Monday, April 04, 2011

100 years of the Model 1911 Colt

The Colt 45 Model 1911 - what a workhorse and a classic firearm. The design came about because the U.S. Army during it's campaign against the Moros in Philippines couldn't stop the enemy with their .38 revolver. The Moros, so called by the Spanish, were 35,000 fanatical Islamic warriors, Muslim terrorists if you will, who “fought in the way of Allah” and declared a jihad, or holy war, against American infidels. Captain Albert Laws from Wango, Maryland after finishing up the Spanish American War was sent to the Philippines to restore peace.

The new weapon design process to replace the .38 started in 1906 and on March 29th, 1911, the Browning-designed, Colt-produced .45 Automatic pistol, was selected as the official sidearm of the Armed Forces of U.S.A., and named Model 1911. History started there. Production of the pistol is measured in the millions. Vast numbers of people have used the Model 1911 from military to lawman to criminals. Everyone has cussed it at sometime or another. The Colt 45 even had a beer named after it.
It has been to war for America for a 100 years, in wars long forgotten and useless wars and mercenary wars, it didn't judge.

Back when I was in the Air Force and stationed in Ajo Arizona in an effort to keep a low profile, do my 4 years and get out, I usually worked the night shift. Part of the duty, beside maintaining the radar equipment, was the night shift guy got to hold on to the Colt 45 and protect the Radar station from invaders with it. In the morning when the Air Police showed up for guard duty we would hand over the pistol to them, naturally we dissassembled it and hide the parts around the guard shack to see how fast they reassemble the pistol before the base commander enter thru the front gate.


Anonymous said...

I entered the Navy in '69 from a farm background. Had been hunting with rifle and shotgun all my life but had never fired a pistol. During training I barely qualified Marksman with the rifle but made Expert with the .45 Colt 1911.


I've seen the difference in holes made by this pistol, and say, a 9mm on the range. I'm a big strong guy-I don't mind the extra weight of the ammo-gimme a .45 and a scoped M-14; if I hit it, and it has the means to still harm me, I want it to stay down. Poy'manently.