Friday, May 28, 2010

Gun Control

Obama Cartoon

Norman Rockwell "The Census Taker"

Saturday Evening Post cover, Apr 27, 1940
Norman Rockwell

Laverne and Shirley Sing

Yes you may not remember this one but has it. A reissue of Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams’ 1976 album for Atlantic, made when their 'Happy Days' spinoff sitcom 'Laverne and Shirley' was at the top of the Nielsen charts and giving Milwaukee a boost of civic pride it hasn’t had since!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

VW ad

The May Planning and Zoning Meeting

There was a short (Over with my 7:35) planning and zoning commission meeting tonight. All members, except Ed Ferro, were present.

Tom Bourcier of Davis, Bowen and Friedel was to be first on the agenda to speak about the Delaware Comprehensive Plan. The plan is required every five years and is bread and butter money for the consultants which must always be hired to do the plan. He did not show, so it cut the meeting time down.

Kevin Gleason came before the commission to talk about the signage at Gateway Subaru. He had drawings showing the sign to be "Subaru Gateway" instead of the expected "Gateway Subaru of Delmar" the letters are to 24" with the logo 36". The commission and Gleason agreed to postpone approval until next month when the verbiage can be discussed with someone from Subaru.

First Baptist Church was given approval for a pavilion to be located 24' in back of the church.

Tom and John Knorr, brothers and business partners in Southern Boys Concepts came before the commission to talk about adding a patio, surrounded by a wrought iron looking fence to their Evolution Craft Brewery. I always enjoy hearing them talk they are always upbeat and excite over their projects. They also spoke about outgrowing the current building and could see adding an addition or new building to the current place. There has always been a steady rumor that they will move to Salisbury hopefully they will not. They are looking for other ideas to bring people traffic to their brewery, one that was tossed out is a farmer's market in the parking lot. The state of Delaware has been working with them and Dogfish brewery to develop a Delaware Wine and Ale Trail. With 12 stops on the trail naturally being at the ass-end of Delaware, Evolution is stop number 12 or the last stop on the trail - good maybe people will stay longer at the last stop. Their patio was approved.

Finally using the ordinance from Smyrna, an abandon House Ordinance was discussed for Delmar. It was generally agreed more information was required. As we know with the economy the way it is a number of buildings that are up for sale have been sitting idle and vacant for sometime and than you always have those rundown building that the owners just let remain run down but safety issues are created by both groups ranging from possible vandalism to fire hazards to being used as a hangout or the homeless looking for shelter, not to mention the effect it has on the appearance of the neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ford Brewington Protest -1993

Ford Brewington, I have written about him a number of times on this blog. He was a unique individual. Until the fire at my house I kept a folder marked "Ford Brewington" which consisted of letters, drawings and other things Ford would send the Mayors and Council members back in the 1980's and 1990's.

In May of 1993 Ford made his boldest statement by painting a letter on the side of his house to the United states of America. It read;
DEAR U.S.A., DON'T BUY IN DELMAR OR MARYLAND UNTIL YOU TALK TO ME. HOW MANY DUMB OR DISHONEST THINGS HAS DELMAR OFFICIALS EITHER DONE OR COVERED UP IN THE LAST TEN YEARS? I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. WHY DOES THE STATE AND TOWN HAVE ABOUT $500.OO OF MY MONEY?... It went on and on and I have lost the entire transcript of his house mail memo. All of this due to muddy water from the town water system and taxes. The house was built by his grandfather in the 1920's. I think a couple of months later it was sold for taxes by the town.

Kellogg's PEP

Lingerie store is required to have a food permit

Down in San Antonio a lingerie store, Shades of Love, will be required to get a food permit because they sell items that are edible. Shades of Love sells racy lingerie, high heel shoes, adult toys and items meant to enhance a couple's sex life. However, some of those items are edible. That's why the health department ruled the store needed a food permit.

The permit costs about $230 a year. It also means the store is subject to regular health inspections.

Beneitez, the owner, says, "Everything is sold as novelty. Everything in the box says 'novelty item' only... It's not something you sit down and actually eat. It's more for licking and tasting. Edible? No. It's not going to fill you up"

Read more

The comments are interesting but this could be used as way to remove the few sex shops we have in the area.

P & Z To Meet Tomorrow Night

On Thursday, May 27, 2010 the Delmar Planning & Zoning Commission will meet at the Delmar Town Hall for their regularly scheduled meeting at 7:00 pm.

Among the items to be discussed;
• Tim Bourcier- DBF- DE Comprehensive Plan Review
• Kevin Gleason- Signage for Gateway Subaru
• First Baptist Church- Building Permit request for pavilion
• Thomas Knorr- Patio for Evolution Craft Brewery
• Abandoned House Ordinance- Review

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God's Little Acre

I have noticed a proliferation of churches popping up on Old RT13 (BiState Blvd)on the Maryland side of town. In a 3/10 of a miles stretch there are six of them.

