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The Government Noose Tightens on WikiLeaks

Online payment service provider PayPal says in a company blog it has cut off the account used by WikiLeaks to collect donations. The company said in a blog posting the move was prompted by a violation of its policy, "which states that our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity." The short notice was dated Friday, and a spokeswoman for PayPal Germany on Saturday declined to elaborate and referred to the official blog posting. Donating money to WikiLeaks via PayPal on Saturday was not possible anymore, generating an error message saying "this recipient is currently unable to receive money." PayPal is one of several ways WikiLeaks collects donations. Philadelphia Inquirer

OBAMANOMICS: Unemployment Rate Increases to 9.8%

OPA News Release: [12/03/2010]
Contact Name: Bennett Gamble
Phone: 202-693-4667
Release Number: 10-1699-NAT

Statement of Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on November employment numbers
WASHINGTON — Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis issued the following statement on the November 2010 Employment Situation report released today:

"This past November, nonfarm payroll employment increased by 39,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate increased to 9.8 percent. Furthermore, the job numbers for the months of September and October were revised upward 38,000. This year, we've seen the creation of 1.2 million private sector jobs — steady growth averaging 106,000 new private sector jobs each month.

"This private sector job growth, while positive, is not enough to keep up with the new entrants into the labor market each month, let alone create jobs for the 15 million unemployed workers. That's why we cannot forget the millions of Americans who, through no fault of their own, are still unemployed and looking for work. We still have a lot of work to do before we will have gained back everything that we lost in this recession.

"One way to bolster our economic recovery, and provide desperately needed support for the millions of Americans who continue to wake up every morning and look for work, is to reauthorize expiring Unemployment Insurance benefits.

"These benefits make it possible for unemployed Americans to keep looking for work, and we know that every dollar spent on UI generates $2 in economic activity. Letting these benefits expire will cost our economy half a percentage point in gross domestic product. Congress has a choice, and for the sake of our economy, Congress must reauthorize these expiring unemployment benefits without further delay.

"Today's numbers make clear the need to push sensible, effective and efficient ways to create jobs. Extending federal unemployment benefits now will help those who need it most and also will provide needed momentum for the economic recovery. It is not just the right thing to do for the unemployed; it is the right thing to do for everyone in America."

Vice President Joe Biden delivered the Saturday radio address today, urging Congress to pass extensions of unemployment insurance and tax cuts to help middle-class Americans who are struggling in a bad economy. The November 9.8% continues a 19-month stretch of joblessness above 9 percent that is the longest since World War II. Now who has been President and who has been Vice President for the last nineteen months - ummm let me think on that one.

I think the 9.8% unemployment rate is bullshit the real unemployment rate is more like 23%.

In the depression of my father he could at least travel to California and pick fruit to survive. The American unemployed can't do that today. They would be " stealing jobs " from those who came here ( illegally ) " looking for a better life " !


TSA Bumper Stickers

As usual click on photo to enlarge

A Couple of Blonde Jokes

Joke #1
A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience.

'Oh, I really liked it,' she replied, 'especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn't understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents.'

Dumbfounded, her date asked, 'What do you mean?'

'Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was: 'Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!' I'm like...Helloooooo? It's only 25 cents!!!!

Joke #2
A beautiful young blonde Delaware woman was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the ocean. But just before she could throw herself from the docks, a handsome young man stopped her "You have so much to live for," said the man. "Look, I'm a sailor, and we're off to Europe tomorrow, and I can stow you away on my ship. "I'll take care of you, bring you food every day, and keep you happy."

With nothing to lose, combined with the fact that she had always wanted to go to Europe , the woman accepted.

That night the sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a lifeboat. From then on, every night he would bring her three scrapple sandwiches and make love to her until dawn.

Three weeks later she was discovered by the captain during a routine inspection.

"What are you doing here?" asked the captain.

"I have an arrangement with one of the sailors," she replied. "He brings food and I get a free trip to Europe ."

"I see," the captain says.

"Plus," (wanting to make a full confession, she adds) "He's screwing me."

"He certainly is," replied the captain. "This is the Cape May - Lewes Ferry."

Maybe this is the answer

So If The Airlines serve Pork BBQ will it mean the reason for stripped searches will be eliminated?

Lynching Today in 1931

December 4, 1931 - A mob lynched African American, Matthew Williams, on the courthouse lawn in Salisbury, Maryland.

On December 4, 1931, Matthew Williams, a 35-year old African American, shot and killed his employer, Daniel J. Elliott, a prominent Salisbury lumber dealer, over a long-standing dispute concerning Williams' wages. After shooting Elliott, Williams tried to commit suicide, but failed and was shot by Elliott's son while trying to escape. Williams was taken to Peninsula General Hospital and placed under guard.

