Saturday, August 07, 2010

The 1946 Booker Taliaferro Washington Silver Half Dollar

Today on August 7, 1946 the 1st US coin bearing a portrait of a Negro was authorized. The 1946 Booker T. Washington Silver Half Dollar Commemorative Coin was made. Commemorative Coins are special coins that are made to celebrate and honor special people, places, events and institutions. These coins are usually made in limited quantity and for a limited time period, usually one year. They are not usually minted for circulation even though they are legal tender. The coin was designed by Isaac Scott Hathaway, the first Black man to design a U.S. coin with a Black faces on it. He designed the 1946 Booker T. Washington coin and later the 1951 George Washington Carver coin.

The Booker T. Washington Coin was one of those politically correct act congress does. In 1946 Iowa wanted a Centennial commemorative half dollar and when it appeared there was good chance congress would authorize it, Sidney J. Phillips, the African American president of the Booker T. Washington Birthplace Memorial Commission, exerted political pressure on Congress for a Booker T. Washington Coin, and Congress, possibly fearing that voting against the proposal would bring accusations of racism (this was 1946, after each US war where black troops have been used there has been civil unrest from Blacks wanting equal freedoms in a country they fought for), rushed it into President Truman's hands, where it became law on August 7, 1946, the same day as the Iowa coin. An interesting view of the S J Phillips maneuver is here.

A bust of the educator/polymath/administrator, based loosely on a life mask,is on the face, on the reverse the two buildings are meant (emblematically at least) for the New York University Hall of Fame with its colonnade of portrait busts, and the slave cabin where Booker Taliaferro Washington was born ca. 1858, in the Hales Ford (Franklin Country), Virginia, area.

There were other coins produced afterwards with prominent Black people on them. No doubt the next batch will be in 2014 after Former President Bush signed the “Civil Rights Act of 1964 Commemorative Coin Act, H.R. 2040” on Tuesday, December 2, 2008. H.R. 2040 authorizes the Department of the Treasury to mint and issue up to 350,000 silver dollar coins in 2014 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Sales of each coin will include a $10 surcharge with proceeds paid to the United Negro College Fund.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Delaware State Police News Release: Scrap Metal Thieves

DSP News Release: Trio Arrested in Scrap Metal Thefts

Blueberry Lane Frankford, De
Truitt Road Millsboro, De
(Road Name Unavailable) Delmar, De

Friday June 25, 2010 9:15 a.m.

60 year old man Frankford, De
63 year old woman Willards, Md
44 Year old woman Millsboro, De

Kevin M. Cooper-26 Bridgeville, De (Arrested 08/04/2010)
William C. Cooper-22 Bridgeville, De (Arrested 08/05/2010)
Crystal G. Cooper-25 Bridgeville, De (Arrested 08/05/2010)

Charge(s): Same for all Three Defendants
Burglary Third Degree
2 counts Theft Under $1,500
Conspiracy Second Degree
2 counts Conspiracy Third Degree
Attempted Theft Under $1,500
2 counts of Criminal Trespass Third Degree

Bond Information:
Kevin Cooper released $8,000 unsecured bond
William Cooper Sussex Correctional Institute $11,200 secured bond
Crystal Cooper Women’s Correctional Institute $11,200 secured bond

Delaware State Police August 4 and August 5 arrested three persons responsible for scrap metal thefts in Millsboro, Frankford and Delmar. The thefts and attempted thefts occurred on June 25, 2010 beginning around 9:15 a.m.

Delaware State Police on June 25, 2010 was investigating a theft complaint in the 28000 block of Blueberry Lane Frankford, Delaware. State Police learned that a black Jeep was parked along a barn and the occupants were observed placing a tractor hitch in the rear of the Jeep.

A witness to the crime confronted the suspects and ordered them to put the stolen property back. The suspects Kevin M. Cooper-26, William C. Cooper-22 and Crystal G. Cooper-25 complied and put back the tractor hitch. The witness copied down the Delaware registration to the Jeep and Troopers learned that Crystal Cooper was the registered owner.