The Sinking of the DeBraak

On May 25, 1798, the HMS De Braak (Beagle) and a Spanish ship, the Don Francisco Xavier, she had captured arrived at Cape Henlopen near the mouth of the Delaware River. A river pilot was brought on board to navigate upriver, but a freak storm blew in. HMS De Braak had not shortened her sails, and was completely laid over by strong winds. She quickly took on water, and capsized within minutes. Captain Drew, 34 crew members, and 12 Spanish prisoners drowned; most of the survivors were taken on the Don Francisco Xavier, with a few reaching the shore.

The Zwaanendael museum is in Lewes and is home to the collection of artifacts recovered from the HMS DeBraak, which sank off the coast of Lewes in 1798. The ship’s remains were located in 1984 and over the years much of its contents were salvaged from the ocean floor. Thirty percent of the DeBraak’s hull was recovered from the bay, and it is the only known example of this type of vessel, a brig-sloop, which was used during the Napoleonic Wars. Delaware State Museums has possession of more than 20,000 recovered artifacts and has sponsored years of research and conservation on these bits of history. They provide a detailed description of life at sea aboard an English-controlled vessel in the eighteenth century. A selection of navigational tools, small firearms, and sailmaking equipment illustrate the workings of the ship. Footwear, dice made from bone, ceramic plates, and a surgeon’s saw give a picture of the crew’s daily life. The museum also houses a model of the ship and provides an eight-minute video on the DeBraak.

Any time money and sunken treasure is involved lawyers are involved and there was a great battle over the DeBraak. The fight over the remains of H.M.S. De Braak pitted Worldwide Salvage, Inc. that includes a man who says he discovered the De Braak in 1935 - against Harvey Harrington, who heads Sub-Sal, Inc., the company that recovered the treasure. At the heart of the conflict was a 49-year-old navigational chart Worldwide gave Harrington, and an oral pact the four men say they made with the diver. It alleged that Harrington double-crossed Worldwide, that he used its chart to steal for himself a treasure that should partly be theirs.

Strawberry Festival At Delmar Wesleyan Church

On Saturday the 29th from 7AM until 2PM. Combo Yard and Bake Sale, at the Delmar Wesleyan Church at 800 East Street. Strawberry Short cake will be available. Proceeds go to the Delmar Wesleyan Building Fund. The Church sponsored Ball team will be cooking Burger,Dogs,and Crab Cakes.. There may be a Moon Bounce.

Shot for desertion - 1778

Picked up from This Day in Delaware History:

May 25th, 1778 Pvts. Richard Harris and Edward McConnell of Captain John Learmonth's 6th Company, Delaware Regiment, were shot in Wilmington for desertion

Todays facts were compiled by historian Roger Martin and brought to you by the Delaware Public Archives

The Mutiny of May 25, 1780

As we know the great part of an Army is made up of poor people who decided to join the Army for a stable source of money, shelter and food. Like Obama today, in 1780 the American government was printing money with nothing to back it and was worthless (the expression not worth a continental refers to the money they were paid in). While stationed at Morristown, New Jersey on May 25, 1780 two Connecticut regiments said to hell with it, formed up on the parade grounds and started to march back home. The men that mutinied had not been paid in five months. Food had not been sent to them, they were starving, to add to it they had just gone thru one of the worst winters on record, plus who would be happy to be stationed in New Jersey. Troops from Pennsylvania put down the rebellion. Eight months later the troops from Pennsylvania would also mutiny against the officers. Two leaders of the Connecticut Line protest were then hanged.

Private Joseph Plumb Martin, who marched with the mutineers, wrote of his fellow soldiers: "they could not stand it any longer; they saw no alternative but to starve to death, or break up the army, give all up and go home. This was a hard matter for the soldiers to think upon; they were truly patriotic; they loved their country, and had already suffered every thing short of death in its cause; and now, after such extreme hardships to give up all, was too much; but to starve to death was too much also."

Census taker Joke

A Census Taker appeared on a porch one afternoon and knocked on the door. When it was answered, he proceeded to introduce himself, explained how quick the process would be, and obtained permission to begin his brief interview.
Shortly he came to the question, “How many children do you have?”
The woman at the door replied, “Four.”
“And may I have their names, please?”
“Let’s see,” she said, “there’s little Edward – we call him Eenee – and Michael – he has a temper, so we call him Meanie – and our littlest one, Joshua – he’s a bit possessive; we call him Mynee. Oh, and then there’s Frank.”
“Your children’s names are Eenee, Meanie, Mynee, and Frank?”
“Yes, sir.”
“May I ask why you nicknamed the last child Frank?”
“We didn’t want any Moe.”

