Sunday, April 17, 2011

UMES Honors Band and Choir Concert - 2011

I went to the UMES Honors Band and Choir Concert today in Princess Anne. This is always a great program and Dr. Lamkin has been having it for years. It is such as a step up from High School Band and a great opportunity for High School students to play in a higher level band. I feel if you are a band member you owe it to your community to play in these type of bands, that feeling is not shared by members of the Delmar High school band, as only one member played in the honor band today. Whitley Langless (Clarinet) was the only who represented Delmar today. There was no choir members from Delmar. In the past Delmar has had 15 or so in the honor band. I will say there was a smaller number of high school students in the band today than other years and as such the audience was smaller this year.

Whitley showing Dr. Lamkin how well she is tuned up.

The Honor Band. They started out with the "Light Cavalry Overture" which is a likeable number to me. By far the best number of the afternoon was "Danzas Cubanas" - great drums, great piano, terrific sax work and a flute solo.

Dr. John Lamkin

The choir did five numbers, generally I was unimpressed by them. "Hold On" was good. Jamal Drayton has a great voice but tend to overpower the rest of the Choir, but he is good.

Chelsea Corpening and Jamal Drayton

In the back is the Percussion group doing "Danzas Cubanas."

For those that missed it, you missed a great performance.

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