The Trooper was completing the investigation on Blueberry Lane when he was notified of another theft in progress near Delmar Delaware. The theft in the second incident also involved a black Jeep. In this theft the thieves stole 5 aluminum wheels sitting outside a barn and fled the area.

The Cooper’s not finished with their work continued onto Truitt Road Millsboro Delaware. Once again the Trooper was contacting the victim in the second incident and learned of a theft in progress on Truitt Road. The Trooper was advised that a Jeep fitting the descriptions previously given pulled into a private drive. Next one of the Cooper boys walked to the front door, knocked and upon not receiving an answer pulled the Jeep along the side of the residence. The suspects then proceeded to steal a tractor battery, cables and welding helmet. The suspects again fled the scene.

State Police Detectives conducting follow up investigations into scrap metal thefts received information positively linking the three Coopers to the thefts reported above.

State Police on August 4, 2010 arrested Kevin M. Cooper; August 5 arrested William C. Cooper and Crystal G. Cooper on Burglary and related theft charges. William and Crystal Cooper were remanded to Sussex Correctional Institute and Women’s Correctional Institute each on $11,200 secured bond respectively. Kevin Cooper was released on $8,000 unsecured bond.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Work on the house lot continues

Well they cut the tree today

another project that did not take long, only about three hours

So next they are having dumpster bought in and the limbs and stump will be tossed into them.

Look What Rode In On A Wagonload of Watermelons

Look What Rode In On A Wagon load of Watermelons today at the Laurel auction Block - National Watermelon Queen Jessica Southard and Mar-Del Watermelon Queen Parris Travers.

They were there to sell watermelons and they did a fine job. One melon went for $2,000 and the rest between $150 to $900. The money went to the Mar-Del Watermelon association.

Doing a little posing with Miss Laurel and Little Miss Laurel


Well butter my biscuit, just to make things interesting about 15 minutes before the Queens started selling Watermelon a fight broke out. Now this Laurel so you sort of expect that kind of behavior. click photo to enlarge

The fight was between the black guy and the fat bald headed guy

The State Police and Laurel Police were there, but since this is Laurel I am sure it was a wasted trip for them as Laurel isn't a very moral or law bidding town and I am sure no charges were pressed.

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup was born today. As with a number of things related to this man the date of his death and his birth is in question but on the tombstone at Franktown is August 5th and March 28th, so if it is carved in stone that is the dates.

He is buried in Franktown Cemetery, Franktown, Northampton County, Virginia. Now I don't pretend to know a lot about him, frankly I don't think I heard of him before someone left a comment about him on my blog. He was a Musician, Songwriter, Writer of the Elvis Presley hit, "That's All Right." Other songs include "Cool Disposition" and "Rock Me Mama." He was sometimes billed as The Father of Rock & Roll. He lead an interesting life, not always on the uppity up side of life. "Big Boy" Crudup was born on August 5th 1905, Forest, Mississippi, USA and died from heart disease and diabetes at the Nassawadox hospital in Northampton County, Virginia, in 1974.

He worked as a laborer until his early 30's when he picked up a guitar. Shortly thereafter, he enlisted with the gospel unit "The Harmonizing Four." He went to Chicago, where he did street music for extra coin, lived in a packing crate and was discovered by Lester Melrose, of Melrose Records. In later years royalty disputes with blues producer Lester Melrose kept Arthur Crudup a poor man and it was not until Elvis recorded Crudup's "That's All Right (Mama)," "My Baby Left Me" and later "So Glad You're Mine" that he received the attention and recognition he deserved. Unfortunately, Melrose still did not pay him the money to which he was entitled and Arthur Crudup died a poor man. My Mama Don't Allow In addition to his own vocals, he cut trumpet singles using the names Elmer James and Percy Lee Crudup.

Crudup worked as a laborer, bootlegger and contract migratory worker boss man on the Eastern Shore of Virginia until he died. His constant use of various first names has lead to much confusion in documenting his life.

