Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Middle School Band Rocks!!

The 5th, 6th and 7th and 8th Grade bands did a great performance tonight. Now I tend to be a sucker for drums and particularly the thunder of the kettle drums so tonight was a treat for me as several numbers made use of them.

As usual I did not see any Board of Education members there - but of course it was not a football game. Who I did see there was Farrah Morelli, a candidate for the Board of Education. She has a daughter in 5th Grade band. Well - that would be interesting - too have a BOE member who was interested in something in addition to sports.

The bands were directed by Mr. David Smith, who was very ably assisted by Mrs. Kelly Grubb.

There are so many students with familar last names I see in these bands, where their brother or sisters were in bands preceding them, so music and band do run in these families.

The 5th grade band did well. They played four songs; Banana Boat Song, Monuments, Tyrannosaurus Rock (perhaps the best due to the kettledrum), and Bandroom Boogie - also done well.

The 6th grade band was even better. They also did four songs; Dragonslayer (I understand a brakedrum was used in it), Creepy Crawlies (the best of the night with foot stomps and buzzing), Barbara Ann and Wild Thing

As usual the 7th and 8th grade band were the best, mainly because they played numbers I liked such as Mambo #5, Funtango, and Wipe Out. But the number I liked best was Red Thunder.

Molly Malone



The 6th to 8th Grade Bands Combined for a final number of the "Armed Forces March", turned out very well


Uncle Paul said...

It was a great show! And as always, great photos from Howard Dustpan..

BTW.. The breakdrum added a unique sound to the music. (It actually was an old used brake drum).

Anonymous said...

yes..great pics as always.

Anonymous said...

sad that no board members where there. I love delmar football just as much as anyone, but the board was elected by everyone in the district. They need to be there.

Anonymous said...

Not only that.. The principal sent a message out on their all call system. ( a phone call goes to every school employee and every student's household).

The message was a reminder about today's God awful testing and other boring topics. Do you think they could have promoted Last Night's concerts. Not a chance.

I'm sure if it was a sports banquet where the principal got an award they would have pumped it up! The front office refuses to promote the band or the arts, unless a principal or vice principal's kid is involved. ooops!

Anonymous said...

From these comments it sure does look like it's time for some changes....