Saturday, March 20, 2010

It must be Spring

We rode by Rita's in South Salisbury this evening and it was packed

Thank You

I would like to say Thank You to all the organizations and individuals who have helped us in various ways due to our house fire. From the Delmar Police, who insisted we leave our house when the DP&L transformer blew, The Fire Departments who attempted to save the house in a blizzard, the Red Cross who gave us a voucher for clothes and a motel room the day of the fire, the Kiwanis Club, the Delmar High School and Sam's Club for gift cards and checks, the Delmar Fire department for offering us one of their houses to live in, the Delmar police again for keeping an eye on the burnt house to see no one is removing things or trying to camp out there, to the friends who took care of our pets while we tried to find a more permanent place, to the friends who cooked us dinner and bought it to the motel, to friends and neighbors who gave us gift cards, clothing and checks, and to our neighbors who are tolerating the mess from the fire that is blowing around the the neighborhood, and even the Town of Delmar who at the moment are putting up with the sight of our burnt house - Thank You.

Bill Hitch

I have a lot of catching up to do on the Bill Hitch issue. I looked at Tom Wagner, Delaware State auditor, website and I don't see the audit investigation they did. So who knows what is happening? Is he in jail or out on bond or is the school district continuing to protect him?

Beer In Baltimore

The blog Beer In Baltimore had a post on Evolution Brewing back in February. It adds to the rumor the brewery will move.


Sportsmen Against Hunger program distributes more than 26,000 pounds of venison to Delawareans in need

During the 2009-2010 deer season, hunters donated 777 deer to the Delaware Sportsmen Against Hunger Program. The donations were processed into 26,546 pounds of venison, which will provide more than 100,000 meals for needy Delawareans. DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife staff is working to distribute the frozen ground venison to more than 30 charitable organizations and food pantries throughout the state.

This venison has been processed by nine participating private butchers plus a butcher shop located at the Sussex Community Corrections Center in Georgetown. The venison processing facility is staffed by offenders who are serving sentences in the SCCC’s Violation of Probation Center, and who have been specially trained for the job. Since the program began in 2005, the facility has processed nearly 40,000 pounds of venison. This year, the facility processed 213 deer into 8,110 pounds of venison at substantial savings to the program.

This year’s deer donation numbers are slightly lower than the total for 2008-2009 season, which was 892 deer and 28,731 pounds of venison. Since the Delaware Sportsmen Against Hunger program was founded in 1992 by a coalition of sporting groups, hunters have donated a total of 329,423 pounds of venison, providing more than 1.3 million meals to Delawareans in need.

For more information on the Sportsmen Against Hunger Program, please visit the DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife website at

Things You Come across in a House Fire

Yes the old Commodore 64, hadn't seen it in 15 years and here it is again

The Mossberg Shotgun, not much protection against a house fire, but a little cleaning and reblueing and it should be as good as new - yea - like that will happen

Apartment Inspection

As some of you may know I am temporarily living at Pond's Edge apartment. One of the many jobs the code enforcement Officer in Delmar does is too annually inspect all the apartments in the Town of Delmar. Who should appear on Thursday but Galen making an inspection of my apartment. He looks at smoke detectors, entrance ways and general condition of the apartment. Everything passed inspection.

The Culinary Club Restaurant Night

The Delmar High School Culinary Club is having their Restaurant Night on March 25th (rescheduled from February 18th due to the snow). You can select from Pot Roast, Lasagna, Glazed Chicken or Baked Chicken. Price is $8.50 for Adults, $7.75 for Seniors, and $7.50 for students. Carry outs and Kids meals available. Pick up tickets at the school office or select students.

Into The Woods

The Delmar High School Drama Club will be presenting their Spring production of "Into the Woods" in the school auditorium tonight at 7 PM and tomorrow at 2 PM. Cost is $8.00. Has anyone seen it and if so post some comments on it.

The Mockingbird Newsletter is Out

The Double Mill Grist Mill society has a newsletter called The Mockingbird. The Spring edition is out and as usual it is great. There are some old ads from Delmar businesses (Does anyone remember Thompsons Restaurant?), a great article on the Orphan Train and photos of shirt factories in Delmar.

Free Dinner

There will be a dinner meeting at 6 pm on March 23, 2010, at Double Mills Community House at Snethen Church. Dinner will be provided free-of-charge to anyone interested in coming to hear what's going on with the restoration Please RSVP to prior to March 16, 2010. Members are asked to bring a covered dish and a potential member. See you there!

Spring - 2010 - A New beginning