Later that evening, a large mob formed in the center of town and marched to the hospital. After tricking Williams' guards, members of the mob dragged him out of a hospital window, paraded the struggling man through the streets of Salisbury to the small green in front of the county court house. There, Williams was hung from a tall maple tree in the court house yard. As the crowd continued to grow, William's body was cut down from the tree, dragged to a nearby lot, and set ablazed. One eyewitness described the scene as follows:

We were in the fight club and several hundred persons were waiting for the first bout.... Suddenly the word came that they were lynching Williams. There was a stampede for the doors. I drove my car a distance of about a mile and a half to the courthouse green and they had just cut the negro down. As I walked around the courthouse here came the leaders, carrying the body along. As they stepped out into the street they let it drop and then dragged it by the rope down through the negro part of town. Later I saw the fire, but didn't want to go down there. We went back to the fight... And some of the fighters didn't show up and only about half the crowd. It was a quiet and orderly mob. I saw no drunks. There were many women.

Governor Albert Ritchie and Attorney General William Preston Lane were under tremendous pressure to identify and bring the mob leaders to justice. Newspaper reports indicate that local residents who witnessed the lynching refused to identify the men, even as they eagerly related gruesome details of the crime.

The story was carried by newspapers across the country. Within Maryland, newspaper coverage illustrated the underlying cultural conflict between the urbanized Western Shore and the rural Eastern Shore. Although all Maryland newspapers condemned the lynching, Baltimore newspapers in particular viewed the mob action as a sign of a degenerating character common to Eastern Shore residents. The conflict was so inflamed by an editorial published in the Baltimore Sun by H. L. Mencken -- who, among other things, suggested that the mob leaders were well known to local law enforcement officers -- that prominent Salisbury residents advocated a boycott of the newspaper and the former town mayor demanded that Mencken and editors of the Sun and Evening Sun be subpoenaed before the coroner's jury as witnesses.

Despite the number of people who witnessed the lynching, police investigating the crime were unable to identify the ringleaders and no arrests were made. Although the Wicomico County grand jury examined 128 witneses, their final report indicated that there was "absolutely no evidence that can remotely connect anyone with the investigation or perpetration of the murder" of Matthew Williams. With that, the case was closed and no further action was taken

From Teaching American History In Maryland

Matt Williams
MSA SC 3520-13749
Lynched in Salisbury, December 4, 1931


Matthew Williams was lynched on Friday, December 4, 1931 at 8:05pm in Salisbury, Maryland located in Wicomico County on Maryland´s lower Eastern Shore. During the afternoon hours, Matthew Williams went to the office of his employer, Daniel J. (D.J.) Elliot, who ran a local lumberyard and box factory for produce shipped to the Western Shore, apparently to discuss his low hourly wage. Williams had been a laborer for Elliot since childhood, and to all who knew him, was liked by and extremely loyal to the Elliot family. D.J. Elliot was in his office located on Lake Street in Salisbury talking on the phone with another Salisbury businessman, Thomas Chatham, when Williams entered. According to Chatham, who heard the incident over the phone, remembers no words were spoken and that just two gunshots were fired. Chatham immediately called the authorities. Williams allegedly walked up to Elliot who was seated at his desk, and put the muzzle of the shotgun to the head of Elliot and fired, then turned the barrel towards himself, and fired again. Elliot´s son James heard the shots from the house and ran out to investigate the commotion. Upon arriving, he noticed Williams lying on the ground in a pool of blood, and his 67 year-old father hunched over his desk, dead. As James ran to call for help, Williams recovered enough strength to pick himself up and flee towards the lumberyard, only to be stopped by James Elliot with a gunshot to the shoulder and leg, ending the chase.

Once Matthew Williams arrived at Peninsula General Hospital in downtown Salisbury, he was immediately restrained in a straitjacket to prevent further attacks from the half-dead and semi-conscious Williams. As soon as Williams´ head and shoulder were wrapped, State´s Attorney Levin C. Bailey and Wicomico County Sheriff G. Murray Phillips questioned Williams, where he is quoted "I got my man." The late edition of the Salisbury Times wrote that Williams died at the hospital, but as soon as they learned he was still alive, a crowd began to gather on the hospital lawn. People were exiting from their homes, shops, restaurants and corner stores and added to the commotion that evening. A number of men entered the hospital demanding for them to turn Williams over to them, but were stopped by Police Chief N.H. Holland and Deputy John Parks who blocked the entrance. Six members of the mob then went around to an open side entrance and reached the Negro ward of the hospital. There, hospital superintendent Miss Helen V. Wise instructed them "If you must take him, do it quietly." The men threw the bandaged Williams out the window down to the crowd of 300 people anxiously waiting below.