His three sons — George, James and Jonas — kept the Crudup musical legacy alive, recording as the Malibus and, later, as the Crudup Brothers. Their album Franktown Blues, released in May 2000, offers their reworking of their father’s classic blues tunes, as well as some original songs. There’s some sadness attached to this release; James Crudup, the drummer, died during its recording.

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses

Today in 1884 the cornerstone was laid on Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor for the Base of the statue of liberty. For more Staue of Liberty information go here.

Atomic Bomb Dropped

Today in 1945 at 8:15 (Hiroshima time) the United States dropped an Atom Bomb on Hiroshima (Aug 6th in Japan). It created a blast equivalent to about 13 kilotons of TNT, destroyed an estimated 4.7 square miles of the city, killed 70,000–80,000 people immediately, and another 70,000 injured.

Tomorrow U.S. Ambassador John Roos will make a historic appearance at Japan's Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima. His visit will be the first time in 65 years that an American ambassador has attended the ceremony. The son of the U.S. Air Force pilot who dropped the first atomic bomb in the history of warfare says the Obama administration's decision to send a U.S. delegation to a ceremony in Japan to mark the 65th anniversary of the attack on Hiroshima is an "unsaid apology" and appears to be an attempt to "rewrite history.". James Tibbets, son of Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., says Friday's visit to Hiroshima by U.S. Ambassador John Roos is an act of contrition that his late father would never have approved. Tibbet said "It's making the Japanese look like they're the poor people, like they didn't do anything," he said. "They hit Pearl Harbor, they struck us. We didn't slaughter the Japanese -- we stopped the war."

Today is also "Test Ban Day" created by the Int'l Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War

A Couple of Delmar Daily Posts

A couple of interesting items on the The Delmar Daily First, he reports the Fire Department needs a new roof. Second, Nicole continues her life story.

Children's Theatre At The Library

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

And The House Is Down

Well today was the day. A lot of emotions in watching this 100 year old house being torn down. This was the only house my children knew and I lived there over thirty years. But it was gone at the time of the fire, now it is just a slightly mess and a danger to the neighborhood.

In under 2 hours this is the house - gone - originally the workers who built it must have taken 4 or 5 months before completing it and in under two hours it is destroyed. Shows it is easily to destroy something then to build something.

and into a trailer to go somewhere. Tomorrow the remainder of the debris is removed and the tree gets taken down.

After the fire a mother cat had kittens in the crawlspace of the house so these strays are homeless also. They decided to make one attempt at getting back into their home after it knocked down.

2010 Delmar Little League 9-10 Softball All-Stars

click on photo to enlarge it

2010 Delmar Little League Girls 9-10 Softball All-Stars

Kneeling L-R: Nakita Prado, Brynn Binkley, Mollie Upole, Madisen Shoemaker, Jakayla Sample,
Kayla Hovatter

Standing L-R: Hailey Naugle, Samantha Lehman, Manager B.J. Hughes, Carlie Elliott, Avery
Wheatley, Coach Glen Covington, Kelsie Hughes, Carly Covington, Coach Keith Naugle, Alleigh Townsend

The Delmar 9-10 Girls Softball All-Stars representing Maryland District 8 traveled to Perryville, Maryland on July 17, 2010 to participate in the Maryland State Tournament. This was the first all-star experience for seven of these girls, while six had played on the 2009 all-star team. During our practices the girls were told to not be surprised if they were asked to play several different positions along their journey; all that we coaches asked was that they try their best. The girls indeed were asked to play several different positions while in Perryville, and they did a fantastic job. Thanks to good pitching (36 strikeouts in four games), key defensive plays, and excellent run production (23 runs scored versus 13 runs allowed), Delmar began the tournament 1-0 but fell short of the state title finishing runner-up to Perryville District 5. Delmar’s two losses both came at the hands of Perryville; a 5-4 loss and a 4-3 loss (Delmar had eliminated Perryville in the 2009 tournament). The Delmar girls played their hearts out and were a true representation of what it means to play as a team. Before leaving for their journey, the girls participated in a team building task of filling a small container with some dirt from our home field in Delmar. Once the bottle was filled, the team read a softball player’s prayer. As in past traditions, the team shouted a couple of chants to boost their morale – but what made it different this year was that the team brought along some “Delmar Dirt” to hold or touch when they were chanting. The Town of Delmar can be proud of these girls and how they handled themselves on and off the field. It was truly a pleasurable experience, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with the assistant coaches and with these girls.

