Saturday, September 11, 2010

Squirrels Eats Fence

My mother's neighbor recently put up a fence. Because everyone feeds the squirrels in the neighborhood, the neighborhood is loaded with squirrels. Anyway the squirrels are eating the neighbor's fence. They seem to love those aluminium tie wires that hold the fence to the support post. As you can see what should be a round wire is just a ribbon from the squirrels eating it.

Delmar News Item - 1943

This article is from the May 20th, 1943 "State Register." I am sure it was the cause of a lot of gossip at the time.


Two Salisburians, identified by Delaware state police as George Raymond Carey, 46 and Mrs. Irma Pearl Griffith, 36 were found suffocated by illuminating gas in a tourist cabin about three miles north of Delmar early Saturday morning.

A verdict of accidental death by asphyxiation was given by N. W. Conoway, Sussex County coroner, police said.

The bodies of Carey, whose address is Penn Street, Salisbury, and Mrs. Griffith, whose residence is on Pond Street, the same town, were found in the cabin by Mrs. Ernest Morando, wife of the operator of the Empire State Inn. Mrs. Morando told police she was making a routine check of cabins before retiring for the night when she discovered the bodies in the gas-filled cabin. she called her husband and police and a Delmar Physician.

Police learned the couple had come from Salisbury Friday afternoon in a taxicab and engaged the cabin.

The cabin in which the couple died was heated by gas heater and apparently the flame extinguished when the oxygen in the small room was used up, police said.

The Laurel ambulance was summoned and it arrived on the scene before the physician, but the driver, observing the two persons had evidently been dead for some time, did not move them, but awaited the arrival of a doctor, who appointed
them dead.

Delmar Christmas Candlelight Tour

I am very excited to say the Delmar Historical and Arts Society (DHAS) will have a candlelight house tour on Friday, December 10th from 6:30 to 8 PM. There will be several houses open and the tour will wrap up at the Masonic Lodge for punch and cookies. The price is $8 per person. This event was developed by Denise Cugler and Faith Krebs and I am very impressed by such an undertaking from the small group of people that the society has. So get ready to take a walk through Delmar this holiday season as Delmar people open their doors to visitors during the 1st annual DHAS candlelight tour. Whether you’re interested in getting a glimpse inside the candlelit windows, learning more about Delmar's history and architecture, or simply looking for an excuse to check out other people's homes, you’re invited to come celebrate the holidays on the Candlelight Tour.

C C Oliphant Ad 1943

War Time Workers Shortage drove hourly wage rate up to 50 cents.

Worker's Housing - 1943

In 1943 there was a housing shortage so Phillip Canning Co in Laurel put up these pre-fab houses for their workers. Compared to the house I am putting up obviously there was less building code and zoning requirements. They would hold two Families and they look to be 12 X 12. So what happened to them? I would be interested in any story about living in them. So please comment. Click Photo to Enlarge

Laurel Library Celebrates October Family History Month

A number of interesting History events are occurring at the Laurel Library in October;

On Oct 1 between 1:00 and 3:00 PM is a workshop called "Using Your Library Card to Explore Census Records." Most of Sussex County libraries has agreed to recognise any Sussex County Library card as valid at their library (Your Library Card is now a SUPERCARD) so you can use your Delmar Library card at Laurel.

October 8th Friday between 10 AM to 3:00 PM is "Sussex County Cousins" always a good event for genealogy since most native born area people are cousins this gives you a chance to share your family tree information with more distant relatives. It is put on by the Sussex County Genealogical Society. Very Possibly I will attend it again.

October 20th Wednesday at 6:30 PM is a workshop called "Cracking the Code: Understanding Colonial Handwriting and Documents."

October 26th at 6:30 Tuesday is a program called: "across the Tracks: Uncovering the history and Persistence of the African-American community in West Laurel." Maybe they will talk about Bacontown

Delmar Wesleyan Church Barbecue Oct 23rd.

Corn Crop - 2010

I was riding past this harvested corn field north of Delmar, yesterday, and wondered if he was lucky enough to have picked the corn for the price of corn or if he had to pick it in order to file a crop insurance claim.

The House Update

Sheathing is going on and it looks like a house. I don't envy Brian and LC on the roof in the heat nailing roof sheathing on. Reid Landscaping was by yesterday filling the porch foundation with dirt so in a week or so the porch floors will be done.

