Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The April 2011 Delmar Joint Council Meeting

The April Delmar Joint Councils meeting was held last night at 7:00PM (Over with by 9:10). Last night's missing members were Delaware Councilman Woody Payne (unknown reason for missing the meeting) and Delaware Councilperson Mary Lee Pase (death in family). My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting or buy a newspaper.

Tonight started with the reading of a Proclamation for Municipal Clerks Week. I should point out that any organization or group can request a proclamation be made for whatever event - with in reason. They tend to be more acceptable if they are short (250 words). Submit at least a week before the joint council to town hall.

There was a first reading of the 2011/12 budget. Anyone can come to town hall and look at this budget and I will be looking at it this week. The next reading will be in May and it will no doubt be approved. I am happy to say there are no rate increases so thumbs up to the council people.

Michael Still hopes to sell fireworks in town and requested a special exception and it was granted.

Bloosurf discussed changes in their proposed contract with the two councils. Currently the town will charge them $250 a month for each water tower to install up to six 17" diameter antennas. Some council people felt a percentage (4 to 7% was discussed) of the revenue should be used as that is what Comcast is doing in town. I don't know what world they live in, but my Comcast bill shows the amount of franchise fee given to the town as an add on to the monthly rate. If the town gets more - I pay more. again the two town attorneys will talk with the bloosurf people to work out an extra wording on various items.

The Delmar High school Traffic pattern discussion is pushed off to July.

The Traffic code/ parking ordinance revision is in the hands of the Wicomico County State attorney for review.

Demolition is nearly complete on the inside of the 'new' Municipal building

W. F. Horn Architect was chosen to do Architect work on the 'old' town hall to turn it into a public safety building.

In the Parks and Recs report Delmar has been selected to be the spot for the Maryland State Little League tournament for girls at the end of June. The Little League concession stand was broken into Sunday night and $800 worth of merchandise was stolen.

Under code Enforcements there have been two bids received for demolition of 203 E. Elizabeth street.

Under public works report; public works is looking at ways to handle the yard waste that the State of Delaware is refusing to accept at their landfill, leaving the homeowner hanging out there looking for ways to get rid of tree limbs, leaves and grass clipping. I didn't notice anyone from the State of Delaware solid waste being laid off or rates going down however. Again less service, more taxes from Delaware and Gov. Markell. Thumbs up to the town for trying to correct this problem the State of Delaware stuck everyone with. My suggestion is to haul it to Dover and dump it in Markell's front yard.

A Massage parlor has asked to operate in town over in the building between Cornerstone Church and Bryan and Brittingham. Why not? we have most everything else except a casino.

The Town manager said Pohanka of Salisbury painted the Town's Humvee town police colors at no charge.

The police are looking at an police accreditation program from the State of Delaware. Mayor Houlihan said to refer it to the Police commission as the Budget has been made for next year.

Pam Schell, Citizen of the Year, and Youth Services Coordinator at the Delmar Public Library commented on the trouble they had with Delmar's Animal Control and a bat that flew in to the library and broke it's wing. To say the least it sounds like Delmar PD and Delmar Animal's Control did a poor job of protecting the citizens (considering how many children go to the library) and according to Pam generated a "not my job to handle a bat" attitude - well whose job is it? I know I had problems with the police when we had a raccoon running around the neighborhood during the day and they again came up with the "what do you want me to do about it?" Shows what happens when only the criminals and the police have guns - the average citizen is left to using a baseball bat to protect his self. Anyway the bat lived for several days with a broken wing screaming at passing by people which as Pam pointed out is animal cruelty.

In recent years the one thing I have learned from Woodcreek is if you see a Woodcreek resident, hang on to your wallet as they are sure to come up with some way for you to pay for their life style. Since the Developer has gone bankrupt they are regulars at the Town Meetings. Monday night Dr. Ring, Delmar Delaware School Superintendent and resident of Woodcreek lead off with an introduction to a golf player out at Woodcreek who made the suggestion the Town Should buy the bankrupted Woodcreek Golf course and run it for the residents (same as Seaford). No - seriously he really did suggest that. They are just determine the town (me - as a tax payer) in some way will pay for restoring the Utopia they thought they were buying into before their development went south. Next they will want the town to buy the Woodcreek pool and as usual they will complain if they get to much traffic or people park in the wrong spot etc etc etc and God forbid if poor people are in their development. In case you had doubts I am not in favor of the Town buying and running the golf course. Not my fault their house values are cut by 50%, they need to be responsible for their decisions to buy into the community.

One thing that drives me nuts in the Council and other Town Meetings, is the amount of text messaging the council members do doing the meeting. Hell take care of business and leave the cell phones at home.

At the end of the meeting Councilperson Karen Wells asked for a private meeting with the councils.


Anonymous said...

I'm 100% with you on two points Howard.
Hell no the Town shouldn't buy the golf course OR the pool! Let the residents of Woodcreek pull together and buy it themselves!
The second point is the phones by the Council people. I hate the fact that people are so addicted to their phones. They need to grow up and just tell people, I didn't answer because I had my phone turned off because I was WORKING. I was IN A MEETING!
How unprofessional they can be!
Next is Woody Payne being a noshow AGAIN. When is this guy up for election? People need to band together and get rid of him. He's obviously not interested in doing the job he was elected to do. I'll bet he's still getting paid though, which is totally wrong. Don't wanna do the job? Fine, you don't get paid!

Anonymous said...

1) Kudos to Pohanka
2) Can't believe everyone ignored a screaming bat for three days without putting it out of it's misery. Probably thought that would have been cruel.
3) I will give ten to one odds that the Wood Creek people get bailed out by some federal agency.

senduaway said...

why do they allow cell phones in this meeting?

Anonymous said...

Who was using a cell phone?

Anonymous said...

If the Woodcreek people wanted the golf course taken care of were they at the auction buying equipment? There is nothing left to take care of it with is there?
Maybe the residents can get their lawn mowers out and take turns. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

No way should the town buy the golf course!!! what a dumb idea!! this guy is running our school! why is the superintendent living in MD anyway? Thought they had to live in Delmar DE! The council is a joke, woody(ha) Wells(Ha)Paste(ha). they should open it up to all people in the district.