a comprehensive fisheries management effort by the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Delaware Reef Program.

For more information on the state’s artificial reefs, please visit or contact Jeff Tinsman, Delaware Reef Program administrator, at (302) 739-4782.

Delmar Feed Mills - 1957

Obama and Money

So where is Obama going to get the $100 million for aid to Haiti? Our County is already in debt up to it's eyeballs.

In order to get more votes on his healthcare bill he is letting the unions slip by exempting them from paying the so called "Cadillac" tax on health insurance (40 percent tax on insurance plans costing more than $8,900 for individuals and $24,000 for families). He is violating one of his early promises in the health care debate: that if you like the health coverage you have, you will be able to keep it. I guess he didn't say if you kept it you would pay a 40% tax.

When he gets around to delivering his State of Union message (usually done on a Tuesday in January - he has two dates left to select from) it is going to look like a musical with all the song and dance numbers he is going to use to explain away his lack of accomplishments.

Friday, January 15, 2010

2nd Annual Restaurant Night

The Wildcat Culinary Club will be hosting its 2nd Annual Restaurant Night on Thursday, February 18th, 2010. This event is a great opportunity for the club to show off their culinary skills while gaining a better understanding of and appreciation for all aspects of operating a restaurant. Doors will be open @ 4:30 p.m. for seating and carry outs. The menu will be:

Homemade Lasagna

Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots

Brown Sugar Glazed Ham with Scalloped Potatoes

Marinated Chicken Breast and Stuffing Bake

All dinners will be served with a vegetable and coffee or iced tea for $8.50 per person adult, $7.75 senior citizens, $7.50 DMSHS students. A children’s (10 and under) menu will also be available for $4.50. Advanced tickets will be available beginning Tuesday, January 26th from any culinary student or in the front office of DMSHS.

The Reservist Return - 1957

Click to enlarge
From the Bi-State Weekly

Miss Jackie Sings

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Delmar Police Press Release

Press Release
Delmar Police Department

Incident: Controlled Substance Violations
Date: 01-13-10
Location: 8894 Delmar Rd, Delmar, DE
Suspect: Carol E Peeler, 59 Y.O.A., Delmar, DE, Joseph G. Peeler, 62 Y.O.A. Delmar, DE

On Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Law enforcement Officers of the Delmar Police Department assisted by Laurel Police Department executed a search and seizure warrant at 8894 Delmar Rd, Delmar DE. Pursuant to a search of the residence of Carol and Joseph Peeler. Officers located the following: a quantity of marijuana, cocaine, packaging bags, digital scale, U.S. Currency, and a total 24 firearms. Joseph Peeler was transported to the Sussex County Institution. Joseph Peeler is being held on $17,000 cash bond. Carol Peeler was released on an unsecure bond.

Possession with Intent to Deliver a Nonnarcotic Schedule I Controlled Substance
Maintaining a Dwelling for Keeping Controlled Substance
24 counts of Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony
Possession of a Narcotic Schedule II Controlled Substance

TPS for Haitians

Since Haiti is in upheaval over the earthquake our government is looking at giving illegal Haitians living (estimated at 30,000) in the US of A Temporary Protected Status (TPS). It means they can live here for 12 to 18 months on a temporary status. Tell me this isn't a problem. How many more children will be born to illegal Haitians living here on a TPS making the children US Citizens. Homeland security is a laugh.

The Fear of crime Spreads

I was up to Seaford today and I noticed how many stores are obviously concerned about crime. The photo above is of the front of Roses. Among the other paper signs on the front is one that says "Please remove All Hoods Upon Entering Store". reminds you of the one out at Wilmington Trust in Delmar about don't wear a ski mask into the bank. I was over to Auto Zone and they have their aisle way blocked at one end so it forces you to exit by the counter where there are employees instead of just circling around the store avoiding the clerks. At the end of each aisle is a sign that says shop lifters will be prosecuted.

