Thursday, April 21, 2011

David Smith becomes Middle School Band and Chorus Director

As many may have heard by now Mr. Smith, current Middle School and High School Band Director will become the 5th-8th grade band, 5th-8th chorus and Middle School general music director starting next fall.

I thought this announcement was in the records of the February School BOE minutes (which by the way now has April minutes posted). In looking thru them I was unable to find that record.

A new high School Band Director will be hired to teach High School Band and a number of classroom classes related to music.

I think Mr. Smith has been with the school for 28 years, but I may be mistaken on that. We, in the general public, have long felt that with the addition of the 5th thru 8th grade to the high school it was too much for one person to do. This move should be in the best interest of the school and Mr. Smith in ensuring our children have an acceptable amount of time given to them for band instruction.

Good luck with the Middle School next fall Mr. Smith.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how long Dave has been there but we came in 1985 and Mr. Bayone was the music teacher then.

Anonymous said...

While I love Mr. Smith and I know my child loves having him as a band directory (my child is in 8th grade this year), I see this as a positive move for Delmar. To me it shows that there is some commitment from the district to the music program.

I also see where this could open the door to great things for the Delmar High School band. Because of Mr. Smith's tight schedule, the band has been limited on what it can do. But now, maybe our kids could become a competative marching band and strut their stuff not just for the Delmar faithful but also in from of the entire eastern shore, east coast or even maybe the nation. Imagine this, you tune into the 2015 Rose Bowl parade and see the Delmar Wildcat Marching Band playing down Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.

Good luck to Mr. Smith and the middle school band. Thanks for the hard work you have put in and the work you have done with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Delmar has TWO awesome bands when his brother Wayne was the other band teacher.
The HS band has continued to be awesome but the MS band definitely could use more close direction.
With Mr. Smith getting some help, I think Delmar will be back to having TWO awesome bands again!

Anonymous said...

I graduated in 1991 and Mr and Mrs Baione were still there...

Anonymous said...

Wayne Smith was not related in any way to Mr. David Smith.