Sunday, May 08, 2011

Another Edinboro Trip

Well this weekend we had another trip out to Edinboro, Pa. to pick up my daughters college stuff and bring them back to Delmar. Boring long trip.

It started out between Rt50 and the beltway with a car on fire. If we had been 6 cars ahead we would have passed it instead of stopped on the interstate for more than a half hour.

otherwise it was another boring ride out to Edinboro

Naturally she had everything organized and packed - right- that's what parents are for.

loading vehicles - you can almost guess that those with trailers are parents who have daughters. Daughters are good for having six times more "stuff" than boys.

returning back - boring ride back

We arrived home about 2:30 pm to find our cat who has a sock fetish took a number of my socks from the bedroom and decoratively put them on the living room floor.


Uncle Paul said...

Next semester, the cat gets to go tuition free. Such a long haul!

Anonymous said...


Ok, I'll be honest...The dog did it....

The Cat....