As the crowd of 300 escorted the blinded Williams towards the courthouse, onlookers joined in the event, and 300 quickly grew to a crowd of over 1000. Williams, still straitjacketed, was pushed, stabbed, and then dragged behind a truck the three blocks to the courthouse lawn. There, with either an unconscious or already dead Williams, at around 8:00 pm, the crowd strung up a noose and found a branch twenty feet above the ground, tied Williams’ neck, and began to lift him up, then drop him. County Sheriff Phillips attempted to prevent the lynching, but the mob simply pushed him to the side, hopeless in stopping their actions towards Williams. After repeating this several times, the mob allowed Williams to hang lifelessly for 20 minutes, meanwhile mocking the victim and taking parts of his anatomy as souvenirs. Then, after Williams thumped to the ground one last time, the crowd of approximately 2000 followed the body being dragged behind a truck once again, towards a black section of Salisbury off Poplar Hill Avenue. Finally, after about an hour of torture, Williams´s corpse was tied to a light post, doused in gallons of gasoline and oil, and set on fire. The sheriff cut the charred body down at around 9:00 pm.

It is said that this lynching was in response to the delayed justice the Delmarva Peninsula experienced in the past year with the trial of Euel Lee, accused of murdering a white family of four in Berlin, Maryland. Lee´s lawyer, Bernard Ades, felt that there was no way that he would receive a fair and unbiased trial on the Eastern Shore and had the trial moved to Baltimore, which deeply angered the residence of Worcester County. Immediately after hearing of the Williams lynching in Salisbury, Governor Ritchie set up a task force with Attorney General William P. Lane to look into prosecuting those who were involved in any way with the mob that killed Matthew Williams, stating that the actions on the Eastern Shore were disgraceful to the entire state. After interviewing those officers and hospital workers who were present during the abduction, no one could recall or recognize anyone that was present that night. It is said that most of the active mob members were those from other parts of the peninsula, including Delaware and Virginia, and to this day, no one has been charged or prosecuted for the lynching of Matthew Williams.

From Archives of Maryland

The lyrics to the song "Strange Fruit", recorded by Billie Holiday and written (as a poem) by Abel Meeropol in 1939.

Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.
Pastoral scene of the gallant south
the bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
scent of magnolia
sweet and fresh
then the sudden smell of burning flesh
Here is a fruit
for the crows to pluck
for the rain to gather
for the wind to suck
for the sun to rot
for the tree to drop
Here is a strange
and bitter crop

Drunks Forced To Leave Boat - 1882

December 4, 1882 - The Bark Maddalena Secondo was stranded at Cedar Island, Virginia. The boat's drunken crew had to be forced to shore by the local lifesaving station keeper John B. Whealton and his crew

Chester Greenwood Born Today

Chester Greenwood was Born 4 Dec 1858; died 5 Jul 1937. So who was he? Greenwood was an American inventor and manufacturer of earmuffs, which, while a teenager, he designed and patented (U.S. No.188,292 issued 13 Mar 1877). He had experienced very uncomfortable cold ears while skating in winter, and solved his problem with beaver fur pads on a wire frame.

By his mid-twenties, he had a factory and 11 workers producing Greenwood Champion Ear Protectors in his hometown of Farmington producing 50,000 earmuffs yearly. Distribution grew to 400,000 pairs by the year he died. He patented many other inventions. In 1977, the Maine state legislature officially declared 21 Dec, the first day of winter, as the annual Chester Greenwood Day. His hometown celebrates with a parade in early December

When he died in 1937 at the age of seventy-nine, Greenwood was a Maine celebrity. In addition to running the muff business, Greenwood had been granted more than 130 patents. They included improvements on the spark plug, a decoy mouse trap called the Mechanical Cat, Chester's version of the shock absorber, a hook for pulling doughnuts from boiling oil, the Rubberless Rubber Band, and the Greenwood Tempered Steel Rake.

Just as important as his muff shop was to employment in the area he found he could not do without the women at home as they would sew the ear muff to the head bands, so a cottage industry (an industry whose labor force is made up of people working at home) was born for doing piecework at home. Greenwood invention supported half of Franklin County, so that is one reason he has a day and a parade just for him.

I thought I did well in putting this post together because in spite of my love for double entendres, which this post has ample opportunities for, I did not do so.

2010 Conservation Poster Contest winners announced

2010 Conservation Poster Contest winners announced

DOVER (Dec. 2, 2010) – The Delaware Association of Conservation Districts in conjunction with the New Castle, Kent and Sussex Conservation Districts recently sponsored a statewide conservation poster contest. This year’s theme was “Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats.” A total of 182 posters were judged in the following grade categories: K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.

First, second and third place winners in each category will be receiving a prize valued at $50, $25 and $15 respectively. Listed below are the top three winners in each category.

