Saturday, August 14, 2010

Band Donations

Should you feel you would like to help the Delmar School Band, you can make a donations to;

Delmar Band Boosters

and mail it to:
Laurie Bireley
Delmar Band Boosters
30287 Holly Lane
Delmar, MD 21875

Friday, August 13, 2010

Looking For Elvis

A couple of days ago I decided to go looking for Elvis, after all in a conversation with him in Delmar he said he was living in Red Hills. Now the way to Red Hills is thru Snow Hill and on to Girdletree but of course

the road does go past the Timeless Tavern so I had to look in to see if Elvis was there. No luck, barmaid she said hadn't seen him today, but being a hot day it was good place to stop.

To go to Red Hills you have to cross the Maryland/Virginia line than go into Signpost and hang a left and drive back a piece until you come to a sharp turn

About 25 years ago Toppy Fleming who owns Red Hills put a gate up and fenced it off so you can't really get to that beach. I use to go to it in the 1960's when you still had access to it and I understand you can still go to it by boat. Now I won't go into my usual history lesson I will just say this is one of many beaches from Public Landing south that sits on the shores of Chincoteague Bay - surely one of the most beautiful and pleasant spots on earth. In the 1920's these beaches were larger than Ocean City in that time period. the 1933 Hurricane destroyed most of the recreational buildings and they they are now just unknown places to most.

However the road continues on and what I was looking for was a place called Sparrows Restaurant (Elvis said he lived there). Sparrows was an old two story house converted into a restaurant ( Restaurant may be stretching the description) It had outside toilets across the road in the woods. I didn't see any sign of the building. Red Hills is across a stream or gut from Captain's Cove.

Well no sign of Elvis so I drove north to Greenbackville, Virginia. Now Greenbackville and it's sister town of Franklin City were boom towns in the 1920 when they were hauling oysters out of the bay onto a rail line at Franklin City. No longer.

No one at The Crusty Crab had seen Elvis in a while.

This is the Harbor in Greenbackville. Now there is an odd thread of related material that relates Greenbackville to Delmar, besides a railroad. Delmar policeman Tom Esham's father, Larry Esham, was born in Greenbackville. So maybe that Greenbackville blood in Tom explains him.

and finally down the road to Franklin City. In the 1960's Franklin City was a ghost town, now all the old buildings have been torn down or they fell down. As I said before in the 1920's this was boom town. A fire burn most of the town and than the "new" causeway to Chincoteague finished it off when trucks could haul oysters out of Chincoteague direct.

Well no sign of Elvis on that trip but I believe he is still alive and living in that area. One day I expect to see an old man in a white jumpsuit with sunglasses steering his crabbing boat out into Chincoteague Bay.

Band Camp - Final Day - Final Performance

The final performance of band camp was given this morning. Everyone was blessed with an overcasted day so we didn't have a heat stroke, nor a triple digits heat index.

This year's theme is "Thriller", a tribute to Michael Jackson. Now everybody loves "Thriller", it's a crowd pleaser, and the band did a super rendition of it. Other numbers were "Billie Jean", "I want you back" and "I'll be there".

The Drum Majors, both went to drum major camp this summer

August is the month where high school marching bands and color guards are getting together to create the field shows that will be shown at football games. It is a time for friendship renewal, strenuous work outs, fun, frivolity, and the making of many laughs and happy memories. For many, band camp is a love/hate situation.

Some of the crowd - again no High School principal or Superintendent or Board of education member were present. No fear the crowd still loves the band even with out school administration support.

A little after performance water balloon fight

David Smith Getting Soaked

Another soaking for Band Director David Smith

A wet David Smith doing a TV interview

Back to the band room

Pizza and Beer soda afterward

As one of the on-lookers who enjoyed an exciting performance I want to thank David Smith and Kelly Grubb for the effort they have put into this. Also thanks to everyone who has helped with camp this year including the band boosters. It is going to be another great year of Wildcat field music.

I understand the problem of funding for the band to attend away games has some what been reduced by the community support - not school support.

