Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day

Adele H. Stamp (1893-1974) was Dean of Women at the University of Maryland from 1922 to 1960. During her tenure at the University of Maryland she organized and promoted women's activities. She initiated the campus celebration of May Day, which began in 1923 and continued annually until 1961. The photograph above, from the University of Maryland's subject photographs, depicts the Court dancing around the May Pole, ca. 1924.

Dumpster Diving

The time is approaching for one the top annual events in Dumpster Diving, starting in a week to three weeks colleges across the state and country will be shutting down for summer and students, both graduating and returning home, will toss the contents of their dorm room or apartment into the Dumpster. Great pickings for area rugs, storage containers, twin bed size linens etc. About May 20th is the dorm closing time for SSU, and about the last week in May for the university of Delaware,

Therein Lies a Tale

Chris Salven usually post on the the results of the weekly "Laurel Star" but there was a notice in the Star that caught my attention. It reads;

To Donna Rae Riggins
and Donald Baker

On June 27, 2009, I placed a sign on my property indicating "slow down for drug traffic" with arrows pointing to the driveway of Donna Rae Riggins and Donald Baker.

I never witnessed a drug transaction by Donna Rae Riggins or Donald Baker. I apologize for the harm and inconvenience my actions have caused.

Donald Murtagh

Wow! someone must have gotten into deep shit.

Should you comment on this I will not be posting any comment that name individuals.

The Delmar SGA Talent Show

My wife and I went to the talent show last night at Delmar High School. The show played to a packed house and the performers gave the audience everything they were expecting.

Brittany Deal and Isabella Castrogiovanni performed "Baby" by Justin Beiber

The Judges of the talent show

Sadie Addlesberer performed "According To You" by Orianthi

Ashleigh Pais gave a recitation of "Anyone lived in a pretty how town" by E. E. Cummings

The band of Chris Birely, Matt Hill, Jared Rittenhouse and Mike Bireley performed "You'll Always Be My Best Friend" by Relient K.

Mackayla Malone perforned "In The Arms of an Angel" by Sarah Mclachian

Leah Wilson played "The Scientist" by Coldplay

Taylor Croswell sang "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" by Selena Gomez

Alanna Shires Grace Pennewell and Darlyssa Roberson performed "Wonderwall" by Oasis

Hope Campbell sang "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood

Anna Ritter did a flag twirling routine to the music of "Hungover"

The band with Joshua Smith Ben Mancuso. Leah Wilson, Jeremy Freeman, and Sean Moore did "Soul Sister" by Train

Jeff Fleetwood, Skitter Ellis Casey Bellamy and Jose Flores did "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Iman Michelle Marshall and Dana Marshall performed "I'll Be There" by the Jackson 5

Sean Moore did an original number he called "Run On".

Joshua Smith sang "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) by Josh Groban

Catlin Frey, Spencer Fothergill, Scott Kunkowski and Julian Burke performed a number of dances

Darlyssa Roberson, Salina Schirtzinger and Sean Moore did "Wipeout" by the Surfaris

Spencer Fothergill, Scott Kunkowski, Jose Flores, Noah Vincent, Tim Dennis, Brad Sensenig, Skitter Ellis, Calvin Esham and Casey Bellamy did "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

This event I believe was started by George Stone and is a SGA fundraiser to provide Senior scholarships. Of note I saw no Delmar school Board members there tonight which comes as no surprise given their outlook on the "Arts'.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today's History blurb

Today in 1945,during the last days of the Third Reich, as Russia's Red Army closes in from the east, Adolf Hitler marries his long-time partner Eva Braun in a Berlin bunker during a brief civil ceremony witnessed by Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann. Both Hitler and Braun commit suicide the next day, and their corpses are burned in the Reich Chancellery garden.

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

From the State Register - April 1947

Plans for the establishment of a modern hospital in the Seaford area to be known as the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital are rapidly approaching the stage where a financial campaign will soon be launched to provide the necessary funds.

The survey report prepared by James R. Mays and Associates, of Philadelphia, under the auspices of the Seaford Lions Club, was recently submitted to a joint meeting of the Lions Club and the newly organized board of directors of the proposed hospital.

The facts contained in the report definitely establish the need for such an institution in or near Seaford, it furnishes an estimated cost of the project and indicates that a campaign to raise the necessary funds can be brought to successful conclusion.

The survey report also indicates that according to the 1940 U. S. Census there are residing in the proposed area a total of 30,036 persons for whom hospitals beds should be provided. According to the generally accepted standard for safety, this will require a hospital of not less than 135 beds.

Mr. Mays recommends, however, that the original 100 beds with all the necessary auxiliary facilities provided in this first unit and to be of sufficient capacity to accommodate the additional patients when the hospital is expanded.

The project was turned over to a group of public-spirited citizens now legally chartered under the name of the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, Inc., representing the principal committees to be served by the hospital.

