Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ajo Arizona

As some of you may know I was stationed at an Air Force radar station in Ajo, Arizona back in the 1960's. Ajo is some what isolated but I enjoyed it. The town is about 110 miles south of Phoenix and about 30 miles north of Mexico. I like to keep an eye on the doins in the area from time to time and a blog I found to do that thru is called Cave Dwellings written by Dennis and Donna. The couple are traveling in an RV and are spending the winter outside of Ajo. You may have heard on the news that the storm that was in California moved east to Arizona a couple of days ago creating some damage. Dennis and Donna gave me a first hand feel of living in an RV when a storm with 70 MPH winds whip thru the area. If you have an interest in the desert take a look at their blog.

New Auction

Some one told me that Bargain Bill's Flea Market plans to have an auction on Tuesday afternoon starting this upcoming week. The new owner wants to open the flea market up on Tuesday in addition to the weekend and thought an auction would go on Tuesday. I stopped by the flea market today to look around and saw a converted garage on the south side of the flea market was set up for an auction so maybe it so.

This One Is For Jane

Broyle's Skateland - 1958

Not only Teter Dumser on his Hammond Organ but also the Honey combs.

See previous posts on Broyle's

Today Is Tom Carper's birthday

Today Tom Carper, senior United States Senator from Delaware, turns 63. Happy Birthday Senator Carper.

Dead Ducks In 1969

On January 23, 1969 over at St. Mary's College,(SMCM) 400 to 500 ducks die as light from newly installed mercury vapor street lamps, shining through a heavy fog, causes them to mistake a parking lot for water & they crash into buildings at the College. From "Accidental Mortality of Diving Ducks", Maryland Birdlife 1972 L. N. Locke. and The Baltimore Sun January 25, 1969

Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Photos of the Drug Search

Wayne Barrall sent me some photos he took of the drug search and arrrest made north of the weight scales in Maryland. Thanks Wayne

Delmar Police Press Release

Press Release Delmar Police Department

Incident: Controlled Substance Violations
Date: 01-22-10
Location: North RT 13 @ Winner Blvd Delmar, Maryland
Suspect: Jeffrey Marcellous Stewart Jr, 25 Y.O.A. Salisbury, MD

On Friday, January 22, 2010 Law enforcement Officer of the Delmar Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Stewart. During the stop, a Delmar K-9 Unit scanned the vehicle for presence of controlled dangerous substance. After the K-9 alerted on the odor of controlled substances, Officers searched the vehicle. The search revealed a large quantity of marijuana located in the trunk of the vehicle. Based on the amount of marijuana seized, it appeared to be a sufficient amount for distribution by Stewart.

The Officer transported Stewart to Wicomico County Detention Center where he was held on a $75,000.00 bond.

Charges: Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana

2010 Delaware State of the State

Delaware Governor Jack Markell gave his State of the State speech yesterday. It was basically I am from the state and I am here to help you blah blah blah ...frankly it sounds like all the previous speeches we have heard

Here are some sound bits from his speech (bold items from me not him);

unwavering focus, clear purpose and bold action.

our focus is on creating more and better jobs and building a stronger economy for us all.

Businesses want to operate in states that prudently manage their fiscal affairs, in good times and bad

Over the last year, I visited thousands of our state employees at dozens of facilities

We are eliminating, without layoffs, more than 1,000 of the 15,000 positions in State government

If we do not act, we soon will need to operate nursing homes within our prisons. We must examine who we’re holding in our prisons and whether we can provide a less expensive but safe alternative.

We will promote the community-based care that most seniors prefer to nursing homes

we must act now to reduce health care and pension costs by instituting a different set of benefits for future employees

consolidating the county row offices of Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds into State government.

To restore our promise and prosperity, the State will lead by example when it comes to creating efficiencies, supporting jobs and being good stewards of our environment.

The State must also lead by investing in our communities so that potential employers know their employees and their families will have safe and affordable places to live.

we plan to create a business “finder's fee” to incentivize existing local businesses to attract their suppliers, partners and customers to set up shop and create jobs in Delaware.

it isn’t enough to provide greater incentives to create jobs. We will also remove impediments to job growth. We are cutting red tape and eliminating redundant and archaic regulatory hurdles because people can’t grow their businesses and create jobs when they are waiting in line.

