Saturday, August 21, 2010

The House Update

It hasn't rain for a month so the day the foundation people, Hamilton Masonry, decided to pour concrete for the foundation the sky poured also.

Pouring concrete in the rain

Even Gaylon Bounds was out in the rain

So after the concreted cured for a couple of days Today they were back at work.

Getting started this morning

The First Block being set.

By 2 PM they had a wall up. Next week they finish the foundation and another subcontractor starts the floor.

I am excite about it. Looking at the drawings for the house, the house looked big enough but looking at the empty lot I begin to have doubts about the size of the house (1800 sq ft). After the trenches were dug for the foundation I had even more doubts (really looked small), but seeing a wall up gives me faith this is going to be the right size house for us - I think.

The 74th Wicomico Farm and Home Show

I continued my love/hate relationship with county fairs today, in this case the Wicomico Farm and Home Show. Again same stuff every year - boring. I had hoped for something in the art exhibit that would be above gluing macaroni on paper plates but I only saw a few things above that level.

What really got me was two photography entries by Heather West. Both were exciting - they have an almost watercolor like quality to them. They got zip from the judges. They were the only entries in the lot that were worth anything and she didn't even get a ribbon. My photo of her photos are below, naturally it loses a great deal in translation.

I guess I should say something nice - the quilts were great and it is free.


As you may recall some years back Marinos tools was a great place in the flea market south of Laurel. Than they opened a store in Salisbury down by Lowes and it sucked. The person who ran it was more interested in chatting up any female that came in than waiting on customers. A few weeks back Marinos opened again, this time at Bargain Bills Flea market. I stopped by today and found a car parked in one of the aisles being worked on and a motorcycle parked in the other aisle being worked on. It is easy to see this place failing once again as the person who runs it needs to decide if they are there to sell tools or bullshit around.

25 Shops In 1

My neighbor has opened a small store at Bargins Bills in Laurel. It is called 25 Shops In 1 and is a antique, used, new shop. She is open everyday with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Her shop is in that south wing down by the Guitar man

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Stuff at Mason Dixon Auction

Good Stuff if you are interested in guns. Mike said they should sell them about 8 PM. Looked like 12 Ga shotguns and 22 rifles, most are old and not in the best shape.

Photos of other stuff is Here Auction starts at 4 Pm and has a 10% buyer premium


Post Treat Cereal - 1950's ad

Halloween or Junior Ku Klux Klan members? Either way this is a 1950's ad for Post Treat cereals

Pocomoke River

The Pocomoke River in north Worcester county where Sheppard Crossing Road crosses it. Rough running a boat thru here.

Sussex County Taxes

The tax bill from Sussex County has arrived. For those who may not know it, if you are an old fart (over 65) you may receive a tax credit on your local school tax if you file this application before September 1st. You can type directly on the form and than print it. You have to send in a copy of your driver's license. Considering they also ask for you social security number it is really more personal information than what they need. Since the school tax is usually more than the property tax this does amount to a hundred or so dollars.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Virginia Dare Was Born Today in 1587

Virginia Dare (born August 18, 1587, date of death unknown) was the first child born in the Americas to English parents, Eleanor and Ananias Dare. She was the granddaughter of Roanoke Colony's governor, John White. She was born into the short-lived Roanoke Colony in what is now North Carolina and she was named Virginia after the territory the colony was to establish.

The Roanoke colony (Roanoke is a name derived from what the Indians called "shell money.") was in need of supplies and Governor White was forced to leave for England. When he arrived in England other issues prevented him from returning until three years later. Upon his return, he found that the settlement had vanished... and it came to be known in history as Sir Walter Raleigh's "Lost Colony." The only clue to the missing colonist was the word CROATOAN carved into tree. White attempted to sail south to Croatan or Hatteras Island, however, severe storms forced him back to England. No one would ever hear from the coastal settlers again or Virginia Dare.