Grade Level 1st Place - 2nd Place - 3rd Place

K – 1 Huda Kismet Kose - Paige Miller - Gabryele Carter
. - 1st Grade - Kindergarten - 1st Grade
. - Kose Homeschooling - Brader Elementary - Long Neck Elementary
. - New Castle County - New Castle County - Sussex County

2 – 3 Maci Carter - Yusuf Kose - Autumn Davis
. - 3rd Grade - 3rd Grade - 3rd Grade
. - Lake Forest South Elem.- Kose Homeschooling - R.A. Shields Elementary
. - Kent County - new Castle County - Sussex County

4 – 6 Victoria Dalton - Michael Lepter - Abby Pearson
. - 6th Grade - 6th Grade - 6th Grade
. - Seaford Middle - Seaford Middle - Seaford Middle
. -Sussex County - Sussex County - Sussex County

7 – 9 N/A N/A N/A

10 – 12 Olivia Wang Xu - Krysta Lynn Shugars - Dilek Busra Yeter
. - 10th Grade - 12th Grade - 10th Grade
. - Charter School of Wilmington- Polytech High School - Christiana High School
. - New Castle County - Kent County - New Castle County

The first place winners in each grade level have been forwarded to the National Association of Conservation Districts for judging at the national level.

The judges were impressed with the quality of the posters. Among the judges was Christy Shaffer, a graphics specialist with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and illustrator of more than 40 children’s books. “It is always exciting to judge the posters. There was some absolutely stunning, unique and clever artwork in these posters,” Shaffer said. “I was impressed with the good messaging incorporated into some of the posters. Some of the posters were so clever that you would see a new message each time you looked at it. The students did a very good job expressing their knowledge through their art work.”

Judge Beth Krumrine, a DNREC Environmental Scientist and artist on the side who specializes in watercolor painting and sculpture, was also excited to see so many great entries. “It shows how important the environment really is to both students and teachers,” said Krumrine. “Plus, art is just so central in childhood development, as they can learn to express themselves in a visual manner.”

The annual conservation poster contest provides kindergarten through 12th grade students an opportunity to convey their thoughts about soil, water and related natural resource issues through art. It also highlights the educational outreach efforts of conservation districts and their state associations, auxiliaries and agencies. The contest follows the annual Stewardship theme which is sponsored by the National Association of Conservation Districts.

This year’s theme, “Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats,” reminds people that conservation of our natural resources is important in every community. Plenty of conservation habits can help conserve water, protect soil, or provide shelter for wildlife as well as increase their food supply. Habitats are all across North America and around the world; you can find them in forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands and arctic tundra, as well as right outside your backdoor and in your community. Conservation districts work with local communities across America to instill the importance of conservation habits.

For more information on the poster contest or conservation district programs, please contact Michelle Jacobs at 302-739-9135 or

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The creator of FORTRAN Lives

I almost let the day go by without a Today in history note; today in 1924 John Warner Backus (December 3, 1924 – March 17, 2007) was born. Now few have heard of the man but he was an American computer scientist who directed the IBM team that invented FORTRAN (short for Formula Translation )one of the first high level computer programming languages. With goto's and Do Loops, IF statements and IO directions it was a dream come true for the geeks of the world. It was easy to use (compared to assembly language) and I am sure it is still being used today. I first started using it back in the late 1960's and some time in the early 1970's moved on to other fields, but those days of looking at page after page of computer language code and trying to trace out Do Loops and if statements still come back to me today.

Wikileaks - Is It Classified If It Is On The Internet

If you have tried to go to to view that site you will find it no longer exists. Amazon booted WikiLeaks from its servers, some service provide blocked access to the site. Much like China's Google censorship, the US has almost done a similar thing to wikileaks. The Obama administration is banning hundreds of thousands of federal employees from calling up the WikiLeaks site on government computers because the leaked material is still formally regarded as classified. Since the information is on the internet I would say it is no longer classified and the Obama administration is much like the Emperor with no clothes on saying he has clothes when the whole world knows otherwise. To see wikileaks you have to slip thru the backdoor and go to a foreign county website in order to access wikileaks.

Wikileaks has so far posted these classified documents;

On Sunday 28th November 2010, Wikileaks began publishing 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables

The 391,832 reports ('The Iraq War Logs'), document the war and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009

War Diary: Afghanistan War Logs

WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad

Now looking at what is posted you have to be a really dedicated person to read thru what is mostly boring, very boring documents. I am willing to take the lazy approach and go for the newspapers (foreign) that write about them.

German Spiegel On Line

The Guardian

Disgusted With Democratic Party Clinton Holds "Last Public Office"

I see where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has once more reiterated that she will not run for president in 2012, going so far as to refer to her current role in government as "my last public position." Do you believe it?

Email Them - Tell Them No

DNREC requests public comments by Dec. 14 on draft Universal Recycling guidance and reporting forms

DOVER (Dec. 3, 2010) – The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is seeking public comments by Dec. 14 on the draft Universal Recycling guidance and reporting forms. Businesses engaged in recycling activities are encouraged to review the draft forms found on DNREC’s website and provide written comments.