Dash Ad

Monday, May 24, 2010

Special Election

Special Election for Delmar, Delaware residents- Wednesday, May 26, 2010 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Shall the Town of Delmar, DE borrow up to $400,206.00 to replace approx. 1,270 linear ft. of corroded 4 inch water mains with 8 inch water mains and hydrants along sections of Delaware Ave. The loan will be over 30 years with at a 1.5% interest rate with accrued interest payable during construction of the project.

Yea going to be a big turn out for this one.

The Delmar Historical and Art Society

The Delmar Historical and Art Society is trying to re-group, re-form and start over again. For some years it has been inactive and on June 10th at 7 PM there will be a meeting at Wilmington Trust to elect new officers and discuss the upcoming year.

The Historical and Art Society is a separate organization from the Delmar Revitalization Committee (which is part of the town government), nor is it connected with the caboose and Delmar Heritage center (Dr. Laramore office). The purpose of the society is to bring together those people interested in history and art in the Delmar area. It's interest is not limited to just the town of Delmar.

Since the organization has been inactive since the late 1980's the membership dues reflect that. If you are interested in joining the society June 10th would be a good time to do so as the membership fees are almost guaranteed to go up after new officers are elected.

Fish'n For Sight

The Laurel Lions Club will hold their Fish'n For Sight day on June 13th (Delaware Free Fish Day) at Johnny Janosik Park in Laurel from 1 PM to 4 PM. The fishing entries will get free food and beverages. The tournament is open to three classes; 5 to 12, 13 to 20, and 21 and older. To qualify as a participant you must have a fishing rod, bait, have a pledge form and collect $25 or more in pledges to be turned in the day of the event. Many prizes and each entry will receive $30 in Gander Mountain bucks.

The Death of John P. Phillips - 1907

From The Wicomico News, Salisbury Maryland May 2, 1907


Engineer John Phillips, of Delmar, was killed and six other trainmen considerably shaken up in a head-on collision between a southbound local passenger train and a northbound freight on the New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad at Eden, early Friday morning. No passengers were injured.

The accident is said to have been caused by Engineer Phillips disregarding orders to take a siding at Eden. He jumped and was killed by striking his head against an iron frog. Conductor Sturgis and Fireman Bennett of the same train were seriously injured.

The unfortunate engineer, fireman and conductor were running an extra engine from Delmar to Pocomoke City to carry the first excursion from Pocomoke City to the Jamestown Exposition. Their engine was running at great speed when a head-on collision occurred.
Both engines were completely demolished and cars piled high in the air, stopping traffic for several hours.

Engineer Phillips had a brother killed in a like manner last fall.

The injured fireman and conductor were hurried to Salisbury hospital for treatment, and are expected to recover.
Mr. Phillips, who was killed in the collision, was one of the youngest engineers on the road and left a widow and two small children. The crews of both trains live at Delmar.

At the coroner’s inquest into the death of Engineer Phillips, Saturday, Engineer McNeile, of the freight train, who saved his life by jumping, admitted that the wreck was due to the fact that he had overlooked the scheduled time of trains when he left Loretto, the station below Eden. No 81 was the nearest to train No. 35 on the schedule , and as there was about 53 minutes difference between these trains he calculated he could make the siding at Fruitland which is the next station north of Eden, before the arrival of the train. Train 35 however, ran 53 minutes ahead of train No. 81 on the schedule.

The coroner’s inquest was summoned by Justice of the peace II. W. Lankford at Eden station. Dr. T. Jacobs Smith of Princess Anne was foreman. The Jury returned a verdict that Engineer John P. Phillips came to his death by jumping from his engine while in motion sustaining a fracture of the skull, from which he died instantly.

Should A Gentleman Offer A Tiparillo To a Census Taker?

Click to enlarge

Delmar Public Library Facts

Picked Up from a flyer on Book and Bake day

1) The Delmar Public Library is not a county-owned library. Although we do receive funds for operation from the county, none of our employees are county employees.

2) The governing body for our library is a Board of Commissioners. The members are appointed and their meetings are open to the public.

3) Although over half of our patrons are from the Maryland side of Delmar, the state of Maryland gives no support to our library. Because so many Maryland patrons use our library, we are reluctant to charge an out-of-state fee.

4) One of the supporting groups of the library is the Friends of the Delmar Library group. However, this organization is deteriorating due to lack of support from the community.

5) The Delmar library would like to expand both the building and parking area. However, the state of Delaware will only match what we can raise in our community.

6) We are open to all suggestions from patrons as to how we can improve the library and its services.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lilt Ad

Maybe 1950's and just a little creepy - like it could be a photo of a satanic ritual

Delmarva is a Shrimp?