Altho the Roanoke colony was not successful, it and Virginia Dare has been a boon to the present day tourist industry, and numerous historical searches and fictional books. Like Elvis rumours, many theories about the disappearance of the colonist have come forth over the years from; the mosquitoes ate them, to abducted by space aliens, but the most likely was the survivors intermarried or assimilated with the Lumbee Indians in that location. Certainly one of the more interesting historical chase were the Eleanor Dare Stones. Discovered in 1937 they were the strange and tragic diary inscribed on Forty-eight stones, in all, and were claimed to be carved by Eleanor Dare showing some colonist with the Indians were in Georgia. A debunk article was first published in the Saturday Evening Post in 1941 It is a long story and Correctional Officers should not try to read it. The main stone however said;" Ananias Dare & Virginia went hence vnto heaven 1591 Anye Englishman Shew John White Govr Via.” On the back: “Father soone After yov goe for Englande we cam hither/ onlie misarie & warretow yeare “Above halfe DeaDe ere tow yeere moore from sickenes beine fovre & twentie/ salvage with mesage of shipp vnto vs/ smal space of time they affrite of revenge rann al awaye/ wee bleeve yt nott you/ soone after ye salvages faine spirts angrie/ suddiane mvrther al save seaven/ mine childe ananias to slaine wth mvch misarie/bvrie al neere fovre myles easte this river vppon smal hil/ names writ al ther on rocke/ pvtt this ther alsoe/ salvage shew this vnto yov & hither wee promise yov to give greate plentie presents E W D” The stones today are in Gainesville at Brenau University. The stones sort of fell into the same grouping as the Kensington Runestone

Virginia Dare is also a Brooklyn, New York based flavor and extract company that was originally founded in 1835 The name Virginia Dare came to symbolize wholesomeness and purity, and when Garrett & Company was founded in the region in 1835, the name was adopted as a brand for its wine produced from the native Scuppernong grape. The commercial items are highly valued collectibles.

The Rainmaker

In my morning walk I passed this truck parked in Pond's Edge, Rainmaker Irrigation. Judging from this morning's rain he must do a good job.

Voting The Incumbent Out

I picked this bit up from Gary North and have shown part of his article below. He is referring to organized groups such as the Tea party but it could apply to individuals.

Eight Unbreakable Rules for Hard-Core Tea Party Activists (or Any Other Special-Interest Coalition) by Gary North.

1. Vote for a hard-core challenger on the other side against a squishy incumbent. This rule separates the hard core members from the soft core members. It has a corollary: A first-term incumbent next election is easier to beat than a squishy incumbent this election. It is always hard to defeat an incumbent. Do what you can to defeat any incumbent, no matter which party he belongs to, if he is squishy on the issue you regard as fundamental. Why is this so important? Incumbents must become deathly afraid of your movement. Take out a few dozen of them in the next election and the one that follows, and many others will cooperate. As Sen. Everett Dirksen put it so long ago, "When we feel the heat, we see the light." In short, you do not settle for the lesser of two evils. You eliminate them both, one election at a time: first the softie, then the newbie.

2. Hold your newly elected politician's feet to the fire the first time he breaks ranks on a key vote. He is like a puppy. When he leaves a mess on the carpet, get out the switch. "Bad dog! Bad dog!" Let him remember that switch. Let him fear that switch. The second time he does it, warm up the car. You and he will be taking a trip to the pound. You are his voter only for as long as he is your representative. Politicians respond to only two things: fear and pain.

3. Get him to sign a resignation letter. Before you work for him, make sure he has signed a resignation letter. This letter says the following:

To the voters of [district, state]:
I am making this public. If I ever vote for [whatever], I will turn in my letter of resignation to the [government body] within 24 hours.

If I fail to do this, I expect voters to vote against me at the next election, since I clearly cannot be trusted.

I expect my opponent in the primary to defeat me next time, and if he doesn't, my opponent in the general election will. And should.

Very truly yours,

Name Candidate for [whatever]

This is a political suicide letter. You will see who is serious about your #1 issue and who is not by means of a signed resignation letter. Post it online. If he refuses to sign it, start working to undermine him after he defeats the squishy incumbent. Above all, do not trust him.

No candidate will sign more than a few of these. Any candidate who will not sign at least one is just another glory-seeking, power-seeking, retirement bonanza-seeking political hack. Like a drone bee who is useful only once in his life, he is useful for only one thing: defeating a squishy incumbent.

You say he refuses to sign? Don't donate any money or time to his campaign. You should vote for him against a squishy incumbent, but you will immediately start working to replace him.

4. Track all of his votes on your #1 issue, and post them online. The Congress deliberately seeks to conceal voting results. Your committee must keep track of every vote related to your interest. This means that someone must follow the voting schedule. If there is no record of his vote, call his office. Ask for an email with his vote recorded. My suggestion: make sure he has an assistant send an email to your committee after every vote in this area, explaining it. Post all of this without alteration. If he breaks ranks, make sure you have a clear statement of why this was a bad vote.