As I was going to Wal Mart I noticed people on the roof adjusting the Security Cameras. I don't know if they were adding more or just adjusting. I happened to be looking for a ski mask for an upcoming trip I will be going on and could not find one, is it just coincidental no one has one or have they stopped selling them because of the possible connection with crime?

Politics makes strange bedfellows

As you know I am against having a casino in Delmar so the news that several elected officials of the Video Lotterey Gaming Commission were against it also certainly encouraged me.

WMDT-TV has a small blurb about the casino in Delmar and how our Representative Biff Lee is against it. "Maybe we need to look at how much we're spending to help cure the debt, not go out go out and put glitz and and glitter in front of people that will maybe come in and spend the money that they may not have the money to spend," said Delaware Representative Clifford "Biff" Lee.

Now as you know I am usually opposed to Biff Lee just on the grounds he has been in office too long. I guess it goes to show even a broken clock is right twice a day. Actually Biff Lee sends out surveys to ask which way his constituents would like for him to vote and he usually votes that way so I suppose that is the reason why he voted the way he did. Unlike the Delmar survey that town hall insists was a good survey and the majority of the people (fire hall) wanted the casino.

The Bank Tax

Remember last month when we were being bombed with news about how banks were paying back their loans and how the government wouldn't lose any money, now this month we are told the administration has a plan for a new tax to recoup between $90 billion to $120 billion over 10 years in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bailout money? You know you are being screwed without me telling you. This tax/fee is merely the red herring to throw the public off from the fact they are being screwed.

The proposed tax (called a financial crisis responsibility fee - it's a fee not a tax ) on banks, insurance companies and brokerages (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, General Electric’s GE Capital unit, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Bank of America) with more than $50 billion in assets. The tax/fee would amount to about $1.5 million for every $1 billion in bank assets subject to the fee.

This election year there are a number of long term elected officials coming up for re-election in the house and senate, in order to stop this mess it is your duty as an American to get rid of those people. Castle is suffering from a deteriorated mind he was instrumental in the bailout plans. Vote him out.

Schooner "Clarke and Willie" - 1916

English's - 1979

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dr Jeff Master's Wunder Blog

Dr. Jeff Master's Wunder Blog has an interesting post on the earthquake in Haiti. The blog is aimed at weather and it amazes me the number of visitor comments he has on his posts. From a couple hundred to several thousand. Normally always has a lot of detail supporting his posts.

Fisherman's Flea Market

Shelia Dixon's Pension

Now I know we all are disturbed over Shelia Dixon, previous Mayor of Baltimore, receiving an $83,000 a year pension after pleading guilty to one count of perjury. I guess if you are in government you can rip off taxpayers forever. I think it is due to the other elected officials being just as crooked as the guilty ones and they all want to protect themselves. It is like in Delaware where the Delaware employees pay was cut but the elected officials keep the same pay.

Altho described as pleading guilty Shelia Dixon cut a deal in which she entered an Alford plea to one count of perjury – a charge related to prosecutors’ assertion that she had failed to disclose gifts from her former boyfriend. The Alford plea means that although Dixon does not admit guilt, she recognizes that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict her. Prosecutors asked the court to strike last month’s guilty verdict and give Dixon probation before judgment – a legal status that means the mayor does not have a criminal conviction. Since she doesn't have a criminal conviction she gets to keep her pension. The scrumbags all work together. She can also run for office again once her probation is up. Sounds like Washington DC Mayor Barry doesn't it?

As you may recall Ed Norris, previous Police Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department, lost his pension because he was was found guilty and served time. Baltimore is ruled by scumbag Democrats who like to say they are for the common people but they just are really out to enrich themselves.

Shelia Dixon served in government for 22 years, her last job was the 48th Mayor of Baltimore. I guess you can say she earned the pension for those years, like those of us on Social security, and shouldn't be penalized. Of course she may have stole for those entire 22 years.

The whole system of government pensions tend to be obscene when compare to the private sector. When you add in the retiree health plan it is even more obscene. But don't look for it to change. The people that should change it are reaping the same benefits and they aren't going to cut their throats.

