Friday, April 22, 2011

Delmar Honduras Illegal Charged With Identity Theft

DSP News Release: Honduras Illegal Charged With Identity Theft
• Public Safety Way Bridgeville, De
• 10000 block Pit Road Seaford, De
• May 16th 2009 4:00 a.m.
• April 21st 2011 2:49 p.m.
• 25 year old female victim
• 3 and 6 year old victim
Defendant(s) Charge(s) and Bond Information:
Rosario A. Pineda-Sierra-27 Delmar, De
• Identity Theft
• 3 counts Forgery First Degree
• Criminal Impersonation
• Assault 3rd Degree
• 2 counts Endangering the Welfare of a Child
Committed Delores J. Baylor Correctional Institute $10,000 cash bond

Bridgeville/Seaford-On Wednesday April 20, 2011 Delaware State Police arrested and charged Rosario A. Pineda-Sierra-27 of Delmar with Identity Theft, Forgery, Criminal Impersonation, Assault and Endangering crimes after she reported to court for an unrelated driving offense.

State Police were summoned to Justice of the Peace Court 3 in Georgetown Delaware on April 20th in order to contact Gabriela Alvarado who had an outstanding warrant from a domestic assault which occurred in May of 2009.

Troopers placed Alvarado later determined to be Rosario A. Pineda-Sierra under arrest and charged her for Assault Third and 2 counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child. Pineda-Sierra was later arraigned and released on bond. During the arraignment proceedings Pineda-Sierra signed her name as being Gabriela Alvarado.

Shortly after Pineda-Sierra was released from custody, Delaware State Police were contacted by Agents from the Vermont section of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE informed Troopers that Gabriela Alvarado was an alias Pineda-Sierra was using. ICE was alerted through fingerprint analysis after Pineda-Sierra was arrested and printed by State Police.

Pineda-Sierra an illegal immigrant from Honduras was again contacted by Delaware State Police and asked to come to State Police Troop 5 Bridgeville. When Pineda-Sierra arrived she was arrested for Identity Theft, Forgery First Degree, Criminal Impersonation and re-arrested for the Assault and Endangering crimes under her correct name.

Pineda-Sierra is currently being held on $10,000 cash bond and a detainer issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Delores J. Baylor Correctional Institute.


Anonymous said...

Send her ass back where she came from! Wish they'd send ALL of the illegals back!

Anonymous said...

Good, send her and her anchor baby back to central America.

Anonymous said...

She has used 5 different names in the last 6 years. I worked with her before. She is a bad person. Caught by Delmar Police driving without license. Good job guys.Always bragged that she could not be deported. Now she is inpregnated by another illegal and this will keep her in USA. Come on Mr. Judge send her butt home

Anonymous said...

This woman has nasty attitude toward everyone. She do bad bad bad things to people. Drugs, prostitution, steals, etc. Get rid of her ass.

Anonymous said...

Well--This Hondurian Lady is out on the streets of Delmar already. She is driving without a License once again. Why have Border Patrol ? Catch em and Turn em loose. This is a joke, like fishing.

maria cardona said...

I know her forma long time and she is very good person .she has drive license now.and green card..