Go Topless Day

More gender Equal Rights. The Go Topless organization is organizing a National Go Top Less Protest on August 22nd. They feel if men can walk around bare chested women should be allowed to do so also. They selected to do this in the month of August because 90 years ago the U.S. Constitution was amended to grant women the right to vote. In 1970, as an ongoing reminder of women’s equality, Congress declared August 26 “Women’s Equality Day.”

Thursday, August 12, 2010

13 South

Yes that legendary band 13 South will be playing at Big Thursday Festival in Millsboro this week.. Saturday evening ......Show is 5 - 6 (now with vocalist, Hannah Cassidy). Now don't go asking me if it is a Big Thursday Festival why are they playing Saturday?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something To Think About

With all the real problems in life over at Strange Maps he puts forth an interesting question; What would happen if the earth stood still? His theory is, if the earth stopped spinning the oceans would migrate to submerge much of the inhabited world. This global catastrophe would lead to the formation of a single supercontinent straddling the equator. Wow! one more thing to stay up at night and think about. I thought the fear of an asteroid hitting the planet was bad enough but now I have to think about the earth stop spinning.

Strange Maps is one of a number of "think" blogs over at Big Think

The Perfect Storm

We all remember the rotten snowy winter we had (frankly I wish for just a tat of it now) Over at Delmar weather he had a post on the perfect storm of converging weather patterns that create last winter's snow fall. It was the results of two periodic weather patterns in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Stop Sign Has Been Removed

I noticed, today, the stop sign on North Pennsylvania Ave at Grove Street has been removed. It was discussed at the last council meeting that once the street was turned over to the town again (after that street scape work) they would remove it. Now there is just the stop sign at the end of Grove Street.

Delmar Delaware Election Time

Well once again election time is approaching for Delmar Delaware residents. The election is for one (1) Mayor and two (2) Council Members. The positions are currently held by Mayor John F. Outten, Sr, who has said he will not seek re-election, and Michael Houlihan, Vice Mayor, and Mary Lee Pase, Council Member. John will be able to join me at the council meetings and harass the new Mayor by making that cool statement of "Things like this didn't happen when I was Mayor of this town."

Now the dates Delmar Delaware residents need to remember; the Candidacy Filing & Voter Registration starts Wednesday, August 25, 2010. The deadline for Candidate Filing is Friday, September 10, 2010, By 4:30 p.m. The deadline for Voter Registration is Friday, September 10, 2010 By 4:30 p.m. and the deadline for Absentee Ballot Application is Friday, September 10, 2010 By 4:30 p.m.

The Election Date is Monday, October 4, 2010 Starting at 7:00 am, closing at 7:00
pm., or until the last person in line at the close of the doors has voted. Absentee & Emergency Ballots counted Monday, October 4, 2010 By 7:00 p.m.

Now what usually happens is candidates are so wishy washy that they will not file until September 10th. At 4 PM there will be a couple of people hanging around the Town Hall and if no one files at 4:25PM for an office they will place their application in for the office and are an automatic shoo in since no one is running against them.

I would like to see someone who knows what they want and files August 25th up front and says "I am running for this office - You have six weeks to find out about me before you vote - Vote For Me." As I have discussed before with Mayor Niblett, it is a small town phenomenon that once someone files for an office it is rare someone else will run for the same office. Only a new person in town would break the good old boy code.

Over in Delmar Maryland there are enough new housing developments that you have a few new non-natives running for office. On the Delmar, Delaware side of town it is still the good old boy system of election. It would be nice to see someone unknown file for election - maybe an 18 year old fresh out of High school with new ideas who has not been trampled down by life and forced into the good old boy network.

If Michael Houlihan or Mary Lee Pase file for re-election for the same office again I will of course go into my "vote the incumbent out" mode. Both are excellent people but I believe in elected office holders only holding the same office for two terms. Maybe they will run for Mayor.

