Saturday, April 24, 2010

Play Ball!

The great thing about T ball is it is funny. Everyone running everywhere, strictly an accident if the ball is hit or caught.

I stopped by briefly to watch the Lions play the Affordable business team

The outfielders

The Outfield

Opening day usually comes as a shock to parents of beginning Little League players. Not only is the parade early but odds are their kid's team will not play until four or five hours later in the day which leaves them wonder how the whole day got screwed up.

Some Photos of The Little League Parade

A sea of team colors and banners sweep through Delmar today en route to Gordy's Park as the town celebrates Little League Opening Day. Good weather made a spectacular morning for a parade. Opening Day and the Parade is an immense volunteer effort put out by coaches and little league organizers, the Fire Company, local businesses, the High school band, the Police Department and the Town of Delmar Public works plus parents and relatives, and a whole lot of other people who just pitch in to help. The Opening Day Little League Parade officially kicks off the 2010 baseball and softball season. As usual click on the photo to enlarge it.