BJ Hughes

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Trash and More Trash

I was reading Frank Calio Blog earlier about how familes air their dirty linens in public, than in the WGMD (on the sidebar) report they had this article and it just connected well with people behaving like trash.

State Police have arrested a Laurel woman after a domestic incident early Sunday morning. Police say 38 year old Paula Sutton went to the home of a former boyfriend and found him in a car with another woman. Sutton rammed the rear of the man’s vehicle. He tried to run off – but Sutton chased him around the property – and then rammed the 24 year old woman’s vehicle as well. Sutton faces numerous charges and is free on bond. (notice that another Laurel person is free on bond!!)

DSP News Release: Laurel Woman Arrested on Domestic Charges
Location: Mount Zion Road Laurel, De
DATE and TIME: Sunday August 1, 2010, 3:42 a.m.
• 24 year-old woman, Georgetown, De
• 44 year-old man, Laurel, De

• Paula J. Sutton-38, Laurel, De

Charge(s) and Bond Information:
• Two counts Reckless Endangering 2nd Degree
• Criminal Mischief
• Criminal Trespass
• Disorderly Conduct
• Sutton released on $5,200 unsecured bond

Delaware State Police early Sunday August 1, 2010 Troopers responded to Mount Zion Road Laurel Delaware for a reckless endangering complaint.

State Troopers around 3:42 a.m. interviewed the victims in this investigation concerning the facts of the case. State Troopers discovered that Paula J. Sutton-38 of Laurel came to the residence of a formal boyfriend and found him with another woman. A 24 year old woman and 44 year old male where seated the same vehicle when they observed Sutton pull in behind them. The victims were in the driveway to the male’s residence when Sutton intentionally struck the rear of the male victim’s vehicle with her vehicle a Silver Dodge Dakota pickup. The male victim attempted to flee from Sutton however Sutton continued to chase the victim’s around a farm area. Sutton then located the 24 year old victim’s car and intentionally drove into this vehicle which caused the rear window to shatter.

Upon the Troopers arrival on scene Sutton had fled however was located a short time later and arrested on the above listed charges. Sutton was released on $5,200 unsecured bond.

Capping The Gas Line

Chesapeake Gas Company sent a crew by this afternoon to cap the gas line to the old house. They tried to do it yesterday but the roots from the tree were so thick they could not dig down to the line with shovels so the back hoe was placed into action. Can you see how thick the roots are? I am having to remove this tree because of them. The roots would just mess up the foundation of the new house. Notice how the dirt is just dust from lack of rain.

Man in the hole

Always exciting capping the line, the guy in the hole hacksaws thru the pipe and then with the swoosh of gas pouring out he shoves a cap on the line and tightens it down. The other two guys are standing by in the event he is not fast enough capping the line and succumbs to the fumes. I was reminded not to take pictures in the event of the camera flash setting off the gas vapors.

Always remember to call Miss Utility before digging in your yard.

The House Update

An update on the construction of the new house and the demolition of the old house. We finally picked a building contractor to build the new house. It was a great struggle as all the builders we had asked to give estimates are decent builders.

The four main ones that we had to decide between were;
Regent Homes by Beracah, Vernon Esham Homes, Aaron Rogers (ACR Construction), and RLV & Associates (Lee Venables).

All were within a thousand dollars on their bids so it came down to the features that each one offered in their bid. It was struggle, we finally got it down to two and flip flopped between those two for several days. In the end we picked Vernon Eshams Homes and signed the contract this morning. I could recommend all four of those builders with out any reservation but we did have to pick one.

