Thursday, April 21, 2011

Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

The Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting was held tonight. All members were present with the exception of Robert Thompson. The meeting was over by 7:30.

A landscaping plan was submitted by Kraus Development for the bath fitter place. It looks like Bradford pear trees or weeping cherry trees will be part of the plan.

Danny Maszera did not show up so the Pheasant Lake extension request was tabled until next month.

A draft of the Vacant Building Ordinance is to go to the Joint Council on Monday, if approved it will go to the attorney for a first reading in May.

The Residential Sprinkler System ordinance is being prepared by the town attorney.

Kenny Soni representing Country Hearth Inn & Suite came requesting a sign approval. The sign does not meet the town code and will have to go to the Maryland Zoning appeal board. The Commission gave a favorable recommendation on the sign due to hardship of not having front footage on Rt 13 and the public can not tell the motel is there. The pool at the motel will open this summer.

There is confusion of the commission part as to if they will meet a week early next month (the 19th) or on the 26th due to Memorial Day. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Why make a sign ordinance that limits the size and height of signs (especially on Rt. 13) and then let someone do it anyway (with a favorable recommendation)!
This is nuts! These people on P&Z have NO BALLS! Stick to your own rules!
Can't wait to see what "exceptions" are made with this new ordinance their working on now.
One more comment - why in the world would they "table" something from a developer who's never done what he said he was going to do after he doesn't bother to show up for his own extension request?
Really? Just say no to the extension and make him start over again.
But once again, NO BALLS!

Anonymous said...

P&Z is not making a new sign ordinance, they are working within the ordinances that has already been established. Mr. Soni from Country Hearth Inn and Suites does not have any highway front footage to put up a sign. The restaurant has okayed the Inn's sign going on their marquee. No new structures. The "exception" being made is that the sign for the Inn will be on the restaurants property.

As far as the developer who didn't show up, he was told not to show up, due to the possibility of his being late due to holiday traffic. He was over 4 hours away.