C. H. Hayman And Sons Co. - 1979

Beef and Dumplin Dinner

The Delmar New Century Club is having a Beef and Dumplin' Dinner Sunday, January 24 from 1:00 until 4:00 at the Delmar VFW.

Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased from any member or at the door.

Carry-outs available

Proceeds benefit Community Projects


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hooks Pastry Shop - 1979

DNREC Press Release

Rabbit hunting season extended to Feb. 27

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife has announced that the rabbit hunting season has been extended by approximately two weeks to Saturday, Feb. 27. This extension comes as the result of a new regulation that will end Delaware’s rabbit season each year on the last day of February or the last Saturday of the February if the month ends on a Sunday.

“Division staff conducted a careful review of the biological data,” said Wildlife Section Administrator Greg Moore. “It was concluded that the season extension would not adversely affect the state’s rabbit population.”

With deer hunting seasons expanding in recent years, rabbit hunters have lost opportunities to pursue their sport. Some public lands are closed to rabbit hunters during deer seasons and some private lands have also become unavailable due to conflicts with deer hunting. This season extension will bring back some of the rabbit hunting opportunities lost in recent years.

For more information, please contact Ken Reynolds, Wildlife Section, at 302-735-3600.

Dr. Donald Hattier - Delmar Related Article

I came across this article on Laura and Dr. Donald Hattier. It says he was a chiropractor in Delmar but I don't recall him. He is now in Millville .

Short Lists

I was sitting around thinking (always dangerous) about items if written on a list would make for quick reading. Some of those I can think of are;

1) The number of successful investments I have made in the last year.
2) The number of Christmas Decorations the Town of Delmar own
3) The number of accomplishments Obama has achieved.
4) The number of people in Laurel not under criminal investigation.
5) The number of active businesses in Downtown Delmar.
6) The number of residents of Woodcreek who have not complained about Woodcreek.
7) The number of Delmar Police Reports released to the public.
8) The number of commercial and housing developments Delmar has on the books that actually built something in the past year.
9) The amount of time the Delmar Joint Council didn't spend on Gambling related businesses.

I am sure you can add more.

Altho not a list item I can add the Daily Times Newspaper for quick reading as there is only about three pages (including the comics) of news in it anymore.

Kukla, Fran and Ollie

Today, Jan. 12, in 1949 A strange puppet show with a bald boy, a blonde, a one-toothed dragon aired on NBC. Kukla, Fran and Ollie begin it's NBC broadcast. The show was sent over coaxial cable linking the East Coast and Midwest. Never mentioned in the title was Burr Tillstrom, who was the creator of "Kukla, Fran and Ollie," and the only puppeteer on the show. The show ran from 1947 (started on a local TV station on October 13, 1947) to 1957 but there were many other shows that KFO hosted or appeared on. The show was unique, compared to todays shows in the fact it was ad-libbed and live. It had a cast of Kukla (never knew what he was), Fran (Fran Allison), Oliver J. Dragon (Ollie) a one tooth dragon, Madame Ophelia Ooglepuss, Buelah Witch, Fletcher Rabbit, and a number of others. The show never received the long lasting TV collector habit due to Burr's refusal to market the show an do merchandising of the characters, so you have few Kukla dolls or puppets to buy on ebay . Kukla, Fran and Ollie was a low keyed show. After watching it you became hooked on the characters and continued to watch them.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The January Quarterly Police Commission Meeting

The Quarterly Delmar Police Commission was held tonight. The Commission consist of the two mayors and a third member, who is an elected official from either Delaware or Maryland. With Carrie Williams resignation the new third member is Woody Payne. I look forward to Woody being on the commission as usually there is not much to write about at these meetings but I am sure once Woody settles in I will be having lengthier post on the Police Commission meeting.

Tonight it was quiet and quick. Additional training for officers is being required and it will be for 35 hours at a time. All officers will have to go to it. The K-9 and his Handler has to return to North Carolina where the dog was purchased for follow-up training. A grant can be obtained that will pay for stun guns for all the officers. The Commission gave it approval for stun guns. They have had four applications for the position of part time animal control officer.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thoughts on Fire Hydrants and Youth

This morning I took a quick brisk walk - it is cold out there - and on that walk I noticed some, not all but some, fire hydrants in town have a grease fitting on top of them.

