Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laurel School District and Money

From the News Journal


The Laurel School District, which has been rocked by an embezzlement scandal, now can't produce a report on how it spent $452,556 in federal stimulus funds last year, according to a state audit.

The school district blames "staff turnover" in the finance office for the missing paperwork following the December 2009 resignation of finance manager William Hitch, who pleaded guilty last July to stealing $151,000 from the district.

The report appears to be missing because the state Department of Education was temporarily handling the district's finances in early 2010 before a new finance director was hired, said Laurel Superintendent John McCoy.

McCoy said the school system can account for the money, but not in the report requested by State Auditor R. Thomas Wagner's office.

Wagner said his auditors sought the report as a requirement of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

"We write that issue up and go on," Wagner said. "You've got to have documentation."
-- The News Journal


Anonymous said...

At this point, more than ever, I feel this falls on the shoulders of the School Board.
Be careful who you vote for in the upcoming school board election!
I feel new blood is needed. Toss some of these other jokers OUT!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this fall more on the shoulders of the (outgoing) Superintendent?

You know, the one the majority of the existing board - one of whom is up for re-election next month - voted to not renew his contract.

Is new blood needed, or is more faith needed in the school board members currently seated?