Vernon Esham has the demolition of the old house scheduled for tomorrow. You may want to stay clear of that area tomorrow and Thursday.

I have sit down a number of times to tell the on-going story with my fire claim and Nationwide Insurance Company, but it is such a long tale I just have never been able to put it down. With the tear down of the old house perhaps I can finally write it and perhaps it will help someone out there.

National Night Out Against Crime

The 27th AnnualNational Night Out will occur tonight Tuesday, August 3, 2010.

National Night Out is an annual nationwide event that encourages residents to get out in the community, holding block parties and getting to know their neighbors as a way to encourage crime prevention. It's a great way to promote community-police partnerships and enjoy a DelMarVa summer evening surrounded by friends and family. Maybe not in Delmar but you can join the Snow Hill Police Department and the Worcester County Sheriff's Department for their National Night Out Celebration in Byrd Park. I also believe in Princess Anne there is some kind of party. Salisbury will have theirs at the City Park starting at 6:00 PM.

National Night Out was developed by Matt Peskin who is alleged to be considerably overpaid consuming roughly 1/3 of his organization's annual budget on his salary and benefits. In 2005, his combined compensation totalled $297,000, typical for the CEO of a non-profit 50 times the size of NATW, according to NonProfit Times, a business publication covering nonprofit management

National Watermelon Day

Today is National Watermelon Day and it has a queen! 20-year-old Jessica Southard is the 2010 United States National Watermelon Queen. Jessica travels throughout the US and internationally to promote watermelons.

The Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) in cooperation with the Mar-Del Watermelon Association will be on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach this Wednesday, August 4 handing out complimentary slices of red, ripe, juicy watermelon and National Watermelon Queen Jessica Southard will be joined in Rehoboth by Mar-Del Watermelon Queen Parris Travers, handing out slices of watermelon from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rehoboth is known for it's Queens.

19-year-old Parris Travers, Mar-Del Watermelon Queen, of Woolford, Maryland is currently attending Salisbury University and wants to become a teacher in Early Childhood Education.

Both of the Watermelon Queens will be at the Laurel Delaware Auction Block this week on August 5th at 10:30.

Visit /What About Watermelon, your one-stop online source for all the news and views about America’s favorite fruit.

Stone Ballon Reunion


The first official Stone Balloon Reunion Party is scheduled for Saturday, August 21 at Dewey Beach's Baycenter. It will feature a reunited Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers. Tickets for the show are $20 and may be purchased on the Ruddertowne's Website.

A Ruddertowne news release says the Stone Balloon is remembered as Delaware’s greatest rock & roll bar. It was established in 1976 and was host to many of rock’s most celebrated artists. It reached its heyday in the 80's and 90's, before shutting its doors in 2006.

Rock legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Dave Matthews, and Chubby Checker rocked the Stone Balloon over its 30-year history, however, true Balloon fans best remember the local bands that rocked the Balloon the hardest.

The Stone Balloon is now operated as a Winehouse. Rich Garrahan, Ruddertowne's marketing director, says Newark restricts the new Stone Balloon from hosting any live amplified music especially with residents living directly above the establishment. That is one reason why it is hosted at Ruddertowne.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Wildcat Golf Tournament - Sept 11th

A Biff Lee Birthday Wish

I received my annual Biff Lee Birthday card today, right on time.

1932 Chicken Hauling

I came across this picture in the Delaware Archives - State Board of Agriculture and found it interesting that they hauled live chickens by train. Must not have been a feather left on them when they got to market.

Nicole's Life

Over at the Delmar Daily, Nicole is writing about her life. It makes me thankful for how responsible and normal my parents were.

The Hearn and Rawlins Mill is for sale

If you have about $325,000 you can own the Hearn and Rawlins Mill. The mill sits on the bank of Hearns Pond outside Seaford. The current structure has been around since 1880 and it made White Dove buckwheat flour. It is being pitched as a potential restored historic center, much like Abbott's Mill outside Milford and Greenbank Mill in New Castle County.

Tax Free?

I thought the price of liquor was 90% tax.