Delmar Citizen Of The Year

It is that time of the year again when the Chamber of Commerce picks a Citizen of the Year for Delmar. Role Model, Commitment, contribution to the community, now I can't think of anyone that fits that description better than Tom McGuire. Without a doubt his name seems to have been on everyones' lips over the past year. I for one will stuff the ballot bax with his name. Vote For Tom Mcguire!!!

Ghost Hunters Sept 27th Laurel Library

The Delmar Daily Is Back

Tom has the The Delmar Daily blog back up. It would seem in honor of October Family History Month he is going to keep it non-political and just do history items. Since everything we do is history, the moment after we do it, we will see where his blog goes.

Fat Folks Ad From Early 1900's

Delmar Football

Well it is that time of year again in which most of Delmar will don their Orange and Blue on Friday nights and go to the football game. My wife has her Delmar colors ready and left the apartment last night ready to cheer. On returning, she said Delmar won 55-14.

Delmar Delaware Upcoming Election - Not Going To Happen

I went to the town hall yesterday at 4:15 and waited to see if there was any last minute candidates filing. There were none. The only people that filed is Mike Houlihan for Mayor and Mary Lee Pase for councilperson. The open Councilperson slot will now be appointed in November after Houlihan is sworn in. It will be one of Mike Houlihan's first functions after being sworn in. Since there is no race there will not be an election. I guess it saves me the effort of asking the candidates questions as there is no decision to be made in voting for them.

2 Chicks Barn Sale

Yesterday, I went to the 2 Chicks Barns Sale, on the road between Delmar and Sharptown. Usually I don't go until they have been open a few hours but today I was there in the first hour after opening. It was like a shark feeding frenzy. Must have been about 50 women snatching stuff up and hauling it out. There is a set of steps leading up to the barn and I had too wait at the bottom until 6 or so women came down them. One woman at the top was in such a rush to get her purchase home that she went down the sliding board instead of waiting the steps. It was a madhouse.

Much too crowded for me I took a break and purchased a scrapple sandwich at Millie's Roadhouse and waited for a bit.

It never did calm down so I went back and stood in a long line to pay for the item.

2 Chicks is open today and then they are closed until their Christmas sale which is Saturday November 20th

I write about 2 Chick Barn Sales, not because I have any financial interest in it, nor do I even know the owners other than in passing. I write about it because first, I like the stuff they sell and second, I like their marketing strategy for selling their stuff. The items they sell, Antiques, Primitives, furniture, holiday decor etc, could be sold at a store front at a flea market such as Bargain Bill's but instead they have hit upon the ideal of only being opened about three four times a year for one day or two days at a time. I think this is very effective. It builds up a mystique that allows them to charge the price they have set without haggling. I stood today in a line of about 20 women and Patti Scott one of the owners was writing receipts and taking in money hand over fist. Now Patti at the auctions I go to is known as the "Queen of Cheap," meaning if it isn't cheap (pricewise) she doesn't buy it. The good thing is she doesn't mark her prices up that much over what she paid for them.

In this type of business I have to wonder if the owners truly make any money. When you considered the time spent at auctions to rebuild your inventory, traveling to auctions, hauling and storing the items, cleaning the stuff up, and prepping for the sale do they make even minimum wage? Well of course the answer is they enjoy the work and small business owners know they are their own boss and do not expect to make minimum wage.

Yard Sale Today At Little Acres

Haunted House Again At Old Delmarva Alum. Bldg

Friday, September 10, 2010

October is Family History Month

October is designated in many U.S. States as "Family History Month," and genealogists everywhere have adopted the month as their own. Whether you're new to genealogy, or have devoted a lifetime to it, celebrate Family History Month with your family this October by trying one (or more) of these ten wonderful ways to craft and commemorate your past. (Taken from modified by me)

1. Get Started Tracing Your Family Tree
If you have been curious about your family tree but just aren't sure where to start then you don't have any more excuses. As the baby boomers have gotten older they are spending more time researching their family tree, as such there are more resources and data out there, both on the Internet and in libraries and history societies. I will write more about them soon.

2. Create a Family Cookbook
For those families that keep in contact their gatherings or family reunions a perfect recipe for family history, a cookbook of collected heirloom recipes is a wonderful way to preserve memories of favorite meals shared with family. Contact your parents, grandparents, and other relatives and ask them to send you a few of their favorite family recipes. Have them include a story about each dish, where or who it was handed down from, why it is a family favorite, and when it was traditionally eaten (Christmas, family reunions, etc.). Whether you create a full-blown family cookbook, or just make copies for family and friends - this is a gift that will be cherished forever.