Draft guidance and reporting forms were developed by DNREC for businesses that collect, process and market recycling materials.

Beginning in calendar year 2011, business are required to use DNREC’s reporting form to record and report the type and quantity of recyclables managed, the method of collection and the recycling facilities used. To comply with the required guidance and reporting forms, businesses are encouraged to make adjustments to their internal data collection or recording procedures prior to the beginning of the new year.

Businesses engaged in recycling activities are required to develop an annual Recycling Activity Report and submit it to DNREC by Feb. 15 of the following year. The first Annual Recycling Activity Report is due Feb. 15, 2012.

The Delaware Solid Waste Recycling Law (commonly referred to as the Universal Recycling Law) established annual reporting requirements in order to determine the state’s annual recycling diversion rate and whether diversion goals are being met.

Written comments should be submitted:

By email to
By fax (302-739-5060), Attention: James Short, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Branch
By mail to: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Branch
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19902
Attn: James Short

Small Business

I picked this item up today;

Markell has small business check-in November 30, 2010
Governor Jack Markell wants to take the pulse of small businesses in Seaford, Sussex County. So the Governor and DEDO Director Alan Levin will visit several small businesses Tuesday afternoon. Among the new small businesses and franchises the two will visit are LA Red Health Center on1340 Middleford Road, A Wireless/Verizon at 22931 Sussex Highway, Little Caesar’s at 22802 Sussex Highway, UPS Store at 23000 Sussex Highway, Sweet Serenity at 1003 Norman Eskridge Highway, Belle Ayre Community at Lot 2 Belle Ayre Drive, and Hooper's Landing Golf Course at 1019 W. Locust Street.

The Governor wants to congratulate the businesses for taking the steps to open and now wants to hear what they think the state can do to help them keep going.

Now small business is the backbone of the economy in America. They greatly out number the chain stores and franchises and contribute more to the economy than the larger chains. It is not just from hiring people and turning over revenue and paying taxes it is in more subdue forms like, occupying more buildings so a town doesn't look deserted inviting the criminal element in. It those countless contributions they give to girl scouts, football teams, cheerleaders, little league. When the big stores run the mom and pop operations out a non-profit will find they get less donations since before they could count on 25 stores donating ten dollars now they get a fifty dollar donation from two large chains store that has replaced the 25 small stores. Small business comes in the form of participating in local government after all it is in their interest to see the streets are kept up and street lighting is present. I can't remember when the last time I saw someone from Food Lion, McDonalds or those Dollar Stores at a town meeting. Maybe if there more of them the Chamber Of Commerce in Delmar could afford to put up Christmas Lights on the Utility Poles in Delmar, Like other towns do.

The last post on Busch's Chesapeake Inn didn't mention he started his business with a GI Bill Loan. For those old enough you may remember countless small business that existed in Delmar and Salisbury. Small grocery stores in converted two story houses where the bottom story was store and the family in the second story. I think what stands out in mind is most of those small store had the Owner's name as the business name. In Delmar there was Jack's Market, Sturgis Store, W. W. Whayland, Caldwells, Wootten's Market, R W Adkins, M L Hastings, etc etc. They were proud of their business and had their name attached to it. In that time period you were known by the reputation your name had.

So what is different today? There are unemployed people out there waiting for a company to hire them as opposed to starting their own business up. Are they so far in debt they can't scrape up the money to start a business or has taxes and regulations made it so hard they are not willing to try. Certainly the Indians and Hispanics are starting businesses up why not native born Americans?

A Day Of Shopping Is Like A Day In Hell

Simply put I hate to shop (well maybe not for guns or fishing gear)so Christmas season does not find me in the best of humor. This year to add to it we are trying to buy household goods and furniture for the new house. First let me say the fire insurance check I received for the contents of the old house might as well have been made out to the Republic of China as that is where a third of what we have bought has come from. Throw in some stuff from Mexico and Vietnam (can't believe we bought stuff from Vietnam) and it leaves about 25% actually made in America and even that is usually only assembled in America. I think we must make no textiles as I am sure the upholster furniture all uses fabric from China.

Well to add to buying imports yesterday we spent the day at IKEA in College Springs Maryland. Let's face it, compact knockdown furniture, modern designs, all items seem to pay tribute to their designer as the designer name and frequently their photo is on the label, and it is one of the few places to get a Swedish meatball plate, complete with potatoes, cream sauce and ligonberry jam for $3.99, what more can you ask for? Don't ask me what a ligonberry is, apparently if you put enough sugar on something it is bound to taste alright. It was a long day.

We managed to leave about 5:30PM which put us into the traffic jam on 495 and Rt50 so I had time to remember a number of business places that use to be on RT50. Two I miss are Busch's Chesapeake Inn and Whitehall's Inn. Both have been gone for about ten years. The place where Busch's was, is now a Wawa food market.

