Saturday, April 30, 2011

Delmar Alabama and the Tornado

I have been looking for information on how Delmar, Alabama fared in the severe weather they had in Alabama. So for I have found nothing out. What is the name for two towns that share the same name? Not also homophones, maybe Polysemes?

Anyway Delmar Alabama is a small, rural, unincorporated community in west-central Winston County, It sits between Natural Bridge and Haleyville. Oddly enough the main road thru it is Alabama Rt 13. As with many towns named Delmar they try to maintain their independence from the rest of the state. When the Civil War started up Delmar (at that time called Frog Level) and Winston County refused to join the Confederacy and secede from Alabama. They formed the "Free State of Winston." It didn't help them any as once the Yankees came thru they were treated the same as everyone else.

Back on the night of April 3, 1974, Delmar was struck by a deadly tornado, as were communities in 12 other states and Canada during the Super Outbreak. One person died in Delmar as a result of the tornado. Several homes and other structures were destroyed. Many homes that suffered little or no direct damage were without electricity, telephone, and water service for several days.

In looking at the internet I think what may say it all for Delmar is the HBTV | HBTV 5 | News & Information headline posted in Haleyville (five miles north)
No Electricity, No Water, Everyone is Alive

In looking at the death toll I have seen no deaths for Winston County.

Two tornado's hit northwest Alabama Wednesday afternoon. Seem to have followed a valley west of Delmar and Haleyville destroying a number of business, chicken houses, and homes. The area has a large Pilgrims Pride processing plant and raising chickens is a mainstay. North of Haleyville is Phil Campbell and a number of deaths occurred there. The TV Station reported from the air, tens of thousands of dead chickens could be seen strewn for miles from their original homes. Unlike the disaster in Japan there is looting going on in Alabama.

The second tornado hit Haleyville around 5 p.m., destroying most of the homes in the Cummings subdivision, located on the east side of Highway 13 south. This tornado continued across 14th Avenue and on across Macedonia Road. Several homes were heavily damaged or destroyed before the tornado ended it's northeast trek just short of Moulton.

Power and internet was not restored until today, so maybe some news and photos of Delmar will be put out.

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