Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's Poem

In God We Trust
By AHO Speaks

In God we trust'; found on a penny
I wonder if it is still part of this land of plenty?

This is supposed to be a Christian nation
Yet denial for those who are different as a human relation.
We enact separate laws to protect and make others equitable
As to try and legislate morality and that is regrettable.

Do we go through the same process when others are due
Or by the living Christian way of life by me and you?

This is not a radical approach or even revolutionary
It's the living in and with other human beings which is necessary.

If Christians do not practice what their leader had said
Then how can they believe he rose from the dead?

Christians are the majority and have the most power in this nation
In each house of God the words of truth about every human relation

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