Busch's was owned by Robert Randolph Busch Sr. who ran the restaurant for 53 years. He died from complications of diabetes so Tom Mcguire should pay attention to the bout he is having with diabetes at the moment.

Like they say, in business, it is Location, Location, Location. Busch's became established because in the days of the ferry across the bay, instead of the bridge, there was always a backup at the Sandy Point ferry terminal and people would leave their car in line and walk back to Busch's and eat, or buy takeout (it was more of a sandwich shop then), before the next ferry arrived. Once the bridge came along they would, out of habit or due to the backup of traffic, continue to stop there to eat.

The sandwich shop grew over the years into what most of us remember today. As you may recall the restaurant was a maze of rooms with names like "The Chesapeake Room", "The Red Lobster," "The Severn Room," etc etc. With photographs of watermen, hanging stained glass lamps, model ships and the carving of a wooden mermaid, but no restaurant makes it on decor, their food was good and the restaurant help was excellent (I almost broke my 5% tip rule there). It seems like it was always crowded.

At that time, our daughters were still young and we preferred Whitehall's, just down the road. Good food, less crowded, less "formal". It seemed better suited to them in case they decided to throw dinner rolls at one another, while eating.


On November 29, 2010 at approximately 9:37 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police were on routine patrol in the area E. Church Street and Naylor Street and attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle operated by the below listed suspect for traffic violations. The vehicle fled from the officers and pulled behind a residence on the eight hundred (800) block of East Church Street. The officers located the suspect who gave the officers false identification information. The suspect was positively identified and placed under arrest for trespassing on the property, which was posted. A search of the vehicle, incident to arrest, revealed a set of brass knuckles. During the investigation the suspect became disorderly and disruptive to the area.

ARRESTED: Timothy Lee Price, 43 years of age Delmar, Delaware

CHARGES: Trespassing Disorderly conduct Possession of a dangerous weapon


On 12/2/10 the Milford Police Department Criminal Division arrested and charged a 31 yo Delmar man stemming from an incident that occurred on 11/20/10 at Airpark Plaza (Kent County). Michael A. Hovatter was charged with one count of Obscene Material Provided to Any Person 18yo or Older and one count of Sexual Harassment. Detectives discovered that Hovatter had texted an obscene picture of himself to the victim, a female family member. Hovatter was arraigned through JP2 and was released on $2500.00 unsecured bond.

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The British Pop Artist Invasion - 1867

Before the Beatles there was Charles Dickens, of a "Christmas Carol" Fame, and on this day (Dec 2) in 1867 Charles Dickens gave the first reading of his American tour. Like all but a few over the five months, the evening was a sell-out, some having slept out overnight to beat a ticket line almost a half-mile long. This first-night audience included all the great and triple-named of the New England literary elite -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, Charles Eliot Norton -- though not all were impressed. Emerson complained that the performance was too polished for his taste, as Twain would say later that the New Year's Eve reading he attended was but "glittering frostwork." But this was the minority view, and from two used to getting the lecture-hall praise and dollars that now went to Dickens -- some $140,000 profit for this tour, and an estimated two million dollars in today's money for Dickens's last two years of readings at home and abroad.

read more here

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It is the season to help yourself

With The Christmas season come seasonal help and sometimes the seasonal help just does not work out, as with Brianna Lynn Himmel, 18 year old from Laurel Delaware who is charged with Theft (over $ 1,000 and under $ 10,000) and Theft scheme at J C Penneys at the Centre in Salisbury.

NEWS RELEASE: On November 30, 2010 at approximately 6:40 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to the JC Penney Department Store at the Centre at Salisbury for the report of an employee theft. Upon arrival the officers met with store security who advised that the listed suspect, an employee, had been observed taking U.S. currency and merchandise from the store. The suspect was employed as a cashier and the thefts occurred over a one (1) month period.

Organizing genealogical research

As my wife can testify, my genealogical research has resulted in an accumulation of "stuff" but it is all "good stuff" and useful so it can't be thrown away or stored in an inconvenience location. This has resulted in stacks of boxes and bags etc of papers all stacked in whatever room she restricts my research to. I was reading Greg Lamberson's Genealogy in which he discusses how he organizes his stuff. Again boxes, filing cabinet overflowing, plastic grocery sacks, the use of the word "pile" or "heap" is used frequently and of course the records are filed in the piles by chronological stratification (last thing looked at is on top). It seems to be a common thread of genealogy record saving by the unorganized.

Rosa Parks Says No

Today in 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus. Google has one of their graphics today celebrating this event.

Vintage Christmas Cards

Middle School Chorus Concert Is Thursday

The Middle School Chorus Concert will be presented Thursday, December 2nd at 7pm in the Delmar Middle and High school auditorium.