This is boring. This is time-consuming. This is vital. You must see if there is a pattern in his voting on your issue.

I wish there were watchdog sites that cover every vote. Be sure there is one for your special interest.

WordPress is free ( A domain name costs $10 a year to register. A multi-site hosting service like Hostgator is $10 a month or less. Have a separate site for every candidate and elected official.

This would make a great civics project for home schoolers: track a candidate for the school year. Then turn the task over to a new student. Have the committee run the sites, but students can do the grunt work. It is good practice.

5. Find out who his largest campaign donors are. This will tell you who will have the most clout when he takes office. Investigate the PACs. Investigate the donors who send in the maximum donation allowed. Are they members of one group? Post this information on the site that you set up to monitor his votes.

6. Instill fear. This is your #1 task, once he takes office.

7. Inflict pain. This is the basis of #6.

8. Trust, but verify. If your group refuses to verify, it should not trust.


Politics is not based on love, because civil government is based on coercion. Do not impose "tough love" on a politician. He is not to love you. He is to obey you. You are not to love him. You are to monitor him. Impose negative sanctions and positive sanctions wisely.

Delaware State Police News Release

DSP News Release: Delmar Man Arrested After Assaulting Paramedics
Location: 15000 block Britts Lane Delmar, Delaware
DATE and TIME: Monday August 16, 2010 7:00 p.m.
Victim(s): 4 EMT’s from Delmar Fire Department
Defendant(s): Clodoaldo L. Santos-38 Britts Lane Delmar, De
Charge(s) and Bond Information:
• 9 counts Offensive Touching of Ambulance Attendant or EMT
• Terroristic Threatening
• Driving a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol
• Disorderly Conduct
• $5,600 secured bond remanded to Sussex Correctional Institute

On Monday August 16, 2010 Delmar Fire Department EMTs responded to Britts Lane Delmar, Delaware for a subject allegedly passed out on his front lawn. When Delmar Fire Department arrived they found Clodoaldo L. Santos-38 of Delmar lying in his yard.

State Police learned that Santos arrived at his residence, pulled into his driveway, exited his Ford pick up truck and stumbled across his yard before collapsing. When Delmar Fire Department arrived they attempted to ascertain the condition of Santos, however they were met with obscenities. Santos continued to make verbal threats toward 4 different Emergency Medical Technicians there to help him.

Delmar Fire Department while attempting to load Santos onto a stretcher would kick, punch and spit at the emergency medical crew. Once Santos was placed into the ambulance he ripped his IV’s out flinging blood about the inside.

Santos was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for treatment and after being released today was formally charged by State Police. Santos was charged with 9 counts of Offensive Touching against Ambulance and or EMT’s, Terroristic Threatening, Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and Disorderly Conduct. Santos was remanded to Sussex Correctional Institute in lieu of $5,600 secured bond.

Monday, August 16, 2010

DNREC Press Release

DNREC completes new boat ramp in Laurel’s town park

LAUREL – As part of the Town of Laurel’s makeover of its downtown Laurel Riverview Park, the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife recently completed a new boat ramp and fishing platform giving boaters and anglers access to Broad Creek, a freshwater tributary of the Nanticoke River that flows through the western Sussex County town.

“It’s a great addition to the town,” said Laurel Public Works Director Woody Vickers, noting that people have been gradually discovering the new amenities this summer. “I think the boat ramp and fishing platform will get more and more use, especially in the spring and fall fishing seasons.”

“This project is a great addition to our state boating access areas, providing boaters and anglers much-needed access to upper Broad Creek – possibly the most beautiful section of Delaware’s many scenic tidal rivers and streams,” said Fisheries Administrator Craig Shirey.

The new facility features a single lane concrete boat ramp with a full floatation aluminum boarding dock and a 10 by 30-foot aluminum fishing platform, both handicapped accessible. A new parking lot was added, with 10 regular vehicle and boat trailer spaces, one handicapped vehicle and trailer space and a handicapped car space. The project also included building a new bulkhead along the streambank and recontouring an existing wetland for drainage and adding new wetland planting.

The boat ramp project was completed with combined state and federal funding, including Sportfish Restoration Program funding through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and state funding from angler license fees, plus a local match from the Town of Laurel. State Senator Robert Venables, Laurel Mayor John Shwed and Mr. Vickers worked with the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife Director Patrick Emory, Mr. Shirey, Federal Aide Coordinator Carla Cassell-Carter and Construction Project Manager Lacy Nichols to coordinate the project. Boat ramp contractors included Judy Schwartz, P.E., of George, Miles & Buhr, LLC (design and engineering) and Vinnie Kaye of Kaye Construction Company of Seaford (general contractor).

