Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Politically Correct TV Show Is Down The Tubes For Me

In the beginning, God created male and female. What is the TV Media Networks creating? I was watching "The Good Wife" last night and sure enough they had to introduce a lesbian scene. I get so damn tired of these Homo characters that TV shows feel they have to introduce now days. I am aware such people exist but they have to be a fairly low percent of the general population and why am I having to watch them on about every TV show in prime time.

Back in the the 1970's there had to be a Black person or couple on each show. In the 1980's and 1990's there had to be an interracial couple on each show. In 2000 everyone had to have a gay male, by 2010 it was gay females, now it is what ever perverted combination of low life you can think of is displayed to us every night. No wonder Muslims want to bomb us. At times I feel like bombing the TV networks myself for this filth they keep producing.

I have to say there hasn't been a really good sitcom since "All In the Family" and the only character who told it straight - Archie Bunker. By the way some people will say that summer replacement sitcom "The Corner Bar" (1972) predecessor to "Cheers" where the patrons of Grants Toomb, a New York tavern had a gay guy in it, was the first show to have a gay person on it but really it was an episode of "All In The Family" in 1971 that had a gay macho football player guy in it. The TV Series was ahead of it's time.


Anonymous said...

Bisexual is really to way to go. It doubles your opportunities from the get go.

Ray said...

I was a fan of that show too Howard, but not now. We need some new writers to replace all the burned out ones.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the homosexual thing really getting out of hand on tv but we're all glued to the show when it's all about infidelity?
That does THAT say about us?