Qualifications for Mayor and Council candidates are that they shall
(a) be a citizen of the United States,
(b) be at least eighteen (18) years of age on the date of the election,
(c) reside in the State of Delaware for at least one (1) year prior to the date of the election,
(d) reside in the corporate limits of the Town of Delmar, Delaware for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the election, and
(e) be a qualified voter of the Town of Delmar, Delaware on the date of the election. Certificates of Candidacy must be completed at Town Hall by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 10, 2010. No person shall file for nomination to more than one elective Town public office at any time.

Qualifications to be able to vote in the upcoming Delmar, Delaware Municipal Election, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the election, reside in the state of Delaware for at least 30 days prior to the election, must be a resident of the State of Delaware for at least 30 days, and must have registered at Town Hall by the deadline. Registration deadline for this election is Friday, September 10, 2010 by 4:30 p.m. Voter registration forms may be picked up and/or filled out at Town Hall, 100 S. Pennsylvania Ave, Delmar, MD. Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is This Dog Yours?

A reader sent this photo to me and said this little dog that has been hanging around my house for a couple days. I live on Delaware Avenue in Delmar. He has a collar, but no tags and is very friendly. Can you post his picture on your blog and see if anyone knows who he belongs to?

Progress Continues on the Lot

Well Bennett Construction finished moving the debris from the house and the tree out. A couple loads of fill dirt was hauled in today and Darrow Reid landscaping spread the dirt around. Next is the surveyor to mark the position of the house.

Merrill Beach - Pocomoke City

Back in the 1950's and 1960's the State of Maryland was trying to make RT 13 a dual highway. In the process of doing the construction work a number of sand pits or borrow pits were dug close to RT13. A Pocomoke civic organization, I believe the Rotary Club, took over one of these pits and made it into a swimming area called Merrill Beach. The beach last from about 1955 to maybe 1965. It was a great swimming area. My uncle, Gordy Bayly, took my brother and I too it when I was about 13. It had a concession stand, bathrooms, a nice sandy beach and a raft out in the middle of it. In the winter you could ice skate around the edge.

Merrill Beach was located in Somerset County close to the Somerset County Liquor Store. I drove by it today and it is overgrown in trees and you would never know it had been a beach area.

During the day it was a great area but at night it was also a great area. People made bonfires on the beach and when it came to dating it was a popular parking area. I often wonder how many Pocomoke children born between 1955 and 1965 were conceived at Merrill beach. My wife's aunt gets a little dreamy eyed when she talks about the boys from Saxis Island coming up to Merrill Beach. If things got to noisy at night Squirrel Powell use to come out of his house across the road from the beach and fire his shotgun off, it usually cleared the beach.

I am not sure why Merrill Beach closed down - could be pollution or it could be the Rotary Club just ran out of steam keeping the place up.

DNREC Press Release


DNREC invites public involvement in environmental review of proposed Rehoboth Beach wastewater ocean outfall project

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is conducting an environmental review process on the impact of a proposed ocean outfall from the Rehoboth Beach Wastewater Treatment Facility. This process, which includes a public comment component, is the first step in DNREC’s review of an application by the City of Rehoboth Beach for funding from the state’s Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund. The City’s loan request includes assistance for a pump station, force main and ocean outfall from the treatment plant.

Given the significance of the project, DNREC is required to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) prior to the approval of financial assistance for the project. Public participation by interested federal, state, and local agencies as well as other interested organizations and the general public is encouraged during the EIS drafting process. Comments are requested on the scope of the project, and will be used by the City’s consultant to draft the EIS, which will address reasonable alternatives that should be considered, anticipated environmental problems, and actions that might be taken to mitigate concerns.

A public meeting on the content of the EIS will be held from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 21, at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center, Rehoboth Beach, to ensure that all concerns are identified and addressed before the draft EIS is prepared by the City. The draft EIS is expected to be completed in early 2011, and will then be available for public review during a 30-day comment period and a public hearing.