3. Record Family Stories
Every family has its own history - the events, personalities, and traditions that make the family unique - and collecting these singular stories and memories is one of the most meaningful ways you and your family can honor your older relatives and preserve family traditions. Recording family stories on audiotape, videotape, or in legacy journals, brings family members closer together, bridges generation gaps, and ensures that your family stories will be preserved for future generations.

4. Uncover Your Family Health History
Also known as medical genealogy, tracing your family health history is a fun, and potentially lifesaving, project. Experts state that about 3000 of the 10,000 known diseases have genetic links, and that many diseases "run in families," including colon cancer, heart disease, alcoholism, and high blood pressure. Creating a family health history can be a useful tool to aid you and your medical care provider in interpreting patterns of health, illness and genetic traits for you and your descendants. What you learn now could potentially save a family member's life tomorrow.

5. Take a Trip Back in Time
Grab a map, and hop in the car for a family adventure! A fun way to celebrate your family history is to visit sites of importance to your family - the old family homestead, the house where you were born, the country from which your ancestors migrated, the hillside where you played as a child, or the cemetery where great-grandpa is buried. If none of these locations is near to your home, then consider a trip to a historical museum, battlefield, or re-enactment event that relates to the history of your family.

6. Scrapbook Your Family Heritage
The perfect place to showcase and protect your precious family photos, heirlooms, and memories, a heritage scrapbook album is wonderful way to document your family's history and create a lasting gift for future generations. While it may seem a daunting task when faced with boxes of dusty old photos, scrapbooking is actually both fun and more easy than you might think!

7. Start a Family Web Site
If your extended family relies on email to stay in touch, then a family Web site may be for you. Serving as a digital scrapbook and meeting spot, a family Web site allows you and your kids to share family photos, favorite recipes, funny stories, and even your family tree research. If you or someone in your family is a Web designer, by all means go to town. If you're more of a beginner, however, don't worry - there are plenty of free online services that make creating a family Web site a snap!

8. Preserve Your Family Pictures
Make this the month that you finally get the family photos out of the shoeboxes or bags in the back of your closet; track down the photo you've never seen of your great-grandparents; or ask your Grandma to help you put names to the faces of all of those unmarked photos in your family album. Try your hand at scanning them into your computer, or hire someone to do it for you, and then store the originals in acid-free photo boxes or albums. Same thing goes for the family movies! Then share some of your photo finds with the family, by creating a family photo calendar or a family photo book!

9. Get the Next Generation Involved
Most children will learn to appreciate their family history if you turn it into a detective game. Start your children or grandchildren on a lifelong journey of discovery by introducing them to genealogy. Here are some wonderful projects to do with your children this month including games, family history and heritage projects and online lessons.

10. Craft a Heritage Gift
From picture frame Christmas ornaments to heritage quilts, your family history makes a great gift! Homemade gifts are often inexpensive but are favorites with the recipients. They don't have to be anything complicated either. Something as simple as a framed photo of a favorite ancestor can bring tears to someone's eyes. Best of all, making a family heritage gift is often more fun than giving one!
Family Tree Projects & Gift Ideas

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Current Delmar Delaware Candidates

I understand two incumbents have filed for the the three open elected offices in Delmar Delaware. Michael Houlihan has filed as a candidate for Mayor. Mary Lee Pase has filed for her current job as councilperson. I guess anyone else will wait until 4:25PM Friday night to file. Now would be a good time for a Delmar minority, be that person Hispanic, Indian, Pakistanian, Chinese, Black, or just native Easternshoreman, to come forward and help carry the load in Delmar. Friday is the day before 911 so show you support America and Delmar and file for an elected office.

Fishing Tournament brings in money

Well once again this year a herd of fisherman in their fancy boats are staying at the Holiday Inn in Delmar Maryland. I don't know which tournament is going on but you can smell the money when you ride by the motel.

Earlier this week the place was packed with boats but there are still a few there tonight.

It is a shame the Delmar Delaware side doesn't have a motel.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Delmar Band Boosters Meeting Tonight

The Delmar Band Boosters will have their meeting tonight at 7 PM at the High School. Come on out and hear about the events they have plans for.

Delmarva Antique Bottle Club’s Bottle Show

This Sunday is the Delmarva Antique Bottle Club’s 17th Annual Bottle, Advertising, and Collectible Show & Sale (9am - 3pm) at the Beacon Middle School, Route 24, Lewes, DE. Always a great event.