A new framework for education reform that is both bold in its quest for improvement and deep in its support throughout our State.

Roping Deer Post on Salisbury Soapbox

There is a very funny post on Salisbury Soapbox about Roping a Deer

Roe Vs Wade

37 years ago, today in 1973, the U. S. Supreme Court issued its decision on Roe vs Wade making abortion legal.

St. Philip's Muskrat Supper - 1958

Delmar Planning and Zoning January Meeting

Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission had their January meeting last night at 7 PM in town hall. It was over with by 8:30. Once again commission member Joy Slabaugh was missing. James Henderson, newly appointed Maryland Commissioner, was present in order to vote his approval on last months minutes and than he left. Mike Houlihan thanked him for serving on the P&Z commission. The other members; Vice Mayor Michael Houlihan, Ed Ferro, William Boyan, Maryland Commissioner Carl Anderton, Jr., and Joe Dixon were present.

Dr. Chandra came before the commission for final approval of his site plan for a "up to ten unit", 15,400 sq ft strip center to be next to Sleepy's mattress. He did not have his paper work in order and it was postpone until next month.

Lou Alberti was unable to attend the meeting but did request the commission look at his plans for two houses in West Delmar. The commission approved one house and postponed the second house to be built on the third lot until next month.

Full House poker Parlor came for sign approval and received it. It was mentioned Full House Poker was going to install a vending machine for it's customers from which the proceeds will go to the High School.

Ordinance 155, wording to amend Ordinance 146 the zoning code, to allow casinos was discussed. Much confusion existed without Jamie Rostocki there to give them direction. They finally decided to change the wording which will mean it will start the ordinance approval process all over.

Ordinance 156 was approved with a vote of 3 ayes, 1 abstaining (Carl Anderton) and one nay (Ed Ferro). The ordinance would reduce the number of members on the Delaware board of adjustments to three (was 5). The three would be the Mayor, Town Lawyer, and Public Works director. The two open spots were public citizens which Mr. Houlihan says they could not find two people to fill those spots. He feels they need people who are qualified - what ever that means. I think with three qualified people on the board (mayor, lawyer, public works) that two off the street people would work fine. There is a point in which if you have a board made up of people involved in the field you lose prospective of the larger picture as you become to wrapped up in the technical parts.

Chris Walters wants to put a Architectural Salvage store in the Avenue building that he owns.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Sears Roebuck Church Bell

Now we all (at least those over the age of twenty)remember how much we enjoyed going thru a Sears Roebuck Catalog. I know I spent some time thumbing their wish book window shopping for a number of things. As we know Sears sold everything. Beyond the clothing items they had everything for the farm, school, church, etc. We know there are a number of examples of houses they sold from 1908 to 1940. They sold Tombstones. They sold the Vincent Price Fine art Collection. In 1924 they had a radio station called WLS (World's Largest store), the station is still around but Sears doesn't own it. I remember looking at the animal selections (dogs, cats, donkeys, chickens, ponies monkeys etc) and trying to convince my parents to buy me one. There is nothing they didn't sell.

In reading thru the Asbury Methodist Church history in Mt Vernon MD. I came across this comment; in 1905 a church bell was ordered from Sears Roebuck weighing 1,300 pounds with a 40 inch bowl. In 1929 they had concerns that the steeple could no longer support it and sold it to a church member. It is now owned by Pat Trader.

In researching these bells I found the Sears Roebuck bells were usually made by Charles Singleton Bell (C.S.Bell) Company in Hillsboro Ohio. They had a range of them from door bells, farm bells, church bells, school bells etc. In looking at a page from the 1897 Sears catalog I see a bell the size purchased for Asbury Church sold for $67.50, freight included.

Kiwanis Receive First Charter Today in 1915

Today in 1915, The first Kiwanis club received their charter from the state of Michigan. The group was in Detroit and had 60 members. The name “Kiwanis” means “we trade” or “we share our talents.” It was coined from an American Indian expression, Nunc Kee- wanis. Kiwanis International now has over 500,000 members in some 8,000 clubs covering 96 countries worldwide

Kiwanis were defined as “an organization for men” in the constitution adopted in 1924. In 1987, after several years of debate and growing support, women’s membership received overwhelming approval.