After the final EIS is prepared, DNREC will review the document to ensure that all concerns and issues have been addressed and that actions will be taken by the City during the project planning and construction process to incorporate all necessary mitigating factors. DNREC will then either approve or deny the final EIS. The final EIS will be used in DNREC’s Record of Decision on the City of Rehoboth Beach’s loan application.

DNREC’s Notice of Intent to prepare an EIS can be found at

Written comments will be accepted now through Friday, Sept. 22, 2010 and may be sent to Greg Pope, DNREC Financial Assistance Branch, 5 East Reed Street, Suite 200, Dover, DE 19901. Comments may also be faxed to 302-739-2137 or emailed to For more information, call 302-739-9941.

Chesapeake Waste and The Noise Ordinance

I was doing some work at the old house in Delmar this morning and noticed Chesapeake Waste was picking up trash before 7AM. Now I have always been opposed to the noise ordinance they passed in Delmar sometime ago. I feared it would be selectively applied and so for that fear has been correct. I feel if you have a law on the books you should enforce and if you are not going to enforce it you should remove it.

Due the noise of picking up trash, trash trucks are not allowed to start work between 11 PM and 7 AM in the town of Delmar. Where were the police? or is this another deal where they pass the buck to the town code enforcement person who doesn't live in town nor does he start work before 7 AM so he would never know if noise was going on in town. I will of course write an email to the town manager about this.

The real reason for the noise ordinance is here and

2 Chicks Barn Sale

Monday, August 09, 2010

Vance Phillips Shindig

A Visit To HD Metal

Well today was my semi-annual visit to HD Metal in Salisbury to turn in my beer cans for cash. Now the money I got wasn't that much - $12.00 for 25 pounds - but that will buy a six pack of San Miguel Beer or a 36 pack of cheap beer - and the cycle will start over again for the scrap beer can collection. But HD Metal is always an amazing place - steel thingys, copper what-you me-call-its, iron chunks, and just great stuff. It is just a man's world - thing you can bang and beat on and make whole new creations out of. None of that plastic electronic stuff.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Band Camp and the Delmar Senior High Band

Delmar Senior High School band members practiced in the sweltering summer heat at band camp last week and will do so again this upcoming week. Band Camp is the time for the group to come together, put music in motion, hope they don't have a heat stroke, build their internal synergy, and move forward into an exciting new school year. On Friday at 11 A.M. they have their final band camp performance on the playing field at Delmar Middle/Senior High School. It is a Michael Jackson tribute and it will be Zombie day so it should be an interesting sight and sound show. The public is invited to attend and should dress for the heat, bring a folding chair, be prepared for some toe tapping, and bring some liquid refreshment as you know you are going to sweat.

I have written before about David Smith, the band director, and the band and the issues they have with the school administration. I am now told the band will not be funded to travel to the "away" games this year. So what is with that? The Delmar Band Boosters are going to try to raise money to send the band on at least one far away game. But really can't the school afford to send them to at least the local Sussex County school games? Seaford and Laurel really aren't that far away. What did I tell you about re-electing the same do nothing people to the board of education?

Elvis Week is just around the corner

Yes it is that time of the year again - Elvis Week - Starting August 10th aging baby boomers will sniff a little, wipe their noses, and recall the King of Rock and Roll - all orchestrated by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE). Graceland and Memphis prepare for Elvis Week, August 10-16 (His 75th Birthday Celebration Year). Everything from the annual Candlelight Vigil, which will be held on August 15th beginning at 8:30 p.m. CT. Thousands of fans gather at the gates of Graceland in Memphis for their chance to walk up the driveway to Elvis' gravesite. To numerous Elvis impersonators. Let's hope it is not too tacky and is done in the conservative style Elvis was known for. Tickets for the event are from $30 to $500.

I personally will swear I saw Elvis in Delmar in 1979 at Tim's Bar (now the Sports Nut bar) and he told me he was living incognito near Greenbackville, Virginia in an apartment over top of Sparrow's Restaurant (if you recall they had peanut butter and banana sandwiches on the menu). That conversation lead me to buy the large size Elvis on Black Velvet painting that occupied a prominent place in my home before it burnt.