At the organization meeting of the corporation, the following officers and directors were elected to serve one year or until their successors are whom elected:

President, W. Allen Hastings; Secretary, Donald H. Friday; treasurer, Van Leer Stephany, all of Seaford. Other Seaford directors are; Karl K. Brown, Mrs William B. Huston, Norman H. Winde, Ludwig dorzback.

Laurel directors: J. C. Abbott, Ray E. Hamill, Ford Warrington.
Bethel director, Harley Hastings.
Delmar director, Sam Culver,
Blades director, C. C. Clifton.

One additional director remains to be elected from Bridgeville, and one each from Greenwood, Sharptown and Federalsburg. The by-laws also call for two vice-presidents which are to be elected later.

Koster's Locker Plant Laurel 1947

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Another Working Stiff

Yes Howard has a job - well it is a government job so it isn't a "real" job but it should bring in some Obama money. I started as a census taker a couple of days ago. Presently I am "In Training" and let me tell you any kind of a job just messes up your day. After five years of doing more or less what I wanted to this crap of having to be somewhere at a certain time and staying there all day is just not for me. In Delaware there is suppose to be 2,000 census takers so you can imagine how many short term jobs are being created nationwide. I would say the 2010 census is going to save Obama's ass on employment. This should cover up the true unemployment figures for about six months. Now next year should be another story.

Computer Issues

As some of you may have noticed some of the earlier April posts are not appearing. I think this is due to the number of pictures I have posted recently. I am looking into the problem but am not savvy on the technical aspect so it may be awhile before they reappear.

The Delmar Middle School and High School Talent Show

The Annual Talent Show for the students at Delmar Middle School and High School will take place this Friday, April 30th at 7pm in the High School auditorium. There's a great line up of talent and is a SGA fundraiser in order to give Senior scholarships. Admission is $5.00.

Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society Meeting

The Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society has it's monthly meeting tonight at 7 PM. The Society's meeting room/library is located at 116-1 North Division Street (across from the court house), Salisbury Maryland. Tonight's speaker will be Stephanie L. Fowler, noted author of the book "Crossings". The meeting is free and open to the public. Ms Fowler is native of Salisbury and attended Parkside High School and Washington College. "Crossings" is a series of non-fiction short stories about the Eastern Shore.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

UMES Honors Band and Choir Concert

I went down to UMES today to listen to the UMES Honors Band and Choir Concert. I had thought it was at 3 Pm but the time had been changed to 4 PM so I had an hour to kill in Princess Anne. I had thought about a quick trip to Bucks for a beer but than decided against it, so it was to McDonalds for fries and a shake - a poor substitute for Bucks but it kept me out of trouble.

The Honors band and Choir program has been put on by Dr Lamkin for twenty years. It is great PR for UMES and a great honor for High School Students to perform with a college band that is professional level - and the UMES Wind Ensemble is professional level. As usual click on the photo to enlarge it

While waiting for the band to set up I listen to some of the brass from Washington High school do a little jazz session among themselves. They have some talented musicians at Washington High.

Carolina Brannock and Whitley Langless

Delmar High School had Adwoa Nyame, Whitley Langless, Skylar Schirtzinger and Carolina Brannock in the Honor band - in the photos they are the ones in the Delmar High School Band Uniform people. Allison Scott was in the Honor Choir.

Adwoa Nyame and Whitley Langless had some great players in the Clarinet section with them particularly since three out of the ten were music teachers. One UMES teacher was Brian Perez and he is just Mr. Magic on the Clarinet.

Since it was at 4PM on a Sunday the audience turnout was not that great but I certainly enjoyed it. I thought the best number was when they did Porgy and Bess and did a bit of "Summertime", one of my favorites - I use to own a recording of it by Ace Cannon.

The UMES Concert Chorus and Honors Choir under Dr Shelia McDonald Harleston were as expect - great. They sang a few numbers by themselves and than with the Honors band they did several numbers.

I thought "Dry Your Tears, Afrika" was the best number

Allison Scott

but a number of the audience found a special emotion in "Lift Every Voice and Sing" as they stood during the number as a sign of respect.

Adwoa Nyame

Carolina Brannock

About the 12th number was "Bugler's holiday" which is of course made for Trumpets and Dennis Senlbeil, Osvaldo Rivera and Llyod Griffith did and outstanding job on it.

Whitley Langless

Skylar Schirtzinger
The last number was a John Philip sousa arrangement "The Invincible Eagle". Sousa is always a great hit.

Dr John R. Lamkin, II gave the count of High School students, which were; 1 from Holly Grove, 1 from Laurel High School, 2 from James M Bennett, 2 from colonel Richardson, 2 from Snow Hill High School, 3 from Seaford High School, 5 from Delmar High School, 5 from Parkside, 11 from Washington High school and 11 from Crisfield High School. Since it was tie between Washington and Crisfield each received a trophy.

For those who didn't attend - you missed an enjoyable event.