The Delmar Kiwanis Club was organized on July 7th, 1950. Some of their service projects are:
Delmar Little League
Delmar Youth Basketball
Student Projects
Delmar Library Reading Program
Senior Citizen Projects
Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Sunrise Service
Community Prayer Breakfast
Smoke Detector Program
Delmar High School Key Club
Community Aid Programs
Delmar Senior & Middle School
Delmar Elementary School

Meetings held at All Saints Episcopal Church - 1st, 3rd and 4th Mondays 7:00 p.m. (dessert)
2nd Monday 6:30 p.m. (dinner)

Disco In Salisbury - 1979

Today in 1978 the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever" reached #1 on the album charts and stayed there for the next six months. Ah Yes Disco. A year later in January of 1979 Disco Fever had even arrived in Salisbury. The owners of Champs, that well known hamburger/chicken eatery, were trying to get the Salisbury Council to approve plans to turn the restaurant into a Disco called "Sherwood Forest." When applying for the beer and wine license the Kopa company (owners of Champs) encounter stiff opposion from Arby's Roast Beef, next door, and the people living in the Camden Aveue/College Avenue area. The owners of Kopa were Moses M. and Mona P. deBord and Martin S. Holland of Delmar. At that time I think the best Disco in the area was Carl and Lennies in Rehoboth Beach. They had one of those dance floor that was lit and flashed from under the floor. Yes those boys in Rehoboth knew their Disco. As for me my dancing consist of various versions of the Funky Chicken.

Watson Smoke House 1950's

Planning and Zoning Meeting Tonight

As a reminder there will be a Planning and Zoning meeting tonight in Delmar at 7 PM at Town hall. A new commission member should be placed on the commission to replace James Henderson. Looking at the agenda; Parker & Assoc. c/o Dr. Chandra- Comp. Development Plan for proposed 10 unit mall, Lou Alberti- Construction of new home, • Full House Poker Parlor- Norma Stewart- Sign Approval, and Zoning Code Revision- Recommendation.


I did my volunteer time yesterday at the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society in Salisbury. Normally it is fairly quiet as the society is only open to the public on Wednesdays from one to four or by appointment. The Sunday Daily Times however had an article on a ledger the society sells (The Whayland/Insley/Kibble Ledger) so we had several people in to buy a copy.

Some people were purchasing the ledger just for historical information, others were buying it for the genealogical information. People tend to become more interested in ancestors when they get into their 50's or 60's. I guess when you’ll shortly be joining your ancestors, it’s useful to know who the ancestors are before you meet them.

New Century Club B&D Dinner Sunday

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Did Delaware

Just think only 50 years ago in January the sophisticated people of that era were walking around sing the Perry Como hit "What did Delaware"

Oh what did Del-a-ware boy, what did Delaware
What did Del-a-ware boy, what did Delaware
She wore a brand New Jersey,
She wore a brand New Jersey,
She wore a brand New Jersey,
That's what she did wear

One, two, three, four
Oh, why did Cali-fon-ia
Why did Cali-fon
why did Cali-fon-ia
Was she all alone
She called to say Ha-wa-ya
She called to say Ha-wa-ya
She called to say Ha-wa-ya
That's why she did call

Uno, deis, tre, quatro
Oh what did Missi sip boy
What did Missi sip
What did missi sip
Through her pretty lips
She sipped a Minne sota
She sipped a Minne sota
She sipped a Minne sota
That's what she did sip
Where has Oregon boy
Where has Oregon
If you wan Al-ask-a
Go ahead and ask her
She went to pay her Texas
She went to pay her Texas
She went to pay her Texas
That's where she has gone

Well how did Wis-con-sin boy
She stole a New-brass-key
Too bad that Arkan saw boy
And so did Tenne-see
It made poor Flori-di boy
It made poor Flori-di, you see
She died in Miss-our-I boy
She died in Miss-our-I
Oh what did Del-a-ware boy, what did Delaware

Sussex County Press Release

Sussex County to offer 30-day tax amnesty for delinquent payers

Georgetown, Del., Jan. 19, 2010: With each New Year comes the chance to start over, to wipe the slate clean. With that in mind, Sussex County is offering just such a chance to delinquent taxpayers.