Over at Maryland Weather Frank Roylance has graphic proof that Delmarva is shaped like a shrimp.


White light, white doves
White light descending from the heavens
To shine on us
To enter our soul and heal us
So we can once again like doves , soar in the wind
On clean, fresh air
Our white light, spreading outward into the world
We are the white dove
Lighting the Earth

Love and light Marie
From Softearth's World Blog

Whitsun, also known as Pentecost in the Christian calendar, is the seventh Sunday after Easter. Whitsun commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Christ (Acts of the Apostles chapter 2)

DNRES Press Release - Fish Free

Fish for free in Delaware waters June 12 and 13

Have you been thinking of casting a line into that nearby stream or daydreaming about a sunny afternoon on the beach with your surf rod, but just haven’t gotten round to purchasing your 2010 Delaware fishing license yet?

To celebrate National Fishing Week, June 5-13, the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife invites you to test your favorite First State waters for a free taste of this year’s fishing, clamming and crabbing season by holding free fishing days on Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13. On these two days, anyone may fish in Delaware waters without a fishing license.

National Fishing Week festivities will also include the Division’s 24th Annual Youth Fishing Tournament from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 12 at Ingrams Pond in Millsboro, Wyoming Pond in Wyoming’s Town Park and the dog training area at Lums Pond State Park in Bear.

With the exception of this one weekend, resident and non-resident anglers between the ages of 16 and 64 fishing in any Delaware waters – including ponds, impoundments, streams, rivers, bays and ocean - are required to purchase a fishing license and display it while fishing. Clammers and crabbers are also required to have fishing licenses. Delaware residents older than 65 and both residents and non-residents under age 16 do not have to purchase a license. Licenses are required for non-residents age 65 and older.

Fishing licenses for Delaware residents cost $8.50, while non-residents pay $20 a year or $12.50 for a seven-day license. Licenses may be purchased at DNREC’s Richardson and Robbins Building, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, or at any of more than 60 license agents located in sporting goods stores, hardware stores, bait and tackle shops and other businesses throughout the state.

The 2010 Fishing Guide, which includes complete details on licensing and exemptions, is also available from the DNREC Dover office, licensing agents and on the Division of Fish and Wildlife website.

To purchase a Delaware fishing license online, view the Fishing Guide, or for more information on fishing licenses, please visit the DNREC Fisheries homepage at

A Quaker Limerick

Said a frugal old Quaker, O'Mallory
"I'm counting each bite and calorie,
And sad to relate
It's not to lose weight,
I'm trying to live on my salary."

Chestertown Tea party

May 23, 1774 - In solidarity with Boston's response to British taxes, the citizens of Chestertown, Maryland enacted a set of "Resolves" forbidding all sale and use of tea in Chestertown. According to local legend, residents then gathered at the town center, marched down High Street to the brigantine Geddes, which was anchored in the Chester River, and tossed her cargo of tea.

The annual
reenactment of that event
is the centerpiece of the Chestertown Tea Party Festival (this year May 28th thru 31st). The re-enactment is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. All Festival events take place along the Chester River and in the historic district of 18th-century Chestertown, Maryland. There is no admission charge to the Festival.

Town ordinance prohibits dogs at the festival

Chestertown Resolves
1st- RESOLVED, that we acknowledge his majesty George III, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, to be our rightful and lawful sovereign to whom we owe and promise all dutiful allegiance and submission.

2nd – RESOLVED, that no duty or taxes can constitutionally be opposed on us, but by our own consent given personally, or by our own representatives.

3rd – RESOLVED, that the act of the British parliament of the 7th of George III, chapter 46, subjecting the colonies to a duty on tea, for the purpose of raising revenue in America, is unconstitutional, oppressive and calculated to enslave the Americas.

4th – RESOLVED, therefore, that whoever shall import, or in any way aid or assist in importing, or introducing from any part of Great Britain, or any other place whatsoever, into this town or country, any tea subject to the payment of a duty imposed by the aforesaid act of Parliament: or whoever shall willingly and knowingly sell, buy or consume, in any way assist with the sale, purchase or consumption of any tea imported as aforesaid subject to a duty, he or they, shall be stigmatized as enemies to the liberties of America.

5th – RESOLVED, that we will not only steadily adhere to the foregoing resolves, but will endeavor to excite our worthy neighbors to a like patriotic conduct, and to whoever, amongst, shall refuse his concurrence, or after complying, shall desert the cause, and knowingly deviate from the true spirit and meaning of these our resolutions, w will mark him out and inimical to the liberties of America, and unworthy member of the community, ad a person not deserving our notice our regard.

6th – RESOLVED, that the foregoing resolves be printed, that our brothers in the and other colonies may now our sentiments as therein contained.

Signed by order of the Committee, W Wright, Clerk