2 Chicks Barn Sale

The 2 Chicks Barn sale is this Friday and Saturday check out their blog for more information.

Delmar Historical and Arts Society Meeting

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society will meet on Thursday night at 7 PM in the District Office Meeting Room at Delmar High School. Come on out to the meeting it is open to the general public.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Clown To Run For Mayor

DELMAR – In the last days to file for an elected office in Delmar, Ronald McDonald has announced his shock entry into the 2010 Delmar Delaware Mayoral election. The fast food mascot cut short a children’s birthday party to make the announcement in front of the assembled children and their parents. He claimed his decision to run for public office came as a result of feeling disillusioned with the current state of politics in Delmar. Vote McDonald” was the message from a jubilant clown before gathering to sing Happy Birthday to a confused five year old Alex. Concerns over the precedent set by a candidate with such heavy corporate ties were dismissed by McDonald’s press secretary Grimace, who insists the corporation has ‘only good intentions’ for the people of Delmar. Having never held an elected office, McDonald will likely rely heavily on Mayor McCheese, The Mayor of McDonaldland as advisor. The hamburger head’s experience in winning over public opinion in a land full of fantasy characters could prove crucial in gaining the support of Delmar voters. Rumors are also abound that McDonald will take on the Hamburglar as campaign strategist, despite the troubled history the two share. There is also a rumour that Sillie Willie, Delmar's Newest Clown, will file for one of the Delmar Delaware councilman open office and the two will run as a clown team.

Your Dustpan Correspondent sat down with Ronald McDonald to discuss his controversial move.

Dustpan: Ronald, glad to have you here. I’ve been a fan for the last 50 years.
[Ronald] Super! I pride myself on satisfying everyone’s appetite For food.

Dustpan: The suit is a good look. You are dapper looking today.
[Ronald] Well, politics is a different game than selling hamburgers to young children.

Dustpan: How do you explain the move? It has many people confused.
[Ronald] I can imagine. I’ll bet they are saying: ‘what’s that clown doing in politics?’

Dustpan: Right.

[Ronald] The answer is simple. This clown loves Delmar that’s why we built here! and why not have a professional clown as Mayor instead of the usual amateurs.

Dustpan: And you filed early instead of waiting until 4:25PM Friday!

[Ronald] Yes Howard, I didn't want to appear wishy washy. This Clown knows what he wants, so no waiting until the last minute to declare my candidacy for mayor.

Dustpan: Many are saying your bid for Mayor represents a growing conflict of interest that could subvert the role from the people to corporations with the largest wallet.
[Ronald] Complete nonsense. We’re as American as the apple pie we sell at two for a dollar, good for this week only.

Dustpan: Why are you running for the Happy Meal party instead of Republican or Democrat?
[Ronald] Because this country has seen enough petty partisanship. We must put that aside and concentrate on what’s really important, maximizing shareholder value.

Dustpan: Sorry?
[Ronald] I meant people. Maximizing people value.

Dustpan: Where do you stand on education?
[Ronald] As an educator at Hamburger U. let me say we’re failing our children Howard, we really are. If elected, I’ll help Delmar High make free in-school training available to ensure young people are prepared for an increasingly competitive jobs market.

Dustpan: What kind of training?
[Ronald] You know. Taking orders, cleaning unexpected spills…food preparation.

Dustpan Flipping burgers?
[Ronald] We don’t actually flip the burgers anymore. They’re microwaved, so you just push a button. The point is, our education system isn’t even up to this standard and we need to fix that.

Dustpan: How about illegal immigration in Delmar. Would you look to crack down like Arizona?
[Ronald] No way. Without immigration this country wouldn’t be the great nation it is. Ha ha, I’m loving it.

Dustpan: You’ve been criticized for keeping wages low. If in office, would you lower the town employee wages?
[Ronald] By keeping wages down we can keep the cost of our burgers and fries down, and everybody loves the cost of our burgers fries almost as much as the taste.

Dustpan: I’m not sure that makes sense. We can wrap it up then. Ronald, thank you for talking to me and good luck.
[Ronald] It’s been my pleasure. Have a Happy Meal.
Dustpan: Thanks, but I don't accept gratuities

[Ronald] Well when you go to the polls in october, remember to vote for the clown in the suit.

With apologizes to the Mostly Legitimate News Network where it was ripped off from.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Telethon, Naked Jen, and Rehoboth Beach

Naked Jen today, talked of her time staying at Rehoboth Beach and the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Always a good writer and some entertaining stories.