Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's Poem

A Hundered Days Plus Seven
from the celtic IRA

Now it is, twenty one years gone past
Since the events, of eighty one
When we gained, ten more martyrs
But lost, ten cherished sons

The first we lost, was Bobby Sands
He volunteered, to take the lead
With great courage, and commitment
He carried out, his final deed

Second in line, was Francis Hughes
He didn’t hesitate, to join the fast
He perished, soon after Bobby
And sadly, would not be the last

Ray McCreesh, and Patsy O’Hara
Starved, from the very same day
And twenty one an’ a half hours apart
Were martyred, on the twenty first of May

Joe McDonnell, he was mortalized
In that touching, tribute song
He was a soldier, and a family man
Not a criminal, the brits were wrong

Martin Hurson, he was the next along
Great torture, he did endure
So for his bravery, we will not forget him
For that, we will make sure

From Dungiven, in North Derry
Was Kevin Lynch, a great sportsman
For justice, he gave up his own life
Something, not all men can

He who hungered the longest
And his fighting spirit, did typify
Was twenty five year old, Keiran Doherty
On his seventy third day, he did die

Last but one, was Thomas McElwee
He fought, for his peoples rights
And like, his brave companions
He refused, to give up the fight

Mickey Devine , from the Creggan
Was the last , of that famous ten
He died for the rights, of his comrades
Just like the other nine, brave men

From the death of Bobby , until Mickey’s
Was an enduring, hundred days plus seven
Their last days, being hard and lonely
But now UNITED, they rest in heaven

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