Monday, April 25, 2011

The Old Bank Of Delmar Building - A Good Buy

The two towns of Delmar jointly purchased the old Bank of Delmar(va) building last year and are now beginning renovation of building. In the long run this purchase will be viewed as a wise decision by the town. In the short run the expense is a hard pill to swallow. The town, by acquiring the bank property, has pretty well locked up that block. I think there may be three properties not owned by the town on the block. It still has the current town hall which will be converted to a police station - also at an expense. Certainly there is space for whatever expansion the town government will want to do in the future.

The current town hall was part of the old Moose lodge and later became a photo developer business and than in a clever swap on the part of the Bank of Delmar (which owned the building) in the 1980's the town traded their old town hall (an 1897 building) for the 1961 60' by 70' block building that is town hall today.

As you may recall the Bank of Delmar formed in 1896. The first bank building was built and occupied in 1897. In the 1970's when I moved here that brick building stood next to the 1929 Bank of Delmar. When the Bank of Delmar built their 1929 building the old 1897 building eventually became the Town of Delmar Town Hall. I remember attending town hall meetings in it in the late 1970's - Very cramped, I think the "police station" and the "town meeting room" was upstairs and was perhaps two small rooms. In the 1980's the Bank of Delmar enlarged taking back in their "old" 1897 building and swallowing it and the 1929 building into one large building.

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