Now when I was young and we lived in the town of Salisbury, which had fire hydrants, my mother would send my brother and I out of the house to play - a common thing in the 1950's. We thought it was the greatest thing to buy a a box of paper caps and tear off a roll of them and put the entire roll on the flat top of fire hydrants. When you struck them with a 2X4 the whole roll would explode - great fun. No doubt attributed to my hearing lost. It has been years since I have seen paper caps (do kids now day even know what they are) and the fire hydrants with grease fittings would be entirely unsuited for this type of exercise.

Since my daughter goes to college in Edinboro PA which receives more snow than we do I thought it was interesting that the volunteer fire company there mentions to everyone to dig out their fire hydrant so they can find the fire hydrants - one more thing I had never given much thought to.

As a final item let me direct you to a post the Delmarva sportsman did on hunting in this weather. After reading it would you consider him a fanatic?

Samuel Dashiell Hammett Dies

Better known as Dashiell Hammett, writer of mystery novels, died today in 1961. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Hammett was born in St. Mary's County, Maryland and perhaps with his hard action detective stories he is the opposite from another Maryland writer, the romance novelist Nora Roberts (Eleanor Marie Robertson, born in Silver Spring, Maryland). Dashiell Hammett's parents were Richard Thomas Hammett and Anne Bond Dashiell. There is a genealogical connection between his mother's family (Dashiell) and the Dashiells of the Eastern Shore. Altho we know how to pronounce Dashiell (The Dashiell Name is mainly in Maryland and Virginia) other don't and radio announcers of the time pronounced it “DASH-ull.”

Best known for his books about Sam Spade - The Maltese Falcon - and the Nick and Nora Charles novel - The Thin Man (Do you think in some way the movie characters in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and their search for the band Fluffy were based on the Thin Man Characters - naw stretching it to much) . Hammett had a remarkable life quiting school at 14, working in a wide range of blue collar jobs one of which was with the Baltimore office of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He served as a Sargent in the ambulance corp in World War I during which time he came down with tuberculosis. In the 1930s He joined the Communist Party. In World War II he joined the army again spending three years in the Aleutian islands. His writing career was short mainly between 1922 and 1934. After a life of drinking, gambling and womanizing (yes he was a Dashiell) and being hounded by McCarthy in the 1950s "red scares", affected by tuberculosis and venereal diseases he died penniless of lung cancer on January 10, 1961.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

There are none. I looked in the Daily Times at the want ads and 95% of the jobs advertised are for government or non-profits (which are Government supported). They can say what they want about the economy recovering but it isn't.

Laurel school district has an ad for a Business manager (recently vacated by Bill Hitch). I was looking at the qualifications which are;

Degree in business, finance, accounting or related field.
Minimum of 5-years experience in public or school accounting, budget planning, business management with proven managerial and supervisory skills.
Demonstrate knowledge in Federal and State Accounting systems, preferably DFMS.
Demonstrate knowledge of a State Payroll system preferably the State of Delaware’s system.
Demonstrate proficient skills and experience with Microsoft such as Word, Excel, Access, and other programs as needed.
Demonstrate the ability to work as a team player with co-workers and colleagues while maintaining effective positive working relationships
Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.
Experience in an educational setting is preferred.
Experience in school construction projects is preferred.

Interestingly nowhere on there is a qualification that you must be honest. Does that mean you can be dis-honest and still qualify for a job with the Laurel school District? Apparently. I also have doubts if that Experience in school construction projects is preferred is going to be needed.

The Delmar Police Commission Meets Tomorrow Night

As a reminder the Delmar police Commission quarterly meeting will be held at town hall at 6:30. I assume, since Carrie Williams has resigned, Karen Wells will be placed on the commission, but it may be time for the third member (two mayors and a councilperson) to switch back to the Delaware side.