The park also includes a playground and pavilion, with repaved access roads and new lighting, picnic tables and park benches added by the town

Another Fool

DSP News Release: Delmar Man Forces Spouse off Road Following Domestic Incident
Location: Delmar Road Delmar, Delaware
DATE and TIME: Saturday August 14, 2010 9:30 p.m.
• 35 year old woman
• 12 year old male
• 9 year old male
• 5 year old female
Defendant(s): Roland J. Parsons II-36 Delmar, Delaware
Charge(s) and Bond Information:
• 4 counts Reckless Endangering First Degree
• Terroristic Threatening
• Offensive Touching

Delaware State Police Saturday August 14, 2010 investigated a reckless endangering complaint on Delmar Road, Delmar, Delaware. The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m.

State Police contacted the victim who advised she and Roland J. Parsons II were at a party when they became involved in domestic argument. During the argument Parsons is alleged to have pushed the victim into a fence. Parsons left the party shortly thereafter without the victim.

The victim later returned to their residence and gathered her belongings and their children in order to stay at an undisclosed location. As the victim was leaving her residence Parsons had returned home. The victim already in her car with their three children fled down Delmar Road however Parsons followed suit in his truck. Parsons sped pass the victim’s vehicle then cut her off striking the left front of the victim’s vehicle with the side of his truck. At the time of this incident three children were inside the vehicle ages 12, 9 and 5 all uninjured.

After this incident the victim notified police. Parsons was later apprehended at his residence and charged with the above listed offenses. Parsons was taken to Sussex Correctional Institute in lieu of $22,000 cash bond.

"American" Liquor Stores In Delmar

Someone mentioned to me today that with the sale of Delmar Liquors (by the Railroad Track)to the Patels the only "American" owned liquor store in Delmar (Delaware or Maryland) is the Sports Nut Bar. The Patels owns Brownies, Chaps, the new liquor store at Delmar Commons (that is tax free- LOL). If I remember correctly the Sports Nut Bar is one of three remaining bars with a liquor store inside the same building as the bar in Delaware.

The Post Office and the Change Of address

This is sort of a house related problem so I will mention it. Up until the time the house was torn down I had received my mail at the house. It was no problem because I usually was there each day. With the house down the mailbox was gone so I took out a post office box and did a change of address form. It has been two weeks since I turned the address form into the Delmar Post Office and still no mail. My understanding is my mail arrives in Delmar addressed to the old address, the Delmar post office sends it back to Wilmington where some one slaps a change of address sticker with my new post office box on it and, it would appear, after they have an accumulation of mail to make it worth their while they will send it back to Delmar to be put in my post office box. The employees at the Post Office told me not to worry as I will probably receive all of it shortly.

The House Up Date

Last week the surveyor, Chris, of Parker and Associates came and set the stakes for the outline of the house. An interesting thing happened, well at least to me it was interesting, as you may know I live on a corner lot and the two street do not meet at a 90 degree angle. Like most streets in "old" Delmar they it are slightly off 90 degrees. When I had the garage built, some years back, I had it "squared" with the side street. This house being built will be "squared" with the main street. Because the two street are not 90 degrees this mean one building will appear twisted in comparison to the other. I don't think it will be noticeable to anyone but me.

This week the footer will be poured.

Surf's Up - Bottoms Down

I always find it amusing to watch the young ladies and sometime older ladies hit the surf at the beach in a 2 piece swimsuit. A wave comes in - hits them - than they spend the time before the next wave comes in pulling up or pulling down and in some cases looking around for the top or bottom of their swim suit. I understand such a thing happened to a friend of ours last week. Struck by a wave, she looked down and saw the bottom of her swimsuit around her ankles. After much time crouching down in the water, a couple of woman on the beach rescued her with towels and she was able to make an ungraceful exit from the water.

Miller - Hastings Family Reunion

Well the Miller-Hastings Family Reunion occurred once again this year.

About 35 of us had the reunion at St George's Church.

Altho small in number when it came time to eat it was like locust descending on the buffet table

Our treasurer accepting the donation basket of contributions made to paid for next year's reunion. Always good to have a photo in case he pulls a Bill Hitch on us.