Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Brief Break In Blogging

It's that time of year again, to return my youngest daughter to Edinboro University. I doubt I will be posting anything for the next few days. Today we are loading the "essentials" she will need for a few weeks until she comes home for Delmar homecoming. I don't know why I just don't go out and rent a ten wheeler and be done with it instead of cramming it all into this caravan.

Too Far - Too Much Detail

I read over the post Tom made on his blog The "Delmar Daily" about Woody, Christine and Jean. I think he went into too much detail, some simple general items about this personal argument between the three of them would have sufficed. I can't say any blog is a news source but bloggers do point out issues that may need to be looked into. Regretfully this type of posting Tom did generate the most readers. An elected official puts themselves out there for public comment and that is what Tom did. If Woody was running for an elected office again I may have commented on his personal life - to a degree. A person that holds or is running for an elected office represents the area or district they serve or want to serve and you should know something about them. They should be morally and lawfully clean - to a reasonable degree. It is a shame Tom went into such detail as now less and less people will run for office if they figure their lives will be open to the world wide web.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Delmar Football Schedule

Well as you know I could care less about sports, however, my wife is a supporter of Delmar Football so she made me look up The Delmar High School Football schedule. For other interested fans I am posting it below:

1 09/10/10 Fri 7:30pm C Milton Wright HS(MD) Home Delmar HS/MS
2 09/18/10 Sat 1:00pm Hodgson Vo Tech Away Hodgson Vo Tech
3 09/24/10 Fri 7:00pm St. Elizabeth HS Away Baynard Stadium
4 10/01/10 Fri 7:30pm Archmere Academy Home Delmar HS/MS
5 10/08/10 Fri 7:30pm Indian River HS Home Delmar HS/MS
6 10/16/10 Sat 1:00pm Lake Forest HS Away Lake Forest HS Homecoming - James H. Blades Stadium
7 10/22/10 Fri 7:30pm Seaford HS Away Seaford HS Bob Dowd Stadium
8 10/30/10 Sat 1:30pm Polytech HS Home Delmar HS/MS Homecoming
9 11/05/10 Fri 7:30pm Laurel HS Home Delmar HS/MS Senior/Parent Night
10 11/12/10 Fri 7:30pm Woodbridge HS Away Woodbridge HS

Serious Eats Looks At Delaware Pizza

Over at Serious Eats they did a review of Pizza places in Delaware. Our very own Delmar Pizza is reviewed favorably.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Name Game - Mostly Cajun

I was looking at the "Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated" blog this morning (it's on the side bar). He does a reoccurring piece he calls The Name Game in which he discusses the names parents give their children. I have to agree on his opinion of their names. He had this little cartoon on his most recent post. Parents who gives their children oddly spelled names just do not realise what problems they create for their children as they grow up. Frankly, would you select some one for a job interview if their name were spelled in such a fashion that you had no idea how it was pronounced. In a tight job market it is one more excuse to be eliminated from the pool of selected candidates. Now you may say "No, it would never happen here, Delmar is cosmopolitan enough not to be prejudice against creative names". Well I don't know which Delmar you live in but take my word for it; name your child Jane or Joe or Susan and they will have a step up over the Ja’Leah Annetta and Shyann Mihiya Maes of the world and you know it as well as I know it. As Mark Twain so aptly put it, "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt," keep that first name simple and go creative on the middle name, which when they get older they can use or just use the initial. If the teacher can pronounce your child's name they will be called on in school about 500% more often by the teacher, forcing them to learn.