County officials on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010, announced details of another amnesty program to collect millions of dollars owed to local governments and schools by some 18,000 delinquent account holders. The latest effort, a tax amnesty program, is aimed at capturing an estimated $7 million in back taxes -- approximately $6 million to the eight independent school districts, with the remaining $1 million owed to the County.

“We’re hopeful these individuals will see this as an opportunity to put themselves back in good standing,” Treasury Director Amanda M. Bennett said. “It isn’t often that opportunity presents itself. So we encourage those delinquent taxpayers to take this second chance while it lasts.”

The amnesty program is the second in as many months offered by Sussex County to help those behind on their taxes and fees settle their debts and avoid a portion of the penalties. In December, the County rolled out a similar amnesty program for more than 5,000 delinquent sewer accounts that, in total, owe approximately $1.8 million in back fees.

Both programs are a first for Sussex County, and part of a larger, more concerted effort by the County in recent months to collect millions of dollars due to local government, which has been affected, like others, by the slumping economy. In the case of delinquent taxpayers, County officials wanted to offer some incentives to leverage results before turning to stiffer measures, including the use of its new collections manager, warning letters, liens on property and eventually sheriff sales.

Like all good things, though, the incentives will come to an end, County officials cautioned.

Under the tax amnesty program, a delinquent taxpayer would have 30 days to pay the total amount due in County and school taxes to qualify for a 50-percent forgiveness in interest penalties. For example, a customer owing $500 in back taxes over a one-year period would be assessed a 1½ -percent-a-month penalty, equaling $90, for a total bill of $590. By settling the debt during the amnesty period, the customer would save $45 in interest penalties.

Details of the program, including the due date, will be included in mid-year billings scheduled to be mailed to delinquent taxpayers in February.

County leaders said the ultimate goal is to ensure the County has the funds necessary to provide services for all its taxpayers.

“Sussex County has some of the lowest property taxes in the country and has managed its budgets so well over the years that no new taxes are expected in the foreseeable future,” County Council President Vance C. Phillips said. “But it is unfair to all the citizens who faithfully pay their taxes on time to allow delinquents to jeopardize the fiscal health of everybody.

“I hope those who have found themselves in arrears for whatever reason will take advantage of this amnesty program in order to help keep our ship of County government secure,” Mr. Phillips said.

For additional information on the tax amnesty program, contact the Sussex County Treasury Division at (302) 855-7760.

The Hotel Inn - 1979

Moving Back After Christmas Break

We drove our daughter back to Edinboro PA. Sunday and came back home yesterday.

On the way there we drove in rain until we got to Edinboro.

Since there was several inches, if not feet, of snow on the ground combined with the rain it produced fog. Visibility was about a tenth of a mile and frequent hydroplaning.

Heading north on I-79 there are several colleges, beside community colleges, between Pittsburg and Erie beside Edinboro that I have also never heard of; Thiel College, Slippy Rock University, Alleghany college, and Penn state - Erie.

View from The Comfort Suites motel window. The local Erie weather news was talking about how there was to be no snow fore casted that week and what a mild winter they were having.

Edinboro U.

Her dorm room. We have to bring all of this home again in May.

The roads and sidewalks were clear. It had not snowed for several days so some spots were even showing signs of melting.

snow was piled everywhere but everything was passable.

Susan was happy to be back.

On the drive back we listen to a book on tape we had picked up at the Delmar library. "The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell" by Lilian Jackson Braun with George Guidail as narrator, about 4 hours of listening. Those who read the "The Cat Who..." series of books knows they are light mystery reading. Qwilleran, rich and a newspaper reporter, lives in Pickaxe with two two Siamese cats, KoKo and Yum Yum. In this one book Pickaxe is celebrating it's Sesquicentennial so we thought since Delmar just went thru it it would be of interest. It was not - her writing style is failing, she is now in her 90's and has written 29 of the "The Cat Who..." books with this one being the 28th.

Speaking of Sesquicentennial, Delmar still have some Sesquicentennial merchandise left and should you want a souvenir it is still not too late to pick to some up at Town Hall. Tee Shirts, booklets, cups, badges etc.

Other than the nine hour ride back at least the weather was good, no rain, and no snow. We arrived back home last night less a child, with a much lighter wallet and feeling like we had been ridden hard and put away wet.