Victorian Christmas - Berlin, Maryland

Berlin, Maryland has been spending big bucks advertising their Victorian Christmas. First there is the annual Christmas parade with a "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" theme will take place on Thursday, December 2 at 7pm in downtown Berlin. The Parade will commence at the Berlin Fire Company, along N. Main Street, and conclude at the corner of S. Main Street and Tripoli Street.

Than on to the Victorian Weekend, December 3rd, 4th, & 5th, in which various houses will be opened for tours.

The Start Of The Christmas Season

December 1st, for me, is the start of the Christmas season. It is filled with daily "To Do" items, from Christmas Cards, to Christmas Concerts and Christmas Tours, to shopping in stores I only visit once a year and it all seems to have little to do with the Birth Of Jesus. So it is time to start that Christmas Advent Calendar plus The Jewish holiday begins at sundown on Dec. 1 this year, its earliest start in 20 years (Howard, at his age, likes to keep on the good side of all the religious bases before making that big trip into the unknown). Since Christmas and food goes together take a look at the Pink Whisk who is baking Lebkuchens. Allow for her and the recipe measurements - she is English.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delmarva Model Train Club

I neglected to do the my annual post about the Delmarva Model Train Club, which had an open House this past weekend. However Tom, over at the Delmar Daily, did do a post and mentions when the next open house is.

The Season Of Dead Singers Is Upon Us

You know you are getting too old when half of the singers of the Christmas songs
you are most familiar with are dead. All those classics such as;
"White Christmas"; Bing Crosby (May 3, 1903 – October 14, 1977
"Blue Christmas"; Elvis Presley (January 8 1935----August 16 1977?)
"A Holly Jolly Christmas"; Burl Ives (June 14, 1909 – April 14, 1995)
"I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" – Jimmy Boyd (January 9, 1939 – March 7, 2009)
"Here Comes Santa Claus" Gene Autry(September 29, 1907 – October 2, 1998)
"Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer" Gene Autry (September 29, 1907 – October 2, 1998)
"Little Drummer Boy" Harry Simeone Chorale (May 9, 1911, February 22, 2005)

Thank God the below singers are still living so they have to listen to this crap the same as the rest of us (only they are getting Royalties) ;

"Jingle Bells" by the Singing Dogs
"Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" Brenda Lee
"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas," Gayla Peevey
"The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)," David Seville and the Chipmunks
"Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" Elmo & Patsy

Mardela Springs Heritage Tour - Dec 5th

Looking at the November 2010 "Heritage News" I see Mardela Springs Heritage Tour will be this weekend on Sunday. Always a great event. A little bit about it from their newsletter.

Dec. 5 -- Mardela Springs Heritage Tour, 4 – 7 pm
Our fifth annual old-fashioned celebration opens the Christmas season. Westside Historical Society, Adkins Historical Museum & Complex, & Mardela Fire Co. join in bringing to the area an open house of the heritage of the town of Mardela Springs and the lower Eastern Shore. Westside will welcome visitors to musical entertainment in Barren Creek Springs Church with organ music from 4 to 5, Betty Boda playing the harp with Linda Andrews playing the classical guitar from 5 to 6, and John Kisela playing the dulcimer from 6 to 7. The Barren Creek Heritage Museum will be open also from 4 to 7 with tours and refreshments and a musical presentation. Four private homes will be open for tours – the Parks, Slacum, Wilson, and Emery homes – as will be the Methodist and Baptist churches in town. Musical offerings will be presented in Emmanuel Methodist Church. Visitors can view crafts, children’s coloring contest entries, and buy sweets in the Adkins Lodge Hall; tour the Brattan-Taylor General Store, Gravenor-English School, Young’s Purchase Farmhouse and the Whitelock House. Santa’s House will be in the Livery Stable building, and a wounded Warrior project in the Memorial building, with a train display in the Cannery Warehouse. A Live Nativity will be on the corner of Main and Brattan streets. Homes in Mardela Springs will be competing for the Best Decorated prize, and trams will carry visitors around town. Food and vendors will be available in the Fire House. And all this for free admission! Be sure to come celebrate the beginning of the Season with us!

Sussex County Press Release

Sussex County urges Congress to reconsider fuel tax bill
Georgetown, Del., Nov. 30, 2010: Sussex County Council is urging Congressional leaders to back off a proposal that would increase the federal fuel tax, an idea that, if enacted, would mean more dollars out of the pockets of Sussex Countians and millions of Americans.

County Council, at its Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010, meeting, adopted a resolution calling on Delaware’s Congressional Delegation to withdraw any support for the proposal to raise by 25 cents a gallon – or any other increased amount – the federal portion of the fuel tax to pay for infrastructure improvements, such as bridges and roads.

