Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Grading and Yard Seeding is Done

Altho we moved into the new house before New Years there are still a few things to finish up, such as some trim work and grading. Reid Landscaping came and graded the property, planted grass seed and some flowers.

I have been pleased with all of Vernon Esham's subcontractors. I can say the same about Darren Reid landscaping out of Eden Maryland (443-735-4530).

Currently it doesn't look like much, but hopefully if this wind we are having the past couple of days doesn't blow the grass seed away, in a couple of months I will have a lawn.

In the mulch are knockout roses, hosta and hydrangea.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this whole process has taken much too long but if you're happy, (and Ramona's happy) that's all that matters.

Howard said...

we are happy and I can't see planting grass seed in December

Anonymous said...

You would have been much better off had you planted grass seed in December. September or October would have been better but December is much better than April.

Uncle Paul said...

Job well done.. I'll stop by for the tour someday..