Monday, April 11, 2011

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk - 2011

One of the events, I have enjoyed over the years, is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk. My impression of the State Employees who are there on that day is they hate it. They always have a disgruntle look on their face and just generally are unpleasant - but maybe that is the way all Maryland State employees are who are associated with the Department of Transportation are - think MVA. It comes as no great surprise that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk will not be held in 2011. The event has not been held over the past few years due to the ongoing Bay Bridge Preservation Project and other construction activities underway at the bridge. Other years they didn't have it because they were afraid of terrorist attacks. Any excuse will do to close this event. Tens of thousand people turn out for this event, that they do not have to pay an admission fee to the state for (maybe that is the real reason for closing it. The 4.5 miles across the bridge event use to be held the first Sunday in May

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Anonymous said...

I had an unpleasant encounter with a Maryland State employee at the tax office in Salisbury. I was just in there looking for forms and she had that 'don't bother me' attitude. B***h!