County leaders, at the behest of Council President Vance Phillips, said the timing of the proposal is poor, given record unemployment and the flagging national economy.

“People are hurting. They’ve lost jobs, they’re struggling to make ends meet. Businesses are hurting, too,” Council President Phillips said. “To ask the people to pick up one cent more of government spending is wrong, and for many Americans, it could break the bank.”

Council’s resolution is non-binding, but County leaders said they are hopeful their decision will send a message to Washington that actions there filter down to the local level and reach into the pockets of hard-working, everyday people.

County Administrator David Baker will forward a copy of the resolution to Sens. Thomas Carper and Chris Coons, as well as Congressman-elect John Carney.

Manatory Recycling - Higher Taxes , Less To show for it

As readers of this blog are aware I am firmly against mandatory recycling laws. If you want to recycle find - do it- leave those who don't want to alone. However Delaware and One-eyed Jack, our governor, has decided we will recycle. Come tomorrow the 5 cent deposit charged on soda bottles in Delaware will be replaced by a 4 cent recycling charge - no deposit about it - you will not get the 4 cents back it will disappear into the state coffers to fund more government workers. Between the hidden inventory tax and the 4 cent recycling soda bottle charge, Delaware has a higher sales tax than Maryland on some items - Oh we are not suppose to call it a sales tax it is "fee."

The fee (not a sales tax) will create the Delaware Recycling Fund, which will offer grants and loans through DNREC to improve recycling in the state. The 4-cent fee is scheduled to end either when the Delaware Recycling Fund collects $22 million, or on Dec. 1, 2014, whichever occurs first. Like any government fee or tax you can figure it will be here forever or until the state is overthrown - Viva la Revolution!!!

I use to carry my soda bottles back to the store to claim the deposit I paid, now I will just throw the soda bottles out on the highway as a protest. You have until January 31st to collect your refund on any bottles you may have purchased prior to December 1st and than that goes away.

Monday, November 29, 2010

110 Year Old Condoms Sold For Big Bucks

The prophylactic condom is possibly the oldest form of contraception and its history can be traced back thousands of years. Some forms of modern day condoms were used by Egyptians back before 1000 B.C. Western European use can be traced back to the cave painting is Combarelles, France. These are dated between 100 and 200 A.D. One of the items searchable in the US Patents post I did a few days ago is the search word "Condom". With all the patents that show up you will know America has been busy.

Early versions of condoms were made of animal gut. Condom, from the Latin word condon, meaning receptacle.

Charles Goodyear invented and patented vulcanized rubber in 1844 and the first condom made of that material was made available to the market in 1855.

To cut back to the story, over at Condomunity is a story about a 110-year old condom set made from fish bladder that sold for 2000 Euros (about US $ 2,600 or $520 a condom, try sticking that kind of money in a vending machine) back in September. The condoms, at that time, were meant to be reusable up to an estimated amount of ten times (and they call me cheap.) On the tin container are marks where the number of times they were used were kept track of.

Edgar Allan Poe Becomes An Orphan

On this day in 1811 a final notice appeared in the Richmond, Virginia Inquirer asking for donations in aid of the destitute young actress, Eliza Poe, and her children, two-year-old Edgar and his baby sister, Rosalie:

To the Humane heart. On this night Mrs. Poe, lingering on the bed of disease and surrounded by her children, asks your assistance and asks it perhaps for the last time. The Generosity of the Richmond Audience can need no other appeal....

A week later, Eliza Poe died, more or less as Poe's wife, Virginia Eliza, would die thirty-six years later: of tuberculosis, in dire poverty, at the age of twenty-four. Her stage fame had rested on her Ophelia, Cordelia and Juliet roles, and now her burial echoed them: many in the local church argued against burying her in consecrated ground, not because a suicide like Ophelia, but because an actress. There being no family to care or argue for her - Eliza Poe was an orphan at eleven, her first husband died, and her second, Poe's father, ran off - the prosperous merchant John Allan stepped in to manage the funeral, and then Mrs. Allan took on young Edgar

Read More Here

Kristin Brewington Completes Basic Training In the Air Force

This is one of those times when you are not embarrassed that your daughter has her picture taken with a number under it. Air Force Airman Kristin N. Brewington graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Yes, she is a relative of mine. No, she is not my daughter but she is the daughter of Robert and Molly Brewington of Downing Road, Delmar, Md. Kristin graduated in 2010 from Faith Baptist School, Salisbury, Md. Wow! Flight 638, Squad 326 I had forgotten they used that terminology in the Air Force Basic Training.

War On Indians - 1652

1652, Nov 29 - Gov. William Stone issues declaration "to March against all or any Indians Inhabiting upon the Easterne Side of the Bay of Chesapeake to the Northward of the Southerly Bound of this Province on that Side the Bay being over against Wickocomoco Point and from thence in a direct line Eastward to the maine Ocean."